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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

hail india

hail india

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‘‘The chinese have started their tantrums again,’ said the colonel ‘but we will not let them crumple our defences.’ The colonel spoke will a shrill voice. ‘I will not live to see a day, when we have to surrender to those cowards. We don’t want to fail our mother in front of those numbskulls. Tomorrow will be the day when we will be the ones to avenge our fellow soldiers’ death who like us were ready to give their lives for the welfare of their mother India. Tomorrow 15th August is a day when our Nation was freed from the treacherous rule of the british. Now let this be a victory for india and its residents. Tomorrow China will pay for what they have done in 2016.’ and then we disperse into our tents. I was the first one to enter the Majors’ tent. Suddenly Ramu Came in reeling,’Jay sir, the colonel is calling you.’ He said laconically and then scurried away to his tent. I got up and marched to the colonel’s tent. My fellow majors- Meet parekh, Raj Singh and Prem bhosle were standing at one side of the tent. The colonel said addressing us in unison, ‘’The time has come to show your devotion, soldiers,this is what you were born for, show those cowards what an Indian soldiers is made of.’ there was silence for a second ,’How’s the Josh my soldiers?’ He roared, ‘HIGH SIR’ We said in unison. These words were the one which gave us the feeling that every indian soldier felt when giving up his life for the country. This was the feeling of pride, of anger, of worship, of being savage. That night my head was scorching from the hatred for the chinese,but then the sorrow of losing my family cooled me down. My wife whom i had loved more than anyone in the the world, my parents who gave birth to a true Indian soldier. I got bad dreams of my wife and parents sobbing, and then the next image of my wife suiciding… and i woke up with a start. Meet, Raj and Prem were already up. The were drinking what probably was their last tea. The colonel summoned us and told us the plan. Our plan was to take offence and attack the chinese camp. I was the one who was to shoot the first bullet across the borders. ‘Major Jay’ ‘At your command colonel.’ I said. The colonel instructed the army and roared, ‘How’s the Josh?’ ‘HIGH SIR’ the soldiers said in unison, and then he nodded at me. All the thoughts ceased to flow. In mind was flashing the only image that kept me alive, the image that was my heart, my soul, my brain and my body. This image was the tricolor that every Indian was proud of, that tricolor that is not made up of three colors, but is made of the flesh and blood of those who sacrificed their lives for it. ‘Fire’ The Colonel commanded. And my hand pushed the trigger of my gun and then following my bullet, there were fifty more bullets shot and then a cruel cannon ball. On the other side the chinese were not faring quite well . There were a remarkable number of dead bodies on the ground, but then the Chinese regained their consciousness and shook themselves out of sleep. They hastily got themselves guns and started to fire. The war was completely one sided. We had a lot of active men and plus we had the advantage of starting it first. I quickly took my cover in the machine gun bunker. My anger went out of bounds, this was gonna be a complete carnage. I showed myself and took charge of the machine guns. Now we had a bit of lag on the machine guns as the chinese had better technology and more advanced guns with a higher bullet storing capacity. I pulled a handful of troops down and then something unusual happened. The soldier who was supposed to die in a few shots was still alive and unfortunately i saw his avenging cruel bullet approaching. This bullet somehow found its target and made a treacherous impact. It plunged into my body and then i felt the electric pain spreading like poison throughout my body. I saw then blood pouring out like a small fountain from the wound and i had got what we call a mark of pride. This bullet was not supposed to kill me but i took it as a gift from my mother India to give me courage to fill my body with some kind of energy. I got a metallic taste of blood. Then I became lunatic. I ejected the machine gun from its stand, ran into the battlefield and called on for coverfire as i marched forward. I knew this was a crazy move but i had to risk it. I got a whopping two bunkers down and then I was short of small capsules of hatred called bullets. I realized that i had too far from the base and i had no place to take cover. I suddenly realized that this was my fate and this was the last battle i was going to fight. I realized the gravity of the situation and then did the first thing that came into my mind. I ran forward with all the strength that i had left in my legs. I got another hatred capsule in my leg and the third straight in my chest. The pain was unbearable . The only thing i thought of was first the only i loved and then the tricolor. I felt my daughter voice calling; I heard my wife sobbing, and then i saw the tricolor being stamped on by some chinese people. I felt then red hot anger burning inside me. Insulting the national flag was like an personal insult. I could not bear the pain. I continued to stride and stagger towards the third chinese bunker. When i reached the bunker, I had gotten stung by many bullets and heaven was ringing my knell. I jerked what left my body towards the bunker, one soldier smiled at me and lifted his gun to shoot but then he realised the gravity of the situation. I unbuckled my grenade and threw it in the bunker, then my vision blurred. I could barely move,my muscles were frozen and my brain was busy calculating the pain. I heard a loud boom ,my body scorched and my vision went black. The last word I said was hail India. 

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