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Tushar Mandhan

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That's life

That's life

3 mins

I was standing in a queue, waiting for my turn to acquiesce my entry card at the hospital.

I was immensely tired. Finally, I was able to get to the desk and submit my entry card. The woman at the desk gave me my file and asked me to wait for my turn.

I got a seat. Like any other millennial, I took my phone out to pass the time.

“Excuse me! Can you please tell me the time?” a voice called me. I looked at my side, a middle-aged woman with short hair.

“Yeah! It’s 11 am.” I replied.

As usual I got bored from my phone or rather say the fretfulness of being in the hospital though I’m myself a medical student. At that time the best thing to confront yourself is to talk to the fellow patients.

 After having a long converse about our profession, place and family, I asked the same woman who happened to be a Principal about the reason of her visit to the doctor.

“There are many problems.” she answered. “I’ve got high blood pressure, diabetes, adrenal and kidney problems!”

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.” I exclaimed.

“We’ve just met an hour ago, how you would know?” she said.

“If you don’t mind, what do doctors say? I mean why are you suffering? Sorry but I’ also a medical student.............so.........” I asked her.

“You need not to be sorry.” she replied. “I don’t have it in my genetics. I started agonizing from all this after I donated my kidney to my son.”

“Oh! Is he okay now?” I enquired.

 “Yes, far away from all the sorrows.” she answered. “He’s dead. He left for his heavenly abode at the age of ten after a year of treatment.”

I didn’t say a single word. I was traumatized. I kept on listening to her.

“He was born with weak kidneys. Doctors said there were chances of his survival if he got kidney transplant but they couldn’t gave a guarantee. I could not let him die in front of my eyes, so, I donated my kidneys. But he couldn’t make it.” she added.

“May God bless his soul!” I said.

After having more discussion about the subject, I asked her, “Do you regret your decision now? Maybe he could live more or at least die without the pains he went through due to the operations. Your life would also be better then.”

“No, I do not regret!” she answered. “Maybe I had some debt of some other life which I repaid to him. Maybe it was his and mine fate. Instead of regretting, I’m living to make everyone who loves me proud of me and then when death approaches I would happily hug it to unite with my son.”

We kept on talking and then after our appointments were done, she dropped me to my home.

I changed and then went to kitchen to make coffee.

“We complain so much about life though we are so blessed but those who really have a catastrophic life, never complain. We are just breathing with regrets but they are living with satisfactions.” I told myself.

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