Shanu D

Abstract Drama Romance


Shanu D

Abstract Drama Romance

The Known Stranger #Meet-2

The Known Stranger #Meet-2

5 mins

A Casual evening walk on the beach road, all of a sudden clouds begin to roar with thunders, the sky became darker and finally, it started raining. I reached my regular coffee shop beside the beach road before I could get wet.Holding the hot cup of coffee in my hand feeling warmth. Roads topped up with rainwater and people began to run in order to escape from being wet. Children's on the other side of the street enjoying themselves in making paper boats and leaving them in rainwater and watching it flow till the end of the road and I am just observing all these things sitting in the coffee shop near the window which is my regular place.

The doorbell rings with an entry of a boy in a black shirt which reminded me about the boy who remained unknown till now. After a few moments, the rain stop's and I took a taxi back to my home. On my way, A Man covered himself with a raincoat waved the taxi driver to stop. The taxi driver pulls over the car beside the road and he asked to adjust me for another passenger. The person enters into a Taxi. He's Clothes were wet due to rain so, I urged him to maintain some distance between us. He excused himself and moved towards another corner of the taxi door. The taxi stops at the traffic signal and all cars started to honk from all sides, it continued to a moment so I put on my earphones and started listening to the music leaning on the window glass. Later on, the signal turns green and the traffic gets cleared. Then another passenger asks the driver to pull over when he reached his destination and leaves the Taxi. I too reached my apartment, when I got out of the taxi and started walking towards the entrance gate, the taxi driver follows me and handovers me a purse. Before I could tell him that it doesn't belong to me, the driver left in a hurry as he kept his taxi engine on, and left it in the middle of the road.

I settled myself on the couch in the hall and pondering myself about the purse owner, then the co-passenger strokes in mind, who sat beside me and left the taxi in hurry, who paid his fare to the taxi driver from the back seat itself. I explored the entire purse whether I could find something regarding name, address, or phone number, etc.,  I just found $950/- and a small piece of paper with an Email-ID on it. I took my laptop and sent a mail about the lost purse to that email address.

Monday morning! I woke up and I left for the office and returned back home in the evening. As a normal thing, I opened my mail to check my inbox, a new message from the person whom I sent the mail yesterday about the lost purse. He mentioned his mobile number to call back when I receive the message. I made a call to the number. He lifts the call and thanks me for calling him back and asked to meet him, in reply I Said "Tomorrow at 5 PM, at beach road coffee shop."


On Tuesday evening I received a message from the person saying " I have reached! Table No-6'. I packed my things and got started at the Coffee Shop.

He was sitting at the corner of the Coffee shop, near the window where I used to sit all the time. Inner me-"Wait a minute! Did I seen this man before, because I didn't see his face yesterday in car Clearly."

We greeted each other and took our seat, I handover his purse and asked to check whether all the things are in its place and he said "Yes!', then I excused myself to move back to home but he said to settle down for a moment and offered to drink some coffee for the deed.

He ordered two cappuccino, even though it is not my thing to drink, I haven't refused because it could be awkward if I do so. Thereafter we asked our name's at the same time, which made the moment funny. But still, I got a feeling that I have seen him somewhere.

He said his name is "Neon" and he is from Nohria of Danube City, 

What? I said and replied I belong to Danube city. Then he continued to tell that he Completed his Jr College and graduation in the Danube and in reply I said "Me too in Xavier College".

This time he said "Wait a minute!", and replied "I have been into this college too but only for One day!".

Oh my god! maybe he is the boy who remained Unknown till now-(Inner Me)

Yes, I think I know you, I said and He asked How? in a surprising manner. Then I explained to him about the whole scenario of the day.

He laughed and said "Ya! now I too got remembered, you're the girl who interrupted my introduction right?


Saying yes! by nodding my head. The barista brings the coffee and places it on the table then he leaves. I just took a tiny sip of the Coffee, it tasted bitter than my Latte. I kept the cappuccino back on the table, 

Seeing my ill-matched behavior, He asked whether there is something wrong about the Coffee.

I don't want to answer the question. so, I rerouted the topic of "Why he left the College on his very first day?"

To be Continued...............................xxxxxx

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