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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".



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December 30th, 2008. Rufus survived the fall after jumping into the gorge and falling in the icy river below in hungry – to escape Rudra Singh, Don Bosco men, and the Hungarian police.


Rufus is washed down a mile in the fast-flowing river; he swims ashore and goes to a small nearby town in the middle of the night. He is soaking wet and shivering from the cold. He goes to a small garment shop on the far end of the market and finding the streets deserted breaks open the windowpane of the garment shop with his leg, he gathers the clothes from the display window and runs into a nearby alley and changes into dry clothes.


After changing into dry clothes Rufus goes to a phone booth and calls Rema on her mobile phone.


Rufus: I am fine, just a little bit shaken up and I have shaken off Rudra Singh. They all think I am dead.


Rema is staying in a hotel and is overjoyed to listen to the voice of Rufus and to learn that he is alive and well.


Rema: Rufus I am so happy to listen to your voice again, I want to be with you, where shall we meet.


Rufus: I will meet you at the railway station in Budapest for at 11 o’clock morning.

Rufus reaches the station in the morning at 8 am, buys a razor, he goes into the bathroom and shaves his head bald and wears glasses.


Rema reaches the Budapest central station at 11’o clock. Rufus sees Rema and goes up to her and embraces her. They both board the train to Germany at 11.30 am and leave for Germany on the assumed identity of Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Sanchez. And from Germany they take a flight and go to Argentina.


The Hungarian police try to find the dead body of Rufus for 3 days but are unable to find his body. They come to a conclusion that the dead body of Rufus must have floated down stream in the fast currents

Of the river in the heavy rain that followed that night and it may be difficult to find his dead body. The trail of Rufus goes cold and the case is closed and Rudra Singh returns to India.


In Argentina Rufus and Rema lead a peaceful and harmonious life. Rufus buys a small ranch and becomes a successful and prosperous rancher.


After two years of happy married life, Rema falls in love with another Argentinean man and tells Rufus she wants to live her new love. Rufus and Rema part as good friends. Rufus starts to enjoy his life on the ranch and indulge in learning the salsa and the Latino music. For Rufus life in Argentina is haven he feels like he is living in heaven. 3 years pass in peace and harmony for Rufus.


In the middle east the law catches up with Don Bosco and he is extradited from the middle east to India. Don bosco is prosecuted for his crimes and imprisoned in India.



July 1st 2011. India and USA sign the historic nuclear pact and USA has signed an agreement with India of giving uranium as fuel for India’s nuclear power plants. The signing in ceremony is attended by the senior most politicians of India and USA in the vigyan bhawan in new Delhi.


July 5th 2011 – somewhere in the south coastal region of India at the naval ammunition dump of India , armed men in 3 trucks get down on the east side of the ammunition dump. On the west side and the north side of the ammunition dump 10 men each fully armed get down from their trucks take their positions alongside the boundary wall of the dump , blow up a breach in the wall and enter the compound of the dump lobbying grenades and firing blindly into the dump compound.


The naval security personnel rush to the disturbance areas and engage the terrorist in gun battle.

The terrorist have created a diversion from the west and the north side of the dump. On the eastern side the terrorist blow up a hole in the boundary wall from the back side and rush into the high security ammunition building with 4 trolleys. They make their way straight to a pod which has 2 torpedoes on it. They load the 2 torpedoes onto the trolley and wheel the torpedoes out of the compound wall of the dump. On their way out the terrorist plant high explosive in the ammunition building, the terrorist then lift the torpedoes into the waiting trucks and make their getaway. As they move away from the ammunition dump compound the planted explosives explode in a frenzy of flame and explosion engulfing the ammunition dump in a flaming chaos.


The terrorist on the west and north side are fully surrounded from all the sides by the navy soldiers with no escape insight for the terrorist. The naval commanding officer offers the terrorist to surrender but the terrorist chooses to shoot themselves as the last act of violence rather than surrender.


The theft of torpedoes is seen by a bystander and he comes forward to the naval commanding officer and tells him that some men loaded 2 big torpedoes on to a truck and got away just before the entire ammunition dump went up in flames and explosion.


The naval authorities come to the conclusion that the purpose of the terrorist attack on the ammunition dump was to steal the torpedoes but the naval high command is unable to comprehend the purpose of stealing the torpedoes in such an elaborate operation by the terrorist. Because the torpedoes can only be fired from the submarine or ships at sea. The navy high command decides to put all the war ships on high alert as a precautionary measure against any possible terrorist attack.


July 30th 2011 – a shipment of uranium fuel is being loaded on to a cargo ship on the naval docks of USA. The uranium cargo has it destination for India. The American cargo ship ‘sea gull’ sets sail with its precious cargo to India escorted by an American warship.


In the middle of the Atlantic ocean in the dead of the night, two cargo merchants’ ships open their belly and from them emerge 32 speed boats with 5 men each on the boats. The terrorist in the speed boats are armed with hand held rocket launchers. The speed boats approach the ‘sea gull’ at high speed.


On the radar screens of the American escort warship, they see small objects approaching them at high speeds. The captain of the ship puts the ship on high alert. The terrorist from their speed boats launch the 2 torpedoes at the escort warship. The warship on seeing the torpedoes takes evasive action. One torpedo goes past the escort ship harmlessly but the second torpedo finds its mark and impacts with the escort ship. The terrorist in the speed boats launch their rockets from their rocket launchers at will at the escort ship. The escort ship goes up in flames from the impact of the torpedo and the rockets and the escort ship sinks into the blue waters of the Atlantic ocean taking all the men down with her.


The terrorist line up and surround the ‘sea gull’ with their speed boats. The terrorist throw hooked rope lines onto ‘sea gull’ and quickly climb aboard the ‘sea gull’, they round up the crew of the ship and secure the cargo hull where the cargo of uranium fuel is kept.


The terrorist bring their cargo ships alongside the ‘sea gull’ and quickly load the uranium cargo onto their ships. The terrorist disengage the control panel of ‘sea gull’ by firing at it with their machine guns and then make their get away from the scene just as quickly as they had appeared.


The piracy of the uranium cargo aboard ‘sea gull’ becomes known to the Americans and Indians and the international alert is sounded to investigate and find the terrorist and the missing uranium fuel.


In India the investigation of the case is handed over to Rudra Singh.


August 13 2011 – Rudra Singh is sitting in his house and watching the discovery channel on his TV. The channel is showing a program of riding the bucking horse competition in Argentina. In the TV program Rudra Singh spots a man riding the bucking horse as Rufus, although the man riding the horse has blond hair, beard and moustache.


The next morning Rudra Singh contacts the Indian foreign ministry and request permission to go and see Rufus in Argentina and bring Rufus back to India on the pretext that Rufus is a criminal on a wanted list but presumed dead.


Rudra Singh feels and explains himself to the foreign minister that Rufus was an agent of the underworld and the powerful drug mafia and was working in the police force for the mafia. Rudra Singh says that Rufus may be useful in penetrating the underworld network as their man and may obtain some echoes and information of the uranium theft.


The foreign minister inquires and express his doubt of how can Rufus is useful in penetrating the underworld when the uranium is in the hands of the terrorist and the mafia is not involved in this piracy. Rudra Singh explains and is of the opinion that Rufus had connections in the underworld and it may be left entirely to chance whether Rufus can obtain any information or not about the stolen uranium but Rufus may prove to a be a joker in the deck of cards who may spring a surprise in getting some information and it won’t harm the investigating agent to have an extra ear as their pawn in the mafia , and apart from smart investigating they also need luck to crack the case and find the terrorist who stole the uranium.


The foreign minister asks Rudra Singh what if Rufus refuses to do the bidding of Rudra Singh. At this Rudra Singh tells the minister that Rufus has no choice but to choose either the boiling water and stay in the prison or choose hell and penetrate the mafia and have a chance of winning back his freedom, and Rudra Singh is confident that Rufus loves his freedom.


Rudra Singh further says to the foreign minister that they will not disclose to the Argentinean authorities the true identity of Rufus and that he is wanted for crimes in India, but instead will say that Rufus is on a witness protection program and living in Argentina to escape from the Indian mafia, but now the Indian police needs him back again to be in India in relation to a mafia case. This way they won’t have to go thru the lengthy process of extraditing Rufus to India. The foreign minister agrees to the request of Rudra Singh and gives him permission to use the government channels to secure Rufus in Argentina and to bring him back to India.


Rudra Singh goes to Argentina and thru the office of Indian foreign ministry presents the case to the Argentinean counter parts of bringing Rufus back to India. The Argentina foreign office officer asks Rudra sing whether Rufus will be willing to give up his well earned peace for a life of risk again. At this Rudra Singh replies that some men are born to serve forever and they can live thru hell and if they survive then they can live in heavens and Rufus is one such man. For Rufus has been living in heavens in Argentina for his work in the past and now he must go back to serve in hell for duty calls upon him to serve his nation honorably.


Rudra Singh along with the Argentina police goes to the ranch of Rufus. The police stop at the fence of the house 100 meters away. Rufus is sitting on the porch playing with his dogs. He sees Rudra Singh from his porch, Rufus rushes into his house knocking over the table lamp. He quickly rushes into the basement of the house and opens a trap door. He slides into the trap door into a tunnel and closes the trap door over him. In the tunnel he sits on a wooden board which is attached to rails underneath, there is a rope attached alongside the wall of the tunnel, Rufus pulls along and the wooden board and races over the rails. Rufus comes out of the tunnel ½ km. Away from his house; the tunnels door opens into his horse stable. Rufus saddles a horse, mounts it and race out of the stable in the opposite direction from his house.


Rudra Singh and the police not finding Rufus in the house come out of the house. Rudra Singh sees Rufus riding away on a horse. Rudra Singh along with the Argentina police quickly rushes to their cars and give Rufus chase in their cars.


Rufus rides on his horse thru the dusty jungle roads with the police giving him chase. After some distance in the jungle they come out in the opening on to the main road of the city. Rufus rides his horse alongside a city bus grabs the railing of the window of the bus and hangs on to the bus window leaving his horse to run away. He climbs over to the roof of the bus ,as the police cars near the bus , Rufus leaps up and hangs onto low lying pole of a bridge , he hauls himself up over onto the bridge and races down the bridge. Rufus see a man standing next to his parked motorcycle, relieving himself on the side of the bridge, Rufus get on to the parked motor bike, kicks the engine to life and races away with the owner of the motorcycle chasing him.


The police cars boxes him from both the front and the back side, Rufus jumps his motorcycle over the car of Rudra Singh and races into the slum cluster of the city. His motor bike slips and slides and Rufus fall down. He gets up and races thru the congested small lanes of the slum. Rudra Singh and the police get down from their cars and give Rufus chase on foot.


Rufus gets onto the roof tops of the houses and jumps from one roof top to another. He comes across a clothes line with women clothes on it, he quickly changes into the women clothes of skirt and wears a scarf over his face and makes his getaway. The police are unable to find Rufus that day.


In the police head quarters of the Argentina police, Rudra Singh asks them to take out a general alert for Rufus and find and arrest him.


The Argentina police create road blocks in the city and search the cars at the entry and the exit points of the city.


Rufus goes to a barber shop get a shave and dye his hair black. He then spends the night in a small hotel watching Latino song and dance.


The next morning Rufus calls Rema and tells her that Rudra Singh has caught up with him again and he is going to give himself up as he does not want to run any more. He would rather die in hell with honor than run all his life like a fugitive. Rema is concerned about herself being caught by the police but Rufus tells her that the police have nothing against her and she can’t be touched by Rudra Singh or anyone.


After talking to Rema Rufus goes to the Indian embassy and gives himself up to Rudra Singh. Rufus is then taken to India.


In the briefing room in the police head quarters in Mumbai Rudra Singh tells Rufus that he has to penetrate the underworld as their agent and try to get any information that he can get about the stolen uranium cargo.


Rufus tells Rudra Singh that he is not a CBI undercover agent to get any information from the mafia besides the piracy of the uranium cargo is the handy work of the terrorist and not the mafia.


Rudra Singh clarifies himself and says that the mafia deals in drugs and drugs are a part of financing of the terrorist organization and there may be echoes in the mafia about the whereabouts of the uranium cargo.


Rufus wonders how he will possibly penetrate the mafia after 3 years and also Don Bosco had taken a word out on Rufus that he be eliminated, but for the world and mafia Rufus is long dead and gone. Rufus questions Rudra sing why has he chased him to the other end of the world when he was just living his life in peace and not bothering anyone.


Rudra Singh brushes aside the protest of Rufus and tells Rufus that for him Rufus is an outcast and expendable and the best way for Rufus to make his own life easier and to win his freedom and to live a life of being useful to anyone, then Rufus has to do what he is been told to do or else he will spend the rest of his life in jail and be forgotten. Rudra Singh gives the choice to Rufus to either penetrate the mafia as their agent or spend the rest of his life in jail.


Rufus says it is better to live free and die a free man than go to prison. Rudra Singh inquires from Rufus about Rema and Rufus tells him that he has no idea about her as she has disappeared from his life before he left India.


Rudra Singh reminds Rufus that there was a girl with him in hungry and to these Rufus replies that she was a local girl that he had picked up in hungry to spend a few days with and he doesn’t know her at all. Rudra Singh says that Rema is not his worry at the moment and he is not bothered about Rema at all, his main concern is to plant Rufus back into the badlands of the underworld and that is his current task and he knows how to do this.


The Indian intelligence agency raw meets with the ISI of Pakistan and calls for a joint operation to solve the case of the missing uranium cargo. The Pakistan agencies agree to assist the Indians in the sensitive matter of trying to find the uranium before the terrorist do any damage.

The raw tells the ISI that they want to plant a man from their ranks in the mafia of Pakistan who can then penetrate the terrorist group’s active in Pakistan to obtain any information on the stolen uranium.


ISI superiors chides the raw and ask them what makes the Indians so sure that their man even if succeeds in penetrating the terrorist groups in Pakistan and manages not to be discovered by the terrorist and live, will be able to get any information on the uranium when the entire network of ISI do not have any information of the uranium.


Rudra Singh says that he has full confidence on his man and with the help of the ISI he is confident that they will crack the case. Rudra sing appeals to the ISI that they extend their full support to raw on humanitarian grounds , as millions of people around the world would be affected if the stolen uranium is used by the terrorist in making dirty bombs which the terrorist intend to do.


Isis says that however, they want India to bleed from a thousand cuts but they are not in favor of nuclear terrorism at all and will extend all possible help for the joint operation. The ISI warns Rudra Singh that they will help in planting his man into the Pakistan mafia and eventually into the terrorist group but the life of the Indian agent will hang by a thread and would always be in danger.


Rudra Singh say that some lives have to be made expendable, so that the lives of millions of others can be saved and sometime you need expendable men for the better of the world and for lasting peace and there man is willing to lay down his life for a just cause.


Isis agrees to plant the Indian agent in the mafia as soon as the Indians will send their man to them. Rudra Singh tells the ISI that they will send Rufus as an absconder from the law, wanted in India and the raw will arrange his escape in India thru the routes that the Indian underworld routinely uses.


Rudra Singh returns to India after his successful meeting with the Pakistan authorities. On his return he goes to the Mumbai central jail where Don Bosco is imprisoned and tells him that he has found Rufus. Don bosco says that he thought Rufus had died in hungry after falling into a deep gorge before the eyes of his men.


Rudra Singh tells Don Bosco that the man they were chasing was not Rufus but a Hungarian criminal and was a look alike of Rufus and the police confused him with Rufus. Don bosco inquires where Rufus is now. Rudra Singh tells him that Rufus was found living a life of a recluse in Rajasthan on the steps of a temple.


Don bosco is amused that a criminal like Rufus was living a life in poverty. Rudra Singh says that Rufus has given up his life of crime and was repenting. Don bosco asks Rudra Singh what he wants from him. Rudra sing tells Don Bosco that he wants his connection in the mafia to let Rufus enter the underbelly of the underworld and make his escape from India as a wanted criminal to the mafia of Pakistan. Don bosco laughs and asks Rudra sing why he should help Rudra Singh to plant Rufus in the mafia. At this Rudra Singh say that all he cannot tell the reason right now , but that , this is for the sake of all humanity and for the millions of lives that are at stake around the world on this gamble of planting Rufus in the underworld. Don bosco says he does not understand the urgency of Rudra Singh but what is in it there for him. Rudra Singh says that he will get the prison term for Don Bosco reduced and will have him released from jail soon. Don bosco agrees to help Rudra Singh and use his contacts in the underworld to send Rufus to Pakistan as an escaped convict from India.



Rudra Singh trains Rufus in bomb making techniques. To remove any doubts on Rufus in the mafia of Pakistan that he is a hardened criminal. Rufus is introduced to Islam and to the ideology of jihad so that he can influence upon the terrorist that he is interested in Islam and be ordained in Islamic religion and can penetrate the terrorist organizations from the mafia with the help of Pakistan ISI. The maulvi in India introduce Rufus to the holy Koran and Rufus learns the way of Islam.


In about a week’s time after hard intense training, Rufus is ready to go to Pakistan. Using the fishing routes and the contacts of Don Bosco, Rufus is brought into Pakistan and he is kept into a safe house in Karachi of the Pakistan underworld as a fugitive from India. There he is met by an operative of ISI who introduces him in the code word ‘Allah has sent you to the land of the first civilization’ and tells Rufus that he is an ISI agent. Rufus is then introduced by the ISI agent to the underworld don kaif of karachi. Rufus tells don kaif that he is an expert in bomb making and would convert to Islam and join the jihadi groups. Don kaif is impressed by the sincerity of Rufus and sends Rufus to the outskirts of Peshawar and introduces him to a contact man majid of a terrorist group.


Majid takes Rufus and introduces him to a his team leader Yousuf. Rufus is taken to an building and confined to a room. There 5 men enter the room and beat Rufus thoroughly asking him about his activities in India. Rufus tells them that he worked for Don Bosco and that there is arrest warrant out for him in relation to drug running and for his abilities for making bombs. The terrorist convinced from the questioning of Rufus ask him why does he want to convert to Islam. Rufus says that he believes that there is only one god and that is Allah and he tells them about his close association to a maulvi in India in influencing him to converting him to Islam.


Yousuf is convinced after the questioning of Rufus that Rufus is wanted in India and thru his contacts in the karachi underworld and the ISI they come to learn that Rufus is indeed a fugitive from Indian police. Yousuf is impressed by Rufus and tells Rufus that he will take part in an operation of planting bombs in an ammunition depot of the Pakistan army. Yosuf and his leadership is unhappy by the Pakistani government of assisting the American army and air force on attacking on their men. Rufus offers to help and make a powerful bomb for the same. Yousuf agrees and provides with all the bomb making material that Rufus needs to make a bomb.



2 days later, Rufus goes out in the market place of the city of Peshawar with the men of Yousuf and spots the ISI operative in the crowd of the market. Rufus throws a piece of paper on the ground when he passes the ISI operative. On the piece of paper Rufus has written that the terrorist would blow up the ammo depot of the Pakistan army in Peshawar.


The information of blowing up the ammo depot reaches the Pakistani ISI and army head quarters. They share the information with the Indian counterparts about the impending attack on the Pakistani ammo depot and that Rufus would be a part of the attack group and that, the Pakistani army would foil the attempt of the terrorist to blow up the ammo depot.


Rudra Singh on learning about the impending attack on the Pakistan ammo depot implores to his superiors to influence upon the Pakistan army that the attack attempt on the ammo depot be not foiled by the Pakistani army, but to let the attack to go thru. Rudra Singh explains that Rufus has penetrated the terrorist group and would also be a part of the terrorist group in the attack. Rufus in a short time won the confidence of the terrorist and has been included in the operations of the terrorist and the inside information has started to flow in. If in case the Pakistani army launches a full scale operation to foil the attack on the depot Rufus may be eliminated in the crossfire and the good work of planting their man inside in the terror organization may be in vain and that they may lose a good chance of knowing the echoes of the whereabouts of the stolen uranium cargo. The terrorist may succeed in making the dirty bomb and use it on the people around the world.


Rudra Singh prevails upon his superiors and says that the Indian government should come forward and pay to Pakistan for the loss of the attack on the Pakistani ammo depot. And to let the terrorist go thru with the attack the ammo depot.


The ISI agrees to let the terrorist attack their ammo depot, go thru. But refuse to take any compensation from India for the loss of their ammo depot, saying that they are soldiers and they don’t work for profit and a soldier lives his life for the honor of the people, and it would be a small price to pay for well being of humanity. They will sacrifice their ammo depot for the honor & life of the people of the world even if there is a remotest chance of finding the clues of the uranium cargo.



The Pakistani army in the next 2 days take out their more dangerous and more explosive ammunition from the ammo depot, so as to have a minimum effect of the terrorist attack on the depot and reduce their man power guarding the depot to minimize casualties. And give bullet proof vest and overall to the soldiers left to guard the ammo depot.


The terrorist carry out the attack on the ammo depot and blow it up. Rufus Remains in the fore front of carrying out the attack, by lobbying the bombs in the depot compound. All the terrorist make a clean get away from the ammo depot.


Yousuf is impressed by the commitment of Rufus during the attack on the depot and tells Rufus that he has relayed the use fullness of Rufus to his superiors, and asks Rufus that he should be ready to sacrifice his life for their cause. Rufus says that he will even work and make an atom bomb if he has to. At this Yusuf tells Rufus that he should be ready for making such a bomb when the time comes.


Yousuf tells Rufus that they have orders to go to the east coast of Africa to help in making a very big bomb with the dust of death.


Rufus and Yousuf leave for east Africa. There on a coastal fishing village Yousuf shows Rufus the canisters of the uranium cargo that were stolen , the canisters have been buried in the ground in a hut in the village near the city of Adenia.


Yousuf charts out their plan to Rufus. He explains that the terrorist plan to make many bombs and place the uranium in all the bombs and explode them world wide and with the radiation from the uranium from the bombs millions of people would die and they will launch a new world order for Islam after destroying the old world completely. Rufus listens to Yousuf horrified and silently.


In the coastal village near the city of Adenia, there are 3000 men in the village from various terrorist groups from around the world, all disguised as fishermen and guarding the uranium. The bomb makers from around the world has gathered. Yousuf tells Rufus that all those who will handle the uranium will ultimately die from the radiation. Rufus says that he is willing to sacrifice his life for their cause, at this Yousuf pats Rufus on his back and walks away.



The nest day Rufus goes into the city of Adenia and climbs over the back yard of a farmer’s house and enters the house from the back door. The farmer comes out from inside of his bedroom holding a gun in his hand. Rufus tells the farmer that he just needs to use his telephone as it is matter of life and death of millions of people. The farmer threatens to shoot Rufus if he won’t go away. Rufus overpowers the farmer and tell him that he is a friend and the farmer need to listen to him carefully.


Rufus tells the farmer to go to the nearest Indian embassy and tell them that the stolen uranium cargo is in the coastal village near the city of Adenia , and that the terrorist are in the process of making bombs with the uranium that will kill millions of people all over the world.


The farmer promises Rufus that he will inform and warn the authorities as soon as possible. After this Rufus rushes out of the house and goes to back to the village.


The farmer goes to an American embassy instead of the Indian embassy and in a drunken state tells the guards at the gates of the American embassy what Rufus has told him. The Americans don’t take the farmer seriously and are reluctant to act on the word of a drunken farmer and reject it as a rumor and tell the farmer to go home and stay sober and out of trouble.

On the insistence of the American ambassador the Americans share this information with the Indian embassy. The Indian embassy conveys the message to the Indian government in India and the government is of two minds whether to take this piece of information seriously or reject it as nonsense as the Americans has done...


Rudra Singh comes to know of the information of the uranium cargo in east Africa village. He immediately arranges a meeting with the Indian defense minister & home minister. Rudra Singh tells the defense minister not to reject the information as rumor but the information could be absolutely correct.


The home minister says that the information of the uranium cargo was given by a man in Africa after somebody has broken into his house and who had given this information to the farmer nobody knows and the Americans have completely ignored this piece of information.


Rudra Singh tells the ministers that their inside man is indeed somewhere in east Africa and the message has been conveyed to the farmer by their man Rufus. And Adenia, near where this coastal village is, is on the east coast of Africa.


Rudra Singh is convinced that the man who broke into the house of the farmer and gave him the information of the uranium cargo is indeed Rufus only and the information is absolutely correct and the hour to take immediate action is here in front of them, now it is up to the ministers to decide the future course of action without delay.


The defense minister ask Rudra Singh, whether Rufus is a reliable source and can this information be believed. Rudra Singh tells the minister that Rufus is their best bet right now and they have nothing to lose as it is a matter of lives of millions of people.


Rudra Singh request the defense minister to immediately launch an operation on the village near Adenia city , without wasting any more time.



The defense minister calls the chief of staff of all the three military wings to plan and execute an operation on the village of the east coast of Africa without delay.


The army general informs that the Indian un troops are present in Africa and are on un duty in west Africa. The troop can be directed from west Africa and be ordered to go to the village of the city of Adenia, but the Indian troops do not comprise of the favorable numbers, as per the information of Rufus there are around 3000 well armed terrorist in the village, masquerading as fishermen, and the Indian troops are only 1500 in number.


The defense minister inquires about the Pakistani troops stationed in Africa on un duty. The general tells him that there are 1500 Pakistani troops also there, and if both Indian and Pakistani troops can converge on the village then they will have an advantage in launching the operation.


On the request of the defense minister the prime minister office gets in touch with the Pakistani president and the permission to launch the joint India Pakistan operation on the fishing village near Adenia is obtained.


The Indian and Pakistani troops move out of their un base in west Africa and race through from the west coast to the east coast of Africa in their armored personnel carriers’ convoy. They race through Africa day and night nonstop.


Meanwhile the Indian naval aircraft carrier and war ships are also commissioned to join the mission off the east coast of Africa. The Indian war ships race to Adenia in tandem with the Indian and Pakistani forces in Africa. In 24 hours the joint forces of India and Pakistan reach the outskirts of the village and surround it from all sides from land and the Indian navy cover the village from the ocean.


The army commanders ask the terrorist to surrender and the terrorist reply by launching a salvo of rockets at the army positions. A fierce gun battles ensues. The sea king and the mi-17 helicopter gunships launched from the Indian aircraft carrier open up their guns on the positions of the terrorist.


In the ensuing gun battle Rufus runs for cover towards a hut and fires at the terrorist from inside the hut. Yousuf asks 5 of his men to follow him into the hut where uranium is buried and to blow up the uranium with the bombs.


Rufus sees Yousuf along with his men running towards the hut where uranium is kept. He trains in gun on Yousuf and his men and fires a salvo of bullets at them. All the 5 men following Yousuf fall to their deaths and then Rufus runs out of bullets. He throws down his gun and runs after Yousuf and leaps and crashes into Yousuf head along. They both tumble into the hut and fight hand to hand ferociously. Yousuf pulls out a grenade and tosses it on to the canister of the uranium. Rufus dives on to the grenade, picks it up and throws it in one smooth motion out of the hut. The grenade explodes outside the hut.


Yousuf tells Rufus that he is disappointed in him as he has betrayed him. Rufus tells him that he has not betrayed him as he was never on his side. Yousuf takes out his knife and flashes it at Rufus. Rufus takes the gun out from the side of his ankle and shoots Yousuf dead.


The gun battle in the village ends with all the terrorist dead or captured.


Rufus returns to India and meets Rudra Singh. Rudra Singh asks what does Rufus want, he can ask anything from him as Rufus has done a great duty not just to India but to the world.


Rufus say he wants to see the retirement letter of Rudra Singh.


Every one laughs and shakes hand with Rufus.



The end.


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