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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

A Creepy College Apartment

A Creepy College Apartment

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The creepiest thing occurred in my life

At the beginning of the 2nd year of my college, I shifted to a flat. It was a trivial private enlargement through about four ground level flats wizened down equally sides of a street to a cul-de-sac. We compensated the owner through NEFT and the only further worker was a maintenance guy named Ajay.

Ajay would often be about doing odd tasks, stinging the grass or taking care of the pool. He was welcoming and often involved residents in the discussion. Just normal small conversation.

The foremost time I got sneaked out was when we were preparing a keg party at the flat. It was impending up on Friday night. Ajay was out by the pool former in the week and hit up a talk. He ended a comment, “If you are all set-up to pitch a party, make sure they do not throw a horde of trash near the pool that I have to clear-out.”

I reckoned one the requested guest had lane their mouth and assumed nothing of it. It troubled me that he saw something, but he looked cool about it.

One night we were brawling and unintentionally put a foot over the covering. It left a big seven-inch hole in the divider. We had an acquaintance who could come and cover it.

I was removing the garbage down and proverb Ajay. He starts off talking and alleged, “You need to get that hole immobile? I can turn up by and do it.”

“What hole?” I questioned. Pretending obliviousness.

“The one you hit in the divider horse playing,” he held.

I was furious. One of my roomies had pinched us out. I told him to get here by anytime. I even decided to compensate him 400 INR for setting it.

My roomies all deprived of stating him. I knew somebody had as he knew about the hole. We all begun associating stories and open that Ajay had instigated alike strange WTH instants amongst us all.

One dude linked how he recognized his sister's name though she had never been there to social call. Another held he inquired him around a specific brand of DVD player (it's been a few years) he was expending that he did not even know the brand name of till he went back and watched at the player.

One day as I was being seated on the toilet dipping the Fries off at the pool, I got a creepy feeling of being observed. I saw up at the shelter where the fan that had never functioned since we stirred in was and through the grid grills, I saw a usual of eyes beholding back at me. I winked in distrust and they were gone.

I cover it up and went outside to the loft entree point. Ajay met me as I was rambling around the house. “All ok?” He said.

“Fine,” I voiced. I knew he was the offender. I did not know what to pronounce. I guessed it was my word contrary to his. I did not mention a word.

I came back to my flat and said, my roomies. We roofed the aperture by a piece of cardboard.

A couple of days surpassed, and I proverb Ajay departing the flats. I got my buddy and we competed around to the loft entrance. I wanted to perceive how much he could see.

Upon ingoing, I initiate an elaborate beam walking board that acquired you all over the loft. All our flats were linked. I could go in any way and there was a dwell to scout on the flat underneath. I quickly comprehended that no one’s fan functioned since they had all been detached.


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