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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance


Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

4 mins

Amir is a business baron of India, being from a Parsi family, he obeys his lineage principles diligently.

Their forefather got settled in India, a long time ago, they had a passion for the country.

They wanted to lay the foundation, for their countrymen and they founded the first indigenous steel factory during British rule.

Since then, their company has flourished.

There was a succession of executives, who lead the company with a motto of curtailing poverty.

They evolved in various domains:

The luxury hotel, the grocery store,

The beverages, the heavy vehicles,

The motor industry, 

The consultant firm.

There was no market segment, where they haven't made their existence.

Amir is the fourth-generation leader, in their family business.

He holds a master's degree from a top management institute, along with the experiences of his successors.

Under Amir's leadership, the company flourished by 200%, He became, one of the best young leaders in the world, and his name got engraved in various magazines.

The multi-talented, Amir holds a pilot license and developed a passion for the sports car.

He is part of the board of directors of groups and has he continues to invest in other startups, as he believes youth are the future.

The humble Amir, lives in a flat in Mumbai, along with his truthful companion Fidato, following their family principles.

For others, she is a pet, but for him, she is more than a pet.

Most of their revenues get contributed to social causes, and the remaining are invested in enduring the business.

One of his goals was to make the common man happy, and he ought to own his car. 

He realized his dream, and commenced the world's first minicar, at an affordable rate, with India's indigenous technology.

Many business tycoons, warned him about the profit index. But for Amir, it was more than a business, as he saw his children in his countrymen.

Amir succeeded in business life. But he was a bachelor by choice.

He has got retired from his firm and continues to mentor while living a peaceful life with his faithful companions.

During his mid-twenties, he did felt a connection a divine love. The age was just a number as it was not just an attraction, it was a matured ardent love that persists within him. 

She was a foreigner from, a different religion, and origin. She hailed from a respectable family, but Amir's family opposed his love, he fought against them hoping to win a vain battle against a firm household. 

Time passed, the business grew, slowly the members of his family departed, as his grey hair gave him experience and empire, the loneliness enclosed the tycoon. 

Amir continues to follow his family values, he sacrificed his love, for the family's belief system.

His family believed he would get married to the girl of their discretion with time. But Amir proved them to be wrong, he stayed firm, he chooses to be a bachelor, by accepting his countrymen dreams and their family and toiled for uplifting them.

In a world, where people get blackmailed in the name of the affair, even in his eighty, he sheds tears for her, when his memories are triggered, though he doesn't reveal her identity. As he is cautious about her personal life.

He sets an example to couples of today, of what love is all about.

"Love doesn't have religion, caste, gender, or status. Technology can't save your memories. It's the respect to love, that keeps memories alive."

Marriage and relationship are not united with rituals, or communications, but with trust, mutual respect, and love.

Distance, age, physical existence are just illusions when souls are connected.

It's better to be a bachelor when love is sufficient, an ambition heeded by Amir.

While prevailing in Life, we are often get attached to obligations, and selflessness love, and our life gets sacrificed.

Let's hope the boundaries are broken, in the future generations by giving preference to people and love, rather than their origins.

We may not unite with the person whom we love, they may get married to someone else as well and may lead their family happily.

But the love and the memories we share aren't a fantasy and always belongs to us though people may not.

We always share a part of our hearts and souls with our past, some choose to get married and others choose to be single.

Love is an accident, a blessing for few, and an unavoidable pain for others that everyone needs to undergo.

When it gives a blow some select the wrong path, whereas others get strengthen it by directing it to shower. 

It's the choice we choose, as love continues to exist in several forms.

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