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Teacher, a form of God..

Teacher, a form of God..

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 Teachers are the source of power

With strong and positive beams,

Who give their knowledge just to us

To fulfill our dreams.

They are incarnations of God

With some godly powers,

Who are there always with us

In the golden hours.

Sometimes, they become very strict 

With a black beating stick,

But all this is for our sake

To make us strong as brick.

If we though hate our teachers, 

They will love and teach us.

And still will treat us like before

Without making any fuss.

A teacher is a key to success

For every student in earth,

Who guide their students to their goals

But, without being hurt.

Being a teacher is not just a job 

It is the person's life,

Who just not earn for their need 

But teach the kids to thrive.

Anything can be our teacher

From an ant to a virus,

But how we learn values from them

Wholly depends on us...

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