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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Pause Button

The Pause Button

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Jhanvi was struggling with her issues at schools. Due to the hectic schedule of online classes, she was not able to spare time for anything. Due to the stress, recently she had become very grumpy. Her parents were also worried about her, they tried talking to her a couple of times, but in vain.

She was a very hard-working student, who always stood 1st not only in studies but in extra-curricular activities too. She used to enjoy studies and the activities and that was the reason she performed so well.

But lately, unknowingly there were a lot of changes going around her, and she was not able to cope up with it. The family was struggling with the idea that someone had to talk to her, about the importance of taking a pause in life. And since she was close to her grandfather, he suggested he would try to talk to her.

It so happened one day, she was watching her favourite movie, when her grandfather also accompanied her to watch with her. She was very fond of her grandfather and was happy with the company.

While they were watching and enjoying the movie together, the landline rang. Since it was challenging for grandfather to move around frequently, hence Jhanvi got up to attend the call.

Jhanvi didn't felt like getting up in between her favourite movie to attend the call, however, when she saw grandfather had paused the movie, she was delighted to attend the call.

When she came back, she saw the movie was still paused. She smiled and told her grandfather, "Dadu, you are so sweet, you didn't start the movie in my absence. Thank God, for that Pause button.

Her grandfather looked at her and said, Beta do you know that sometimes we don't understand the importance of things in our Life until we use them effectively.

What do you mean Dadu? Jhanvi asked.

Her grandfather replied, What I mean is that we often complain that Life is not perfect; however, we all have a chance to make it a better one. Only if we know to practice the Art of Pause.

Jhanvi got all interested in it and asked her grandfather to explain it more.

Her grandfather told her some scenarios to practice the art of Pause:

1. Whenever you doubt your capabilities, take a Pause. It helps you to reinstate confidence in yourself. Recall your past achievements, wins, success as this would help you to sail through the waves of self-doubts.

2.Whenever you are angry, don't forget to take a Pause. We are familiar with the repercussions of Anger, yet we tend to fall for the trap. Hitting the pause button would help you to give time to think and act accordingly.

3. Whenever you feel tired, hit the Pause button for yourself. You'll notice that taking a break helps to energise yourself.

4. Whenever you feel stress, help yourself and take a Pause. It's all about finding the calm in the chaos.

5. And last, but not least Pause for a moment and practice gratitude daily. It really helps.

After listening to this, there was a big smile on Jhanvi's face, as if she got the answers she was looking for. She hugged her grandfather and said, Dadu, Thank you so much for sharing with me the importance of Pause. I know the entire family was worried about me and I am sorry for being so grumpy lately.

But now I promise you, I'll practice the art of Pause.

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