The Doctor’s Fate

The Doctor’s Fate

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On a very fine day, I had a very low feeling when I was returning home from my college. The reason behind it is a video that I had saw; well there is a lot of entertaining content available on YouTube to pass your time and while scrolling down I stop my finger on a video titled from “This video will make you cry” and believe me after watching that video, I can feel that rage of that doctor who gives more priority to save a person’s life rather completing rituals of his son’s memorial. And it goes like this-

A doctor arrived at the hospital in rush after getting a call from his teammate for a crucial surgery.

He replied to the call as soon as possible, adjusted his clothes and went straight away to the surgery area.

He retrieved the boy’s dad striding into the hall anticipating for the doctor.

On viewing the doctor….

Boy’ dad: Where you are? why did you seize all this time to reach? Do not you know that my son’s soul is in menace? Do not you have any intellect of responsibility?

Doctor: (smiles) I am really sorry, I was not in the hospital and I came as quick as I could after getting the call… and now, I request you should calm down so that I can do my labour.

Boy’s dad: (furiously) Calm down? If your son was in this surgery right now, would you calm down? If your own son expires now what will you do?

Doctor: (smiles again) I would say that job supposed in the holy book …. “From sand we come and to we take back, fortunate and consecrated by the name of God.” Doctors cannot extend lives. Go and plead for your son, we will do our finest by God’s elegance.

Boy’s dad: (whispered) Giving an opinion when we are not worried is so easy.

Far ahead Doctor goes into surgery theater.

The operation took some hours afterwards which the doctor came out happily.

Doctor: Thanks to the mercy of God! Your son is protected!

And devoid of waiting for the father’s answer he moved on his way running.

Doctor: If you have any queries, question the nurse.

Proverb this, he went away.

Boy’s dad: (with a nurse) Why he is so egotistical? He could not pause for some minutes so that I ask about my son’s condition.

Nurse: (with tears coming down her face) His son expired yesterday in a road accident; he was at the funeral when we called him for your son’s surgery. And now that he protected your son’s life, he left running to end his son’s funeral.

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