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Drama Tragedy


jai shalini

Drama Tragedy

The Trustworthy Dog

The Trustworthy Dog

3 mins

There was a six years old girl named Nikitha, who fells alone so she asks her parents to be with her always but her mother is an HR and her father is a manager so they don't have time to play with their kid.

On November 3, its Nikitha's birthday so her parents held a party. She had no friends, so her mother and her father's friends came to her birthday party. Her mother asked her what is your wish? In front of everyone, she tells frankly that I want to be with you every time. Everyone stared at her.

After the cake cutting, her mother's friend who is a  Psychiatrist tells that 'Nikitha is feeling alone so you take a leave for some days and stay with her'. Her mother tells 'yeah it's true, we are also missing her, but how many days I will be there for her? It is so tough and I am sure my company runs in loss so they won't give permission.'

'Then you buy a dog for her.'

'Yeah, this Is a good idea. I will think about it.'

Then the next day she buys a small white dog for her. Nikitha was very happy with this. She loves the dog very much and named it as Jessi. The dog also loves her.

Years passed, 

Now Nikitha was 14 years old, her dog had also grown with her. She was going to school by walking and when the school finished her dog wait for her under the tree.

One day she was coming from the school but she saw one branch from the tree is going to fall where the dog was standing. She ran to the dog fast, but unfortunately, one lorry hit her hard while crossing the road. The dog ran fast to her and started crying and Jessi saw the lorry driver and lorry. Everyone was taking video without helping her, Jessi takes the legs upward and asks everyone standing there to help but everyone refused. Jessie sees everyone's face and one wise man calls the ambulance. Nikitha went to the hospital but doctors said that she died one hour ago. Nikitha's parents with a heavy heart made her last respect to her and complained to police. Jessie doesn't eat for 4 days after crying in the bed where he sleeps with her.

4 days passed, the dog went out of the house and searched for the lorry driver. Finally, after 5 days he found the lorry driver and killed him, and killed everyone who stands silent and refuses to help. Finally after killing everyone, while killing one person Jessie found a purse full of money. He takes that purse and came to the place where Niki died and waited for the wise person to come, and finally saw the wise man after 3 days and gave the purse to the wise man and takes the legs upwards and thank him. 

Jessie finally went to the grave of Nikita and died near the grave. A dog is the only creature in the earth that loves you more than He loves himself.

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