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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amritha Prem

Children Drama


Amritha Prem

Children Drama

Kady's Gift Final

Kady's Gift Final

5 mins 1.4K 5 mins 1.4K

She ignored knowing who it's and there came the tring tring tone from her vintage styled landline.

I ran with my untied saree to pick the call, by then my MIL picked and spoke. She turned around and said one participant has boycott at the last minute, need a participant within twenty minutes itseems.

I kept quiet and was thinking of ideas to implement the next moment.

My husband asked if he can help out and I said yes, you can! And winked at him!

Withing 19 minutes my guy, MIL and l were in the studio. My MIL wore the pron and cap that I designed myself few days back not knowing she will be wearing it on this special day.

She was fidgeting her hands profusely seeing the lights hooked at the top and camera around and said I can't so it.

I made her understand the situation and coaxed her. I gave my instructions to everyone present there and said about how important its in a live show to cook within a timespan and present it perfectly. Deep inside I was cent present sure she can cook anything amazing within a period but food plating, fingers crossed.

The bell rang and the chief guest said 70 min is the time allocated where 50 min is for cooking and the rest 20 min is for plating and opened up the ingredients placed on the 16 feet rectangular table. She along with her other participants went to the table and took what they require.

I being her family has got no added advantage in the compediton I explained to the sponsers when they asked her name and other details. My guy on the otherside was restless but happy at the same moment to watch his mom on screen live and WhatsApp was filled with messages wishing us both good luck!!

50 min later, the plating began. She got the banana leaves, rice flour and grounded herbs in different colours. She decorated the sweets like a diya and designed a authentic Rangoli around it.

I was overwhelmed watching her creativity. She won my heart once again! But now it's in the guest hands.

She was the last participant and I didn't want her to lose her confidence. By the time her turn came the guests were quite full. They took her sweets and went to the dias.

Post one hour the results will be announced, the emcee said followed by the sponsors name.

I wanted to go and talk to her but the panel members called me in. They showed the reviews and feedback to me for my analysis and to my surprise her name was missing. I couldn't ask them too as I should be professional now. I asked if these are the selected ones they nodded.

What about the participants who haven't won, I asked. They said gift hampers in a top voice.

Exactly after 60 minutes, all of us were in the Dias. I searched for her and my guy who seem to be normal and was waving hand to signal me. I smiled back as I didn't wanted them to know that I'm nervous.

The panel gave a speech and announced the two final names and then the first name goes to!

Complete silence and after five sexonds, it's thayil they read. I jumped on the Dias and saw my MIL getting a round of applause amongst ths public and he looked at me in one eye while I jumped as I was wearing a saree!!

She came and got the award along the cash price and the panelists asked her to stay back and calld me to say the vote of thanks. I did as told and passed the mike to them. One of the judges said, "Amritha you may be surprised why I didn't have her name on the paper and without tasting the sweets how we selected her. I nodded. He continued saying I loved the way you bought her inside and confidently saying it doesnt matter if she is your MIL and I must say she did a amazing job especially the creativity. The room was filled with aroma when she tried her if you have noticed. I nodded my head in sideways and he added saying you were thinking she shouldn't get hurt and was perfect in managing the situation which impressed me that why I gave her the award and I wanted to suprise you by doing this, he concluded.

My eyes were flooded with tears,I didn't know what to reply but all I heard was claps añd round of appaluses.

Then the panelist asked my MIL what she gonna do with the price money to which she replied, Kady always wanted to go to Ladakh, maybe we three will go on road she explained. He (Vicky) and I gave hi-fi as she came down stairs. and While other winners wished her the people in my studio congratulated me for getting such a sweet MIL.

The cameras were pulled down and set was undone as we posed for our selfies. I bought them to the basement and got into our car. As I moved in from reverse side, my guy and his mom were smiling at each other. I opened the doors for them and they got in silence.

After two minutes both hugged me and kissed me. My joy knew bounds.

Once we reached home all have gathered to wish her and the dinner was ready. Around ten we both went to the terrace and slept on the cement trank to see the lights emitting from crackers. Colors and flying rocket jiffed the dark sky, as we the stars twinkling, he wished me a happy thala diwali and I saw his eyes and said it's our diwali together !

Thala diwali isn't only for the newly married groom and bride, but for the family as well what do u say?

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