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Sujata Dash



Sujata Dash


The Elusive Purse

The Elusive Purse

2 mins 227 2 mins 227

My morning was not great today.

All mornings cannot be great for that matter.

Lack of sleep played havoc with my nerves and I could barely control my bouts of anger.

My grumpy grouchy demeanor spoke for me and my red bull eyes, swollen due to lack of sleep demonstrated my state of being.

 My first victim was my cook.My irate self remained volatile and I fired words like gunshots that pierced her modest soul when she overcooked my Darjeeling tea.

How could she?

Knowing well, I start my day with the brewed nectar and its lingering effect casts a spell on my day's behavior...

She took the initiative to mar my day so to say.

The next one was my help.She did not find my purse when I asked her to fetch the same.When I run out of time I fail to notice things even when they are around.I am like this and she knows this well . I was putting the best of my efforts and even took the help of specs. But the purse seemed to be stubborn and elusive.They say when you pray for something from the core of your heart the entire universe conspires along to fetch you the same.But in my case,it was proved wrong.I was getting late and at the same time could not leave for office as I had kept keys of my drawer inside.

Banu, the help stood like a pillar in front of me and was wanting to say something perhaps!

She did not venture though.A few minutes later,when I went to the washroom, she found it perched in between the couches and quietly kept it on the center table so that it catches my immediate attention.

"Arree! Who has found it? Where was it hiding all the time?"

Without looking up Banu answered-"Madam, I found it under the heap of newspapers that I scouted in between the couches."

"How come I did not find it, but you could Banu?"

 "Sorry madam, you were sitting on the couch."

 "Oh! Thanks.I shall get you your favorite pudding on my return."

 "Get me my lunchbox from the kitchen please.I am so late."

 "Ask Soma to cook puri sabzi and halwa for dinner."

 "I will tell her mam.Good day!"

 I carried a brave front and did not emote my actual feeling before her.But felt ashamed for my uncontrolled fury and rage for sure.

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