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Debolina Mukherjee



Debolina Mukherjee


The Dream - Part 8

The Dream - Part 8

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Chapter 8

Truth that Hurts

“It’s me. Calm down. It’s me Kathy.” Steve said while untying me.

“You scared me.” I said taking deep breaths.

“I thought you are not feared of anything in the world. You were a tigress.” Steve said and patted my back.

“Really? ” I asked him. He nodded in yes. “Let’s go then. We have a lot to do.” I said.

“Do you think they would act as expected?” I asked in uncertainty in voice. “Well, after such a big blow I have high hopes.” Steve said showing me a news clip on his phone. (My kidnapping video).

“Let’s move then.” I said to Steve with smile.

I knew that our sail would not be smooth. But with Steve with my side I feel more strong and secured. We made a very big move, big enough to be murdered in a day.

“Ahh!!! Why you all are doing this to me?” I said scratching my head upon the endless scolding of Racheal and Attorney Shin.

“You deserve this. You trouble maker. What do you think of yourself?” said Racheal.

“You have got guts.” said Andrew in admiration.

Well, the scolding session continued for few hours. Racheal and Attorney shin were about to calm down, when suddenly Racheal screamed aloud. And this time it was not for me, her water broke. In this rustle, we almost forgot that her due date was near. We rushed to the hospital, after 5hrs of painful labour she gave birth to an angelic daughter. We stayed by her side in the hospital turn by turn.

“You should go and get prepared for your trial tomorrow, you have been here from last three days.” said Racheal as I was staring at the little angel.

“I am all set don’t worry and before important trial I should spend time with my lucky charm for good luck.” I giggled. “When are you getting discharged?” I asked.

“Doctor said I need to stay for 2 more days as I bleeded more than normal.” Racheal replied.

“Hmmm… When will your husband be back? Wasn’t he supposed to come by tomorrow?” I enquired.

“He would come next week, he had some important meetings to sort before he returns” Racheal answered.

Sun rays on my face woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the two angels sleeping by my side. Both mother and daughter looked so adorable. I was admiring both when the clock struck my eyes.

“Yikessss!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:30AM, How? When???? I mean what should I do now??” I thought while getting up from the couch and collecting my coat and bag. Right then, Steve and Andrew came in with few bags in their hand.

“Hey!!! What are you two doing here?” I asked them as subtly as I could. “I called them, I knew you couldn’t get ready by the time of hearing” Racheal replied while sitting up. “Did you guys get everything?” She asked Steve and Andrew.

“Everything!!” Andrew replied while showing the bags in his hands. “What are you doing? Get ready fast.” Racheal said to me. I took the bags; they had my clothes and accessories. While I was moving towards the washroom to change Steve slowly came towards me and handed me a small bag and whispered slowly “I didn’t know which one to pick so I got you 5-6 pairs to choose from.”

I was baffled by what he said and then I looked into the bag. Ahhh!! So embarrassing. He got my inner garments. I was speechless out of embarrassment, so I rushed towards the washroom to change. We headed towards the court. Within an hour we were at the court. Steve, Attorney Shin and Andrew were there in the courtroom. I was nervous, what if my petition would be rejected, how I would save Maria. While I was the stormed with so many thoughts, Judge entered the courtroom.

“We will start the hearing of Mr. Daniel Browns’s accident case which has been requested to be re-opened by his daughter Attorney Katherine Browns. Today we would decide if this case should be reopened or not. Prosecution present your case.” said the Judge.

“Thank you ma’am. I am Katherine Browns, daughter of Mr. Daniel Browns. 8 years ago Mr. Daniel Browns died while a truck hit his car near the canal road that joins the highway. The car fell off the bridge which led to demise of Mr. Browns however his body couldn’t be found and his 18 year old daughter, who was in the car with him, was saved from the river after 3 days. The only witness had partial amnesia and lost memory of the event. Truck driver, Mr. James Cowell admitted he was drinking and driving and was trialled for drinking and driving case and received the punishment of 10years imprisonment and is still in Jail. However, I Katherine Browns, daughter of Daniel Browns and the only survivor and witness of the incident claim that this was a well-planned murder not a drinking & driving case.” I proposed my case.

“Any particular reason for the claim?” Judge enquired.

“Yes, your honour. I have regained my memory.” I replied.

“After 7 years of imprisonment, you file a petition against my client because you regained your memory. My lord, I have compassion for my colleague and understand that she had a great loss. But my client has already admitted his fault and is diligently repenting for the same. Despite of his duties towards his family, he decided to go with the truth. And now suddenly after 8 years alleging him as a murder is injustice to him.” Public defender was about to add a little more emotional touch to the story when I interrupted him.

“Lawyer Blake, I haven’t even completed what I wanted to say. And moreover I am not accusing Mr. Cowell as a murderer. Just because it seemed he did it doesn’t mean he is the actual culprit.” I said.

“Do you have any strong grounds and evidences to say so?” asked the Judge.

“Yes, your honour. Apart from my memory I have evidences that proof that it was a planned murder” I said while submitting the evidences we had gathered.

“When Mr. Browns was killed he was working on 3 cases- first was a murder case of a 32year old by her boyfriend who was known for his temper was the accused. Trial reports showed he was the culprit however post Mr. Browns death, lack of evidences set him free. Second was the bank fraud of 20 million dollars by Mr. Califf. Here also the bank lost the case post Mr. Browns death as the evidences provided by Mr. Browns were nullified. And last was the case of illegal medical testing by Miracle Pharmaceuticals. This was the case under investigation. Suspects of all 3 cases are my suspects as well. I would request your honour to re-open the case and let me investigate the suspects.” I pleaded.

Judge went through all the documents and there was silence in the courtroom for about 2 mins. “After listening to the prosecutor and seeing the evidences submitted, it seems that this case has some unturned pages to be turned over. Hence the court re-opens Mr. Browns death case and give Prosecution and Public defender two week’s time to investigate and put their cases. Also court announces to summon all the suspects of the case to be present on the next trial. The next trial would be two weeks later on 20th of the month. The court is adjourned.” Declared the Judge.

“It’s a war now!” Andrew exclaimed.

“You need to be careful.” Said Attorney Shin with concern filled in his voice.

I nodded in agreement. “You have to prepare for Maria’s case. We have drawn their attention to us. Steve and I would proceed with my father’s case. You need to do something to save Maria in the mean while.” I said to Attorney Shin.

“But do you think they would budge by this move.” Andrew enquired.

My phone rang at that very moment. I answered it. “Ms. Browns, I am calling from Miracle-Group. Mr. Cruz would like to see you. Would you be available in this afternoon?” said the lady at other end.

“I would be there at 2PM.” I replied.

“Ok, We would send a car to escort you”. The lady replied.

“Not required, I would be there.” I asserted and disconnected the call.

“I think it has caused a little turmoil.” I said with a sly smile. “Mr. Cruz wants to meet me”.

“Wow, that was fast.” Andrew said.

“This means we are being observed all the time.” Steve said looking at few people in a car nearby.

“Be careful. We would take a leave then.” Attorney Shin said.

“You two, as well.” I replied.

Steve and I headed back to courtroom for one of Steve’s trial. He finished up at 1:15 PM. “Let’s head to meet Mr. Cruz.” Steve said as soon as he finished his trial. We both headed towards K-groups office in the city.

Steve was stopped at the reception. I assured him that I would be fine and went upstairs.

Mr. Cruz’s manager led me to his office. As soon as I entered Mr. Cruz’s cabin, he closed his files and came towards me with a big smile. Strange but expected. “Welcome, Attorney Browns.” He said while offering his hand for a hand shake. “Two cup of tea please, Mr. Jones” He requested his manager.

To be honest I was also mesmerised by his charisma for a few minutes. “Shall we sit and talk?” He said.

I nodded as yes.

“Wow…. You look like an actress. Can’t believe such a beauty could be a lawyer.” Mr. Cruz complimented me.

“Thank you for your compliment. But I am sure you didn’t call me here to just compliment me?” I asked.

“Hmmm…. Smart & Professional, just like your dad. You don’t like to waste any time. Straight to the point.” Mr. Cruz commented. “I heard about re-opening of your dad’s case and as you suspected me, I thought as a responsible citizen I should give my statement and help you with your case.” Mr. Cruz replied. “I just..” he was about to continue when I interrupted.

“Strange, a case which re-opened a few hours ago and for which the investigation orders are yet to be formally received by Prosecution. Still you are aware of it and proactively offering the prosecution to interrogate you. Commendable are your sources” I said in a sarcastic tone.

Smile from Mr. Cruz’s face started to disappear. “Look Attorney Browns..” He started and again I interrupted him.

“I appreciate your sense of duty Mr. Cruz but I am bound by law, I can’t interrogate you without orders. If that was it, I would take a leave now. I would get in touch with you once I get the orders.” I said while getting up and was moving towards the door.

“Your dad was a righteous man, always helping the needy and abiding by law. We were good friends. He and I use to play soccer together.” Mr. Cruz calmly said. His words stopped me. I turned towards Mr. Cruz.

“What are you trying to do, now?” I asked him.

“You know what your father’s problem was. He believed that everyone in this world is like him. And those who weren’t, he tried his best to make them like him.” He continued. “But you know, everyone can’t be selfless like your father. All have their own priorities and dreams. And having a dream is not a crime, is it? Everyone has the right to dream and every right to fulfil it as well.” He said while looking into my eyes.

“Your father does not have rights to crumble my dreams nor do you.” He said in an assertive tone.

“Is that a threat?” I smirked and said.

He stood up and walked closer to me. “No, no no… I am just stating my thoughts.” He said while moving closer to me. “And concern from a father’s heart for the well-being of his daughter like figure. I don’t want you to end up like your father.” He whispered in my ears while caressing my head.

I was taken aback from his words. “You said yourself that you won’t take todays conversation as a confession.” He smiled at me started to move towards his chair. “Go,on… You were about to leave.” He continued.

I hold my anger and tears. My grip on my hand bag tightened. I didn’t know what dawn upon me that I spouted out the nonsense.

“What happened? What happened? Will you tell me something?” Steve asked me as soon as he saw me near the reception.

“Let’s go from here” I said in quite an angry tone and outpaced him while we walked through the gate. Steve grabbed my hand and said “Will you say something?”

“I told him that I know he has my dad alive in his custody.” I replied. “What!!” Steve exclaimed in surprise.

“And I have 2 weeks to save him else he would make my fake murder case appeal real.” I said with tears in my eyes.

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