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Siddhi Patni

Abstract Drama Others


Siddhi Patni

Abstract Drama Others



5 mins

It had been a long time since I had visited Megan. She lives in London and here I am in Amsterdam away from her. Finally we had planned to meet in London on Saturday so that I could spend a night with her and return back to Amsterdam the next day. 

With a ticket in my hand, I boarded the train to London. As soon as I stepped in, I just felt something weird. “ Why is everyone looking just like me “ I wondered. I stepped in, the glass door closed and observed everyone carefully. I realized that they were different versions of Scarlet,that are different versions of me. From a little 2 year old version of me to a 85 year old Scarlet. I had mixed feelings about this situation. I was excited and confused too. When I was just trying to convince myself that all of this was a dream, an announcement was made..

 “ All the passengers are requested not to un board the train until and unless we reach London, this is a 2 hour journey and you will be able to visit different moments from your past, present and future during this journey. Be safe and enjoy,” the announcement said. 

Everything was so confusing. I was so excited that I even started counting the number of people who looked like me so that I could know till how many years I was going to survive on this planet. And to my surprise there were 85 versions of me … it meant that I will live for 85 years. Now I am just 20 years old, I had more 65 years to enjoy my life to fullest. I was beaming with joy. 

In a few minutes the train started to disperse from the station, and within 5 minutes I was able to see that time of my life when I was 5 years old. Bubbly, cute and happy. It was my 5th birthday, my most memorable one with all my friends around me. It was a blue color themed party and I was wearing a lovely blue dress. I was so happy and was feeling nostalgic. 

As we moved on.. I noticed that there was a 13 or a 14 year old girl, wearing a tank top and denim jeans with open hair. I realized this was me. This was me from the most difficult period of my life, the teen years when I looked happy from outside but was a total mess from inside. When I cared more about my looks, I was bullied and forgot the value of believing in myself. That version of me did look sad when I saw her. I went up to her and asked “ What’s the matter Scarlet?, you look sad, you can tell me anything, I am the 20 year old version of you “ She looked up, confused, and said “ Nothing much, it's just that I am not good in anything, I am always bullied for not being able to do well in academics “ I chuckled as I remembered how I felt when I was a 13 year old girl.

 I consoled her and explained, “Academics is not the only factor which decides if you will be successful in future, it is your personality which determines that. “Believing in yourself is the most important thing. Once you start practicing it, automatically you will do well in everything ” I continued. I looked at her, she seemed much more relieved and I felt content after seeing her reaction. 

In a few minutes I was able to see the period of my life when I graduated from high school. It was such a proud feeling. Wearing the graduation dress was exciting because finally after years of studying we had achieved our goal set at that period of our time. More than me, my parents were proud of my achievement. It was a wonderful moment of my life. 

Then I noticed an old lady, a 65 year old version of me. She was wearing a knitted sweater, a plain t-shirt and baggy jeans. She did not look as old as her age. I went up to her and praised her for the fact that she looked much more happy that any other person on the train. Some had gloomy faces but she was the only one with a bright smile. I asked her the reason. “ Being happy no matter what the situation is the best thing I have practiced in my life. I believe you are in your twenties and once you reach my age you will understand the reason behind it. Because being happy and content with whatever you have in your life makes you a better person and also helps you fight and stay calm in the gravest of situations. Don't worry, you will understand the importance of this in a few years” she explained. 

I smiled, I don't know why but this was the best piece of advice I had ever been given until now. I thanked the 65 year old Scarlet for her explanation.

Only 25 minutes were left for the journey to end and now we were able to see the last key event of our life. I saw myself as a successful business woman in my 60s, breaking the stereotype that old women cannot run a business. I was so proud of myself, that one day I am going to inspire so many young girls to do whatever they want to with a smile on their beautiful faces.

This was the end of the journey. Suddenly all the versions of my past and future disappeared and I reached London. There was Megan in front of me to pick me up.

“How was your journey?” she asked. “The best one ever” I replied with a smile on my face.

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