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Sumit Kumar arora

Action Fantasy


Sumit Kumar arora

Action Fantasy

The Island Of Tiny People

The Island Of Tiny People

14 mins

It was a one fine evening in the deck of the ship, a cool breeze was blowing. Rajshekhar and Deepshikha were standing on the deck of the ship enjoying the breeze and the blue sea. 

Rajshekhar said to her, "Do you know, how much love I do with you?"

She looked at him and said, "how much?"

He said, "Much more than the number of pearls in the sea, much more than the number of stars in the sea."

Rajshekhar was a merchant from the southern part of India. He was a dealer of spices and clothes and was on a trade trip to Malay. He was a rich, young, and honest man. Deepshikha was the daughter of another merchant Nagarajan. Who, too, was travelling on the same ship. She was a wise and beautiful girl of age about twenty. Rajshekhar met her for the first time at the port when he and his servants were waiting for the ship to be ready for onboarding. The captain of the ship who was a friend of Rajshekhar told him that Nagarajan and Deepshikha were also to travel on the ship with him. Rajshekhar was curious about meeting with Nagarajan. 

The ship was ready to go. He had already onboard the ship. The captain and the sailors ware waiting for the Nagarajan. They saw from the deck that some people were coming toward the ship in a hurry. The captain said, "Here they are coming."

Rajshekhar for the first time in his life saw such a beautiful girl. He couldn't help looking at her. 

Rajshekhar and Deepshikha fall in love at first sight. She, too, was impressed with him.

And the sea voyage to Malay began. Four days passed without any trouble and the ship was moving towards the destination. On the fifth day, all of a sudden, their ship was attacked by sea bandits. The guards and the sailors couldn't save the ship from the bandits. The bandits plundered the ship, killed the sailors and guards, and took the travellers as captive.

Rajshekhar and Deepshikha were among the captives. Bandits set the ship on fire. The bandits took captives with them on a ship to an unknown island. 

That unknown island was used by the bandits as a hiding place. The island was hilly and was covered with the dense jungle. This was a beautiful island. On the shore, all the captives were beaten up and were forced to march into the deep jungle. After walking for about four hours, they reach a hill. They marched up to the hilltop and here, the bandits took a rest for a while. All the captives along with Rajshekhar and Deepshikha were in a bad plight. They were hungry and thirsty. Taking his courage, Rajshekhar asked for some water but the bandits didn't pay attention to his request. After taking a rest. They began to walk further down the hill. Reaching down the hill they found an open ground covered with bushes, vines and trees and surrounded by hills. Here there was a cave that was used by the bandits as a hiding place. At the one corner of the ground, there were several wooden cages. All the captives were led to the cages by bandits. Here they were untied and were put into the cages. Then the bandits entered the cave to take rest.

They remained thirsty and hungry in the cages for the whole night. The next morning a bandit came to give them water and some food to eat. 

Then came the headman of the gang. He was a very cruel and greedy bandit. When he saw Deepshikha, he got impressed with her beauty and thought for some moments and then said to other bandits loudly, "look, she is so beautiful. I will marry her." Saying so he went near to her and said, "Will you marry me?" 

Hearing this, she got shocked and feared. Rajshekher got furious but he couldn't do anything for her. He was helpless and caged. 

The headman said loudly, "We shall either kill or sell all of them except her because I like her and want to marry her."

The headman took her out of the cage and dragged her to the cave. She was crying and calling for help but all were helpless. 

They remained enclosed in cages for a whole day. All were frightened and hungry. The next day the headman came with his men. His men took some prisoners out of the cage and began to kill them. The whole island is filled with the cries of victims. Rajshekher closed his eyes. He couldn't see this horrific scene.

Rajshekher was a brave man and he loved Deepshikha. He thought that he must not wait for his death or being sold as a slave. He should not let the headman of bandits marry Deepshikha. He must do something to save her. He would not like to be killed by bandits.

The next evening, a bandit came and began to give them food and water. Seeing him, Rajshekhar yelled out painful words and staggered and fell down. He began to wriggle as if he were in severe pain. He wriggled for some moments and then got motionless. His getting motionless was as if he were dead. All these were enough to get the attention of the bandit. The bandit came near to look at what happened to Rajshekhar. Rajshekhar was still lying motionless on the cage. The bandit pricked him with his sword from outside the cage. Rajshekhar was still motionless. The bandit thought he was dead. He opened the door of the cage and went near to Rajshekhar.

Rajshekhar was waiting for this type of opportunity. All of a sudden he jumped on the bandit and within a moment or two, broke bandit's neck with his strong arms. The attack was so sudden, skilled, and unexpected that the bandit didn't get a chance even to open his mouth. 

All other prisoners were looking in surprise. Rajshekhar immediately gestured them to keep silent. He grabbed the sword of the bandit and immediately rushed to the nearby bushes. 

He kept running through thick bushes, stones, and trees. He didn't know where he was going. It was growing dark but he didn't care about it. Soon the night came with its darkness and he decided to spend the night on a tall tree. He climbed up in a tree and hid within its dense foliage. 

Here, in the cave, all the bandits were busy in their own stuff. When they found the bandit who was giving food to prisoners didn't come back, they went out to see him. All the bandits got furious seeing their colleagues dead in the cage. The headman filled with anger and sent out a group of bandits to find out Rajshekhar. 

Rajshekhar sitting on the branch of the tree was looking around the jungle in the moonlight. He didn't know which part of the island he is in. All of a sudden his eyes fell on some lights coming towards him. He observed the lights cautiously and curiously and found that these were the flaming torches carried by the bandits who were in search of him. He held the branch tightly and lied on it. Fortunately, the tree had sufficient foliage to give him a cover. Soon the bandits came under the tree. They were looking at here and there and shouting bad names and throwing stones. Fortunately, no one looked above to the tree. Soon they proceeded further. He took the sigh of relief. 

 In the morning, when the sun came up, he looked around carefully and found nothing except the jungle spreading all around. He climbed down the tree and began to think about where to go. He had lost in the jungle. He decided to go to the east direction. After walking for half an hour he found a stream of freshwater. He quenched his thirst. Along the stream, there were some bushes laden with berries. He was feeling hungry. He thought of trying these berries. When he went near a bush, he heard a rustling sound made by someone hiding in the bush. With caution and curiosity, he pulled back and began to look among the leaves and branches of the bush. He got surprised by seeing a human-shaped creature which was about three or four inches in height. That creature tried to run away but fell from the bush to the ground and Rajshekhar immediately jump on him and caught him. Rajshekhar put this creature on his palm and began to examine it with great curiosity and surprise. He never saw in his life such a tiny human. He murmured with surprise, "This is so tiny." He had heard of dwarfs and tiny people in several stories and myths and now he had one of such creatures on his palm. The tiny man was shaking with fear. Rajshekhar patted the tiny man with his finger and said, "don't be afraid of me. I won't hurt you." 

Hearing this the tiny man took the breath of relief and looked at him and said, "you seem to be a kind creature, unlike those cruel creatures who live on another part of the island. Tell me, if you don't mind, something about yourself." 

 "You know our language also!!, " Rajshekhar said with surprise. 

The tiny man said, "Why don't we tiny people not know languages!!" He paused for a moment or two and then said, "in fact, we tiny people are capable of doing all that you giants can do. So don't underestimate us." 

Rajshekhar said with a broad smile, "Then you are of much help to me. You are a wise man."

Rajshekhar asked, "Would you like to be my friend?" 

The tiny man replied, "Usually we don't like friendship with the giant people but you are different from the other giants so I would like to be a friend of you." Saying so he held out his tiny hands.

In response, Rajshekhar also held his hand towards him. Now they were in friendships. 

"My name is Rajshekhar and what is yours?" Rajshekhar asked him.

The tiny man replied, "mine is

 Ping ping." 

Rajshekhar asked, "where do you dwell?"

Ping Ping answered, "We dwell in a place deep in the jungle. 

Ping Ping asked, "I recognize all the giant people who live on this island. You are certainly not from this island. Tell me where have you come from? What are you doing here? "

Rajshekhar told him all his story from beginning to end. Ping ping listened to his story sympathetically. Rajshekhar also told him that he was in love with Deepshikha and wanted to marry her. 

After listening to his story Ping Pong said to Rajshekhar, "I have a lot of sympathy for you and your beloved Deepshikha and I should help you in this matter." 

 He paused for a while and then said, "I will take you to the king and the queen who would certainly help you." 

Rajshekhar had no other option except to go with him and meet the king and the queen of the tiny people. He didn't know how these tiny creatures could help him against those sea bandits. 

They walked for about two hours in that dense jungle and reached a hill.

 Ping Ping said to Rajshekhar, "here we reached the land of tiny people. We dwell in a cave situated up on the hill."

They climbed up to the cave. The entrance of the cave was only about three feet in height and about one and a half feet in width. It was almost impossible for Rajshekhar to enter the cave. He looked into the cave with curiosity but found nothing except dark. 

Ping Ping said, " stay here and wait for me. I will try to arrange your meeting with the king."

Rajshekhar had not to wait for a long time. After about an hour Ping Ping returned with some armed tiny people and the king. The king was an old man with an impressive personality. The king met Rajshekhar warm-heartedly.

Ping Ping introduced Rajshekhar to the king. Rajshekjar told all about what happened to him.

Hearing his story the king said to him, "we know how much bad and cruel are those bandits. We want to expel these people from our land but due to our small size, we can't do anything against them." 

The king let him stay near the hill. Soon the king became his friend. The tiny people provided him with food and water. 

Soon an idea came into Rajashekhar's mind to get Deepshikha free from the bandits and force the bandits out of the island. He told the king about the idea. The king liked the idea and they began to work on the idea.

Rajshekhar chose the strong and swift tiny people and trained them as per the plan. The bees and the wasps of the island were friends of the tiny people. The king took help from them also. 

Here in the cave of the bandits, Deepshikha was still imprisoned. The headman of the bandit was forcing her to marry him. She had a strong belief on her lover Rajshekhar that he was still alive and would come back to free her from the bandits. 

One evening Rajshekhar along with hundreds of tiny soldiers armed with their miniature but lethal weapons moved towards the cave of bandits. They were organized in small groups. Each group had been giving a particular task to carry out during the battle. Along with them, there were swarms of bees and wasps flying up. 

By midnight, they reached near the cave of bandits. Hiding behind a bush, Rajshekhar looked towards the cave and found that four bandits were on watching duty. They were sitting around a fire. His heart was beating very fast with excitement and the fear of being killed in the fighting. He gave a signal to a group of tiny soldiers with their tiny poisonous arrows. The group moved forward to attack that bandit. Reaching near to that bandits, the group began to shoot the arrows at bandits. These arrows penetrated their bodies like thorns. In the light of the fire, they saw the tiny people shooting arrows at them. The got furious and rushed to catch and killed these tiny people. Just then Rajshekjar a swarm of bees rushed the bandits and began to sting them. The jungle was sounded with the cries of the bandits. Poison of the arrows began to show it's effect and these bandits began to get unconscious. Hearing the cries the other bandits awoke and rushed out of the cave to see what was happening out. Out of the cave, they found the unconscious bandits.

The headman shouted with anger, "Who did so?" 

They were shocked and angry and were looking around for whom did so.

Here hiding among the thickets, Rajshekhar and Ping Ping signalled for another wave of attack. All of a sudden, swarms of the bees and wasps fell on the bandits. The bandits were not ready for such type of attacks. They tried to escape from these swarms with the help of their torches but their attempt went in vain. Soon all of them got covered with thousands of bees. Some bandits fell down on the ground. Now tiny people began their work, they proceeded with their weapons and ropes. They began to tie the fallen bandits with ropes. The bandits began to retreat. And just then happened what was never thought by the tiny people and Rajshekhar and by even the bandits. 

When the rest of the bandits were running back to their cave, they were attacked by a troop of monkeys. The troop was dwelling in the trees around the cave and was tired of the bandits. They took the advantage of the situation. The jungle was sounded with the cries, buzzing of bees and gruntle, and howling of monkeys. Several bandits were captured and tied up by tiny people. Some bandits died of poisonous arrows and wounds.


And soon the bandits had to run away from the scene. They were in a bad plight; stung by bees and wasps, bitten and wounded by monkeys and pricked by the arrows and pointed weapons of the tiny people.

Rajshekhar opened all the cages and set all the travellers free. Where is Deepshikha? This question came into his mind. He entered the cave and found Deepshikha lay on the ground tied with ropes. Seeing him she got happy. He untied her. He took her in his arms. They began to cry the tears of joy. 

When he asked her about her father Nagarjun. She began to weep and said that he was killed by the bandits. 

It was a big question for them how to manage to get out of the island. They went towards the seashore of the island with the hope to find any passing by ship. Tiny people and bees accompanied them to the seashore. On the way to the seashore, they found the head man with some wounded bandits. The headman was going mad with anger. Seeing Deepshikha and Rajshekhar, the headman rushed to attack them. But travellers and tiny people were alert and were in the mood to teach him a lesson. A fight between both sides began. During the fight, the headman got a poisonous arrow shot from a tiny man into his eyes, and his eyes got hurt. Deepshikha who hated the headman and was looking for a chance against him, finding a suitable chance, attacked him with a stone. She continuously hit him with the stone till his death.

With the death of the headman, other bandits ran away. Rajshekhar, Deepshikha, and other travellers reached the shore. Fortunately, they found a small ship used by bandits to plunder. 

All were happy to find a way out of the island. Rajshekher gave thanks to all the tiny people, bees, and wasps for their help to fight against the sea bandits. 

They gathered fruits and freshwater from the island and onboarded the ship. At the time of departure, all the traveller along with Rajshekhar and Deepshikha gave their special thanks to the inhabitants of the island. 

After the journey of two days, they found a flotilla of ships that were going to India. They met the captain of the flotilla and asked for help. Taking help from the flotilla, they reached home. Soon Rajshekhar married Deepshikha and lived a long happy life with her. 

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