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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Divyanshi Gupta

Abstract Fantasy Thriller


Divyanshi Gupta

Abstract Fantasy Thriller

The Abduction

The Abduction

7 mins 528 7 mins 528

"Gosh... It's so suffocating in here." I wiped off the sweat from my forehead and took a seat on my couch. The air-conditioner wasn't working either. I felt like I would die of suffocation and on top of that... I was not feeling well. Not like I was sick or something but.. my mood was a bit off. I was feeling nauseous, a feeling that something bad would happen was continuously irritating me. 

I decided to ignore all of this and go out for a walk. I called out for my only family, Jenny. "Jenny! Where are you? Let's go out for a walk!" I searched for her in my living room but she wasn't there. After searching for her everywhere, I found her sleeping peacefully on the carpet, beside my bed. 

Unconsciously, a huge grin appeared on my face. I crouched down beside her and took her soft and cute face in between my hands and squeezed it. "Hey, baby! Did you sleep well?" She licked my face in response and I couldn't help but giggle. "Let's go for a walk. Shall we?" I stood up and went out of the room, with her following behind me, swaying her tail in excitement. 

I decided not to tie the collar around her neck because of course, it wasn't the first time I was taking her out for a walk. And also my Jenny is a very responsible dog. 

We went out of the house and started walking on the footpath, near my house. The air outside was humid as well but it was still better than my house. A light breeze was blowing, gently kissing my cheeks every time is passed me. In all, it was peaceful but suddenly... The nauseous feeling returned and my mood got a bit off. 

The air started blowing faster, almost converted into the wind and the temperature dropped. I started feeling chilly all of a sudden. I looked towards the sky... But a bright light fell directly on the eyes. It was so bright and white that it blinded my vision completely. My mind went blank as well. I wasn't able to think anything, in fact, I even forgot my own name. My mind was as blank as a white unused paper. 

After some time, which felt like an eternity, the light vanished. But it's after-effects were still there. My vision was blurred and mind was still blank. After blinking twice or thrice, my vision cleared along with my mind. 

I looked around to find myself in the same neighborhood as earlier. I sighed in relief but it didn't last long when I realized that Jenny was nowhere to be seen. I started searching for her everywhere but to no avail. 

Hardly anyone was there on the road so I couldn't take anyone else's help as well. I decided to go to another neighborhood as well. When I was walking, I came across a forest...

Yes.. a FOREST in the middle of a highly developed city... 

"I thought there was a mall over here..." I mumbled to myself. I was hundred percent sure that there was a mall before... But how come a forest was there? 

I knew something was not right, but I also had a feeling that Jenny was in there... I stood at the entrance and to my surprise, there was a cemented path made from the entrance and going to a particular direction, deep inside the forest. 

I didn't know what I was doing and why I was doing, but I started moving on that path. It was as if some magnetic force was attracting me. I couldn't think straight. I didn't know where I was going or why I was going... But I was just... Going. 

At the end of the path, I saw something worse than a nightmare. There, Jenny was lying under the big Banyan tree, Dead. And a big spaceship- also known as U.F.O.- was hiding behind the bushes. Mixed emotions ran through me. I was bewildered, upset, scared and..angry.

 The spaceship was way too real and big to be a model. And hundreds of green, ugly looking creatures were scattered around it. I felt like vomiting. 

"Are they... Aliens..?" They were barely three feet tall, amoeboid in shape, with antenna-like horns protruding out of their head. They were green from head to toe with pimple-like spots all over their bodies. They had one big eye in the center of the body with one big mouth- no nose. 

They were busy conversing with each other in a weird Language to notice me, but by their gestures, I could find out that they were talking about Jenny. I decided to call the police. 

I turned around in haste and unfortunately, I stepped on a dry branch of a tree. It made a high pitched cracking sound. Undoubtedly, they heard the sound and noticed me. So without bothering to look behind me, I sprinted towards the exit. But of course, they were hundred in number and had supernatural powers.. and I was an ordinary human. They caught me. 

I begged them to leave me but they kept on saying something in their own language which was beyond my understanding. They dragged me towards their spaceship and pushed me to the ground. I looked above to find more creatures coming out of the spaceship. One of them was wearing a crown-like thing. He was their leader. He said something to his people which I didn't understand and was not interested in understanding either. I was busy searching for a way out. 

When I found none, I didn't think twice and started running again. They caught me, of course, and this time harshly pinned me to the ground. They took out a syringe-like think. It contained a thick, pink-colored fluid. They injected me with it, near the vein in my neck. Almost immediately, my body started losing its power... I couldn't feel my legs, hands and body weight anymore... My body relaxed and at last, I lost consciousness. 

(After 4 days) 

My head was aching like anything. The flashback of that night when I met the aliens was replaying in my mind like a movie. But I desperately wished it to be just a nightmare. "Urghh..." Slowly, I opened my eyes and tried to recognize my surroundings. Unfortunately, I found myself in a large dark room with around 50-60 humans inside it. All were either sleeping or were blankly staring at the walls. And... there went away my hopes.

I looked beside me and saw a young lady, only a bit elder than me, sleeping peacefully. I shook her a little but she didn't wake up. "Hey?" I called for her but still, she didn't open her eyes. "Hey..?" There was a little change in her breathing pattern, her eyeballs also moved a bit... So it was confirmed that she was awake and was purposely not opening her eyes. 

"Hey... Please help me. I don't know where I am... Please help me, I beg you. Please." My voice cracked at the end of the sentence. But thankfully, it worked. She opened her eyes and the first thing she did was to check her surroundings. When she made sure that no one- rather say- no alien was around, she finally looked at me. 

"What do you want to know?" She asked. 

"What is this place? And why am I here? I thought... They would kill me!" I asked. I was scared, what if she changed her decision of helping me so I wasted no time and directly came to the point.

"This life is no better than death..." She mumbled.

"What? What do you mean?" I was scared. 

"Right now, we are on Jupiter. Every year these aliens abduct a human from Earth and bring them here as their slaves. They remove each and every trace of ours from the Earth. Our identity card, our birth certificate, our pictures and even the memories of us from our family members..." 

"So you mean.. for the people of Earth we never existed? And they won't even search for us?" I was heartbroken. My last hope...

"No. We can never go back. Can't you see those old people? They were brought here when they were young. Like you and me." 

"What if... We don't do what they ask us to do? Would they kill us?" I hesitated a bit. 

She chuckled. "Death is too easy and merciful. But these people don't know what mercy is." Her eyes darkened. "Can't you see that some people are missing eyes and some are missing other body parts...? It's all the result of not following their orders! They don't show mercy... They torture you till you do what they asked you to do!" 

I shivered only at the thought of a knife being brought close to me...

I wish I never exited my house... 

I wish I was still in my room, lying down on the bed...

I wish Jenny was still alive...

I wish.. I could live peacefully... Without the fear of being tortured every second... 

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