Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



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That haphazard movement of going through various tunnels crossing all tracks coming in its way and making the heart beat of people even faster was really an astonishing roller-coaster ride for all, but there was a person who was in deep thoughts and far off from its merriment.

"Great day it was! Isn't it?" said Sukanya while munching chips and giving eerie look at Sid.

"Yeah! It was fine," Sid uttered in a feeble voice.

"C'mon!! We had great fun when we were driving the go-Kart, racing at high speed while competing with each other, and also when we were trying to go through the jumping jelly bean. Oh! I could never forget it. Thanks a lot for such a lovely outing Sid," Sukanya verbalised as if knowing why Sid said so.

"Please Ukanya, don't try to fool me. You are really full of grief and you are doing all this to hide your affliction," Sid said in a deep voice.

"No. It's not like that. Sid, you are such a sharp cookie. I didn't know you're so scared of such rides. I must had taken your picture at that time when you were screaming?" she giggled.

Sid passed a teensy smile and had a list of questions for her, but suddenly, Sukanya got a call from her husband Prakrit who wanted to meet her, so she left that place in a hurry.

Sukanya and Sid worked together in a local company in their town and Sukanya was married to her boyfriend who was very dominating. Sid also liked her and always tried his luck on her by making her happy.

Next day, when Sukanya and Sid met at the office on the Monday morning, after their outing at recreation club on Sunday, Sukanya was quite upset and it was not the first time. She always had fights with her spouse because he didn't like that she was working.

Sukanya came to Sid with a sad face and Sid did every little thing to see her dimpled face smiling up again. Sid had told her many times to leave him but she always said that she could not do so. 

Sid felt sorry for her. He wanted her to speak her heart out and burst out all feelings and wanted to take her out of this pain, but he was unable to do so because of Sukanya.

Sid asked her in a concerned way, "I don't know what's stopping you Sukanya? What's keeping you stick to him? You are an independent girl, so why don't you just give him a harsh reply once."

"You can't understand Sid. It's not a matter of fight. I will sort out everything with him, I am sure. Then we both will come to attend your marriage together," she said in a mocking way.

"Don't be silly. It has been happening for so long now. If he forces you to be with him or blackmails you regarding anything, then tell me, I will surely help you. I am always there with you. Can't you see that he's wrong or you are blinded by his love?"

"I know he's wrong but he was right before marriage and he will be right soon. I know I will make him better person again."

"But I think somewhat opposite is happening here...isn't it?"

Sukanya didn't find it necessary to reply Sid and went to her desk for work.

The way Sukanya was behaving was really disturbing Sid. He had a deep concern for her and he also dreaded of leaving her alone in the office, as he had to go out of station for 2 weeks for a project. Sukanya had no friends other than Sid and she never even told her problems to her family as she knew she had chosen her soulmate despite parents' disapproval.

Somehow when Sid left for his work to the outskirts of city, he was cut off from others. As he went to a remote area, so he rarely got a chance to talk with his family and Sid thought it would be better if he wouldn't call her as it was a matter between she and her spouse.


2weeks later, when Sid came back from his official trip, he went straight to the office to meet Sukanya but he got surprised to know that she resigned from her job.

He called her many times, but she didn't pick up the call.

After his call of search, he sat on her office desk to remember and memorise all the moments spent with her in the office, when he suddenly opened her cupboard and found a letter in it with the title that said "Dear Sid".

"I know you will surely come to see my working place once, Sid. I want to thank you for all those prodigious moments in which you filled my life of thunder darkness with sparkling light and for all those astonishing trips which brought me back from miserable living to lively experiences. I never thought Prakrit would misbehave with me and become over possessive about me. He even hit me today but I took the wrong decision of marrying him and now I want to take another wrong decision to make everything right so that my parents won't feel depressed because of me. I really love you Sid and I know you also do but I won't let you ruin your life for me ... so keep smiling always."

This letter gave Sid a feeling of felicitation as well as bafflement. So leaving all the obstacles behind, filled with the exhilaration, he reached Sukanya's home. As the happiness wasn't planning to stay with him for a long time, he burst into tears being fallen onto that letter.

He came to know Sukanya committed suicide 2 days before. 

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