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Debolina Mukherjee



Debolina Mukherjee


The Dream - Part 10

The Dream - Part 10

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Chapter 10

A New Beginning

Court was swamped with reporters and protestors. I entered the courtroom for the trail. A hand slipped into mine gripping me tight, assuring that everything is going to be fine. I smiled, this was not Steve. It was dad. He patted my back and gave me the confidence to move ahead.

“Your honour, dreaming to become bigger is not a crime. But to stake people’s life to achieve those dreams is. To kill thousands, to abuse weak, to illegally manipulate government funds is definitely a big crime. Accused Mr. George David Cruz has illegally developed a bio-weapon in his pharmaceutical company. To see effectiveness of the weapon he used it in the village where his factory was set up and named it an epidemic. Under a different secretive company traded the bio-weapon to other country. Despite of having the anti-dote being created at the time of creating the bio-chemical, he pretended to not know what actually is going on. After 5000 people being killed and more than 13000 people were at the brink of dying. He offered government the remedy for which he received 700million dollars. By the time the antidote was manufactured and was sent off to hospitals the death count crossed 7000. He wiped off an entire village. He silenced every person who found out the truth and tried to stop him. After the incident he donated 20million dollars for the reformation of the village and for the people who lost everything however only 2 million dollars were sent from his account. I have submitted the reports of the researcher’s team and his actual finance records. Not only this Mr Cruz does everything to win over his clients be it by throwing parties, offering bribes or girls. He has abused and used 30 girls till date out of which 10 were his secretaries who were forced to offer sexual pleasure to Mr. Cruz’s client. 4 out of the 10 are sold off to different countries, 5 are missing and 1 is in jail accused for thievery in Mr. Cruz’s office last year. Remaining 20 are his son’s or daughter’s college and school friends whom he would pick for trading, victim Maria was one of those. We have secured testimonies of a few victims. Apart from this he has also embezzled around two hundred thousand million dollars from the government funds in past 3 years. Records of which has also been submitted. Based on the severity of his crimes, I, Prosecutor Katherine Brown on behalf of all the victims and agonised families request death penalty for him.” I presented my case and came to my seat.

As the proceedings continued, I could see everyone’s face with hopes to get things right this time. The old grandpa from the village, Maria and Maria’s family, Attorney Shin, my dad and many other victims who had come to court on our request. Everyone’s eyes told their story. It was their faces that took me back to what happened a week ago.

“We have to save her, no matter what.” I said. “Let’s go then.” Steve said.

We went to Maria’s mom’s new place. We were searching the key I gave to Maria’s mom. We found it and as we were heading out we heard weeps. We couldn’t see anyone. “I think it’s coming from the closet” said Andrew and opened it. Maria’s brother was hiding in it. He was holding a file very firmly. Probably he witnessed his mother being assaulted and kidnapped. He was too scared to say anything. Andrew pacified him and took him to Racheal. The file he was holding was the proof of the epidemic incident and the slush funds generated by Mr Cruz.

“I would go and hand it over to Mr Cruz.” Steve said.

“I have to go Steve. You take care of the rest. Trust me, and let me go.” I said. I called up Mr Cruz’s office and ask the receptionist to tell Mr Cruz that I want to meet him. Within few minutes I got a call from a restricted number.

“Hello.” I said.

“That was quick my dear. Indeed you are capable as your father but you are much wiser.” The voice said.

“Where should I come?” I asked.

“You would have received the address. Come fast my dear.” And the call disconnected.

The address was of the closed Miracle Pharma where all of this begun. I reached the building there were guards outside who checked me thoroughly and even broke my phone and took of the GPS device on the car. I entered the isolated building. It was pit dark inside. As I was about to light my torch the lights in the building were put on.

“Welcome my dear, Finally you are here. If you would have listened to me earlier these elderly people wouldn’t have suffered so much.” Mr Cruz sarcastically commented.

“Here is the file. Release them now.” I said while handing over the file to him. He looked into the file and commented “You made me wait so long and you are getting impatient already.”

“You have caused me quite a trouble in last few days. A nominal attorney like you, dares to challenge me?” He said as he grabbed my neck. “You are nuisance just like your father. I had to keep him alive all these years just because of this file. You troublesome..” His grip tightened as he took out his anger on me.

“Get your hands off my daughter.” My dad yelled. Mr Cruz turned back “Why?? Isn’t it your rule to punish the one who did wrong. This time it’s your daughter. She should be punished isn’t it? Am I wrong Attorney Browns?” He said with a laugh. This was the laugh that scared me in my dreams.

“Sure go ahead and punish me. But let them live.” I pleaded while his hands still suffocating me.

“Awww, what a lovely daughter! You want to sacrifice yourself for your father and this elderly lady. Such a nice girl. Then I should be granting you this wish at least. I would punish you only then. Your first punishment would be they would be killed in front of you. What do you think?” He said

“You bastard.” I tried to yell but as he continued to chock me I could barely speak.

“Why you didn’t like it? Ahh, you must be worried that your father wouldn’t know what was done to you? She would be used to recover my losses. Kevin, you have meeting with those Chinese delegates today don’t you?” asked Mr Cruz.

“Yes, dad.” Replied Kevin.

“Use her to appease them. In the last few days she got us about 50millions loss, she should compensate it.” He said while touching my face nastily.

“You are a piece of garbage. For your benefit you can do anything right. You sold girls like Maria, killed thousands to make profit out of it. Have you got any conscience left?” I said.

“Conscience doesn’t buy you anything, my dear. What did you get after having such a great conscience? Death of your loved ones and a life that I promise I would make hell for you.” He said.

“Well, not really. It’s you who is going to have a rotten life.” I smirked.

“What did you say?” Mr Cruz asked in surprise.

“Dad this bitch tricked us again. See.” Kevin rushed up to show his dad the news being reported.

Mr Cruz loosened his grip and was taken aback by the video. “What do you think? It’s nice isn’t it. You look great, show me.” I peeped over Mr Cruz’s shoulder. He again grabbed me from my collar “How did you do it? How? How? I am not going to leave you.” He said angrily.

“Mr Cruz, you are live on the TV. At least maintain your image.” I said while removing his hands from my collar. He couldn’t get a grip.

“Police has surrounded you all. Come out and surrender yourself” The police warning came in time. I felt so relieved to hear it; thank god they came on time now my dream wouldn’t turn true. I looked towards the door and just turned back when I saw Mr Cruz taking out his gun and pointed towards my father. “It’s all because of you, if you had not meddled. You son of a bitch.” He said angrily and fired. I rushed to save my dad and got the bullet on me. I think this was it. My end.

I fell on the ground. Maria’s mom and my dad both screamed out my aloud. I could see Steve and the police team rushing in. Bullets raining down, hope it doesn’t hit anyone else. I could see Steve running towards me but the light is dimming slowly. Suddenly a reel of my life is played in front of my eyes – dad n me playing in the playground, my high school days, the accident, me meeting Steve, the day I told Steve about the dreams, the day I told others about my dream, the way they helped me, the way we smiled and everything. Steve held me in his arms and started running while police untied dad and Maria’s mom. Steve when you asked me that am I hiding something, this was it. I knew that you wouldn’t let me take this risk if you had known this. Sorry.

Three days later I opened my eyes in hospital with everyone by my side. “Heyyy!! Are you feeling ok?” Racheal asked. I nodded in yes. “How could you take such a risk? You knew it didn’t you?” She asked angrily. “Where is dad?” I asked her as I realised he was not seen. “Both men of your house are praying for you, they would be here any minute and would ask has she opened her eyes yet” Andrew said jokingly. And that’s when I realised Steve is also not there. And at that very moment both of them entered. They literally asked the same question and we all busted in laughter. And today after 4 days I directly entered the courtroom to get justice.

Verdict was given and Mr Cruz was sentenced death. His son was sentenced lifetime imprisonment. And rest of his family against whom no charges were filed, were still put to custody for further investigation. Mr Cruz’s wealth was confiscated and was to be used for public welfare. Life seemed merrier again apart from the gun shot pain.

3 years passed, Racheal’s angel started going to crèche. And she joined back. Andrew applied for investigator’s post in public defender’s office and guess what he is officially joining as an investigator today. We needed a clerical help and my dear dad took up the post. To be honest he took the post as he found a good drinking company, men will be men. Maria started her own bakery from the monetary compensation she received from Mr Cruz’s family. Though she still has to go to psychological session to overcome the trauma but she is better than before. And our Andrew takes care of her a lot, though they deny we can see the hues of love. Love reminded me of my love of life Mr Steve. He has upgraded his fashion and surprises me every now and then. We officially declared our relationship 1 and half year ago. It’s merrier now-a-days.

Me, I am doing great. My nightmares have stopped as my two black knights put me to sleep. Though their sweetness makes me sick sometimes but I don’t seem to have a choice here. They are irreplaceable. I walk down the road as usual towards the office. Took my black coffee in one hand and my purse in other. Spring days are nice, bright sun with flowers all around. I like it. I reached the office door and was just about to open the door when I heard- “I am telling you he is not guilty, Attorney Shin” My dad insisted. “I don’t believe him” replied Attorney Shin. “My vote goes as not guilty” says Racheal. “I think he is guilty” said Steve in mild tone. My dad was about to go and persuade Steve when I opened the door.

“Attorney Kathy is here.” Said Andrew. “Attorney Kathy didn’t have any dream yet, tell us who the culprit is?” Andrew asked eagerly.

“Shouldn’t you be the one who should be finding this?” I commented back as I put my purse on table.

“Attorney Brown please.” He pleaded.

“Well, I had a dream.” I said and winked at him.

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