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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Pink Scarf - Final Part

The Pink Scarf - Final Part

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Part - II ( Recap)

Mayank was delighted to hear so many compliments pouring in today, at the dinner table. It meant a lot to him.

Continuing the compliments, Siddhi said to Mayank, "You are the best thing that has happened to us. God bless you son.

With a smile, he replied and said, "Thank you" everyone for the compliments.

He further said, So let's begin the game and how about we start with you Dad?

Nitesh said, Sure and I have something important to share with you all...


Nitesh further said Today was a special day for me, as I realised an important chapter of life today. I know I don't say this a lot, but you guys mean a lot to me. The amount of happiness you all have brought in my life is, something I could have never imagined it. I know I generally don't express my love and feelings for you all, but today I make a promise to you all, that I would make more effort towards it. It's important to express your love to your loved ones, to let them know what they mean for you. 

Siddhi was shocked to hear this coming from him because she had never heard this coming from him in so many years. And to her surprise, she could see love in Nitesh's eyes. All this while she was looking for signs to confirm that Nitesh loved her, it was right in front of her. How could she not see this? It's so true sometimes we are busy looking for something everywhere, while it's right in front of us. Nitesh loved the family so much, it's just he was not able to express his love and today he did that so beautifully.

Siddhi thought how difficult it had been for him, to share his feelings with everyone. He has really outdone himself today, first the "Pink Scarf" he got for her as Anniversary Gift and then this?

He further continued and said, Siddhi I owe you an apology. In our so many years of marriage, I never told you, how fortunate I was to have you in my life. You have been my inspiration, my supporting pillar in facing the ups and downs of life. I love you Siddhi, I know I haven't said this to you a lot and neither did I do a lot to celebrate our Anniversaries, hence this time I got a special advance gift for you on our Anniversary. And with that, he handed over a blue envelop to her.

Siddhi smiled and as she opened the blue envelope, she saw it had 2 tickets to Paris. She jumped with excitement, as visiting Paris was on her bucket list and was shocked how Nitesh figured this out.

Even before she could say something, Nitesh continued, This is a 15-day trip, I know you always wanted to visit Paris, but unfortunately, things never got materialised. Mom and Dad would be coming over, to take care of the kids and regarding your leave from your office, I had a word with Rajesh (your boss) and he confirmed that you can take an off for 15 days. So, you don't need to worry about anything.

Siddhi said, Nitesh, this is very sweet of you to do this, but you didn't have to do this

Even before she could complete, he said, Don't worry about finance, it's taken care of. And you deserve this holiday, don't think so much about it.

Siddhi smiled and said, Thank you Nitesh so much for this.

Ishaan, Kara and Mayank jumped with joy and excitement. They never expected their Dad to do the impossible, this was unbelievable.

Ishaan said Dad, you know today I realised how blessed I am to have a wonderful family. Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by your loved ones. Today I want to say something to Kara.

Kara was surprised as Ishaan said her name, she was wondering as to what he was up to. First, he got her fav. scarf and now this. Ishaan smiled and said, Kara, I know I haven't been a perfect brother to you, but I promise I'll always be by your side always.No matter what happens, you'll always find your brother with you. I'll try to be a better loving and caring brother to you.

I'll try to be your "Big B".

Kara smiled and said, Ishaan bhaiya I know I sometimes tease you, but you are already my "Big B" and no one can take that place. Yes to tease you I sometimes call Karan bhaiya "Big B", but you are my inspiration and my hero. I always look up to you, to be as amazing and awesome as you are.

I am blessed to have a brother like you. You don't need to be perfect, just be as you are and that's good enough for your little sister.

Now everyone was looking at Mayank, as to what he has to share.

Mayank looked at everyone and said, Well, I know you all have shared some beautiful feelings you experienced this week, well I too experienced something this week. We all are fortunate that we have each other, to share love, happiness, celebrate small and big occasions. But not everyone is that fortunate.

Mom and Dad, you always told us "True Happiness comes from the effort of making others happy.

And hence I really wanted to bring a smile to someone's face. So I too did something today

Nitesh said That's really good son? What did you do and for whom?

They were all curious to know the reply from him. However, he got up from his chair and when he returned he had the same gift packet ( Pink Scarf) in his hands.

Everyone was shocked to see that since everyone had a different theory for this packet.

Mayank smiled and said," I got a gift for Meenu Didi, who comes to support us with cooking and our household chores. She is a great support to Mom. She has been I don't know if you all know but Tomorrow is her bday, so I thought to surprise her with this gift.

Any guesses what's in the packet?

Everyone said, "The Pink Scarf".Now all were looking at each other, as to how did they know about this packet.

Mayank was confused and said, Wait, how come you all know about this? I never shared this with anyone? 

Nitesh said, Sorry son, when I came home, I saw the packet and I thought it was a gift your mother got it for the Anniversary. As you all know she is fond of scarfs and when I saw Pink Scarf in it, I thought to save me from embarrassment she got the gift on my behalf. You all know how bad I am at celebrating and remembering these occasions.

Siddhi smiled and said, I thought it was a gift from your Dad. I was really touched seeing it because, to be honest, due to some work stress I completely forgot about the Anniversary. This gift reminded me how much your Dad loved me and how fortunate I was to have him in my life.

Ishaan burst out with laughter and said, Guys, you know how much I consider myself Sherlock Holmes, seeing the handwriting on the card, I thought this was an advanced bday gift Karan got for Kara. Few days back when we three went for a movie, Kara saw this scarf and wanted to purchase one.

But Mayank, if you got this, how come Karan has written it on the card?

Mayank laughed and said, Bhaiya you know my handwriting is so bad, and since I wanted to keep a secret from everyone, I asked Karan bhaiya to write it on the card.

Kara smiled and said, I thought Ishaan Bhaiya got this for my bday, I was touched seeing this gesture.

By the way Ishaan Bhaiya, I got your flyers ready for your concert and I and my friends have some amazing ideas to help you to sell your concert tickets.

Post this there was a pin drop silence and after that everyone burst into laughter. All were laughing their heart out.

Nitesh finally said, Mayank you did the impossible today. Not only you taught us important chapters of life. but bought us together. We are so proud of you, while we elders of the family were busy spreading happiness in the family itself, you thought of spreading happiness to others.

Your "Pink Scarf" was instrumental in bringing your family together.

Siddhi said, Son, don't worry, we'll celebrate Meenu's bday tomorrow. Let me arrange for some cake and gifts for her. We are really proud of you for what you did.

Kara said, Mayank, you are the youngest member of the family, yet you remembered Meenu di's bday, you really are a good person. So proud of you little brother.

Ishaan said, Mayank, you know you are the best and your "Pink Scarf" did wonders today.

Mayank was elated to hear the compliments and said "Thank you. I just wanted to make Meenu didi happy, I had no idea it's going to bring happiness to my own family.

It's so true Happiness consists in giving and in serving others.

Now, let's discuss how are we going to surprise the bday girl.


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