Sadhana B

Horror Thriller


Sadhana B

Horror Thriller

That Parcel..,......

That Parcel..,......

3 mins

The parcel that had arrived today, contained an old key and a list of instructions to use it.

I am confused about what to do.

There were a series of instructions, which are guiding me ...

I started to move according to the instructions.Firstly it was written don't tell any lies to anyone till you reach the destination. There was a scary face mentioned on keys.

Next one was to move into a pandemic hill at any cost ....

I was concerned, Suddenly I saw a scary Ghost. I screamed for help but no use. The hell, how would this lead to destination.

Next it was written if you don't follow you will never reach your goal.

so I accepted. And the next instruction appeared by a riddle form. Collect those which can't be used without broken...I remember that answer was eggs, I searched for eggs, and found them in a bloody basket, and covered with flesh.

I started to move from there but all my efforts were in vain, a hand-pulled me towards that eggs ....I screamed, but suddenly eggs started to break...and flesh appeared out from them.

The next, it was written that ok you are now ready for the task. i am scared what should I see next......I slept starving my dreams scary faces appeared, they were coming towards me...I woke up in a while.

Moved ahead to drink some water, I opened the fridge and took a bottle, as I saw it, the bottle was filled with blood, my hands were shaking, I threw it there and moved into my room and closed the windows, and locked the door.

Suddenly the power went off, the battery of my mobile was dead. Full darkness, scary faces revolving around me. I screamed, next day morning is not less than a treasure for me...and opened that parcel. Started reading with shivering hands .then " what the hell I'm doing till now"?.he asked himself but next continued was a map direction to places at home that took him towards the old storeroom and keys were used to open that door.

He entered into was dark, muddy, but he according to instructions. He reached to an old box...

which is filled with lots of memories, albums, clothes, toys, and a slam book...all were drenched in blood. fleshy , and foul smell. And cried bitterly by remembering those times I spent with my family.

He opened them and worried that all his family members died because of his deeds, as he left them alone for the sake of property, and due to starvation, economic crises, they all committed to suicide. 

Now he concluded that he has unlimited wealth, but no one left to share his happiness, miseries, No one to celebrate his success, he felt he was much poorer than beggars.

He started his heavy heart journey towards his old house, he reached there and cried bitterly as his total family was died due to financial reasons.

His remaining relatives were full angry on him as he didn't pick up their calls, no one replied to texts. They broked all relations with him.

 With a heavy heart he entered that house, recollected his memories, he cried out of heart, he found the skeleton of them. Suddenly all scary Ghosts appeared before him

He moved out and. Performed their cremations, and sold all his properties,went to a village and started a new life, and decided to use his rest of his life for the the welfare of others.

It was too late to regret. and now there is no use. So don't leave your loved ones alone, for a property. Money is required for living, but it can't earn happiness.....

So don't give more importance to money more than your family.because life always doesn't give second chance ...

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