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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra



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Rufus is a small time petty criminal. He has a sister Mahadavi who is a police inspector in the Mumbai police force.


Today 1st January 2008 Rufus is on an assignment to steal a computer hard disk from a CBI safe house in the suburbs of Mumbai the safe house is surrounded by forest from all the sides. The job is given to him by Don Bosco, who is the ruling under world king in Mumbai mafia.


Rufus steals the hard disk from the CBI safe house, but as he scales down the first floor of the safe house, he is detected by the guards, Rufus makes a dash for the railings on the perimeters of the safe house, and the guards let out the hunting dogs on Rufus.


Rufus reaches the railing and dives over the railing like a high jumper head first and makes a dash for his motor cycle parked in the thick under growth out of sight. The dogs also leap over the railing in hot pursuit of Rufus. He races to his motor cycle leaps on it from six feet away kicking the motor cycle to life and races away to safety and to Don Bosco .





Three CBI officers come out of the safe house.


Inspector Jairaj: has he got the hard disk safe with him


Guard: yes sir.


Inspector Jairaj: good, the first step of netting Don Bosco has been taken and it wasn’t so difficult.


The hard disk that Rufus has stolen for Don Bosco contains the information of the proposed joint operations of CBI, the coast guard and the police force against the organized mafia in western India.


Rufus reaches the den of Don Bosco and is ushered into the room of the don. He hands over the hard disk to Don Bosco.


Don Bosco: you have done a great job Rufus; it is good to have someone who understands computers. This hard disk is valuable to us , but to you it is just a second hand hard disk , that is what you said to Shetty , that you will get a brand new hard disk for a bargain , well it is funny , but then you just see the outside of the disk we see what is inside of it . You have done your job, collect your fifty thousand and get out and not a word about it to any one, we know your sister is a police inspector, not a word to her, if you value your life and hers. Your job is done here; we don’t need you any more for now.


In the office of the director of the CBI. Director Rudra Singh is addressing his senior officers.


Rudra Singh: the theft of the hard disk by Rufus went without a hitch. Don Bosco has the hard disk and the plans that we planted in them. We will conduct some joint raids on the whereabouts of the mafia petty hide outs that we have mentioned in the hard disk to make don Bosco confident that he has the right information in the hard disk.


Inspector Jairaj: sir, the raids will take place as per the schedule drawn out. We have gathered our men and material for the raids, we are ready, we are just awaiting orders.


Rudra Singh: that is very good Jairaj , give Don Bosco   three days time to get the information out from the hard disk and then start the raids in joint operation of the police , and coast guard . We only want to catch the small fish for now, Bosco must remain unscratched. We want to give him the feeling that he holds the key in knowing to all the joint operations of the Mumbai police and the coast guard and he can play god father to all the Mumbai dons, by giving them all the information of when and where the police raids will be conducted.






Inspector Jairaj: sir, we have the file ready of all the officers of the CBI, the police and the coast guard who will form the nucleus of the police raid parties and the sister of Rufus inspector Mahadavi is also included in the list of the officers.


Rudra Singh: good, leak the information through our sources in the mafia that the file of the raiding officers is in the office of the Mumbai police commissioner.


Inspector Jairaj: sir, two key men of Don Bosco who were arrested yesterday as suspects about the robbery in the house of the MLA, we have relayed them the information of the stolen hard disk and the file of the raiding officers by one of the inmates in the jail who is our man.


Rudra Singh: that is good, whatever was stolen from the MLA house, have it returned back to him, no need to give the MLA any further details. His stolen goods returned the MLA will be happy he won’t ask too many questions. And when is Bosco going to bail his two men out.


Inspector Jairaj: today sir, we arrested the men after the courts closed yesterday.






Rudra Singh: good that is done then, we want Bosco to send Rufus in the police head quarters to photograph the file, relay this information to Bosco thru our informer in the mafia during a drinking bout with him where exactly the file of the officers will be placed in the commissioner office and drop the name of inspector Madhavi to the informer.


Inspector Jairaj: sir the police commissionerRana Pratap have arranged to do this , they have a double agent informer named Tota, who give the two way information of the mafia to the police and information of the police to the mafia ,Rana Pratap feels that Tota is the best man to be given the information of the file .


Rudra Singh: that is fine; I want Bosco to again use Rufus for photographing the file, which I am sure that he will.


Inspector Jairaj: sir , I am sure Bosco will send Rufus only , because on earlier two occasions , Rufus has come into the police head quarters dressed as a police man to steal the file of two of Bosco’s men . Bosco knows that Rufus sister is the inspector in the police , he is using the brother sister duo cleverly , Bosco gives the information of other petty drug peddlers of the rival gang thru Tota to Mahadavi and Mahadavi from time to time does reveal information of the police operations in Maharashtra on the mafia to Tota , as per our orders .


Rudra Singh: that is good the progress is slow but steady, we are steadily building our inside man in Rufus. Once Rufus photographs the file from the commissioner’s office and gives it Bosco, open the police recruitment for constable for Mumbai police force. Drop the word to Bosco thru our sources that Rufus will be the best man to join the police force as an inside man of Bosco who he does not have to be bribed, and Rufus will be Bosco agent in the police force.


Inspector Jairaj: sir, Rufus is a graduate but not very bright, what if he fails the recruitment test of the constable that has the eligibility criteria only for 10th pass.


Rudra Singh: Jairaj, he will not fail the test because we want him in the police force, so Rufus will be selected even he gets a zero in the exam. Besides we will promote him to an inspector after arranging some fake encounters for him to preside over, give him a medal and place him in the key place where he will have the information of the activities of the police and the coast guard. We want Bosco to trust Rufus blindly and to make him his most trusted lieutenant in the police force.


Inspector Jairaj: sir, if the mafia even gets the wind of this, then Rufus and his sister would be in the firing line of the mafia.


Rudra Singh: I won’t tell, you won’t tell and everyone present in this room won’t tell, so they are safe. Besides we don’t want to know just the hide outs of Don Bosco and the mafia, we want to know the entire channel of their operation, we know their men and we know what they do but what we want to know is exactly where they are and when they are and what they are planning and how they will execute their plans. With Rufus in the police force in the police head quarters as a decorated police officer, Bosco will get more confident and use Rufus to know about the police presence in sensitive areas and will definitely relay information to Rufus about his own activities. We will be having Rufus under our surveillance 24 x 7, his phones tapped 24 x 7. We don’t want to just catch the small fish and raid a few hide outs , but we have to destroy don Bosco and his organized syndicate from his first man to his last man and knock out the rest of the organized mafia from Maharashtra , we have to pursue a simple policy of sie - seek , interrogate and eliminate .


Inspector Jairaj: sir, won’t we be working like the mafia as well.


Rudra Singh: Jairaj to kill a shark we have to go into the water and we are not taking pets. Enough talk now we must have some action.





Don Bosco get the print outs taken of all the joint operations of CBI, the coast guard and the Mumbai police and follows closely the pattern of the raids being conducted in the joint operations.


Don Bosco is jubilant; he has the entire information of the joint operations before his eyes. Don Bosco sees the police raids being conducted on his rivals in the mafia and he gloats that he has the police by their vein and knows how the police functions.


Having advance information of the police raids don Bosco moves his men and material from his hide outs ahead of the raids and the police comes a cropper when they go to raid the hideouts of don Bosco much to the annoyance of the police raiding parties.


Don Bosco is told by his two lieutenants about the existence of the file containing the names of all the officers who will be active and in command in the joint operations in Maharashtra and western India on the organized mafia and the where about of the file in the office of the police commissioner is also told to don Bosco. The name of Rufus is suggested to don Bosco to make the copy of the file and to bring the file in to don Bosco.


Don Bosco disregards the suggestion of Rufus being used for taking the copy of the file. Don Bosco instead uses his connection in the police force to obtain the copy of the file but fails. The file is kept under lock and key in the commissioner office and the file is well kept and guarded by the trusted officers of the commissioner. The file is unobtainable and don Bosco fails to get the copy of the file in his hand.


As a last resort don Bosco commissions Rufus to get the copy of the file for him.


On a Sunday Rufus dresses up as a police inspector and enters the police head quarters.


Police commissionerRana Pratap and CBI director Rudra Singh are sitting in the commissioner office; Rudra Singh takes the call of inspector Jairaj on his mobile. .


Inspector Jairaj: sir, Rufus has just entered the police head quarters building.


Rudra Singh: good, let him come up unhindered and unchallenged


Rudra Singh leaves the file on the desk of the police commissionerRana Pratap and both the men leave the room and go into the nest room. They have the room of the police commissioner under surveillance thru a closed circuit TV, which they are watching in the next room.


 Rufus makes his way to the police commissioner office at 1.30 pm the lunch time when most of the police staff in and around the police commissioner is busy having lunch. Rufus enters the commissioner’s office, quietly bolts the office door from inside and finds the file sitting pretty on the desk. He quickly takes out his camera and starts taking the pictures of the file. In five minutes Rufus has done his job. He quickly moves out of the room and leaves the police head quarters building.


Rufus reaches the den of don Bosco and hands over the camera which has the photographs of the file in it to don Bosco.


Don Bosco: the entire file is in this camera


Rufus: yes


Don Bosco: amazing, you are amazing Rufus, what my best contacts in the police force could not do you have done it, I am proud of you. You are doing well and maturing from a small time petty thief that you are. Collect your fifty thousand and go and enjoy yourself.


Rufus leaves the house of don Bosco.


Meanwhile at the police head quarters, the meeting of the senior most police officers, the CBI and the coast guard is held.





Rudra Singh: gentlemen, till now our man Rufus is progressing well, but he has no knowledge that we are watching every move of his and every breath he takes. The mafia and Bosco will take Rufus into confidence after he delivers the copy of the file to Bosco. We will take our next step as planned. We will open the police recruitment for the post of constable and drop the word thru our sources in the mafia that Rufus would be a very good recruit for the police force. And it won’t be long that don Bosco will order his new blue eyed boy to join the police force.


Inspector Jairaj: sir, Rufus is a small time thief, and some of the candidates who may know Rufus may raise the issue that a criminal is joining the police force and that may snow ball into a controversy and may come into media glare.


CommissionerRana Pratap: Rufus does not have any police record till date , he has never been caught . Besides we will also hold the fact that his sister mahadavi is a police inspector and we as a police force believe in the integrity of Rufus . And if any candidate does even mention that Rufus is a petty thief by any chance , we will state probably he has something against Rufus .


Rudra Singh: that is fine then , we want Rufus in the police force at any cost and we want him to go closer and win full confidence of bosco in due course of time . How much time will the selection process take .


CommissionerRana Pratap: it will take 45 days .


Rudra Singh: fine then , it will give us enough time to script the rise of Rufus in the police force and grow him in confidence and trust in the eyes of bosco.


Inspector jairaj: sir , what if bosco discovers our plot and Rufus life be endangered .


Rudra Singh: in that case he would be expandable , besides he would be in the police force and a valiant officer can sacrifice his life in the line of duty for a just cause . Right now i do not want to bother my conscience jairaj , i want to do what my duty commands me to do , so don’t ask me silly questions about petty criminals who we will give a chance to achieve glory .


The discussion over , all the officers leave the room of the police commissioner .


Don bosco learns from his right hand man mrigya that the police has opened its recruitment for police constable and is suggested that Rufus joins the police force as their first direct recruit .


Mrigya: don bosco , the police has opened its recruitment for the police constable . We can ask Rufus to give the examination and join the police force as our direct recruit into the police force who we can control as we please . And the eligibility for the exam is only 10th pass , while Rufus is a graduate . I am sure Rufus will pass the exam . And if there is any bribe that we need to give for his selection then we will give the money to Rufus and he can pay , while we will stay in the clear .


Don bosco: that does seem to be a good idea , i am a bit tired of paying bribe to the various police men for information and getting our work done , and if we have our man in the force then we can also manipulate his transfers in sensitive areas thru bribe in the right places . Atleast i won’t have to bribe Rufus to get information from him . Yes that is good idea to have our man in the police force . Tell Rufus to join the police force and pass the exam .


Don bosco tells Rufus to join the police force , although Rufus objects to this idea but don bosco brushes aside Rufus refusal and orders him to join the police force as a constable as his ideal candidate in the police force .


Much against his own wishes , Rufus fills up the form of the recuitment in the police force . He goes thru the selection process and is selected . Rufus then undergoes the six months training for the constable and is formally inducted into the police force as a constable .


His progress is being keenly monitored by the rudra Singh ,Rana Pratap and their team . Rufus begins to show keen interest during his training period as he himself has been an athlete during his school and college days and Rufus enjoys the physical training orientation and induction period of six months.


Rudra Singh: Rufus is progressing well during the training period. Rufus is also reporting to Bosco about his progress during the training, and what we gather from their phone intercepts and the microphones in Rufus house, Bosco is beginning to like Rufus very much.


CommissionerRana Pratap: we are ready for the next phase, we have planned a few fake encounters with the terrorist and these encounters will be presided over by Rufus. Rufus is a petty criminal but he is patriot as well that is what we have gathered during his training. He will definitely do his best to nab the terrorist.


Rudra Singh: that is goodRana, I want Rufus to rise to the post of inspector fast, give him out of turn promotions for his successes in the encounters and then place him in the police head quarters. I want Bosco to trust Rufus so much that he makes Rufus sit right on his lap and confides into to Rufus everything including when he want to go even to pee.


CommissionerRana Pratap: you are being very aggressive Rudra, and this may be the undoing of Rufus and the entire plan, we may just come to a naught if we rush into this.


Rudra Singh: I don’t want wait a life time; the organized mafia and bozo’s gang are almost like parallel governments within the government they have a number of people influenced by their money power within the government and they are dealing in drug trade with impunity which is funding the insurgencies and terrorist groups within the country. The government top brass has had enough of the mafia and Don Bosco; they want him neutralized and the mafia marginalized and fast.


Over the next three months Rufus is engaged in five encounters with the terrorists and in each of the encounters he has shown exemplary courage in catching them and shooting down two of the terrorist. The commissioner of police promotes Rufus out of turn for his bravery from constable to sub- inspector and then to inspector. Rufus is decorated with bravery medals and is placed in the police head quarters dealing in sensitive information and in close proximity of the commissioner of police.


At the day of the promotion of Rufus to police inspector. Don Bosco send for Rufus to come to his house. In the evening Rufus goes to the den of Don Bosco and meets him by the side of the swimming pool. 

Don Bosco is in a jovial mood and congratulates Rufus.





Don Bosco: you are doing very well Rufus; we want you to understand the difference between us and the terrorist in front of them we are just common people. And you are moving ahead just like a true soldier of the country, we are proud of you. But don’t forget us in the glare of all the medals that you are getting.


Rufus: Don Bosco, you are embarrassing me. You are my god father; my loyalties will always be with you.


Don Bosco: I am happy to hear this, you are a brilliant boy and the information that you give to us about the police check post are proving to be very useful to us. Now Rufus tell me what do you want , today ask something from me , the police gives you medals what do you want from me , ask me . 


There are seven girls swimming in the pool of Don Bosco. Rufus points to one girl.


Rufus: I want that girl.


Don Bosco: you like her.


Rufus: yes, very much.


Don Bosco: her name is Rema and she is your girl from now on wards.


Don Bosco calls out to Rema


Don Bosco: Rema you will go with Rufus, and entertain him well, he is very valuable to us.


Ream looks at Rufus and laughs softly and beckons to Rufus with her finger to come to her. Rufus jumps into the swimming pool with all his clothes on, swims up to Rema and kisses her on both her cheeks. Lifts her in his arms and take her out of the swimming pool. Don Bosco and his men laughs.


Don Bosco: we will celebrate the promotion of our Rufus, our soldier in to police force.


In the night there is song and dance and Rufus sings the song to Rema


My love you are my mika


My love you are my mika

The twirl of your lovely red full lips

Like a rose petal floating in the wind

My love you are my mika

My beloved my love my darling

I belong to you and to you alone

How can I lie when I say I love you?

I say I love you with all my passions

With all my love to you

With all my compassion for you

I just a have a heart of stone

I am scared of myself

Of hurting your tender soul your gentle heart

When I love you so much

I don’t want to give you any heartache ever

I want you to be always smiling like an angel

I love you how can I lie to you when I say I love you

I love you that is why is say I love you

And I love you

But I am the flirt

I say I love you to all the beautiful women

And you know I lie when I say I love you

I love you

I am the pretender

I have a heart of stone

With my heart full of compassion for you and you alone

You know my milla my mika

I lie when I say I l’ooove you

My love love love

My darling

My beautiful twirl of lips

My mika

I love you

I love you

I love you ….



Don Bosco joy knows no bounds, in between Rufus has been providing the information of the planned raids of the police on the organized mafia in Maharashtra and Mumbai before hand. And relaying information of the various check points of the police. Don Bosco begins to trust Rufus more and more and begins to tell him about the movement of his consignments to Rufus. But with the increased vigil of the coast guard and the police force begins to delay in the movement of the consignments of Don Bosco and he begins to lose business with other international mafia families and losses begin to mount for Don Bosco .

Don Bosco has to urgently move the consignment of drugs of 3 tons out of India to Pakistan en route to USA. Don Bosco traditional routes of moving of drug consignment are under heavy police vigil and he does not want to take the risk of losing any part of this big consignment. The suggestions of his men to explore new routes dose not impress Don Bosco and he sends for Rufus, to get his opinion and for him to suggest some new route which will not be under heavy police vigil.


Don Bosco: my boy, solve a small problem for me, I need to get 3 tons of heroine out of India to my couriers in Pakistan en route to use. Suggest me a good route which will not have a police vigil.


Rufus: Don Bosco, we have information that the indo Bangladesh border is very sensitive because of the tension between the Bangladesh rangers and the BSF and the patrolling has been intensified on the borders on both the Indian and Bangladesh sides. The indo – Nepal border is also unsafe due to the change of the political scene in Nepal and also the consignment falling in the hands of other mafia groups because of the increased inter gang rivalry in western up.


Don Bosco: I want a way out Rufus, not news channel; you are sounding like a news channel.




Rufus: we have information that the coast guard will be reducing their vigil in the Rann of Kutch during the monsoon season within the next 15 days time, as the metrological department has predicted a cyclonic formation over Gujarat during this period. The consignment can be shipped out to Pakistan thru the fishing routes in the Rann of Kutch.


Don Bosco: but there is the danger of loosing out the entire consignment if the sea get choppy and the boats sink into the ocean .


Rufus: we will move out to sea at the first sign of weather being stable and we will give additional power to the fishing boats by adding 3 more engines to the traditional one engine in the fishing boat , on four engines the boats will travel much faster and they can evade the coast guard and . Besides we will move the drug consignment thru a number of men who will act as couriers and take the drugs consignment in their baggage in the train as ordinary people .


Don Bosco: the idea is interesting, we will look into it, but this is only short term solution to a long term problem.


Rufus: I have another idea , but it is time consuming but a long term solution never the less .


Don Bosco: what is it tell me , what are your ideas, tell me what you think and how you think Rufus. I want to know your mind . The way you think .


Rufus: Don Bosco , you can open up a garment export factory . The garments will have three inner linings and each lining will be coated just on the surface in the heroin powder . This way the heroine will not be detected in the x rays at the checking point in India , USA and the European countries . The merchandise of the garments be shipped by sea in large containers which has a better chance of lesser scrutiny than if you send them by air . In the USA and the European market you will have the contacts who will take the garment merchandise . They will dip the garments in the water , the heroine come out of the garments as dissolved in water , and the heroine can be extracted from the water after evaporating the water and we will have the heroine powder left behind . The clothes can be sold in the garment retail stores in the USA and the European markets .


Don Bosco remains silent for a while and then breaks his silence


Don Bosco: well Rufus why are you waiting till now to start the garment factory . Mrigya start as soon as possible the garment factory I like the idea very much .


The cyclonic storm hits Maharashtra and Gujarat . During the lull of the storm Don Bosco men quickly load the consignment of the drugs on to their fast new boats and take to sea .


The consignment reaches safely into Pakistani territory , the CBI , the police and the coast guard are closely monitoring the 3 tons of heroine being transported to Pakistan from Rann of Kutch . In Pakistan the CBI counter parts keep a close watch on the consignment and the men connected to the consignment and keep the CBI in India posted of all the developments and the movements of the drugs in a joint operation .


The drug consignment remains closely watched from India to Pakistan to USA. But the police and the security agencies of all the three countries let the drug merchandise pass to its final destination in USA unhindered.


The money of Don Bosco for the 3 ton drug merchandise gets transferred to a Swiss bank account .


Rufus grows in confidence and trust in the eyes of Don Bosco . Don Bosco invites Rufus to his house for a drink to congratulate Rufus for his services to him and for the foresight of Rufus in expanding the business of gang and providing them valuable information of the police movements .


Don Bosco: [ he is a drunk ] Rufus I want to tell you a little secret . Get me a paper and a pen .


Rufus brings a paper and pen to Don Bosco . Don Bosco writes a number and the name of the bank on the piece of paper .


Don Bosco: I am only telling you this and only you because you are like a son to me . This is a Swiss bank account number , I don’t want to say it because even walls have ears . Just look at this beautiful number and this innocent looking harmless number means money and lots of money .


Rufus looks at the number and does not say anything Don Bosco picks up the piece of paper on which he has written the Swiss bank account number , tears up the paper and eats it .


Don Bosco: you don’t leave this beautiful number just lying around just anywhere , you keep it close to your heart within your system .


Don Bosco smiles at Rufus and then rolls over asleep , the effect of wine over coming him . Rufus signals to the guard standing at the door to take Don Bosco to his room and then leaves the house of Don Bosco.



Don Bosco and his gang starts exporting the garments soaked in heroine dust to USA . The narcotics division of USA , keeps the company of Don Bosco in close surveillance but make no arrest . They home into the entire distribution routes of the drugs into USA and one by one start taking out the drug peddlers on the streets and the distribution ring of the drugs starts to fall and the men on the streets peddling drugs start getting arrested .


Don Bosco is alarmed by the rate of the arrest of the drug peddlers in the USA and the gradual growing raids on his distribution network in USA . He calls for an emergency meeting .


Don Bosco: Mrigya , the Americans are moving on to our distribution network in their country . It won’t be long before they will home in to our contact in the USA selling the garments . I want to burn down the garment factory today and remove all the traces of any proof of the drugs being stored there and do it fast


Mrigya: we will do the needful right away .


The garment factory is burnt down to a cinder .the next day the joint operation team of the police raid the garment factory site only to find burnt down remains and ashes.


Rudra Singh: well I don’t regret not finding any thing here . Bosco has done a better job of tearing down his factory than us . Otherwise we would have been rummaging thru his factory like scrap dealers .


Inspector Jairaj: but sir , we could have found more clues and proof of Don Bosco proximity to the drugs being transported from here.


Rudra Singh: I don’t need any clues and proof to nab Don Bosco . We all know what he does . But the law wants proof . Besides Bosco , is not connected to this garment business his name is nowhere in the records of this business . What we would have got a small fish whose name is being used to carry on the business , what is his name who owns this factory.


Inspector Jairaj: Neem Chand , shall we arrest him .


Rudra Singh: no , leave him , Bosco will kill him , the information is leaked that Neem Chand got careless and revealed his business to a police informer . I want the empire of Don Bosco to burn down like this only , and if Bosco himself wants to ignite the fire to his mafia kingdom I would love that . Nothing better than that because he will do a better job than us at knocking his kingdom out.


Inspector Jairaj: what now sir .


Rudra Singh: we strike while the iron is hot . The chall where Bosco keeps his cash . Raid it and fast , and Rufus must not know of this raid at all . Get some men and tell them to stay with Rufus the entire time that we are conducting the raid . Rufus must not leak out the raid information to Bosco . Plan the raid within two hours . Take Rufus out of the police head quarters now for a recess of the city . The men who will be coming for the raid must not be told where they are going . Get in touch with commissionerRana Pratap and tell him to keep 1500 police men ready to move on immediate orders from him. And keep the location of the raid completely secret from the raiding team .


Inspector Jairaj along with the police raiding team of 1500 men descend like an army on the chall . The men are drawn from the ranks of the police force , the coast guard and the army to give teeth to the raiding party on the chall which is the strong hold of Don Bosco . The raiding team of the joint action force strom the chall and seal the entry and the exit points of the chall in a fast and sweeping action. The police quickly breaks into the 3 rooms of the chall where Don Bosco keeps his cash . Don Bosco’s men had fled in the presence of such a massive police force leaving the cash behind and they were unable to move the cash out of the chall .inspector Jairaj reports to Rudra Singh .


Inspector Jairaj: sir we have the secured the 3 rooms where the cash is . And what we see there is a lot of cash here.


Rudra Singh: would be around 50 crores , if our sources are correct . Make arrangements to move the cash out from chall . We are sending over the money truck to transport the cash out from the chall . And did you make any arrest there .

Inspector Jairaj: no sir , there was no one in the rooms when we broke into them all the men of Bosco had already fled .


Rudra Singh: good , this haul of cash will hit Bosco and his gang hard . Since the cash is unclaimed we cannot relate it to him directly or arrest him . For now just bring in the cash into the government treasury.


The news of the police raid is relayed to Don Bosco by his men in the chall .Don Bosco is livid with anger and foams at his mouth with extreme anger at the loss of 50 crores cash .


Don Bosco: where is Rufus , why did he not give us the information of this police raid . Such a big police raid would have been planned in the police head quarters , how come Rufus did not inform us .


Mrigya: may be the police have discovered that Rufus is our man .


Don Bosco: if they know that Rufus is our man , they would have transferred him from the police head quarters and not give him medals. I want to see Rufus now . Tell him where ever he is to come straight to me and I don’t care what he is doing .


Don Bosco cannot contain his anger but the empire of Don Bosco is falling around him.


Rufus reaches the den of Don Bosco in the evening .


Don Bosco: where have you been , why did you not tell us about the raid .


Rufus: I had no information about the raid . There was no planning about the raid in the police head quarters , I have no idea about the raid at all .


Don Bosco: where is my cash .


Rufus: it is in the police safe vaults . They will be moving the cash to the CBI safe vault in 3 days time .I have been given the charge to move the cash to the CBI vaults .


Don Bosco: I want you to get that cash away when they shift it to the CBI vaults .


Rufus: that would be very risky .


Don Bosco: we will attack the money truck and get away in it .


Rufus: Don Bosco, it will never work , there will be a lot of traffic on the roads . And if there is shooting all your men will simply be bogged down in the shooting and the police reinforcements will arrive and the entire operation will fail. I have another plan .


Don Bosco: what do you want to do .


Rufus: I know the team of men that will be escorting the money truck , I will cut the petrol pipe that takes the petrol to the engine , the escort vehicles will stop midway due to the technical snag , the money truck will continue on course as I am commissioned to be in the money truck . At a red light signal , when we will stop I want one of your man to toss a sleeping gas canister into the truck , I will fumble with the canister long enough for the truck driver to fall asleep , which would be less than a minute . Then one of your men will enter the truck take the driver seat , take the truck round the corner and there your men dressed as police men will take cash out from the money truck into the waiting vans and drive away . I will also fall asleep in the truck . The enquiry will be conducted by the police and I will have a straight forward explanation that I fell asleep along with the driver when they tossed a grenade like canister in the truck and soon after the truck driver and I fell asleep. The investigation team will not be able to pin point anything to me because the escort teams in the vehicles all developed technical snags in the vehicles and had to stop along the way .


Don Bosco: the plan sound good , after the truck heist I want you to lie low for a while and not meet us until the dust of the investigation settles down. We will get to work , and your plan better works or you are in trouble you are not in my good books anymore and my patience with you is wearing a bit thin . From now on my men will be keeping an eye on you.


In the police head quarters the police commissionerRana Pratap , Rudra Singh and inspector Jairaj are listening to the conversation of Rufus and don Bosco, as the mobile phone of Rufus has a transmitter attached in it .


CommissionerRana Pratap: Bosco is losing patience with Rufus and it won’t be long before Rufus is in the firing line and made expendable by Bosco .


Rudra Singh: seems like it is about time that we brought Rufus under our umbrella and made him wise of who we are and for who he has to work . Either ways there is no escape for him . He is an outcast .


CommissionerRana Pratap: we will let Rufus go about his plan with the money truck . We will put homing transmitters into the wads of money to know where they are taking the money . This will be the perfect chance to know where they take the money and how they dispose of it through the hawala channels ,this is our perfect chance to know the channel of men behind hawala route as also of the men who would be disposing of the hard cash .


Rudra Singh: we will need to take the permission of the state home minister to get the money stolen from under our noses .


Rudra Singh along with commissionerRana Pratap meet the state home minister and apprise him of the situation


Rudra Singh: sir home minister , we need to go along the way of the mafia for now and let them steal the money from out money truck . The entire operation will be under our complete control and under 24 x 7 surveillance and there is no way that we can possibly loose the money . We will only discover the entire hawala route of Bosco and the mafia , we will soon make all round arrest of all the hawala traders and thru them we will get to know the swiss bank account of bosco . Once we get to know his swiss bank account number , we will get his bank account sealed by petitioning to the swiss authorities .


Home minister: i hope rudra sing your are just as competent and efficient as you sound . I give you my permission for the operation but if you fail it will be your grave yard.


Rudra Singh: we will not fail sir . We have come very far in our battle with the organised mafia , we will get them and get them all behind bars .


Home minister: that will be good if that happens . Well good luck to you gentlemen.


In the police head quarters commissionerRana Pratap summons Rufus to his office . In the office are also seated rudra Singh and inspector jairaj . Rufus comes into the police commissioner's room and salutes the commissioner .


Commissioner Rana Pratap: sit down Rufus .


Rudra Singh: we have some very interesting video and audio footage of you with Don Bosco and his men , we want you to see it .


Rudra sing turns a lap top screen around to Rufus and Rufus stares at the video footage with fear in his eyes . The video footage clearly shows Rufus attending the parties thrown by Don Bosco and accepting money from Don Bosco himself and from his men .


Rudra Singh plays the audio in which Rufus is suggesting to Don Bosco that entire plan of how to loot the 50 crores from the police money truck when they will transfer the money from police headquarters vault to the cbi safe vault .


Rufus listens to the audio silently and lowers his head down in resignation to his fate that would be now coming .


Rudra Singh: you think you are very smart Rufus but we had you under our surveillance 24 x 7 from the very beginning . You will go to prison for 20 years for taking bribe from the mafia , passing on classified police information to mafia , possession of drugs , planning to loot the 50 crores of government money in league and etc ..etc.. You will go to the prison for 20 years and no one will ever bail you out and you will be simply be locked up and forgotten forever.


Rufus: i am resigned to my fate . I have nothing to say.


Rudra Singh: there is a way out . We know bosco told you his swiss bank account number and don’t lie that he did not .


Rufus: he only wrote the number on a piece of paper and just showed it to me and then he eat that piece of paper , i simply do not remember the number , i do not know the swiss bank account number of Don Bosco , you have to believe me on this .


Rudra Singh: ok i will grant it to you that you do not know the number but you know that he has a swiss bank account number .


Rufus: yes that he has .


Rudra Singh: good .


Rufus: what do you want me to do . If you want me to go up to Don Bosco and just ask him his swiss bank account number , then it is being foolish of you. Don Bosco is growing weary of me he doesn’t trust me any more.


Rudra Singh: then win bobso’s trust back


Rufus: sir , i always knew that the police were watching me from the day i joined police force . Because in the examination of the police recruitment , i did not answer a single question , i had simply copied the question paper on my answer sheet . I did not want to pass the exam and join the police force . But yet despite my not answering a single question i was declared pass with good marks . Also in the supposed encounters with the terrorist who i shot dead , i have seen the same man having tea in a restaurant after one week of the encounter , i know the bullets in my service gun that i carry are blanks. But i could and can do nothing because Don Bosco was forcing me to join the police force and the police force was keeping a watch on me . And know both Don Bosco and the police are keeping a watch on me . I don’t think that i will live very long now .


Rudra Singh: we want you to fully cooperate with us . Because it wont be long that Don Bosco will come to know that you were under our constant surveillance and he will realize that the organised mafia and his gang were constant target of the joint operations of the police with tremendous success and bosco will put two an two together and that will be the end of your story .


Rufus: what do you want me to do .


Rudra Singh: now we want you to work loyally for the police force and that is the only way out of you to live a long life . You go thru the motions of robbing the money truck when we transfer the money from the police vaults to the cbi vaults .


Rufus: how will that help .


Rudra Singh: you leave the thinking part to us , you just do your part , the part that you are good at , a petty thief . Besides this will get you in to the good books of bosco again and this will buy us enough time to close in on him and his network further . And don’t try to do anything rash like trying to run away because you cant we have you under watch and now bosco also have you under watch , you try to run and you are a dead man . Now you can go .


Rufus silently nods and leave the commissioner office . Rufus goes to his house . Quickly takes off his mobile phone and pen and watch from his self and throws it on the bed takes off his uniform and changes into the civilian clothes . Rufus signals to rema to remain silent by putting a finger on his lips takes a wad of 1000 rupees notes stuff it in the pocket of rema skirt . Rufus takes the hand of rema and rushes out of his house with rema by his side . He hails a taxi and goes to a crowded shopping  mall and stand in the midst of the crowd which is watching a musical stage show .


Rufus: rema i am in deep trouble both from the police and Don Bosco . My life is in danger .


Rema: Rufus you can leave all this and lead an honest life .together we will be happy and we will lead life like simple ordinary people .


Rufus: it is now too late for a simple life of ordinary people now it is matter of life and death . Now listen to me very carefully . Leave for delhi right away form here itself don’t not go back to the house and from delhi leave for switzerland and i will join you in switzerland in 2-3 days time . Now go fast no time to loose .and don’t call me on my mobile or try to contact me on the phone .


As the crowd breaks rema moves away with the crowd and Rufus walks beside another girl for some distance pretending to be with rema , he goes out of the mall takes a taxi and goes to a bar for a drink .


Meanwhile on her way out of the mall rema buys a magazine and goes straight to the ladies bathroom . She tears a few pages of the magazine burns the pages to ash and smears the ash on her face and body , turning her fair skin black . She reverses her jacket and the color of her jacket changes from red to black . Ties her open hair into a bun , takes off her skirt folds it and stuff it in her jacket pocket and walks out of the ladies bathroom in her shorts .


Rema goes out of the mall , hails a taxi and goes straight to the office of a travel and tour operator hires a private taxi and leaves for delhi by road . She arrives in delhi after 18 hours drive . In delhi rema had before hand rented out a house where she had kept her and Rufus passports and all their belonging. She takes a flight to switzerland that very same night .


Rufus has planned to get rema and himself out of india 3 months ahead , explaining her all the details of the swiss bank account of Don Bosco and then Rufus will follow rema after 2-3 days latter .the visa of rema and Rufus were ready and their flight schedule was from new delhi .Rufus had planned that rema would go to switzerland transfer the 150 million dollars from Don Bosco account to there account in liechtenstein and then again transfer it to there account in luxembourg . Then both of them will travel to hungry , then to germany and then to argentina where they will settle down . And for this he has asked rema to learn spanish at home to help them settle down peacefully in argentina .



The day arrives when the 50 crores has to be transferred from the police head quarters vaults to the cbi vaults . The money gets loaded on to the money truck . Rufus sits in the money truck beside the driver and the convoy of the money truck and 3 police escort cars follow the monet truck . The money truck is followed by the men of Don Bosco at a distance and the entire route of the truck is under the surveillance of the police . After going some distance the escort cars develop technical snag and have to stop , but the money truck continues on its route . At an intersection at the red light a man comes and tosses a sleeping gas canister into the money truck . Rufus quickly holds his breath and wears the gas mask . The driver of the money truck falls asleep and Rufus takes to the wheel . A man of Don Bosco come rushing to the driver side but Rufus gestures him to take the seat next to the driver .


Rufus drives the truck and take the truck off course from the scheduled course that police had told him to . Rufus has just taken one more turn and that lead to a very busy road with very heavy traffic . Rufus signals to Don Bosco men following the truck there van to pull up right behind him .


Rudra Singh on seeing Rufus taking a wrong turn panics .


Rudra Singh: where is Rufus going why has he taken a wrong turn . Close in on him but don’t move in yet .


Rufus speed up the money truck comes in the middle of the road and stops the truck , holding the traffic behind him to a stand still . He takes off his gas mask , gets down from the money truck and signal to Don Bosco men to transfer the money out from the money truck to their vans . Don Bosco men all dressed as police men open the doors of the money truck and transfer the money to their vans .


Rufus speaks to rudra Singh thru the transmitter that is attached to his body .


Rufus: i have to stop the truck in the middle of the road because the truck has developed a snag and is not moving forward.


Rudra Singh: you idiot , you have created a traffic jam , and what the hell do you think you are doing , why did you deviate from the original course , don’t try to do anything smart for your own good we have you under our constant watch .


Rufus: i moved the money truck to the other turn because i saw the men of don kron in fornt of the money truck and they may have interfered in our plan of transferring the money , i thought that they may try to loot the truck so i took a turn .


Rudra Singh: you idiot , i told not to think , but just do what you are told to do , now you have made a mess .


Rufus: i am sorry sir .


Rufus quickly take off the transmitter attached to his body and get down from the money truck . And the lead at the other end of the transmitter goes dead and the connection with rudra Singh is cut off.


In one minutes the entire money gets transferred from the money truck to the waiting vans of Don Bosco. Rufus gets into one of the vans and tell the men of Don Bosco to move .


The entire operation is closely been kept under watch by the joint operation team of the cbi and the police .


Don Bosco men are confused because as planned they were to leave Rufus behind .


Rudra Singh on the other hand thinks that Don Bosco men have forced Rufus to come with them.


Trish: why are you coming with us


Rufus: change of plans , i will get down a little further , now move .


As the van approaches the busy red light intersection. With a very large traffic presence Rufus gets down from the van quickly .


Rufus: this is where i get down , now you move ahead fast .


Without any further word Rufus gets down and walks at a brisk pace into a near by building .


The police cars following Don Bosco men see Rufus getting down from a distance and relay the message to rudra Singh .


Inspector jairaj: sir , Rufus has just got down from the van and he has gone into the near by building .


Rudra Singh: he is just trying to confuse us with some stupid plan of his to probably to get away . You follow bosco’s men don’t get them out of your sight we will pick of Rufus soon . He has nowhere to go we are watching all his moves. He has nowhere to run.


The men of Don Bosco in the van after looting the money from the police truck informs Don Bosco that they have the money safely with them .


Trish: Don Bosco , we have the money and we are going to the hide out .


Don Bosco: that is very good , where is Rufus .


Trish: he came with us for a short distance then got out of the van .


Don Bosco: he was not supposed to come with you he was to remain in the police money truck . It seems all to simple looting the money from the police truck . When the robbery is discovered by the police they will come sniffing for the money to me . This could be a trap .


Trish: Don Bosco , no one is following us , we are moving smoothly .


Don Bosco: i am not sure , don’t take the money to the hide out , go to the forest and bury the money there and land mark the place where you bury the money and you stay with the cash in the forest and guard it till things calm down a bit .


Don Bosco men do as told and go to the forest nearby mumbai and bury the entire cash of 50 crores in the forest and trish and another man stays behind in the forest to guard the cash .


The police teams that were keeping an eye on the men of Don Bosco in the vans . Relay the information to head quarters that the men of Don Bosco are burying the money in the forest.


Inspector jairaj: sir the bosco’s men are burying the cash in the jungle .


Rudra Singh: why are they doing that ? May be bosco smells a rat . Bosco men must have told him that Rufus got down from the money truck and went another way . And that was not as planned . I want a general alert sounded out for Rufus . I want Rufus brought in . For now jairaj you do not interfere with the men of bosco , let them bury the money in the jungles , stay out of sight but stay close


Inspector jairaj: yes sir .


Meanwhile Rufus after entering the nearby building close to the red light after getting down from Don Bosco van , goes into the secluded corner of the building and takes off his police uniform , underneath the uniform Rufus is wearing civilian clothes , he takes out a bottle of cream from his pocket applies the cream on his face and get a dark tanned complexion , puts on a false mustache and a beard and then wears his sun glasses. He takes out a black plastic bag from his pocket folds the police uniform puts it in the black plastic bag and dumps it into a dust bin.


Rufus goes straight to the mumbai airport takes a plane in the afternoon and leaves for delhi . Rufus reaches delhi in the evening . He goes straight to rented house where rema has kept his passport and travel papers and belongings ready . Collects his passport and travel documents and baggage goes to the delhi airport and leaves for switzerland under the name of michel angelo by the night flight .


Rufus reaches switzerland in the morning . He has arrived in switzerland 2 days later than rema .


Rema in the meantime has gone to the swiss bank where Don Bosco has his bank account . Rema disguises herself as a man , stuff cotton wads in the inside of her mouth to make her face look brodaer like a man , she wears a thin mustache and a very well trimmed up beard running down from her sideburns along her jaw line . Inside her vest she wears a croset over her chest to flatten her brest and then wears a black leather jacket over her clothes.


Rema transfers full amount of money of 150 million dollors from Don Bosco swiss bank account to a bank account in liechtenstein and then closes the swiss bank account of Don Bosco held in the swiss bank .


Rufus and rema meet up in switzerland and hug each other .


Rufus: did you transfer the money .


Rema: yes , it is all done , i have got the travel paper to go to luxembourg all ready , we can go right away .


Rufus and rema go to luxembourg and again transfer the money from their liechtenstein account to their luxembourg bank account . And from luxembourg they both leave for hungry.


Meanwhile in india , a general alert has been sounded for Rufus by the police . 3 days pass and the police is unable to trace Rufus and Rufus is declared an abscounder .





Rudra Singh: three days have passed and Rufus has just vanished into thin air . We had been his watching his every move yet he has simply disappeared . He may have been picked up by bosco’s men and eliminated , bosco may have got wise that Rufus is our inside man there may have been a leak of information about Rufus to bosco.


On the other hand Don Bosco has no news of Rufus . And his police contacts inform him that the police is hunting high and low for Rufus but his whereabouts are completely unknown.


Don Bosco: where did Rufus disappear to and why . If the police arrest him the police will make him talk and the police will come straight looking for me with their arrest warrants for me in their hands . Mrigya make arrangements for me to leave the country right away .


Don Bosco leaves india for a foreign destination in a hurry that same day . The police and the cbi learns that Don Bosco has fled india to evade arrest.


 Rudra sing orders the recovery of the 50 crores from the forest .







Rudra Singh: the bird has flown from the nest . Jairaj raid the jungle hide and recover the 50 crorers , we can’t risk the money being buried in the jungle for too long . We don’t want to waste any more time recover the money now.


The police gather a pose and raid the jungle place where the 50 crores cash is buried . The entire amount of cash is recovered and trish and the men guarding the cash are arrested by the police party.


Don Bosco gets the news of the recovery of 50 crores by the police and curses Rufus .


Don Bosco:Rufus has something to do with this , but Rufus is nowhere to be found , we can’t find him , the police can’t find him, where has he disappeared to.


Meanwhile Don Bosco inquires about his swiss bank account and is informed by the bank authorities that his swiss bank account has been closed . Don Bosco is livid with anger .he realizes that it is the doing of Rufus and no one else.


Don Bosco: Rufus , is behind this , he has disappeared and money of the swiss bank account has also been taken out and my account closed . Find rema his girl friend .


Mrigya: she has also been missing along with Rufus .


Don Bosco: find him where ever he is ,take a word out on Rufus , eliminate him.


The news of Rufus not being with Don Bosco reaches rudra Singh , he get the report from his informers in the mafia that the swiss bank account of bon bosco has been cleaned up of all of it’s 150 million dollars and the account closed and Don Bosco has taken the word on Rufus to be eliminated . Rudra Singh sounds out an alert of Rufus on the interpol .


And with both the police and the mafia out to get Rufus , he just becomes the out cast .


The intelligence news reaches both rudra Singh and Don Bosco simultaneously that Rufus has been found hiding in hungry . The police teams headed by rudra Singh and Don Bosco men rushes to hungry .


In hungry Rufus sees the presence of the police outside his house and recognizes one of the men of Don Bosco on the streets , he understands that both the police and Don Bosco has closed in on him .


Rufus quickly rushes over to rema .


Rufus: quick we have get out of the back door now the police are here and so is Don Bosco men. We have no time to loose , just garb your hand bag which has all the travel documents and passports and move.


Rema quickly picks up her hand bag and both Rufus and rema rushes out of the back door of their house. They had taken a house at an isolated spot and behind their house there is a forest . Both Rufus and rema runs and escapes into the forest .


The police charges into the house only to find it empty . The police search the house thoroughly but only find their baggage , clothes and nothing else . Rudra Singh surveys the house and goes to the back door and signals his men to move in to the forest .


Rudra Singh: get some men together for a search party , we will search the forest they have gone into the forest .


The police teams on one side and Don Bosco men on the other side search for Rufus and rema in the forest and chase them .


Rema falls exhausted on the forest floor unable to go any further .


Rema: i can’t run any more . I am done , you get away from here , you still have a chance to escape .leave me behind Rufus , i can’t go any further.


Rufus: i can’t leave you behind . First the police will arrest you , then Don Bosco will never spare you , he will torture you to death . I can not bear this thought at all of leaving you behind to a pack of wolves to be torn apart by them like a rag doll .


Rufus takes out a knife from his pocket and place the tip of the knife on the heart of rema .


Rufus: just close your eyes my love , it wont hurt at all .


Rema closes her eyes and without a protest just rest her head on the chest of Rufus in surrender of her emotions and herself.


Rufus is unable to stab rema in her heart and with tears flowing down his cheeks he throws the knife away from his hand and hauls rema up in his strong arms , and takes her piggy back on his back .


Rufus: i am not leaving you behind like this . You mean everything to me i will take you out of here some how .


Rufus starts running with rema on his back , he runs towards a thickly leafed tree and helps rema to climb up the tree.


Rufus: climb up this tree and don’t rustle a single leaf and sit still and stay there until night fall .


Rema: you also climb up the tree .


Rufus: no , i will lead them away from you .


Rema: i love you Rufus and i will not stay here without you.


Rufus: listen to me carefully and don’t interrupt me . Get down from the tree during the night fall when every one is gone , and don’t go to the house at all .take the train to germany and then take a flight to argentina , do every thing as we had planned or we will never ever be able to live in peace .


Rema: i don’t want to leave you .


Rufus: if destiny permits we will meet again my love . For my sake do as i tell you to do . I love you .


Saying this Rufus runs in the opposite direction of the tree , which rema has climbed. Rema with tears in her eyes just remains speechless and see Rufus move away from her .


After running some distance in the opposite direction from the tree which rema has climbed , Rufus makes a loud sound as if he is hurt , to attract the attention of the police and Don Bosco men on to himself.


The police search party and Don Bosco men hear the loud noise of Rufus screaming and run towards the direction of the sound .


The police and Don Bosco men corner Rufus over the edge of a gorge . On one side are the hungarian police with rudra Singh , standing close to them are the men of Don Bosco and behind Rufus is a 1000 feet gorge and an icy river flowing at the bottom of the gorge .


Rudra Singh: there is no escape now Rufus , you have no where to go now. Surrender and cooperate with us in the police investigation of the mafia and i promise a light prison sentence for you .


Rufus: Don Bosco will not leave me alive . It is better to die honorably and peacefully as i have done nothing wrong .


Rudra Singh: where is rema


Rufus: i have no idea about her , she left me in india without saying a word and i haven’t seen her since , probably bosco will tell you where she is if she is alive .


Rudra Singh: where is the money from the swiss bank account of Don Bosco .


Rufus: i don’t know anything about the money , i have no knowledge of it at all . I have done nothing wrong , i have been loyal both to the police and Don Bosco ,in whatever capacities i served both the police and Don Bosco under the circumstances that were placed on me , i am just caught in the cross fire of the mafia and the police.


Saying this Rufus leaps from the tip of the gorge into the icy river below to his death .


Rudra Singh , the police and Don Bosco men rush to the edge of the gorge to see Rufus falling to his death .


Inspector jairaj: why could not he just surrender peacefully . Now we will have to wait to have his body fished out from the river in this cold weather .


Rudra Singh: [ with a smile on his lips ] we wanted to get to bosco but i think Rufus has done better than us in knocking bosco out . He made him bankrupt and bosco entire empire is now under our baton . Bosco has no standing left in the organised mafia , he is bankrupt , most of his hide outs raided by the police , many of his men in jail and all of routes of channeling drugs sealed . We have done well jairaj.


Inspector jairaj: it is a pity that Rufus has to die like this .


Rudra Singh: it is better this way , other wise the mafia would have killed him anyway .


Inspector jairaj: what about the money of the swiss bank of bosco..


Rudra Singh: we may never get to now that with Rufus dead .


Inspector jairaj: well Rufus has no more problems now.


Rudra Singh: may be he knows how to swim [ and smiles ]


Inspector jairaj: what does that mean .


Rudra Singh: oh ! Nothing , just a thought .


Inspector jairaj: no one can survive a fall like that and then the icy river .


Rudra Singh: of course ,indeed . Rufus has done his job we don’t need him anymore . He is out of sight and out of mind . We have better work to do like taking our well earned salaries.


Both men laugh and move away from the edge of the gorge and walk into the forest.


A few miles down the icy river , deep below in the gorge a lone figure struggles on to the river side . Rufus is back from the dead.



The end





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