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Tale of A Queer Mutant

Tale of A Queer Mutant

3 mins

It was a very cold day in Chicago, Illinois and literally, every person including Clint Maple was in jackets. Clint Maple was a thirty-year-old single living in a scary apartment besides Soccer Street. He was an orphan. He used to work as a waiter in Wendy’s restaurant just behind his home. Well, Clint was not like any other human being. He was a Mutant. You probably know them if you have watched X-Men but anyways, let me tell you. Mutants are people who are like humans but possess some special super powers and sometimes they can behave abnormally. Now, you would question that mutants don’t exist but they do! Clint was a mutant without a heart. No human could live without a heart but he could! 

He has a stone instead of a heart and that stone pumps the blood to his body. That stone was actually a comet from outer space and it is this stone that gave him his super powers. No electricity would ever harm him.

Wendy’s was busy as usual in the morning hours. People were over one another for breakfast. At this time, Clint entered the Wendy’s. Many people were sitting in the restaurant and enjoying their first meal of the day. Josh Henderson stepped forward from the back of the restaurant. He was the chef of the restaurant and was very familiar with the regular customers. They always liked him because he was a pretty good cook. But for Clint, he was his one and only enemy. He used to tease him a lot. 

“Look who is here, guys! Rotten banana without a heart,” Josh laughed and pointed towards Clint and the customers laughed back.

“Shut up,” yelled Clint. Josh kept blabbering about him and blocked his way in the restaurant. 

Clint urged him to let him go but Josh just laughed. Angry, Clint punched Josh in his belly. Josh stood up and there, he started a fight. Both of them punched, kicked and said mean words to each other until the owner of the restaurant came forward to stop the fight. 

“What is happening here? What are you two doing?” asked the boss angrily.

Before Clint could explain, Josh lied, “Sir, good morning. This wicked creature started a fight by saying mean things to me.” 

“Clint. You are suspended for your misbehavior,” Owner yelled without bothering to hear Clint’s side of the story


Clint was very disappointed and he ran out of the restaurant, weeping and never came back. He went to his apartment and thought about the whole situation. It wasn’t his fault. Josh was a liar and he had to be punished. He switched on his T.V. and grabbed a plate of lettuce salad. He opened the news channel. The latest news was that a 6 year old child climbed the mobile tower and he was about to get an electricity shock and he was going to die. 

The incident was occurring in the mobile tower in front of Clint’s house and no one was willing to get that child off the tower. No one actually had the heart to scale the tower.. I mean a heart of love and helpfulness and audaciousness. Clint quickly dropped his lettuce salad on the ground and ran downstairs. 

He ran to the mobile tower pushing the crowd aside. He climbed up the mobile tower as fast as he could and reached up to the kid. He told him to climb on his back. After that, Clint climbed down. Everybody was astonished to see a loser like Clint risking his life to save a child. Josh and the owner of the restaurant were there too. 

When he came down, everybody clapped and cheered for him. Josh apologized to him and the owner returned him his job. Even though he didn’t have a real heart, he had the feelings of what they are in a noble heart.

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