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Reenika Gholkar



Reenika Gholkar


The Adventures in Disneyland

The Adventures in Disneyland

21 mins 236 21 mins 236

Jessica was an ordinary girl living alone in a small apartment. She has smooth brown hair and similar brown eyes. People in school call her 'the beauty queen.' Unfortunately, Jessica's parents died 2 years ago so she lives alone. Her aunt gives her money every month. To keep herself engaged, Jessica reads a lot of books and watches movies.

1. Jessica

It was a normal day. Jessica jumped on her bed to read her book. The bed seemed.... too soft and it felt like she was sinking in. Then she noticed that she was actually sinking in. Jessica had no idea what was happening. With a loud scream, she was sucked inside. Jessica couldn't see anything. After a while, she noticed an old lady looking at her. She was holding a lamp and they were in a dark, damp tunnel. Jessica got up. 'Who are you?' she asked.

'Welcome to the school of princes and princesses.' Then she bowed and said, 'We are honoured to have you here, princess Jessica.'

Princess? Jessica wasn't a princess. She pinched herself. Not a dream. 'Who? What?.....' Jessica tried to ask something, but the words seemed to be stuck in her throat. 'You are a princess.' The lady said. She clicked her fingers (which seemed evil) and Jessica was wearing a long pink dress and pink high heels. Definitely not Jessica's style. Now, most girls dream of becoming princesses and all but Jessica is different. She likes wearing boots, shirts, jeans but not gowns. Many called her dorky too but it didn't matter. 'I don't like this dress.' Jessica said, gritting her teeth.

'Well, school rules, dear.' The lady said. 'Oh, and you can call me aunt Trem.' She handed Jessica a black coloured biscuit. 'Follow me.' Tram said. Jessica didn't eat the biscuit. She dropped it. She wanted to run away. But Jessica followed. Trem..... she had heard this name before. But where? Jessica was barely able to walk with the stupid high heels. They came out of the tunnel. Jessica gasped. They were standing in a big hall. On one side stood all the princesses- Snow white, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel(in human form), Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana. And on the other side stood all the princes- Prince Charming, John Smith, Flynn Ryder, Eric, Adam, Naveen, Aladdin, Florian and a boy Jessica didn't know. Maybe he was also bought here. But something was wrong. All the princesses were wearing ball gowns. Even Mulan, Moana and Merida. How can a warrior like Mulan can wear a ball gown? And Pocahontas? Impossible. Something was wrong. 'Here is your new friend, princess Jessica.' Trem said. The princesses bowed. They seemed in a kind of trance, like they were hypnotized. When Jessica and her friends went in the girls dormitory, Tram locked the door. Everything was pink there. Jessica removed her heels and threw them in frustration. The princesses started putting on their makeup. Jessica felt like she would vomit.

Jessica cleared her throat. 'How did you come here? It seemed like you were hypnotized!' The princesses looked at her. It was a bit uncomfortable with fifteen princesses glaring at her. 'We don't know.' They said at once. Jessica thought for a while. Then she understood. 'I know!' she said. 'The black biscuit.... don't eat it. I think it controls you.'

'The black biscuits.' Jasmine said dreamily. 'We love them.'

Jessica frowned. 'Mulan, you are a warrior. Why are you dressed in a ball gown?? You should fight, not dance.'

'What is your problem?' Mulan said.

The princesses were angry now. So Jessica kept quiet. She had to get out of here. The princesses headed out of the room towards the ballroom. Reluctantly, Jessica followed. The princes also seemed to be in a trance. Jessica was paired with the new boy. He had blond hair and bright blue eyes. He was kinda cute. The music started. Part of Jessica said, No I am not dancing with this guy.

But the other part of Jessica was like: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Now who can control a 14 year old girl from crushing, right? 😉

After five minutes of dreamy dancing, Jessica came back to her senses. She had a feeling that this guy had not eaten any biscuits, because he was like completely normal. Jessica had to talk to this guy in private. She scanned the room. Trem wasn't there. She had seen her disappear behind a curtain in the corner. Jessica held his hand and dragged him behind the curtain. 'What?' He asked. 'You are pretty.'

'No, shut up.' Jessica snapped. She hoped he couldn't see her blushing. 'Did you eat the black biscuits?'

'No.' He said. 'What happened?'

'I wanted to stop the princesses....... Jessica stopped. She looked around. They were standing in a tunnel (which looked like a cave). 'I am exploring this. You wanna come with me?'

'Yes. My name is Joshua. You can call me Josh.' He removed a dagger and gave it to her.

'Thanks.' Jessica said. 'Do you have a pair of scissors?'

Joshua gave her a pair of Scissors. Jessica was wearing a legging under her dress. So, she ripped of the bottom fluffy part of the dress (which took hours to do). 'Let's go now.' They walked into the cave like tunnel. Jessica was walking barefoot (she didn't have shoes apart from the high heels) so she could feel the damp soil. After a while, it became very dark. Jessica couldn't see anything. 'Are you there?'

'Yes.' Joshua replied.

'C-can we hold hands?'

'You are afraid of dark!' Joshua said. 

'Hey!' Jessica protested. They held hands and walked further. 'Wait..... can you hear that?' They froze in their tracks. They could here hissing of a snake. Suddenly, the fire on torches lit up, and they could see their first difficulty- A Hydra. It was curled up and sleeping. It had three heads.

'What is that?' Joshua asked.

'Don't you watch Disney movies?' Jessica said. 'It is a Hydra. It is a greek mythological creature, but it appeared in the disney movie Hercules.'

'Ya, I remember!' Joshua said. 'It spits poison.'

Jessica nodded. 'How do we cross it? It's blocking our path.'

'How did Hercules defeat the Hydra?' Joshua asked.

'The Hydra's one immortal head was cut off with a golden sword given to Hercules by Athena. We don't have it.' Jessica said.

'Okay, miss know-it-all. How do we get out of here?'

'I have no idea.' Jessica said. 'I think we should go back and see if there is another passage.' They took a step behind, but the ground crumbled leaving a chasm. The Hydra woke up. It lowered it's head to look closely. 'I have got this.' Joshua said. He took his dagger.

'No, don't cut the head!' Jessica shouted. But it was too late. Joshua slashed the Hydra's head. But two more grew back. It started spitting poison. Jessica and Joshua dodged the poison. But they could not play dodge-the-poison forever. They had to do something. Jessica stepped back, tripped, and fell into the chasm. She held on with her hands for dear life. Joshua gave her a hand. 'No, it will spit poison!' Jessica shouted. Joshua jumped into the chasm. Jessica held him by her hand. But the Hydra came over and spit poison on her hand. 'Ow!'

Jessica's hand slipped. Somehow she managed to hold Joshua's hand. Together they fell down. Splash! Thank god there was a river there. But Jessica's hand pained so much that she couldn't stand it longer. She fainted.

2. Joshua

Somehow Joshua had dragged Jessica into the nearest cave. He managed to start a fire. Jessica was shivering because of her sleeve less dress. Joshua put a blanket around her and kept her head on his lap. He stared at the fire. He had not come to save the princesses. He had come here for her.

He liked her. The way she blushed, the way she got angry, the way she smiled. Everything. She had a funny way of sleeping too. He was almost disappointed when she woke up. She wrapped the blankets tightly around herself. She blushed, 'I.....I am sorry for the trouble. And how did my hand heal?'

'I have no idea.' Joshua said. 'Maybe the water was enchanted or something.'

'Ich wünschte, Ich könnte dir sagen, wie sehr ich dich mag.' Jessica said dreamily. 'Deine blauen Augen sind die schönsten Augen, die ich je gesehen habe.'

'Excuse me?'


Joshua raised his eyebrows but didn't press on. He didn't know how, but his backpack was also dry. He took out the marshmallows and sticks he had brought. They roasted the marshmallows and ate in silence. Finally, Jessica asked, 'Is it night? I am feeling sleepy.'

'Yes.' Joshua said. 'Let's sleep.'

He extinguished the fire and laid down. Jessica's back was facing him so he assumed she must be sleeping. He wanted to tell her about his sister, Miley, but he didn't get a chance. He tossed from left to right, but couldn't sleep. He tried to remember those sentences Jessica said in a foreign language. What was it? French? no, not French. German.... yes, she had spoken in German. But what? He wished he had google translate. He stared at Jessica's brown hair in the dim light. He was tempted to touch it. It looked like silk threads.

'Wake up!' Jessica said, shaking him. Joshua didn't even know how and when he fell asleep. He woke up. Jessica gathered all the stuff and put it into the bag, but she was coughing.

'What happened to you?'

'Dunno. But we should go. Come on Josh, we gotta fight monsters.'

He was glad to hear his nickname again. They started walking, but Joshua noticed something. There were stones ahead near the river bank and Jessica was barefoot. He took out the extra pair of sandals from his bag and gave it to her. She smiled, 'Gee, thanks.'

They walked and walked, and finally came out of the river bank. Cold wind hit them. There was... snow. This disneyland was really very weird. Jessica started shivering. She pulled the blankets around herself tightly. They walked a few steps but Joshua had a feeling that Jessica would collapse if she didn't get warmth. Joshua's teeth were also chattering, but he was used to snow and cold weathers. He spread his hands awkwardly. 'May I?'

Jessica nodded desperately. Joshua put his hand around her shoulders (just for warmth, okay?) and they walked further.

'Are you used to cold?' Jessica asked.

'I lived in Alaska for last three months.' Joshua said. 'So I am used to it.'

'Josh, you got a girlfriend?' someone said from behind. Joshua was startled. He turned around. Standing there, was a girl with blonde hair tied in a plait, greenish blue eyes and a smirk on her face. Joshua's heart leapt out of his body. 'Miles!' He was overjoyed. He ran to her and hugged her. She kissed him on the cheek. 'You okay?'


Then he saw a stunned Jessica and blushed. 'This is Miley. She is my....

'I am his girlfriend' Miley said.

'Miles, stop joking, please.' Joshua said. 'She is my sister.'

Jessica's expression softened. She smiled. 'Nice to meet you. You look a lot like Joshua.'

'Joshua, you got a nice, cute girl......

'Miles, we are just friends!' Joshua said. 

'Wait, why didn't you tell me about Miley?' Jessica asked. 'Is she always here, in this princess school thing?'

'Yes.' she said. 'It's been days since I live here. I love this place. Come behind me.'

3. Jessica

Jessica and Joshua followed Miley. When Miley said, 'I am his girlfriend' her heart had stopped beating. Why? was she really liking him? The sentences she had spoken in German proved that.....

Shut up, Jessica. 

Miley led them in another minor cave. At the end was a door. Miley opened it. They walked inside. Jessica's mouth dropped open. The entrance was so small...... but inside it was a big house. It was warm and cozy. The living room had a sofa and a fireplace. There were several rooms and a kitchen too. 'The house is nice.' Jessica said. 'But how do you live here? I mean, with monsters and all.'

'I am used to it.' Miley said. 'I also ran away from that school.'

'Jess, are you German?' Joshua asked.

'No. I learn it.'

It looked like Joshua wanted to talk something, but Miley cut him off. Jessica was sure that he wanted to ask her about the sentences she spoke.

'Joshua, you know this house. Go and change your clothes. And you......

'Jessica.' Jessica said.

'Jessica, come with me.' Miley said.

She followed Miley in what looked like a dressing room. She gasped. Miley had all kind of clothes Jessica could ever imagine. 'Wow!'

'Well, you need winter clothes.' She said, looking through racks of clothes. 'Take this sweater and parka.'


Jessica changed her clothes. She felt warm and comfortable now. She sat across Joshua. He had changed into a winter jacket too.

'I will bring some hot chocolate for you.' Miley offered. 'Then we can talk.'

Miley went in the kitchen. 'Please tell me the meaning of the German sentences you spoke.' Joshua said.

'Look, I can't.' Jessica said. 'I will tell you when time comes.'

Joshua didn't press on. He just stared at Jessica like he was trying to extract the information from her mind. Now, Jessica felt very uncomfortable. Those blue eyes seemed to press on. 'Would you stop?'

'Sorry.' He said. 'Did you observe that there were only 12 princesses there? And only 7 princes?'

Wow, so stupid. 'Umm..... The 12 princesses are official.' Jessica said. 'So there are 12 of them. And all the princes are there except Li Shang.'

'Now who's that?'

Jessica rolled her eyes. 'Mulan's prince.'

Just then Miley came with the hot chocolate. She sat next to Joshua. 'The story you both told me about the Hydra is completely false.'

Jessica almost choked her hot chocolate. 'Miles, your way of joking has not changed.' Joshua said. 'But Jessica almost......

'I am not joking.' Miley snapped. 'If Hydra spits poison on Jessica's hand, then it should be completely swollen and red.'

'It was.' Jessica said. 'But after we came out of water, it was fine. I don't know how.'

'Water...... water is your speciality!' Miley said.


Miley twirled her fingers. A small plant grew ON the table. Now, the cup was gonna fall off Jessica's hand. Joshua coughed so badly, Jessica thought he would puke.

'Nature is my speciality.' Miley said. 'When people come to Disneyland, they find their specialities. Looks like yours is water.'

Jessica let that sink in. 

'Why do you do weird things when I am trying to sip my hot chocolate?' Joshua said in a hoarse voice. Miley rolled her eyes in a playful way.

'Do you know about Trem and all?' Jessica asked.

Miley's face darkened. 'I know. All the villians are coming. Unfortunately, because of the rules of Disneyland, I can't tell you. But Crystal can.'

She led us out of the house. She whistled and a horse came trotting towards us. It was a pure white horse, maybe used to living in snow. It came and licked Joshua's face. 'Can't you train Crystal to not lick my face?' He huffed.

'You have to start your journey now.' Miley said. 'Crystal will take you to the villian's place. Good luck.'

Jessica was a little disappointed that Miley was following some kind of rules, but Joshua seemed okay with it. The sun was going down. Jessica was getting used to the cold. Joshua sat in front and held the reins. 'C'mon.'

Jessica sat behind him. Soon, Miley's home was just a black spot in as they moved forward. 'If you knew where your sister lives, why didn't you bring me here earlier, huh?' Jessica demanded.

'Miles told me that I cannot see her house whenever I want to. So, now she wished to show up. Her house always shifts from one place to another.'

This was very tricky. But as the Sun started going down, her eyelids started getting heavier. She was exhausted. She wrapped her arms around Joshua's waist, kept her head on his shoulder and fell asleep.

4. Joshua.

Joshua had no problem with Jessica using his shoulder as a pillow. He was not going to sleep now. He had met his sister after months and she had given them only a horse. Why follow those stupid rules? She could come with them on the adventure. Joshua was an orphan. He had no one except his sister. And now she is living here in this stupid land. She didn't even tell him that she had nature speciality and all. Joshua wasn't even sure why he came here with Jessica. It was true, he liked her, but what about her? What if she didn't find anything special in him? Now he was starting to regret his decision of coming here. He felt all sad and lonely.

'Don't worry.' Jessica muttered. 'I am with you. I always will be.'

What? Could Jessica read his thoughts? No, she was muttering in her sleep. 

The horse trotted forward. They reached in some kind of woods they showed in Snow white and the seven Dwarfs. It was all dark. Joshua couldn't see anything, so he wondered how Crystal could make the way. Joshua tried to, but he couldn't sleep.

It was morning. Joshua had somehow slept, but only for an hour or two. Jessica was awake now. They moved further, but Crystal stopped and whinnied urgently. 'What's the matter?'

Joshua got down from Crystal. Then what he saw made his heart leap. Standing there was a big black-purple dragon with wings sprouted on its side. Jessica stood by his side, looking at the dragon. Crystal whinnied and ran away. 'Crystal!' Joshua called, but she was unstoppable. Joshua looked at the dragon. It was shrinking slowly. Finally, it turned into a tall woman. She was pale and wore a dark red lipstick. She wore a black dress and there were two curved horns on her head. Joshua knew who she was. The villain of sleeping beauty. Before he could react, the woman flicked her wrist and Jessica was falling down the valley. 'You have two choices.......

He didn't listen to the woman. He dashed and jumped down the valley. He knew it was suicide, but dying with Jessica was better than dying with the hands of a pale woman who makes people sleep. He caught up with Jessica. They were so close, he could feel her heartbeat. Please stop. Joshua thought. Let us live. Suddenly they stopped in midair. The air below their feet felt like solid ground.


'The air is supporting us.' Joshua said, but he didn't know how he knew.

'Then maybe you can tell it to take us back up.' Jessica said.

Joshua closed his eyes and said in his mind, Up! Soon they were back on the ground. They stood there, staring at the woman, not understanding what to say. Finally, Jessica said 'Maleficent.' There was a quiver in her voice, not of fear, but of anger.

'Oh, the poor brown haired girl. What was your name?' The woman paused for a moment. 'Oh, yes. Jessica.'

Jessica gritted her teeth. 'You!' she said. 'Came to my house that day. Told me to bring a glass of water for you. When I came, you were gone and my parents were...... dead.'

Jessica ran towards her with her dagger, but Joshua stopped her. 'Wait!'

He was shocked because he had never seen her so angry. Maleficent laughed maliciously. 'I am here to tell you that i am giving the princesses their memories. You can train them for war.'

'Why war?' she demanded.

'If I win,' Maleficent said, 'I will have the powers of all the princesses. And you will die- like your parents.' Maleficent disappeared into thin air. Jessica stomped her foot in frustration. 

'Now we have to go back to school.' she said. 'C'mon.'

They started walking through the woods. 'Um... May I ask the death of your parents?' Joshua asked nervously. He stepped back, because Jessica was looking at him like she was gonna kill him. But her gaze softened.

'Yes.' She said in a small voice. 'You ought to know the truth.'

5. Jessica

Jessica remembered that horrible night.

Jessica and her parents were having dinner. Jessica was telling them about her school. They laughed and spent time together. Suddenly, the bell rang. Jessica opened the door to see a beautiful pale woman in black dress, red lipstick and beautiful long hair. Mom and dad tensed when they saw her. 'Jess, dear, go bring something for our guest.' Mom said. Jessica knew something was wrong, but anyways she was stupid so she went in the kitchen. As she was removing juice from the refrigerator, she heard clattering of things and raised voices of her parents. Jessica's heart started beating faster. She could hear something like: 'Don't take away our daughter, you can.......

Jessica moved towards the kitchen door. She wanted to go out and know what's happening. Suddenly, the lights went out. It was pitch dark. Jessica could hear the scream of her mother and the laughter of the lady. Jessica wanted to move, but she couldn't. She could hear the door slamming. The lady was out. Jessica made her way through the dark. She tripped over things, but finally reached the living room. 'Mom? Dad?' She switched on the lights. Her mom was pale and weak, sitting on the sofa. Her dad was not there. Jessica ran towards her mom. 'Mom? what...

'Listen, Jessica.' Mom said. 'The lady saw the future. You are destined to destroy her. She was going to take you away from us. She said: a sacrifice as worthy as you can save you. So.. we are gone now. Take care.'

'Mom.... ' Jessica said. 'How can I save you?'

'You defeat her and you will get us.' Mom said. 'And beware.... 

Her mom disappeared. Jessica cried the whole night. She informed the police, but they also couldn't find her parents. Jessica searched for the evil lady. She couldn't find her either. Jessica had lost her parents. But one day, while Jessica was watching the sleeping beauty, she saw her- Maleficent. But Disney villians don't exist, Jessica thought. Her parents were gone. They sacrificed themselves for her.

'You should have let me kill her.' Jessica said in a croaky voice. 'I would have got my parents back.'

'Look, she can turn into a dragon.' Joshua said. 'You couldn't just have killed her with a dagger. We must find her weak point. And I am sorry- about your parents.'

Jessica tucked her hands in her pocket. 'Look, I am trying to forget that night from months. It makes me weaker. So let's not discuss about that. And how did you control the air?'

'I don't know- maybe it's my speciality.' Joshua said.

'Do you know the way back to school?'

'No. We have to find Crystal first.'

After that they walked in silence. Jessica tried not to cry. All those bad memories were coming back to her.....

It was night. They could hear the flowing river. 'It's the river we fell into!' Jessica said.

'Let's rest.' Joshua said.

They sat with blankets on them, resting their back on the wall behind them. Joshua fell asleep quickly. But Jessica couldn't. She walked towards the river. She could see something purple in the water. She walked further. As the water came till her waist, something pulled her inside. Something like an arm of an octopus. Jessica wasn't surprised that she could breathe underwater. After all, it was her speciality. 'Ursula!' she said. The one who pulled her inside was Ursula. 

'Yes, its me. Now I'll put you in the dungeons. Let's see how your boyfriend saves you.' She said.

'He's not my..... You are not going to put me in the dungeons!' Jessica replied. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the water. A wave of water hit Ursula in the face. When Ursula was distracted, Jessica slashed her octopus arm with her dagger. She wailed and went away. Jessica came out of the water. Joshua had got up, calling her name. 'Hey!' she said.

'What are you doing? And how are you dry after going in water?' He asked.

'Water is my speciality.' She said. 'And nothing, I was exploring the water.' She lied. She wanted nothing to spoil this night. They sat and watched the stars together. Its time, Jessica thought. I should tell him.

'Hey, um..... I wanted to tell you something.' She said.

'Yes?' He asked.

'The sentences I spoke in German.' She said. 'I actually like you. From the first time we met..... but I couldn't tell you.'

Joshua's eyes widened. 'Really?' He asked. 'I like you too.... but I thought you... you just wanted me as a friend.'

She smiled. 'You are more than that.'

They leaned in.

When they took off, they looked at each other like: did we just do that?

And they smiled. 

They were quiet for like forever, but finally, Joshua said, 'The stars remind me of my mom and dad.'

'What happened to them?' She asked.

'Didn't see them since I was a baby. I am an orphan.' He sighed. 'I don't know why, but Miley never shows me their photos. And we did a really naughty thing.' He giggled. 'We ran from the orphanage.'

Jessica laughed. 'Like they show in movies.'

They didn't know when, but they fell asleep.

6. Joshua.

Joshua woke up. Last night was like a dream. First, Jessica said that she really liked him. And after that she had......... 

Jessica had already woke up, staring at the water. Joshua gathered all his stuff. 'Hey!' he said. 'I am ready to go!'

'Yeah.' she said. 'But we lost Crystal.'

Joshua sighed. 'It's okay. Miles said that when we really need to go to princess school, a the portal opens. So we have to find it.'

Just as he said that, a blue circle opened in the wall. Jessica and Joshua ran into the portal. They ran through the tunnel, into the ballroom. The princesses were back to normal, just like Maleficent had promised. But they all were confused. When they saw Jessica, they bowed and said, 'Thankyou princess Jessica.'

'So you all know what happened?' She asked, stepping forward. She looked so confident and good- She was really meant to be a leader.

'Yes.' Mulan said. 'And training starts now. But we would like to see you both fighting.'

Joshua nodded. 'Okay.'

They went in the middle of the ballroom. Mulan handed them swords. 'So you have any experience?' Jessica asked.

'I am one with the wind and sky!' He said in a tune, as he levitated a bit in the air. The princesses gasped.

Jessica raised her eyebrows. 'Let the storm rage on!' she said, as water circled around her. When the magic was stopped, they clanged their swords. Joshua tried to do his dreamy blue eyes thing, but Jessica wouldn't fall for it. 'Nope, I am not falling for those blue eyes!' She said. Jessica pushed on harder, so Joshua fell on the ground. 'You need some practice.' She said.

'Not really.' He said.

They fought again, and this time he won. 'Okay, now time for the princesses to do this.' He said.

Fifteen days later.....

They practiced a lot. Now they had to wait for Maleficent to call them for war.

15 days later....

1. Joshua

The training went pretty well. The princesses learnt to fight. And now, a month was over. They were waiting for a signal from Maleficent to come for war. As the princesses and Jessica were packing up, a black crow flew from the tunnel that connected the school to disneyland. The crow threw the letter in Joshua's hand and went away. The princesses gathered around him as he unwrapped the letter. Everything was black: black paper, black cover- only the words written inside were in white. Joshua read the letter:

To the brown haired girl and the blond boy,

I, Maleficent am ready for the war. But only you and the blond can come to fight me. Come at the woods in which we met the first time ASAP.

Yours cruelly,


Jessica gritted her teeth. 'All this training for nothing. Princesses, protect the school.' She took her bow and quiver. 'C'mon.'

Joshua had never seen her so determined. She was so positive. Joshua took his sword and they went through the tunnel. They walked and walked and at evening, they reached the woods.


'Maleficent!' Jessica called. 'Come out, you killer!'

From the shadows, a black figure came out. 'Oh, you are here already.' She said. 'The blond can fight the Hydra, while I kill you.'

'This is not fair!' Joshua said. Then he went towards Jessica. 'You can't fight her alone.'

'Trust me, I can.' Jessica said, though she didn't know how. 'It'll be okay. Just keep the Hydra engaged.'

Joshua sighed. Then he handed her a locket with a beautiful pendant. 'Remember me.' He said.

Then he started playing dodge-the-poison. Jessica clutched the locket and put it in  her pocket. She closed her eyes and said in her mind, Mom, Dad help me. 

The spot on her upper lip is her weakness, Mom said.

Remove the locket, Dad said.

Jessica felt a surge of energy through her body. 'I am ready.' She said.

Maleficent started sword fighting with her. Jessica's target was her locket with the obsidian pendant. Jessica slashed her sword through the string, and the locket broke. Maleficent stepped backwards, clutching her heart. 

'You!' She shouted. Then she pushed her with so much energy, that Jessica fell backwards. Then she made a gesture: The Hydra vanished, but she caught Joshua and pointed her sword towards him. 'Surrender or you lose the boy.'

Jessica knew what to do. 'Okay, I surrender.' She said, keeping her sword down. 'Just let me shoot an arrow in your heart.'

Maleficent laughed. 'No one can kill me! Shoot!'

Jessica pointed her arrow at the spot on her upper lip, prayed a silent prayer and shot the arrow. The arrow hit the target.

'No!' Maleficent shouted. 'You will pay for this!' And she melted into a black slimy puddle. Jessica ran towards Joshua and hugged him. 'We won!'

'Yeah!' He said.

'Okay, lets go to school.' Jessica said. 'From there, I am going to my home. No more adventures now!'

They laughed.

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