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Debolina Mukherjee



Debolina Mukherjee


The Dream - Part 4

The Dream - Part 4

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Chapter 4

Two faced

As I entered I saw Steve sleeping at his chair probably he worked all night. He looks dumber sleeping like that with his mouth wide open, but I found him cute at that moment. No no no it can’t be. I can’t fall for him. Come to senses Kathy and I unknowingly banged the desk saying aloud “It can’t be.” Steve woke up by the noise. He said while rubbing his eyes “Oh, you are here! Sorry dozed off a little.” “You are pushing too hard. Well did you get any lead?” I asked while moving towards my desk. “No, It seems like a dead end.” said Steve with a heavy sigh. He continued “Either he is suffering from some psychological problem or he is trapped very well. Well do you have any hearings this week? If you can help me with this case?” “Well I had few cases, only filing up, hearing would be probably next to next week. And I am done with the case preparation as well. So..” I said taking a pause. “So??” Steve looked at me with curiosity. “I would help.” I said. “Oh thank you thank you so much.” Steve exclaimed in happiness.

“You go and freshen up meanwhile I would check your notes.” I said. He went home and I started to look into the case. Racheal came in with Andrew. Today is her last day. By end of next two weeks she would have her baby in her hand. She is a strong women. She didn’t give up her work. I really like her and would miss her. Well I lied to Steve about my cases, I had a little bit of documentation left. Thanks to Racheal she is completing them for me before she leaves.

“You are damn interested in this case, hmm?” She asked me looking at the way I was involved in studying the case.

“It’s a case similar to one Attorney Shin fought 15 years ago. He tried to prove that the defendant was innocent. Indeed he was. But due to lack of evidences he ended up spending his entire life in jail. Last year he passed away due to liver cancer. That guilt made Attorney Shin suffer all this time. And he handed over this to Steve because he was certain that he would definitely find out a way, as he was the best cop for 5 consecutive years. I want to try my best to lessen his remorse and stop Steve to get into Attorney Shin mode.” I said.

“They both are quite similar, aren’t they? They would give their whole but can’t accept defeat of an innocent and blame themselves.” Racheal added. “Give your best.” said Racheal in cheerful tone. “Hmmm keep up the good work.” Andrew said with a smile. Suddenly I felt there was somebody at the door who just left. Maybe I am imagining.

Steve came in and we both went into the meeting room jotting the key points of the case. The major events were marked down. 17th September last year Mr and Mrs Liberman gets married at a small church with only few witnesses, Mr Liberman gifts his house to his wife on their 100th day anniversary. 3 months before his wife died, he gave his entire property to his best friend for his business claiming only 30% of the profit in return. A month ago the house was sold to someone whose identity is not verified. The day before the incident Mr.Liberman goes out to book a new house in the city. He returns late night and doesn’t remember what happened. And in the morning he founds a body lying by his side and the murder weapon in his hands.

“Did you search for the lady?” I asked. “Yes we did but couldn’t find her. Seems like she vanished in the air.” Steve replied. “What about Mr. Fiddle? His best friend? He is the most benefited person because of this.” I asked. “I checked his records he is clear. He has a strong alibi, he was with his wife in his hotel. CCTV footage clearly shows.” Steve answered. “Let’s go to his hotel once more and check. I feel we can get something there.” I said, picking up my coat and rushing towards the door. “By the way where is the sketch?” I asked. “I’ll get it for you.” Steve replied and we rushed out. “Wow, they seem like professional cops.” Andrew exclaimed.

We reached the hotel owned by Mr Fiddle. “Strange!!” I murmured. “What’s strange?” Steve asked. “It seems like I have been to this place. But I can’t remember when.” I said. “It’s a quite famous hotel in this area. So, you might have visited here.” He said. “Let’s go, first let’s talk to the staff and then visit Mr Fiddle.” I said. Steve nodded his head in yes. We interrogated everyone couldn’t find anything. We were disappointed as we couldn’t find a single lead. We went to see Mr Fiddle in his office.

“Did you find a way to save my friend? I believe he cannot murder his wife. He loved her so much.” Mr Fiddle said with extra concern. I and Steve were looking at him with suspicion. “Not yet. But soon we will.” Steve said calmly. “It seems you love your friend a lot?” I asked coldly. “Of course, I do and so does he. Without him I wouldn’t have reached here.” He said firmly. “Correct, if he wouldn’t have gone to jail, you would have been a mere caretaker of this huge property. All thanks to him.” I commented. “What do you mean? How can you say such things?” Mr Fiddle said in annoyed tone. “Well, I didn’t mean to offend you. Anyways, do you know who Mr Liberman’s real wife was?” I said. “It was the lady who died.” He replied. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Of course. I was the only witness of their wedding.” He said coolly. “Then why Mr Liberman is denying that she was his wife?” Steve asked. “Well I too don’t get that. Probably he is too shocked with the incident and is not ready to accept it.” He replied. “Thank you so much, we are done with the questions.” I stood up and said. We turned towards the door and were about to leave suddenly I turned back and said “Isn’t it strange, there are only two persons who have seen Mrs Liberman and both have contradictory statements.” I smiled at him and left.

“So what do you think?” I asked Steve. “Well there is something he is hiding but I am not sure whether he is the culprit or not.” He replied. “What about you?” He asked. “Same here.” I said. We were crossing the reception desk, I don’t know why but I felt strange. I stopped there and Steve went out without noticing that I’m not by his side. A lady was standing there at the reception taking keys of a room. I don’t know why but I went to her. I just reached behind her and she turned suddenly and we clashed into each other. “Sorry, I didn’t knew that you were at my back.” The lady said and offered me a hand. “It’s my fault I shouldn’t have stood so close to you.” I said as I got up. “Are you ok?” She asked. “Ya I’m fine and you?” I asked. “Me too. I’m in little rush so bye and take care.” She said. I smiled at her and she left. Meanwhile Steve came in search of me. “Hey, where were you? What are you doing here?” He asked. “Nothing was thinking something and stopped by. Let’s go.” I said.

We were about to move out and suddenly I remembered what was strange about this place. I rushed back to the reception desk. Steve ran after me. “Excuse me, the lady with whom I clashed. What’s her name?” I asked. “Lady?? Ah that was Mrs Fiddle.” She replied. I turned back to Steve. “What happened?” Steve asked. “Do you have the sketch with you?” I asked Steve. “Yes. Why?” he asked. “Show it to me.” I demanded. He handed me the sketch

After looking at the sketch, I said “I think we can prove Mr Liberman innocent.”

“Get the account details and past medical records of Mrs. Fiddle.” I asked Steve. “Why? Why her’s?” Steve questioned. “Do you have a face recognition software?” I asked him. He nodded in yes. “Then I will show you the answer. Let’s go.” I said fastening my seat belt. We directly went to his old office, where he had already asked one of his friends to gather the details. We scanned the sketch and took Mrs. Fiddle’s photograph from general records. The face match was 90%. “It’s the same person, probably has gone through some cosmetic surgery.” Steve’s friend said. “Did you check her medical records?” I asked him. “Yes but she didn’t had any visit to any plastic surgeon.” He replied. “Then check for Mrs Liberman’s medical record?” I commanded. “Ok, give me 2 hours.” That guy said and went out.

“It’s a very big lead for the case. I almost lost hope. If it weren’t you we would not have thought this way. But how did you..” Steve said with a thankful and question mark look. “Well, for now we should only think of gathering proofs to prove the theory and make them confess. Did you get her bank records?” I asked him and diverted his mind. “No not yet. One of my connects at bank is looking up for that.” He said. Suddenly his phone ranged. He murmured something on the phone and then turned to me. “You were right in last couple of months there has been a lot of fund transfer has been done through that account. He is mailing us the details.” Steve said. “I can’t believe they played so big.” He continued. “How big?” I enquired. “40 million, the wholesome property of Mr Liberman and deceased Mrs Liberman is around 40 million.” He said. “That’s why they planned everything so carefully and took a year to execute it. Civilised criminals. Bastards.” I added.

We had only one day left with us to get the evidences. “Only evidences wouldn’t do, you need their confession.” Racheal said in an assertive tone. “That’s impossible, they planned everything so cleverly. Do you think they would admit it? No way.” commented Andrew. “We have to trap them. I have a plan.” Steve said. And explained what he was planning to do. “Would it work?” I asked Steve with doubtful expression.

“Honestly, I’m not sure but this is the only thing that I feel we can do right now.” When he said so I felt how desperately he wanted his plan succeed. We worked overnight and created few fake evidences to send to Mr and Mrs Fiddle. A clip of the CCTV footage near church where Mr Liberman was married and few pictures of Mrs Fiddle and Mr Liberman. Exact 10 o’ clock next morning we sent those to Mr Fiddle at his office. After half an hour Steve called Mr Fiddle from an ambiguous number and threatened him to reveal his small secret. He asked him to meet him in Hotel Blue Line room no 2008. We made the arrangements prior. Steve disguised himself and was ready for the meeting.

Mr Fiddle came on time. We were waiting in the next room with all set up. “Just 5 million, it would not be a big deal for you. Give me 5 million and I would destroy every proof I have. Else you know.” Steve said cunningly. “Why? Why should I?” said Mr Fiddle very calmly. “What do you mean why? I have these clips that clearly shows your wife was staying with Mr Liberman and I have other evidences as well that would prove…..” before Steve could complete Mr Fiddle interrupted and said “Prove that my wife planned this and she killed actual Mrs Liberman, not me.” He gave a dirty smile and continued, “Why would I pay you a single penny?”

“You won’t save your wife?” Steve asked. “She committed a crime she should be punished. Please present everything in the court.” Mr Fiddle said that with a filthy smile and was about to leave the room.

“Hey, you jerk. How could you say that?” these lines stopped Mr Fiddle’s steps. He turned back and was shocked. Mrs Fiddle was standing behind her. She moved closer to him and slapped him hard. I wished I too could have done that. “I spent my entire life following you, covering your wrong and you. What did you say I should be punished? It’s you who should punished you punk.” Mrs Fiddle shouted out her lungs. She was all in tears. “What haven’t I done for you? Because of your ambitions I married another man and let you also marry another woman. Because of you I even got my face changed. And you…you..” she caught hold Mr Fiddle’s collar and slapped him again and again. “You killed that woman, you planned everything and now you are backing off, leaving me alone.” She raised her voice. Mr Fiddle removed her hands from his collar and said ”Well, you have been proven guilty my love.” He tucked her hair behind, kissed her forehead and continued “Unfortunately there is not a single proof against me. It was you who did marriage registration, you are in the footage plus transactions and transfers were all through your account.” He slowly moved around her and tapped her back. She was shocked and was trembling.

“I think I should take a leave now.” Mr Fiddle coolly said and was about to move out. Seeing this we rushed towards the door.

“Honey, I know it would be hard for you but it’s for our future. “

“But ...”

“Don’t worry he would never find out and every night give him this medicine, it would retard his memory.”

We were shocked. Mrs Fiddle played a recording of their conversation. Mr Fiddle was dumbstruck. He turned to Mrs Fiddle and was full of rage. He was about to slap Mrs Fiddle but Steve stopped him.

“You thought I would let your betrayal go so easily. If I fall you fall too, honey.” Mrs Fiddle smirked. Mr Fiddle was about to say something, when I entered the room with the cops.

Everything was sorted. Next day at the court Mr Liberman was set free and a new case was proposed against Fiddles. Truth sometimes break a person, Mr Liberman who loved his wife whole heartedly never expected that his marriage would be a myth. Hope time would heal his wounds. But would he trust anybody in future, God knows. Steve walked me to home that day. We were quite for some time finally I broke the ice. “I’m glad everything is sorted.” “Me too.” Steve replied. “Ahmmm! Can I ask you something?” Steve hesitantly asked. “No” I firmly said. His face was worth looking at that moment, I just couldn’t control my laugh. “Sorry, sorry I was kidding. Go ahead.” I said. He seemed quite hesitant. I was wondering what was he going to ask, what if he wanted to know how did I discover everything. What would I say? I cannot tell him that I saw it in a dream.

While I was thinking what would be his question, he finally asked, “Would you go for dinner with me this weekend?”

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