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Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Classics


Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Classics



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Very strange but yes, it's a reality. Surrogacy is hope to some, a good deed or not? Or driven by money and big income ?? So many questions. Just tried and woven an imaginary story and to unfold the various facets to it.....

Anagha had lots of responsibilities in her family. Her father, a retired teacher was getting a nominal pension after retirement. So, her parents decided to shift to their village near Kolhapur, where they had a small house. Her twin brothers, who were almost ten years younger than her. They were now studying in college in Kolhapur and staying in the students' hostel there.

Anagha was in her 30s now. She got many marriage proposals, but due to her responsibilities at home, she chose not to get married in a hurry. 

 One morning she reached the office and saw one envelope lying on her table, which she just opened and was reading it. It was her promotion letter, she got so happy, but further, she read that it was with transfer to Bombay and with joining of just after one week.

Boss called her to his cabin and said, " congratulations to you Anagha, and at the same time, we are  little disappointed that a sincere and efficient employee of our branch is going from here. But it is for your progress so we are happy for you. " Everyone congratulated Anagha turn by turn. 

After coming back home in the evening, Anagha called her parents and told them about her transfer and just from next week that she will have to join there. So, her father said, " you don't worry. I will call up my buddy, he will definitely make arrangements for your stay there. " ( buddy here means Lele sir, retired Principal and family friend, who was settled now in Bombay.)

 Anagha knew Lele sir and their family so it was just fine for her. Sunday morning, she leaves for Bombay. She had proper address and directions so by noon she reaches Lele Sir's house. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lele welcome her happily and show her the house which was quite big and spacious.

Lele Sir had two children. One daughter and one son, their daughter was settled in Australia after marriage. While their son and daughter-in-law were staying in Navi Mumbai since both were working. They used to visit/stay with their parents during weekends.

Lele family arrange for one separate room in their house for her privacy and since Lele family and Anagha' s family were family friends so she had been given all the freedom to use all amenities and facilities at home. 

Anagha joins the office in Mumbai, she was more than happy staying with this family and that house, which was not very far distance from her office by suburban trains.

After a month or so she goes to meet her parents at Kolhapur during her weekend. She talks about Lele sir and their family, and her experience about the new place and new office. Her parents feel happy and relieved.

Anagha comes back to Mumbai and was enjoying her stay there. During one weekend she was just relaxing in her room and reading a book and she overheard the conversation that was going on in Lele family. Their son and daughter-in-law were in their early forties, and even after spending a lot on consulting many doctors, they were not blessed with a child, after 16-17 yrs. of their marriage. 

Lele sir's son and daughter-in-law were thinking about the surrogacy option. Mr. and Mrs. Lele also were keen on the grandchild. As they were a wealthy family. Lele sir had lots of property that they got from their ancestors. Also, sir was active in the academic field and was earning after retirement. And their son and daughter-in-law were in very good positions in the job and were earning well. but the only thing missing was a member of next-generation who would represent them and their family.

One Sunday evening after dinner, all were present in the living room. A very unexpected but expected question was thrown at Anagha by Kavita, Mr. Lele's daughter-in-law, " Anagha, what if we offer you a very good amount of money to become a surrogate mother of our child ???? What would be your answer ?????. Anagha was surprised by this direct question. Kavita added to it, " don't get me wrong, because I talked about money first. But after seeing you and talking to you we all came to the joint conclusion that you are the most ideal person according to us. You have all those qualities that we are looking for. We know your past and family background also."

Anagha had to give her answer by next Sunday. When she consulted her parents, as insisted by Lele sir, her parents were not very happy about it. But they leave the decision to her, as they were confident about Anagha that she will take a wise decision.

For two nights Anagha was thinking about it, pregnancy is each girl's dream of her age, but yes certainly not this way. she asked herself, " are you going to do this for money? You will sell your womb for it ???? for 9 months? What will people say ?? What about the future? And you will give that child to Kavita, she will be known as the mother of that child. What about you?

Anagha had many questions, she used to not get sound sleep, she used to wake up in the night with anguish. She decided to call Kavita the next day evening and talk about all her questions in detail. And the next day evening she only gets a call from Kavita. Both talk about this in detail and come to several solutions and conclusions. And that gives assurance and positivity to Anagha, she also looks to this offer with practicality.

Anagha inform about her decision, everyone in Lele family was happy that was decided that Kavita or Mrs. Lele will accompany Anagha for some medical tests and consultation with gynecologist. Now and also in the future. And Shashank, Lele sir's son, and Lele sir will coordinate with their advocate in making an official agreement for surrogacy by Anagha. All required clauses and if and buts... And payment clause all they had to look into and finalize.

Anagha take sick leave from the office and complete all necessary tests and examination. She had to keep this a secret. All reports come normal and gynecologist give the green signal for Gestational Surrogacy through IVF. Where eggs and sperm of Kavita and Shashank respectively were going to be used. 

The date of placing the embryo in Anagha 's uterus was fixed. before that, she applies for one month's leave from the office telling a lie that the health condition of her mother is not good and so she has to go to Kolhapur.

After 3 months :

Kavita takes Anagha for a check-up just to confirm that Anagha has conceived and everything is alright. what should be her diet chart. Also, the clinic has one yoga instructor, who gives some routine exercises to do. And for other things, Mrs. Lele was there at home to take care of Anagha's do's and don'ts.

Kavita and Shashank were very happy, as their dream was going to come true now. Kavita used to talk with Anagha regularly on phone. Also, Kavita and Shashank started spending more time at their parents' house on weekends and on holidays. But it was decided that Shashank would not directly interact with Anagha just to avoid any emotional attachment.

Anagha gets the first installment of her payment from Lele which she asks them to transfer to her father's account, as before monsoon she wanted that her father gets their house repaired and renovated, as the house was very old and was not in good condition. Anagha feels happy for her parents.

Anagha can now feel her pregnancy and have normal symptoms and vomiting sensation, drowsiness. But she had all means of recreation and people to take care of her, as their future generation was growing in her womb.

After 7 months of pregnancy :

Anagha had changed a lot now. She had grace and charm on her face. She had put on weight. Mrs. Lele used to make varieties of dishes and healthy food for Anagha. Kavita was just so excited and was regularly instructing Anagha on timely medicines and precautions that she should take.

At home Lele family also arrange for Anagha's, but also equally Kavita's baby shower function just at home. Riya, Kavita's sister --in - law and her husband also make a short visit to India, to celebrate and become a part of happiness in the family. 

This time Anagha gets some more amount than before as her 2nd installment from Lele family, which she keeps aside in bank saving for the education expenses of her two brothers. One was going to become a doctor and another an engineer.

Anagha starts searching for a job and life partner through the internet. As per the condition of the agreement it was decided that Anagha will have to go to any foreign country, for a job or to settle if she can find a good match for marriage.

Anagha had no option but to resign from the job in Mumbai, and she takes that risk. Lele sir personally handover her resignation in her office.

After 9 months of pregnancy :

Anagha unknowingly was now feeling quite emotional and attached with the baby in her stomach. She started getting those kicks, she informs Kavita, who also wanted to experience that by placing her hand on Anagha's stomach. when she visits and experience the kicks she was equally excited and very happy. Their waiting time was going to end very soon. Now Kavita and Shashank decided to stay at their parents' house. 

One morning Anagha got up with slight pain in her stomach, she also didn't have any experience with this. She told Mrs. Lele and Kavita. both got ready and told Shashank to keep the car ready. Kavita informed gynecologist and they all left for the hospital. After reaching there, in few hours Anagha gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. 

Lele family was overwhelmed with happiness and joy. First time Shashank and Kavita both go to Kavita and show their gratitude to Anagha, for giving them such a nice gift by bearing all that pain on Kavita's behalf. And tell her," Anagha, truly you are a brave and very good human being. Your this good deed will definitely help you in life. "

Lele sir and Mrs. Lele bless Anagha with love and gratitude, for giving them, grandson. Also, Lele sir called Anagha's parents Mr. and Mrs. Vaze sir and thank them for believing in Anagha's decision, and Lele sir add that, " Vaze you are so lucky that you have a daughter like Anagha. She is very wise and mature in her thinking. You should not worry about her future. "

After coming home, though Mrs. Lele was taking good care of Anagha. But still now to some extent she felt neglected, as everyone's all the attention was now on newborn baby. Though Anagha was required to feed the baby .  Most of the time Kavita and Shashank started taking care of and spending time with the baby. Anagha was allowed to stay in Lele's house for two months after delivery.

Anagha gets her third and final installment of her payment from Lele family , which was a good huge amout . She decide to keep this money for herself and also some portion for family .

Anagha also smartly handles the situation, she too slowly starts getting detached from the baby and Lele family. her luck and good deeds truly give a positive turn to her life. She finds a life partner through a matrimonial site, who understand her and also her situation. The person who accepts her . He belonged to her caste and community and was settled in Canada. Anagha's parents and brothers finally feel so happy and also proud of Anagha. 

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