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It Was A Matter Of Seconds

It Was A Matter Of Seconds

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Dr Prakrit was a well-known Gynaecologist. He was known to do the most complicated deliveries and managed to save both, the mother and the child most of the times. He ran his own hospital in Kolkata. He was 45yrs and his wife was 40yrs. But they were not blessed with a child yet. It was in the month of June 1995 when Dr Prakrit came home after finishing his consulting with a few reports in his hand. He had a huge smile on his face and could not control his happiness. He had the best news ever, to give to Ashita, his beloved wife. It was not common to bear a child at this age, but they had been trying hard and desperately for a baby, and she was finally pregnant. She could not have been happier than ever in her life. They celebrated together this special moment with sweets and Ashita’s favourite food for dinner.

Nine months flew past and it was time for delivery. Prakrit knew well that there were a few complications in the pregnancy. It was his decision to not have a standby doctor around. He just wanted to cherish that one moment when he could have the first glimpse of his little baby by himself when he would hold her tiny little body in his hands. Until now he had only seen her tiny form in the sonography pictures. He knew that it was a baby girl. But the sex of the baby never mattered to him. In fact, he had not even told Ashita about it. He was very loyal to his profession and sex determination tests were illegal.

He was an excellent Gynaecologist and he knew he could not wait further than the 1st week of February. It was almost the end of January. The baby was fully formed in the womb but Ashita did not have any labour pains yet. He was getting anxious now.

He knew he had to give her injections to induce the labour pains. Ashita’s water bag was broken. He had to pull out the baby using a pair forceps. He was tensed. The baby was constantly turning and twisting in the water bag. He had to pull it out with her legs. That was when he came face to face with the worst situation ever. The umbilical cord had gone around the baby’s neck. His heart skipped a few beats. Oh my God! Prakrit thought. He was frozen for a few seconds. He could hear nothing around him. Everything around him had gone silent. Sister Ashwini realised what had happened and tugged at his arm to get him back to the present. All he could think of was if he pulled the baby further the cord could kill her. And if he left her there, Ashita’s life was endangered. He had to take an immediate decision. The baby or Ashita. All he could think about was that they both were very precious to him. He needed them both. He had to save them both. Time was running out. He could hear the seconds on the wall clock ticking. He had to take the chance and give it a shot. He pulled the baby out first very gently and carefully but yet swiftly and immediately told Sister Ashwini to cut the umbilical cord off at the same second.

His little princess was out and absolutely fine. She came out yelling and crying at the top of her voice. He looked at Ashita. She looked fine but flushed. He heaved a sigh of relief. He had done it!

When he held the tiny little body of the little one, all wriggly, cranky, and full of blood in his hands he could not stop staring at her. Ashita asked him to show her to him. She was really tired after the long labour but wanted to see their tiny little bundle of joy. He placed her next to Ashita. When she glanced at her she did not realise that tears of happiness had formed in her eyes. She had forgotten that she was tired and had almost died. 

Then Sister Ashwini interrupted them with an “uhuh”, so she could clean Ashita and the baby.

Prakrit left the Labour room and went to his consulting room connected to the labour room.

He needed a shower. When he looked at himself in the mirror he was sweating and he never realised that he was crying. It was his quick thinking and having Sister Ashwini beside him, it would have been impossible to save them both together. It was for Sister Ashwini who understood his actions and could follow his instructions well: he could save precious seconds and had both, his wife and daughter in his life together. The thought of losing Ashita or the one who had just arrived bewildered him.

Sister Ashwini was trained by his mother who was also a Gynaecologist and always assisted her in all complicated deliveries and surgeries. She had always been a calm old lady. And now she was assisting him.

It would have been a matter of seconds before the umbilical cord which gave life to their little one could have taken his baby’s life too.

When Sister Ashwini arrived in his room with the little baby all tied up and secure in a clean piece of cloth she complimented and congratulated him on his swiftness and quick thinking and handed her over to him.

His princess was still crying and had taken the entire hospital on her head. He knew that his little one was going to be a very naughty one. 

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