Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Debolina Mukherjee

Drama Tragedy


Debolina Mukherjee

Drama Tragedy

The Dream - Part 2

The Dream - Part 2

11 mins

Chapter 2

Mystery Unveiled

In the next hearing on Friday, two days from now verdict would be given. How could a person ruin his last hope of survival? How could he ruin all efforts that Racheal has put in? Poor Racheal she still believes he is innocent. Frankly speaking if I think about the trial today I too feel the same. But I don’t understand why is he doing so? Does he knows who did it and is trying to save that person? Gosh, it’s driving me crazy. Really hard to figure out. We all were silent in the office and thinking about the same question, but had no clue what to do next. “Ahh!! It’s getting on my nerves. He has ruined all the efforts you have made.” I said impatiently. “There is nothing we can do now, it seems he is protecting someone”, Racheal commented. “I feel that too, but if he would reveal the exact story to us we might have helped him out.” Said Steve. “What are you planning to do now?” I asked Racheal. “Nothing left to do, he has made a confession in front of the judge. And I have no evidence to prove his confession is fake.” She replied.

Attorney Shin entered the room. “But we still have to look for hope till the end.” He said. “I would try to look into the case again and see if I can find a ray of hope.” said Racheal. “So you two are the new Defenders?” he asked taking a look at us. “Pleasure meeting you sir, I have waited for this day for last 4 years.” Said Steve and shook hands with Attorney Shin. “Hope you would use your investigation experience here to bring out the truth, Attorney Park.” He said. “You have grown a lot, I hope you become just like your dad.” He said looking at me. “You know him?” I asked. “Of course I do, he was a great lawyer, a great friend and a very good human being.” He said patting my back. “Yes he was..” I said. I remembered the warmth of his hand when he used to take me for night stroll, when he took me in his arms and read bedtime stories, endless memories.

We left for home after meeting Attorney Shin. He assigned us few cases to study and put forth reviews. On the basis of reviews he would assign us the cases. Lot of work to do tonight. I started the work as soon as I reached home. I was almost done with me reviews but I dozed off. Same old dream but wait, it’s a little different today. It’s not day, I’m walking towards office in night. It’s too dark. Suddenly I felt like I’m being stalked. I started to run I reached the building and suddenly somebody hit me on my head. I blacked out. “Don’t tell anybody, ever. Did you understand?” I heard these lines. Ouch it hurts. I slowly opened my eyes. Oh my god, it’s Mr. Kin and to whom is he saying this. And what’s that on the floor. Oh it can’t be how can it be? No, no, no… I screamed and woke up. It was 5 in the morning. Can it be true, No it can’t be? It’s just a dream. But what if it’s true. I should tell them. I hurried and collected all the files and rushed to wash up. I was so confused about what should I do about the dream, it was making me restless.

I reached office. Racheal and Steve were already there. They were discussing over the case. Should I tell them or not. They would laugh at me. Who would believe me? While I was bombarded with those thoughts Attorney Shin entered and he greeted everyone. I didn’t even noticed him coming in. He called me thrice but I didn’t responded. Steve pinched me to bring to senses. “Ouch, have lost it or what?” I yelled at him. He indicated towards Attorney Shin by eye gesture. I turned and apologised “sorry I was thinking something.” “It’s ok but what was the thought about?” He asked. “That was…..no nothing.” I replied hesitantly. “We understand, you might have something personal.” He said “Well did you two bring the reviews?” He asked. “Yes we did”. Steve and I replied. We submitted the cases to Attorney Shin. I just turned my back. Attorney Shin called, “Katherine, I think you missed one review.” I turned towards his table and started to look for the file and remembered that I left on my study table. “I apologise Attorney Shin, I forgot it at my home if you allow me I would get it back immediately.” I said. “Hurry then, I’m going to meet an accused and would be back in 1hr. before I come I want it on my desk.” He said while collecting his coat and moving out. “Sure I would be back by then.” I shouted. “Are you okay? Do you want me to accompany you?” asked Steve. “It’s fine. I would be back in no time” I replied and rushed out.

What’s wrong with me? It’s the second day and I have started messing up. I ran towards my house, reached the study table. Got the file and thought to myself dream can’t be reality, so just forget about it. And I rushed back. I was about to open the office door. I heard someone cry. I opened the door slightly. It was Mr Kin’s sister, she was begging Racheal to save her brother. Racheal was apologising to her and trying to comfort her. I was taken aback. What if I saw was real? How can I not tell this just thinking that they would laugh at me? How can I let someone suffer when he is innocent and trapped? While I was struggling that lady came out wiping her tears. She slowly moved out. “Is there nothing we can do?” Steve asked Racheal. “If he hadn’t confessed at least I would have been able to get a reduced sentence”, said Racheal. “Though he has committed a murder, I feel ..” Steve was saying.

“He is innocent. He is not the culprit. We must save him” I declared. “Karry framed her father. It’s Karry who killed that man. Mr Kin feels that it was by accident. She was trying to defend herself and hit the man but it was all a show. She killed him and made her step father take the blame.” I said. “But we don’t have proof to prove this theory.” Said Steve. “It’s not theory, It’s the truth.” I said firmly looking at him. “And how do you know it?” Asked Racheal. “I would tell you once we find the proof to testify it in the court.” I said, standing up. “We are running out of time let’s hurry.” I said and was about to move out. “But she doesn’t have a motive to do so? Does she?” Racheal prompted. “She believes it’s her step father who made her mother die. She doesn’t know the person whom she hates so much was the reason that her mother’s life prolonged a bit.” I said without turning back to Racheal. “Let’s go Steve. I would need your help to prove him innocent.” I stepped out. “Go with her. I feel she really can prove what she is saying. Help her.” Said Racheal.

We went to the forensic lab first. “Did you perform the narcotics test on the victim?” I asked. “Yes, but it was not submitted as the case…” The doctor was saying but I interrupted “I need it.” He gave me the reports. “Alcohol content is quite high.” said Steve after reading the report. “As I suspected, if he would have been conscious he would have tried to save himself but there were no struggle injuries on his body. And obviously Mr Kin wouldn’t drink with him.” I said. “Let’s go, we have to get few more evidences.” I said looking at Steve. “I feel I am back in the police force, you are quite impressive.” He complimented.

We got Karry’s call record and also investigated her relations with the victim. “I can’t believe she was actually dating this man.” Steve said. “Not dating, she was using him as a bait, Clever girl.” I commented. “There is one last thing that we need to prove it.” I said. “Here you go, this is the CCTV footage from the house in the lane where Mr Kin lives. It clearly shows at 10:45 PM he crossed the lane heading towards his home.” said Steve while handing over the tape to me. “It means that he was not at home at 10:00 PM when actually the murder was done.” I said. “I even got the bills from the store from where got the grocery just before he headed towards home.” Steve showed. “How did you know about the store?” I asked. “Ahh! That’s nothing. Don’t forget I was a cop.” He showed off. “Sorry sir.” I giggled. “By the way where did you go?” He asked. “I would show you and Racheal together. Let’s go, it’s late.” I said.

We returned office it was already 8 o clock. Racheal was still there. As soon as we entered she asked “Finally you both are here, did you get something?” “Yes, have a look.” I said. She saw all the evidence we gathered. “It’s enough to prove him innocent but this doesn’t prove Karry did it. When you said she is behind all this I thought you would get strong evidence against her.” Racheal said while looking into my eyes. There was a silence in the room for a bit. Then I opened my bag and took out an envelope. “Have a look.” I said forwarding the envelope to her. She opened it up there was a diary and few photographs. “Photos are of Karry’s Locker. In every photo she has crossed Mr. Kin’s face and you would know the motive clearly from the diary.” I said. Steve and Racheal were surprised and were staring at the diary and me. “I know you have many questions for me. But even if tell you how did I do it, you won’t believe me. So, let’s work for the case we have only one day with us.” I said.

We three stayed back and prepared the documentation. We sent Racheal by around 10, she insisted to stay back but we forced her out. Me and Steve stayed up all night and completed the paper work. We prepared the request for producing new evidences in court. “You two were here all night.” exclaimed Andrew as soon as he came in. We didn’t realise that we dosed off. We were awakened by Andrews annoying voice, wished could have slept a little more. What’s this? It’s Steve jacket. Why it’s over me? Did he cover me up? Ahhh! So sweet. Suddenly he seemed a bit handsomer to me. No, no, no. Get back to senses Kathy. He is not your type. How could I think of such things when I am so overloaded with work. I slapped myself. “You two stayed up all night and completed it.” Racheal said while stepping in. “I should have stayed back also.” She said. “No, it’s okay. You need to take care.” I said “How is our little lawyer? You were little uncomfortable yesterday. Are you ok now?” asked Steve. “He is fine. Just making little fuss sometimes.” She replied with a smile. “You two go home and take an off today.” She ordered. “We would be going now but would be back by lunch. Today we would get our cases.” I said. “We have done all the documentation and the subpoenas as well. Just have a look and send them off.” said Steve. “Sure, thank you.” replied Racheal.

We were back in office after 3 hours. “Ohh! You two are really crazy. It’s hardly three hours you went and you are back.” said Andrew. “They are excited about their first case.” said Racheal. “Yes we are. All the best Attorney Kathy.” said Steve with a smile. Well he always smiles no matter what. Sometimes I feel irritated by his smile. “To you too.” I replied. Finally we got the cases. What the hell! Attorney Shin gave Steve the murder case and to me the clothes theft case. This is blowing me out. He even didn’t listen to me. I’m not going to let this go. Well most important thing right now is tomorrow’s trial for Mr Kin.

The trial went fine. As Racheal produced all the evidences and emphasised little on Karry about her feelings towards her father she spitted all out. I felt sad for Mr Kin. He must have been disappointed. But I had something to show to Karry as well. Before she was taken to prison I requested a meeting with her. “Here read this, you would know what your mother wanted actually.” I said forwarding a letter to her. She read it and was in tears. Her mom deliberately stopped her cancer treatment so that when she is gone it won’t be hard for Mr Kin to take care of Karry and her step-father was against it. He really wanted to go till the end. When we stepped out of the meeting room Mr Kin was standing there. “Don’t worry I would visit you daily, you might not want to see me but I would just drop the things you need and go back. I would speak to lawyer who can reduce the sentence. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t save your mom. But I won’t give up on you. So don’t worry.” He said. Karry looked at his face and then hugged him tightly. “I would come back daddy. Don’t leave me alone. You have to stay strong.” She said with tears in eyes.

Sometimes misunderstandings can lead to disastrous results. Well I am happy that she at least realised.

“This mail is for you.” said Andrew. “For me??” I exclaimed surprisingly. I opened the envelope. It contained few newspaper cuttings but I couldn’t relate them. Who would have sent me those and why?

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