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Struggle Of A Girl

Struggle Of A Girl

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According to society, girls and boys are treated the same. Is that so?

The main reason for me to write this is that many boys and many members of this society think that the girl's life is very simple and easy to achieve her goal but truth is that she hides her feelings and pain in the single smile, yeah guys!

Do you think that girls live their life fully? My answer is, No, they just live for 10 years, yes! after that they become mature and they start to look after their father and the family and then after their husband and then for their kids and in the death bed they think about their lives before getting the answer - Dead, yeah! This is a bitter truth.

A girl who wants to achieve a dream, for example, she wants to be a doctor, politician, human reserves manager, teacher, etc...

At first, we need to convince our parents and the most terrible step are the relatives, yeah! her relative said "I do not think that this is right option for you, blah blah.." If someone told me like this, my mind's voice will be "who the hell are you to tell me." but we girls do not have the guts to say. If you are a girl and you do not have to cross the second step, that means you are very lucky.

If a girl passes all the steps, then the next struggle is to face the society. At this step, many girls have failed and committed suicide, yeah guys! Society tells wrong about her and blames her for the mistake which she didn’t do and I’m sure every girl smiles in the morning who had cried in the night, And the Nepotism many girls have face it.

Most of the people say that "Behind every victory there is a man" but Truth is, There are untold failures, hurt, feelings and so on.

Everyone tells there's full freedom for the girl in every country but do you think that a girl can walk alone at night? No, then how can you tell that there’s a freedom for a girl.

Many girls want to achieve many things, but because of this cruel animal or the society, they can’t do it.

 I accept boys also have pain, feelings but you don’t need to pass all these steps. you have a right on your life but we don't have, that's why we're asking.

We, the girls are not told to treat like a goddess we just tell to respect our feelings.

Dear girls, live your life fully, don’t be scared to ask what you want. The person who hurts or speaks behind your back will be on your legs after your victory. Don’t make your Crown fall by crying, stand up the head and walk like a Queen.

 Ignore the world, which path do you choose, Be bold in it.

The person who speaks wrong about you, ignore him, go few steps ahead and see the person who talks about you will be in the place where you left.

Don't bend your knees to satisfy others because they are humans they don't have the satisfication try to understand it.

God makes you physically but not mentally, be a strong woman. No person in the world can achieve their dream without nepotism.

"Don’t be a Queen like the society wants, Be a Queen that you want"

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