Shanmukh Goud Danthuri

Drama Romance


Shanmukh Goud Danthuri

Drama Romance

The Known Stranger...

The Known Stranger...

3 mins

About- A person who is just a visitor of my Life's Journey, 

First Meet- 

             It all started when I was in my Junior College, It is the first day with new faces,new friends and a fresh day to start the class. Lecturer enters into the classroom and welcomed us, then after he asked us introduce ourselves. As you all know the common thing that "LADIES FIRST!!!" then all the girls in our class have started to give their introduction,goals,etc. , then after it's my turn as I am a back bencher student. I stood up and made myself visible to all and cleared my throat to introduce myself.

 Me: Ahmm! Myself Sherley and I. . . . . . . . . . .  Suddenly a male voice saying " May I Come in Sir?" 

        Dusky Boy tucked himself with Nylon Black Shirt in a formal wear, where no other boys in class did . And the Lecturer told him to "Step inside, young man! Don't be the Outstanding Student on you first day in class" and asked him to introduce himself to class.

He enters into the Class room and takes a seat beside by row. When he was in his way to introduce himself and i have interrupted him that "Sir! I have't finished yet." The Lecturer who heard me said to continue me in a apologizing manner,then I have completed my intro part. I felt myself accomplished and taken my seat. Then after its the boys turn the lecturer said "Ya Boys! now its your turn take the stand and introduce yourself to Class.

All of them have completed there introduction only one (Late Comer) has left behind. The Lecturer points towards him"Okay young man! now its your turn. The boy stood and was going to tell his name, in that very moment we hear the bell sound which means it is an end for today's class. .

Hearing this the lecturer said - "I think your introduction to the class will be suspicious thing to know, he laughs and leaves the classroom."

The Following day the lecturer steps in and we all greeted him with the most lazy but crazy yearning ourselves has "Gooooood Mooooorinnng sir!' the lecturer got a point that we have felt very comfortable with the yesterdays session. Surprisingly! the lecturer remembered that-"A boy remained left without introducing himself, lets finish that part and get back to our new lessons".

Everyone Started looking for him along with me,As I am the reason of his break in his intro part. But the boy found nowhere. After few moments the clerk appeared in front of door and lecturer left the class and came back right away saying -"The boy who came yesterday has been shifted to another College". Then he started the class.

In a moment I wanted ask the lecturer about the boys name but it will be the stupid thing to do,.

                    To Be Continued. . . . . . . .

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