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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Four Leaf Clover

The Four Leaf Clover

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She was walking down a cobbled street, when she noticed a red – bearded man walking towards her, hobbling along with the help of a stick. She slowed down her brisk walk, and moved to the side thinking perhaps the old man would pass her by, but he stopped next to her and handed her a glass frame stuck with a four leaf clover. She was dumbstruck, she didn’t know what to say, and as soon as she looked up, he had disappeared. She half-thought it was a dream had it not been for the frame she was still clutching.

She didn’t know what to make of it, but the glass frame was so beautiful that she held on it and took it back with her to her hostel room. She had almost given up on her life. Her father had died when she was three and after his death, her selfish mother, involved in her own life, had sent her to a little boarding school in Dehradun at a very young age. She had learnt to live with her friends at the hostel, convincing her little heart that it was for her better that her parents had made this decision. She made her friends her family but she was always lonely and longing for her parents love. This led her to believe in nature and its superstitions, one among them was the four leaf clover which she believed would bring her parents back into her life and with it the love that she so dearly missed. Thinking so, she never traveled without her clover.

One day, she decided to go mountain biking with her friends. Halfway down she tried hard to keep up with her speeding friends however she couldn’t as she was just learning to bike. She stumbled along a little footpath into what she believed was a small route to reaching her friends who had fast speed away on their bikes.

As she biked along that route, she noticed a small cottage, she was surprised to see many small four leafed clover surrounding the cottage. The cottage had an eerie silence around it. She entered the fence around the cottage, it was beautiful. As she stepped into the cottage, she was mesmerized by what she saw. The insides of the cottage were green with creepers or four leafed clovers that were scattered all over the place. Even the marbled staircase had creepers around it. She wondered whose house this would be and what it was doing hidden in the forbidden mountains. The person who lived in that house maintained a small fireplace, which was lit, so she stood by the fireplace hoping the owner would show up.

After waiting for a really long time, when no one turned up, she started looking around and peeping into each room. She noticed the same décor in each room, where it was cluttered with clovers. Just then she noticed an old man sitting and reading a book in one of the rooms, his chair facing the window. His head was lowered as if in prayer immersed into the book. As she called out to him, he turned. She was stunned, the man was none other than the man she had met on the street who had given her the glass frame.

He asked her if she had brought the clover, and she replied affirmative. It was then that the girl noticed a small door that had a key knob in the shape of a clover. The man took her clover from her and placed it in that knob, it was in that instance that all the clovers and creepers from the house disappeared as if a curse had been lifted. The curse upliftment was synonymous with the upliftment of gloom that had spread over her heart after being abandoned by her parents. The old man gently took her through the door and into a mirror where they saw each other’s reflection. In the mirror the old man was none other than her dead father who stood warmly next to her, his arm tenderly on her shoulder. He kindly told her that his death had left a void in her heart and she had closed her heart to all love just like that house that was covered by clovers, her heart had toughened and was closed. The void needed to be unsealed and for that he had sent that old man. The old man had lost his beloved grand-daughter and like her he too longed for love and affection. It was this sole reason that fate had decided to bring them together in this fashion. She soon realized the significance of her father’s words and was eternally grateful that she had found the old man who had the kindest eyes she had seen. Together they vowed to be there for each other, to offer comforting words to each other, and open their closed hearts to enjoy the beauty of the world.

She suddenly woke up with a jolt, and found herself back in her bed in her hostel room. Was this all a dream she was seeing? A dream by her father in order to awaken her from the mistakes she was making by not living in the present, with her friends and closing herself to the lovely opportunities that life had to give her. She realized that everyone has their ups and downs in life and she only once had to open her eyes to see the beauty that the world has to offer.

She now decided to live every moment as if it was her last and that was something that her father had taught her and for which she would be eternally grateful. She had truly found her four leaf clover.

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