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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Gallant Fight

The Gallant Fight

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‘’Com’on we’re losing this, rain bullets, show your enemies what Indian blood has got’’ shouted the general, those words had awakened pride in our minds all had only one goal, keeping our country safe. The love that we shared for out country was incomprehensible. Mother India was more dearly to us then our whole family, leave alone our lives. The Pakistani soldiers were closing on and many Indian soldiers had departed from earth to their glorious journey to the heavens. Every minute a soldier sacrificed his life. This went on till we had only a handful left on our side. The tension and the pressure was closing upon us. I had never felt so much anger surge through me. After a while of vain fighting, I got insane, I just stormed out of my cover miraculously avoiding all enemy dungs and tore apart one soldier soul. For a moment everybody was looking at me and then with a cry of “hail mother India” the snipers suddenly got their target hit in the first shot, The bombers blew up many confused enemy soldiers and riflemen got their perfect aim. This was just momentary and then all the enthusiasm died down as found ourselves, taken away by the enemy soldiers captured and treated treacherously.

Every captured Indian soldier had an expression of passion for country on their face. We were kept in a prison solely for name. The prison was decorated with splashes of blood from the brutal torture of the other prisoner who perhaps would also have been Indian I guessed. All my comrades and I knew our fate for the next few years. We were served rotten stale food just to exaggerate- food you’ll count as completely gruesome and ignominious. We were given our daily punishments which were a hundred lashes and four hours of hanging upside down in a completely black room. We had to do some jobs like removing oil from groundnut remains. Our determination failed ten bull at their strength. We did not know of sunlight for twenty awful years. Even after ten years of that awful treatment our determination did not falter; we just accepted us fate happily solely for our country.

At last that day came when I was parted from my comrades who had shown more bravery than me. They were put on a trial and sentenced to death and were to be hanged. There was nothing left in our body except for bones and a little flesh. The comrades who were going to be hanged, went smiling as if it was their birthday! They got a lavish lunch that day, the day on which they were going to sacrifice what remained of their bodies to the nation. I saw them till they had taken in their last breath. They had a mischievous smile on their face which suspiciously doubted like they were themselves going to heaven and leaving us out and just shooing us off like bad beans.

We at last returned to India carrying with us two coffins of fellow friends who had just been sharing the same thought and lifestyle with us until their tribunal. I almost cried out as we paid our respects to them and chanted out national anthem. For soldiers like us on the border, the national anthem and the national song is the only song we have to listen on our ‘Gaana’ Music playlist. That is

all what we sing in a merry mood and that is all what we sing on our death day.

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