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Milestones Chapter 3

Milestones Chapter 3

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Sam why don't you attend this function?

Ma, I can't leave them alone and who will feed them?

And our relatives ask me "when am I getting married"?, when am I getting married?" as if a guy is waiting for me already.

Let me stay here ma, I feel peaceful here. After six days of college, I want one day for myself to rest.

One day to rest.

I know how you rest she murmured.

At the function:

Why Sam didn't turn up Amala, asked the gossip mami, Amala'a mil's twin sister who is exactly opposite of her mil.

She takes care of animals, fosters them, all is fine but what about human connection. She never speaks to any human or mingle with them.

Who said so, inquired Amala, unable to tolerate her anymore. She speaks with us and her friends who understands her values and not who criticise her for every single thing snapping her fingers.

See the way she talks to me. I warned Charu not to be friendly with her. Amala grabbed her bag and left the wedding hall. She booked a cab furiously and stood outside.

Athai, why are you standing here? Has the function got over?

No, its going on. I have a urgent work so I am leaving she said in a calm voice.

Geetha who gave birth to a special child eight months ago never misses to attend any family gathering. Her child though looks normal is slow on motor skills. Doctors have suggested that her brain activity is slow but observing children and being surrounded by people will create a good atmosphere for the child. Believing in law of attraction firmly, she carries her child to every family gathering positively and never gives a damn to the people who talks behind her about her cute baby girl Anamika!

Where is Sam athai?

Anamika liked her very much. I thought she would have come, she said innocently.

She is at home dear. Give the baby to me. I will hold her.

It's okay athai.

You do one thing. Come home once the function gets over by then I will tell her to finish her sunday routine.

What is her Sunday routine athai.

Haha, it will take an hour to say Geetha.

Wait my cab has arrived.

You get inside. Call me once the function gets over I will send Sam to pick you up.

Athai shall I come up with you? I want to hear Sam's routine.

You can witness it today, she winked!

As both got in, Amala pressed the child lock button.

The driver who was listening to FM shifted his tracks to baby songs.

As Anamika nodded her head, Amala began!

She wakes up at seven and walks her five dogs followed by drinking a cup of cold coffee. By then her dogs and cats will be served milk and rusks.

Until eleven she will bath them and clean their ticks and pet them until they fall asleep.

Later she will apply face mask, hair musk and sit on the sofa in the middle of the hall as center of attraction.

After several reminders she will bath and eat around 2.

Then she and her grandma will play games in ibox, and watch serials on netflix. They both are waiting for GOT.

Have you watched it, Amala asked coming to an end of the conversation.

No athai I haven't but it's on my list, she said.

Mam, we reached the driver said turning to the dead end of their lane.

To be continued.

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