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Amritha Prem

Fantasy Drama

The Flowery Tale - Final

The Flowery Tale - Final

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2 Years later

What is the secret of your success?, asked the interviewer holding a mike in front of Indra and her team.

I made my dream come true, answered Indra firmly.

Her friends cum business partners Nila, Deeps, Malar and Roshini chuckled visualizing the nightmare she had two years ago.

None expected that her dream will bring a change, except Indra.

As soon as she got the details she had asked from her business partners, she called the maids of her area and asked if they can help her out to recycle the flowers into vermi-compost and lifestyle products such as soaps, incense sticks, perfumes. decors etc., free of cost. Without giving a second thought, they said No.

Malar who is good at People management, persuaded them by saying that they will help their children score good marks and make them speak English in return. Also, Nila said that they can take the Eco-friendly end-products for their personal use; in return as an extravagant bonanza. The young women discussed among themselves and finally agreed.

Malar tapped the pulse of the maids and as she guessed they accepted.

In the initial days, Indra and her team went from temple to temple to collect flowers but later on, people conducting weddings, decor agents, flower vendors started calling them to collect the flowers respectively. The women workers were given intense amount of training on segregating the flowers and separating them into two groups: one to recycle them as lifestyle products and two to prepare vermi-compost. Deeps's father who is an owner at CMBT market, delivered to them all the vegetable wastes such as corn cobs, cabbage, onion peels and egg shells; and coffee ground from his nearby vendors. Also, residents near Indra’s place started giving away their organic waste to make use of it. Once the mixture was ready, earthworms were added to help increase the nitrogen content. This mixture was sold to all nearby residents and free organic farming training was given by Nila to promote healthy eating. In this manner, both the residents and the maid gelled together as nail and flesh.

On the other hand, the children of the maids were taught English and other subjects after school hours on Indra’s terrace by all the five and as promised they scored above 80% in their exam, pleasantly surprising their parents.

The lifestyle products such as incense sticks, perfumes, soaps, candle, rose water, face-wash, tea, lip-balms, handmade paper and potpourri that the maids made, only by using their tender hands, received excellent reviews on e-commerce sites and gave them extra saving. Deep’s web technology attracted a large number of customers and few products were even exported abroad in large containers!

Indra started writing about the same; using her art and words which attracted many others to join her team. Also, the matured flowers which had a short life-span were mixed and matched and distributed to hospitals, orphanages, aroma therapy centers to promote happiness and good health as a random act of kindness.

The change that they brought in these two years not only gave them name and fame but also a responsibility to make Chennai an Eco-friendly and cleaner state. Their consumers started increasing in number, making all the other aesthetic industries take a backseat. Many approached her for collaboration but she denied boldly!

What are your future plans? the interviewer asked.

We wish to continue the same in all 29 states and promote India as an eco-friendly country and uplift all the underprivileged women to make them stronger, healthier and independent, Indra said with pride!

But how, they asked?

We are going create more change-makers, said all the four in a uniform tone! We have decided to offer jobs to the children we taught and going to teach, and also farmers from the Cauvery delta, added Roshini.


Watching their live interview, parents of Indra, Deeps, Roshini, Nila and Malar shed tears whereas the December flower on Indra’s mother's head rejoiced with joy.

We made it Indra, Malar said climbing the ladder to settle herself in the small place in between the watertank and ventilator.

Yes, all the four shouted teasing Malar who was struggling to fit into the space filled with pillows, rugs and bedspreads.

The cold breeze blew the lighted candles and a frightening thunder struck the ground. The rain drops increased it speeds and a large shadow engulfed the five of them into their world.

Thank you Indra, the Rose bowed down its head. Her friends held each other tight in fear whereas Jasmine, Daisy, Lily, Lotus came from behind to show their gratitude. Indra smiled and introduced them to her friends!

I love the way you teach, bindweed complimented looking at Nila.

She was shivering and Indra asked them where was Four’o clock beauty?

Here I am, she came out as a little bud!

All the flowers exchanged glances and at sharp 12 am, they converted the candles into lanterns and made them fly in the air among raindrops!

Indra and her friends stood stunned and they couldn't believe what their eyes saw! Rose took a picture of them using their smartphones and said that - You kept your promise and we wish to fulfill one of your wishes.

You wanted lanterns on New Years Eve! and here it is, giggled the cactus.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and all the best for your future endeavors, cried the flowers.

Indra, they listen to all our talks, said all the four without moving their eyes.

Yes, I told right, Indra smiled.


Use Eco-friendly products and recycle all the living things. Gift your future generation a clean and healthy environment.

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