Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Drama Action


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Drama Action

The Day The State Split Asunder - 23

The Day The State Split Asunder - 23

7 mins

Dhyaneshwar was seated comfortably in his spacious air-conditioned cabin, located on the sixth floor of the Magellanic Pharma formulation plant located on the outskirts of the city. Despite being sixty years old, he doesn't look his age. His hair was jet black and his eyes were red not because he drank a lot but because he rarely slept. Hard work is essential even if you have millions of rupees in your bank account. 

As an industrialist, he has been running a successful pharmaceutical business and amassed a lot of money in his life which is sufficient for his next ten generations. His dressing style was that of a classic-modern businessman type with a blazer, tie and a lapel pin. He has no special liking for any particular colours and wears one particular colour of suit each day. Today being Thursday he wore a sky blue coloured suit. The people who are closely acquainted with him can simply recollect the day by just looking at his suit. 

He rose up and walked towards the window from where he could take in the complete view of the ten acres of the chemical plant. The area is under surveillance with more than one hundred cameras. With the gentle push of a switch, he can have a look at the respective sites within the plant.

From the distance, he was able to see a column of grey smoke coming out from the chimney. The pharmaceutical industry is unique because of how often employees are exposed to hazardous chemicals. He never cared about the health of his employees while his room is equipped with two air purifiers that were imported from Japan. Money was his entire world. All throughout his life he never spent a single rupee for the welfare of others and he doesn't hesitate to remove anyone who has become a hurdle in his way.

Tring! Tring! The telephone on his desk rang.

'Good morning, this is Dhyaneshwar online,' Dhyaneshwar casually spoke on the telephone.

'Sir, where are you? You are supposed to come to the Begumpet office today,' his secretary Subhash spoke on the other side.

'The meeting is scheduled at 01:30 post-lunch right?'

'Yes sir.'

'I will start in ten minutes and is Rajath in the office?'

'No sir.'

Dhyaneshwar glanced at the time on his Rolex wristwatch. 'It's already 10:30 now?' he said to himself.

'Subhash, I will be reaching there in an hour. And meanwhile, can you do the web check-in of my flight?'

'Ok sir'

Dhyaneshwar then called his driver and started to the corporate office in Begumpet. It took ninety minutes to reach the office. He got down the car and straightaway made himself into Rajath's cabin. Rajath was having a discussion with someone on the mobile. He immediately cut the call after his father walked into the cabin.

'What happened Dad? You are here in my cabin?' Rajath asked, nervous.

'I gave you some work yesterday. Did you complete it?'

'Yes Dad I-I actually-'

'Say yes or no!'


'I told you a million times yesterday that the WHO team will be coming for an inspection at GLR Life Sciences. If anything goes wrong we will be losing our licence. Did you have a talk with the director? He was supposed to send you the report.'

'I will talk to him now.'

'No need. I already talked to him yesterday.'

'Sorry, dad!'

'Tell me one good thing that you have contributed to this company? You don't have the discipline. You often go to parties and spend a lot of time boozing. Had I been like you at your age, I wouldn't have established this empire. Your wife Akshara works better than you. Had she been in your place, she would have done a better job. I completely stopped caring about our venture capital firm. In a span of two years, she succeeded in funding fifteen companies and we didn't lose even a single rupee. In return, she was able to generate a revenue of two hundred and fifty crores. You on the other hand dumped ninety crores on those useless movies. Remember, every successful company is a work in progress, so your pursuit of better performance needs to be relentless.'

'Please don't compare me with Akshara?'

'Then do something better than her. Remember one thing Rajath, I can't explain how much this company means to me. If a day comes to choose either company or you, I will prefer the company. If you keep doing the same then I need to appoint Akshara in your place,' Dhyaneshwar said and stormed out of the room.

'Now, I have to do something for this company. But what can I do to increase the turnover?' Rajath thought.

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