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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

A Tricky Bus Ride

A Tricky Bus Ride

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Sam a college dropout was looking for jobs that would provide him quick money. Like other teenagers he also had some filmy concepts about life and future. Nevertheless, he had a childlike charm and innocence to his face that would catch anyone’s attention.

Today he was feeling jubilant because his cousin brother Tickoo had gifted him with a brand new yellow t-shirt featuring Captain America of Marvel comics. He finished his breakfast in a jiffy, wore the yellow t-shirt and hopped on his bike only to get dejected. The petrol had run out and neither did he have enough money to fuel the finances of his outing. Actually it was his girlfriend who had asked him out for a movie and he certainly did not want to miss the chance of spending the evening with her. He phoned her and asked her to pick him up at the Jamshedji cross. He boarded a taxi as the trip was just 10 minutes away from his house.

All things went smooth that evening! He was having heck of a time with Esha and the adventurous movie Black Panther was only making his advances more seductive. Suddenly she got a call from her dad. It was his bike being hijacked by the van of traffic police for having it parked on a no-parking zone. He asked her where was she and luckily for him she was not that far.

Sam: Could I drop you there?

Esha: Shut up you idiot, he might kill us both if he sees us together. You finish the movie instead and call me after you reach home (kisses him quickly and leaves).

Suddenly Sam was feeling like a clueless and clueless black panther who was being deprived of his right to love! Having nothing to do, he decided to lurch back towards home.

Now the poor guy had to travel at least 50 minutes on a goddamn public transport called bus.

When Sam entered the bus it was easy breezy but it became heavier with each stop as people poured in from all sides. A woman in her mid thirties came and sat next to him. The well endowed lady was eyeing Sam the moment she saw him and the baby in her arms only made it convenient to lay hands on him. Suddenly, Sam found a hand on his thigh which made him nervous. Soon the hand started travelling north and Sam was feeling the heat of global warming. For a moment he was lost but in his thoughts he saw a glimpse of Esha. Feeling guilty he stood up from his seat and decided to complete the rest of his journey standing. He could see the despair on the face of that lustful woman.

The scent of oozing sweat filled the ambiance of the bus and people were facing more discomfort every time the bus stopped. All of a sudden an old woman started to argue with the bus conductor and was speaking so loud as if she had arrived to slay him. Dumbstruck by her trash talk he meekly returned the two rupee change she was fighting for. Frustration could be seen all around particularly in the men as they saw young girls board the bus. School girls, married ladies, and even old ladies were being inappropriately touched but things went too far ahead when a hand started caressing Sam’s butt. Initially he felt it was an accident, but only when the caressing became more prominent that he realized that he was being groped. Groping is a very common thing in our country now and a very cowardly act as the groper neither needs approval of the one being groped and most of the times people try to ignore the situation just to prevent a scene or to avoid any mess. This only encourages perverts to roam freely and do all sorts of creepy things.

Sam turned behind and was aghast when he saw a brawny fellow in his forties trying to fondle his bums. He was angry because he was stunned by the fact that a man was trying to molest him. More determined this time he decided to teach him a lesson. The fellow was wearing spectacles and by the thickness of the glass anyone could tell that his eyes were weak. Sam took advantage of that fact and when it grew a bit dark he quickly moved sideways and the uncles’ hands landed on the same old woman who was fighting with the conductor a few minutes ago. Soon he realized that he had landed on a wrong turf and managed to babble a sorry. It only fueled her temper and she flared a slap so hard that he fell on the young lady with the baby. Luckily the baby was unharmed but his hand collided with her head and the support rod of the seat. “Ek teer se do nishan” was all Sam could think at that moment. Not so surprisingly she offered the vacant seat to him and Sam was now feeling like a perfect matchmaker who sworn to find a match as per your interests.

Later in the evening Sam called Esha and narrated the whole incident to her. She started laughing so much that it sort of embarrassed Sam and she could even imagine him blushing. She was even feeling proud as Sam had handled the situation well but only ended up teasing him more.

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