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Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

Thanks to the Dosa

Thanks to the Dosa

8 mins

When we hear the word breakfast, the first dish that comes to our mind is dosa. Dosa and idli are the most common breakfast among Indian food since time immemorial. They have become popular for their rich taste and fluffy appearance. This dosa is going to create a great change in a family. Let's see what is in store for them.

  In a small town in India, there lived a woman named Sita. She is a single mother and has three children. The elder one’s name is Monu, the second one is a girl named Dolly and the youngest of all is Chintu. Monu is the most responsible child among them. He used to advise his brother and sister whenever they do any mistake or wrong deed. Though he is only 12 years old, he is wiser than any other kid of his age. Dolly is 2 years younger than Monu. Like Monu she is also a responsible kid but the most caring among them. Chintu, being the youngest, is a naughty boy and loved by his siblings a lot. He is a year younger than Dolly. He used to spend most of the time with his sister Dolly. He loves to play with her.

  Whenever they ask about their father to Sita, she would tell them that she is their father too since they are all her adopted children from the orphanage. As she is also an orphan, she decided to adopt those three kids when they were just 2 years old. She decided to keep it a secret as she didn't want to hurt her children. She used to take care of them like a mother bird which will never leave it's children until they are ready to fly on their own. So day by day they started to forget the fact that they don't have a father and started realising that their mother is their father too. Everything went well until one day…….

  Sita had been working in a tailoring shop. But unfortunately, since more and more boutiques were opened in that area, the shop went in loss and the owner was forced to shut the shop down. It had been the only source of living for Sita and her children. But now, Sita is rendered jobless. She started searching for jobs. But all her efforts went in vain. So, she started taking tuition for her neighborhood children yet only a few kids turned out. So, they sold their house and shifted to a small rented house nearby.

  It is already 9 past 20 minutes and Sita called out her children for dinner.

Mom what is for dinner today?” asked Dolly.

“Nothing special dear, just Dosa with tomato chutney”, said Sita.

Everyone squealed in delight.

“Mommy, we love your dosa, it is one of my favourite dishes,” said Chintu.

“Mom, can I ask you something?” asked Monu.

“Of course, why not? Go ahead, Monu”, Sita said.

“Uh, mom, why have we shifted to a rented house? I mean our house was much bigger than this, then what is the need to go for a rented house?” asked Monu curiously.

Sita became startled. Then she replied, “Monu, since we are running out of money, there is no other option honey.”

Monu nodded silently.

“Okay now enough talking children, start eating,” said Sita as they all started on their dinner eagerly.

“Wow mom, it's so delicious,” exclaimed Dolly.

“Yeah mummy, yum yum yum…..”, said Chintu as he became melted by the delectable taste of the Dosa.

“Mom, will you teach me how to make this fluffy cloud?” asked Chintu excitedly.

“Hey Chintu, it is very simple, we just have to spread the flour on the griddle, right mom?” asked Dolly as she turned towards Sita.

Sita shook her head and replied,”No Dolly, making dosa is not a simple task, as you said, spreading the batter may be simple but the most crucial task is that of preparing the dosa batter. We need a lot of patience, diligence and care while preparing the flour.”


 Then she started to explain the recipe of preparing dosa batter to her children. They all listened to their mother enthusiastically.

“At last we have to keep the grounded batter for 5 to 6 hours aside in order to get it fermented,” Sita said as she finally finished explaining the methodology and the kids clapped their hands cheerfully.

“But mom, how do you make my favourite animal dosas, especially that elephant shaped dosa and the smiley dosa?” asked Chintu.

“We just have to imagine the shape in our mind and spread the batter accordingly. It is just like how we used to draw and paint in our notebooks, Chintu. In notebooks, we use paints but here, instead we use the batter. That's it,” replied Sita.

   After finishing the dinner, the kids ran up to their room as if there was a mini running competition going on. Since there was only one room it felt really congested but somehow they managed to place two beds in the room.

“Monu brother, I am really worried about mom,” said Dolly.

“Yes Dolly, I was also thinking about if there is any way to help our mom,”replied Monu.

“Do you have any idea Chintu?” asked Dolly as she turned over only to see Chintu sleeping peacefully.

  They both laughed at him and soon they too drifted off to sleep. The next morning Sita got up early and went out looking for jobs if any available. So, she just told Monu to take care of the other kids. Monu and Dolly had already woken up but Chintu was still asleep and murmuring ‘Dosa’ in his sleep. Suddenly he got out of bed and started to scream in joy.

“Hey Chintu, what's up little bro? Why are you screaming?” asked a puzzled Dolly.

“Sister, I have found a way to help our mom in my dream,”said Chintu.

“Really? Then come on, share it with us,” said Monu curiously.

“I saw a dosa, a talking dosa!” shouted Chintu.

“Ok ok Chintu, go ahead, tell us fast,” hurried Dolly.

“It just came to me and told that our mom has been cooking it tastily and so it is very happy,” said Chintu.

“Then….” said Dolly.

“That's it,”said Chintu as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Stop playing Chintu!” said an annoyed Dolly.

“I am not playing, it is the idea,” said Chintu coolly.

“What? Is this talking dosa an idea?” yelled Dolly.

“Can't you get it sissy? Dosa, sissy, our mom's recipe!!!" said Chintu.

“Chintu, don't beat around the bush, come to the point,” replied Monu.

“Uff...ok, the thing is… uhh, why can't we open a restaurant, I mean just a small one in our yard?” said Chintu as the others became numb for a while.

  Bewilderment was clearly written in their faces. Monu broke the silence and started praising Chintu.

“Wow little Chintu, it's a great idea, we can talk to mom about this and convince her to open a restaurant-” as Monu was about to finish Chintu cut him off and said” which will be special for the dosa” and the three siblings started laughing.

  It is 6 pm now and as soon as the kids heard their mom's voice they ran to the door to welcome her.

“Mommy! Mommy! We have found a Diya! We have found a Diya!” shouted Chintu.

“Uh….. Chintu, who is this Diya! Is she your classmate?” asked a confused Sita.

“Oh no mom, he is just trying to tell the word idea, it is not Diya,”said Dolly as she mocked Chintu by chanting it again and again while the others chuckled at her. Chintu started to whine a little.

“Okay dear, what is the idea?” asked Sita as she pacified him.

“Can we open a restaurant for dosa, mom?” asked Chintu bluntly. Sita was taken aback by his suggestion.

“Chintu dear, running a restaurant is not an easy task,” said Sita.

“No mom, at least we can give it a try. We can keep it in our yard. First, we can just inform our neighbours. If all goes well, then we can just create an advertisement on our own and spread it throughout our town. On the first day we can just sell the dosas for a cheap price. Then little by little we can just raise it to a fair price,” said Monu.

“Ok Monu, I think it is a good idea, so…… let's give it a try,”said Sita as they all exchanged high fives.

  The next day they cleaned the yard and within an hour they finished the set-up for a restaurant. Sita started to prepare dosas while the other kids informed their neighbours about their newly opened restaurant. Soon everyone gathered there.

Dolly asked Sita,”Mom, what is the side dish for dosa?”

“Fish pudding,” replied Sita.

“Yippee…! It's my favourite combination,” said an overwhelmed Chintu.

   Then the food was distributed. Everyone enjoyed the food and it was evident in their reactions. Some even started to hum along the taste of the food.

“We will surely inform our friends about your restaurant,”said one of them as they all thanked Sita for the wonderful dish, paid the bill and departed.

   The next day, much to the family's surprise, there was a big queue. Sita became overjoyed as she started cooking. This time, on the request of Chintu, Sita even made dosas which were in the shapes of different kinds of animals. Within a month, their restaurant became popular. They earned a good profit and so they had renovated their restaurant. They placed some menu bars and some stickers of dosa which were eye-catching. Soon the restaurant became trending among the social media. Many more journalists visited them for interviews.

One among them asked Sita,”How did you get the idea of opening a restaurant based on only dosa and fish pudding?”

Sita replied,”Actually it was my son, Chintu, who gave the idea, so you can ask him regarding this,” and the journalist turned her attention and the mike towards Chintu.

“I just saw a talking dosa in my dream. So.......Thanks to the dosa!” said Chintu as they all laughed happily.

  After that they even started to sell different varieties of dosas like paper dosa, masala dosa, etc. Sita is sure that one day she would restore their old house. The restaurant became more and more famous, especially the dosa and the fish pudding. Because of this, people started liking dosa and it became more and more popular all around India.



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