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Great Aunt's Violin

Great Aunt's Violin

4 mins

"Adios!" Mrs. Sanchez said, as the students started to get ready for the next class of Orchestra lessons. "Don't forget to study for the pop quiz tomorrow!"

"Chao!" everybody replied back softly and waved as Mrs. Sanchez stiffened her red coat. She flared her nose and coughed a bit.

She came over to Warren and whispered, "Amigo, you really need to practice more. I am very disappointed. Perro is a dog, not a hamster, silly! 'Kay?" 

Warren nodded and shrugged, just like he does when he gets embarrassed. He bent down and squirmed a little. Other moment, he got out of his seat and went over to Ally's table and asked her for her Spanish dictionary. 

10 minutes later

"Hey, I've got a big scoop for you, guys! It's "Music in our school" month! Yay! Woohoo! And we have a new contest for pupils who want to mix and mingle and chill out to the rhythm of music. Raise your hands if you want to participate, y'know," Ms. Johnson, the orchestra teacher asked the class. 

Jessica, Douglas, Pablo, Vyom, Ally, Warren, and Kate raised their hands up. Everybody seemed pretty excited for the contest. 

Then, Ms. Johnson asked them to pick their instruments. Jessica and Kate, both picked Oboe. They really loved its sound. Plus, they had won several awards for playing many beautiful melodies on this wonderful instrument. 

Vyom loved flute from the woodwind family. His family members were part of a group which involved the world's most famous and prestigious flute players. So, he was a born artist. He used to play the flute in many school assemblies and concerts.

Ally's preferred instrument was guitar from the string family. She wanted to become a singer, but still playing guitar was one of her hobbies. At the age of seven, she started playing it. Her second most favorite instrument was an Indian instrument named Sitar. 

Douglas and Pablo used to play trumpet and French horn, respectively, which were both from the brass family. Well, they both really liked high pitched sounds. And sometimes, they used to joke around by playing crazy sounds on their instruments. 

The last one left was Warren. He was still thinking of what instrument to choose. He was a master at playing keyboard. After a lot of thinking, he chose violin. Others were as shy as a meerkat. 

After the orchestra class ended

Everybody packed their bags and got out of the music room. Next period was recess and everybody was pretty happy. There was a huge chit-chatter amongst students. 

Few talked. Few went to the art room. Some played tag and others played freeze tag. Warren stayed in the music room, staring at the violin. His mind had myriads of thoughts about his decision. He was continuously thinking if he'd made the right decision. 

Just then, Ms. Johnson came and sat beside him and said, "Hey, What are you doing here sitting alone? Go out and enjoy with your friends. It's recess, kid."

"I know, Miss J, right. I just don't want to play. I am really having some serious mind-problems, y'know. I don't know what to do. Plus, my back really hurts," Warren retorted, squinting around all the instruments in the music room. 

"Tell me. Maybe, I can help you, Warren. Hey, I forgot. I wanted to ask you, ``Do you know how to play the violin? I thought you'd choose a keyboard since you are so good at that"

"Just a few melodies."

"Who taught you to play that?"

"My great aunt. She was like, the best!"

"Oh. Shoot, I didn't know about that. Nevertheless, you sure you want to spend your recess here?"

No reply. Just about then, Warren closed his eyes and sighed. He grabbed a violin and a bow next to him. He thought for a little while and then started playing a happy melody. Ms. Johnson smiled and heard the beautiful sound spreading across the music room.

After Warren stopped playing, he explained, "My great aunt used to play soft melodies along with hip-hop. She also liked classical and folk music. She performed in many, many concerts in various countries including India. Indian music delighted her. She met a lot of other famous musicians and played alongside them. Her favorite songs were from the musician Wolfgang Mozart."

Before Ms. Johnson could reply, he said," She believed 

M - Music is one of many forms of heaven.

U - Us, who possess it are always amused.

S - Sir Mozart once said, "Forgive me, Majesty. I am a vulgar man! But I assure you that my music is not."

I - Inspires you to be enthusiastic, lighten up, relieved and amazed. 

C - Controls everyone, including me and creates a figure in my mind."

Mrs. Johnson kept listening to all the wonderful words Warren said. 

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