Siddhi Meisheri

Drama Romance


Siddhi Meisheri

Drama Romance

The Love of Writing A Book

The Love of Writing A Book

5 mins

It was 2011, when Sneha completed her 10th Boards and joined a Commerce college. Her parents wanted her to join a bank. She always aspired to become a writer. But she could never go against her parents wishes and break their heart.

Abhishek had just returned from the Harvard School of Arts and Science after completing his studies in Arts. He also wanted to become a writer. He wanted to launch his own book. His father, Mr. Singhania wanted him to join their family business. But Abhishek had applied for college in 2009 in Harvard without his father’s knowledge. And when he received the confirmation letter, he simply informed his father and flew out.

After returning to India, he started working at a Crosswords joint. His father was bewildered when he heard this, but it did not really make a difference to Abhishek. He told him that it was a shame for the family. He was the black dot of their family. But Abhishek turned a deaf ear to all his father’s protests.

Although Sneha could not write, but she still had the option to read. She always went to the Crosswords joint near her college to read. She was a voracious reader. Abhishek was the new receptionist there. She immediately had a crush on him. But she acted as if she had not noticed him. Once when she entered, an old man was enquiring about the Geography book and she pointed out the section to him and even pointed the book to him. That was when Abhishek noticed her. They soon began talking to each other.

One evening he asked her for a date. He invited her to the local café and they started talking to each other. From Abhishek’s life at Harvard to Sneha’s college life, from how boring Sneha found accounts to how much Abhishek loved Psychology. And one day Sneha mentioned that she wanted to become a writer but she went against her wishes only to keep her parents happy and how she got scared of psychology.

That is when Abhishek also told her that he too wanted to become a writer. They discussed various topics and soon a thriller cum murder story started cooking. After college they would spend hours planning how the plots would be and when and how the murder would take place. They made sure that they did not leave even a tiny thread open. And after almost an year's hard work they finally came to the end of it. They would reread the book again and again to make sure everything was perfect.

Then Abhishek fixed a meeting with the best editor and the word about his book had started spreading amongst the publishing houses.All the publishing houses wanted to publish his book. And the printing of his book began. It had been a week since she had not spoken to Abhishek? She had been calling and messaging him, the response was 'I shall call you back later!' She was concerned about him and she called him . This time she decided to call him again and again, until he did not answer the call. She had to speak to him. He finally answered her call and told her that a surprise was awaiting her. And she would soon know about it.

Two days later he called her and said he would be waiting for her near her college. She called him after college was over. He said he would pick her up and to wait near the college gate. A beautiful Ferrari came and stopped near her. And guess what! Abhishek was driving it. He came out and opened the door of the passenger seat, just like a gentleman and asked her to sit. He looked even more classy and handsome in a tuxedo and formal pants. Sneha pinched herself…….

No this was not a dream. She had thousands of questions swirling around in her mind. He then took her for a long drive and started chatting about various things. But he would not answer her questions about the car and where had he had been all this while. They drove all the way to The Taj hotel and he asked her for her house address on the way. He messaged it to someone. When they reached the Taj Hotel he gave the car to the valet. He tied a ribbon on her eyes and carefully guided her towards a hall. As they reached its back entrance he opened the ribbon. As they entered their name was announced and she saw the banners of hers and Abhishek’s photo with the name of their book above. He told her that their book had been published and this was the launching ceremony.

 “Oh my God!” She exclaimed. She could not believe her eyes. Her dream had come true. Her book was launched. She was on the 11th heaven. But how? and Who did it? These questions were rolling in her mind. That's when he quickly introduced his father and told her who he really was.

This was her big moment and she could not celebrate it without her parents. And her parents from the main entrance of the hall. So that was why Abhishek wanted her address. Everything was clear in her mind now. When they saw her photo on the banner they had tears of happiness in their eyes.

The cake was rolled in and Abhishek and Sneha cut the cake together. The first 100 books were sold off immediately. They both got an advance for the next one there and then.

Abhishek’s father was very proud of him for once Sneha was living her dream for the first time. Her parents were realising what a big mistake they had made. They let her complete her graduation through arts.

He did not stop Abhishek from writing. He had liked Sneha, the moment he had seen her. Soon Abhishek’s Father and Abhishek went to ask for Sneha’s hand in marriage. They got married soon after Sneha completed her graduation. Abhishek and Sneha soon became the most loved writers in not only India but across all other countries too.

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