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Average Guy

Drama Romance


Average Guy

Drama Romance

Simran Bua -2

Simran Bua -2

21 mins 1.6K 21 mins 1.6K

Dear Readers, I would request you to please read the first part of this series, 'Simran Bua - 1', to better comprehend the continuity of the story so far...

Simran Bua - 2

( I'm repeating the last paragraph of the 1st part of the story for just a recapitulation and to set the mood ….)

She just stood there holding me in her cradle, so high up in the air, rocking me slowly from side to side. Her grip on me was so firm but all so tender, as if I was a baby and she was careful not to hurt me even by mistake. I was lost inside her. My body… she had already captured it. But my mind and senses were also now controlled by this amazon beauty. I felt as if I belonged to her. I somehow felt so safe, so secured, so protected being covered up totally in her massive arms. I felt so comfortable and cosy with her massive breasts supporting my small arms around her shoulders, my face buried in her wide, soft neck. I totally gave in to the heavenly bliss and lay on her breasts, surrendering myself to the power and control of this 6 feet 3 amazon goddess.

( Now, the story rolls on……)

Somebody was calling from outside "Bua, Bua where are you ?" Seemed like the voice of Manjeet. He has returned from visiting his friends. The voice was approaching the room where Simran was holding me up in her lap. 

Simran hurriedly put me down on one of the big single seater sofas placed on one side of her big bedroom. She went and sat on another single seater sofa opposite me. She shouted back to Manjeet,   

"Mey idhar my room… come here."

Manjeet entered soon after... "Sir, you are here... I was searching for you in the room." 

Simran hastened to reply, "Arrey Mannu, you left him alone… He was getting bored. So I just showed him around the house and brought him here to chat."

Manjeet looked tentatively at my face, trying to find any sign of embarrassment in me. But I smiled back at him, not giving him any inkling on what was going on a little while back. He came and sat on the big sofa. Simran looked at her nephew and said, "Listen Mannu, I was just telling your Boss that, since he says that he is too full with the heavy breakfast, then let us start for Amritsar before lunch only. That way, we will be able to reach earlier. What we can do is, we will have the famous Amritsari Kulcha in that favourite restaurant of ours, once we reach. By that time, we all would be  hungry enough for lunch."

Manjeet said, "That's a very good idea, Bua. So why delay, let's start at the earliest. Why don't you get ready, Bua ? Boss and I will also change and get ready. Come Sir, let's go to our room."

I was looking at Simran… such a smart lady… gifted not only with beauty and brawn, but brains too. How deftly she managed the situation. I knew that since she had asked the two maids to leave, the lunch was not getting prepared at all. So she had made plans of having lunch at Amritsar. And she made the proposal sound so logical to Manjeet. 

All of us were ready in less than half an hour. I had packed one set of clothes in a small bag given by Simran. We will be staying overnight at Amritsar. Simran has a small flat there for her own stay whenever she goes there for work or taking any guests. Manjeet and I waited near the Qualis, while we saw Simran giving necessary instructions to her house-helps, since we will be returning only the next day. 

Manjeet climbed up to the driver's seat. I wasn't sure where I should sit. I waited for Simran to make her choice. I thought she would prefer the central seat, so that she could sit comfortably, as she would be requiring a whole lot of space for her 6'3 and 140 kgs frame. She came near the car and asked me to get in the front seat. Yes, my guess was right. She did want to sit alone in the

back. Once I got in and was about to close the car door, Simran held the door open and put her foot on the door pedestal. She asked me to shift inside and heaved her huge body inside the car. I was sandwiched between the two giants, Manjeet the 6 feet assistant of mine in the driver's seat, on one side….and his immensely huge aunt with all her 6'3 and 140 kg mass on my left. I was literally squashed between the two big six-footers with my 5'3 height and 63kg frame. I could see nothing on my sides towards the windows. I was just looking ahead of the car as it just changed gear and moved out of the gate of the bungalow courtyard. 

I said to Simran, "I think one of us should sit at the back." I couldn't elaborate on this, lest it hurts Simran's feelings. 

She looked down towards me on her side and said smiling, "Why ? Is my fat body squashing my little man ? See Sumit, if any one of us sit on the back seat, Mannu bura maan jayega. He will feel bad. He is not a driver na… He is your junior and my nephew."

Manjeet immediately retorted, "Nahi Bua, mey bura nahi manunga. Tum pichhey jaa key aram sey baitho na."

Simran said, "Nahi rey, I'm fine. Tera boss ka problem ho raha hai baithney mey. Your Boss is having problems sitting. Actually, I understand, he is not able to look out of the windows, neither right nor left. I'm blocking his views like a big tree trunk." She chuckled at her own joke. "Wait, I'll solve his problem." Saying this, she put her right hand behind my back and her left hand under both my knees and scooped me up in her arms and placed me on her lap. She made me sit sideways facing the window on the passenger side seat. My back was towards Manjeet. In fact I was sitting resting on Simran's body on her right thigh, with both my legs going over her other thigh. It was then that I realised that her one thigh was thicker than my entire back side. And it was as if I was sitting on a very thick cushion. She put her right hand around my back and wrapped it up on my stomach. Her left hand rested on my thighs. I was having problems placing my hands. My left side was fully resting on her body, with the top of my head not even reaching her shoulders, even with me sitting on her lap. My face was between the area just over her big soft breasts and just under her neck. So my left upper arm was actually touching her soft breasts and I had to keep my palm on my left thigh, where her left arm was already resting. So in effect, my left palm had to rest on her left forearm. It was just solid thick...and the skin was amazingly soft to touch. Similarly, I was not finding a place to keep my right hand. Her two big hands totally covered up my own thighs. So my right palm either rested on one of her forearms or wrists or landed on her thighs. Once the car hit a ditch on the road and bumped a little. My hands automatically closed on whatever it rested on. My right palm closed on her left wrist. Ohh what a thick wrist. It was not just fat, I could make out her bone structure was really thick. At other times, when my right hand just went to her thighs, I felt as if it was resting on a thick hard pillow. It was so wide and cushiony. 

It was good that the car had those dark films put on the windows and the car AC was on. So I would not be visible to the people in other vehicles or on the road. It would be ridiculous if they see a grown up man sitting on the lap of a huge woman. 

Simran bent her head very low and looked at my face. "Now are you able to sit properly and look outside the window, my little man ?" she said smiling. I just smiled back. What could I say? My office subordinate was just sitting behind me driving the car, and I was sitting on his huge aunt's big soft lap. I heard Manjeet whisper in Punjabi to his aunt, "Kya kar rahi ho, phir sey? What are you doing again?"

Simran replied, "What could I do, he was not able to sit properly, sandwiched between both of us. And you don't worry about him now that he is my guest. I have already made friends with him. He won't mind these small things." 

Then again, bending her head low to look down at my face, she said to me, "See Sumit, your assistant is saying that I'm embarrassing you. Aren't we friends now? Why don't you tell him that you don't mind my taking you on my lap. Unless you tell him he will keep on pestering me and I'll not be able to be free with you on this trip. Otherwise, if you feel that I'm bothering you, then let me go back. Mannu, we have not yet come very far. Just turn the car and drop me home. Then you take your Boss and enjoy Amritsar."

I was thinking that this is again a very smart move from this gorgeous lady. Since we will be staying as her guest only, how can we drop her back home and we travel to Amritsar on this sight seeing trip leaving her behind. I half turned to Manjeet, who was in the driver's seat and said, "Let it be, Manjeet. Why are you after your Bua ? It's ok with me. She's correct, we are friends now. I don't mind. Let her enjoy the trip in her own way."

Simran was all smiles. She squeezed my cheek between her fingers lovingly and said, "Good boy."

I looked up at her face and said, "You really are a smart lady, Simran. I was earlier wondering how a lady can single handedly manage such a big farmland and control all those workers and farmers. The more I'm seeing of you, the more I'm convinced that God has given you everything in large quantities.. health, beauty, brawn and also brain. You are really an incredible woman."

Simran laughed to her heart's content. " Kya baat hai ? Itni taarif ? What's the matter ? So much appreciation ? Don't praise me so much, I'll fall for you more." She squeezed my cheek with her fingers again. "Also it's good to see you opening up ultimately… Until now you were not talking properly. Mujhey dekh ke dar gaye thhey kya? Were you afraid of me ?"

I said, "Not afraid actually, but the way you are handling me, picking me up on your lap at the slightest opportunity, I was at a loss how to react. Also with your height and size, especially in my comparison....I'm feeling like a child on your lap. That is why I was feeling overwhelmed by you."

Simran said, "So how did you suddenly gain this confidence ?"

I said, "Not suddenly actually… Since the initial shock has now been absorbed, I am now able to overcome the embarrassment I was feeling to be physically overpowered and carried by a woman."

Simran smiled, "Very good...I like this very much. I also use my height and size to my advantage, wherever I can. For business negotiations, I make it a point to stand and talk to the men, and I mostly can manage a better deal, just because the men get overawed by my height and weight."

I laughed, "It would have been great to have you in our office team, Simran, you could have helped us in getting more business and collections. What do you say, Manjeet ?"

He replied, "Yes Sir." Manjeet had completely withdrawn in his shell, seeing the way his Bua is handling me. I bet he is regretting why he brought me here. 

Simran said, "Nahi, I wouldn't be able to help you much. I have just passed high school boards, never went to college. But still, I do well in my farm business."

I said, "Yes, that's what I was saying. You are a born leader. And God-gifted too with your magnificent height and figure. Not only that, you have an inborn skill of negotiation. Just now the way you manipulated me in silencing Manjeet, that was really top class."

Simran laughed again. She put her left palm full over my face. Her palm was so big, it covered my whole face. She then squeezed my face softly and lovingly and said, "Nobody had ever said such good words about my figure. I've only heard that I'm too fat and too tall for a girl. That is why my parents and relatives could not even find a groom for me. Nobody wanted to marry this elephant." 

Suddenly Simran's voice sounded to choke a little. I looked up at her face. She turned her face towards the window, I could see her eyes swell up with tears. I put up my hand and wiped her tears with my fingers. She turned towards me, held my face and pressed me hard into her breasts. My face went inside her wide neck. She bent her face and her hair fell all over my face, covering my face up totally. She held her face down, resting her chin on my cheek, keeping my face trapped inside her big neck. I couldn't see anything as my face was totally inside her neck and covered with her hair as curtains on the sides. But I could feel that she was crying silently. She stayed like this for a few minutes. I also didn't move, I wanted her to cry it out, whatever was bothering her. Her chest heaved … Since she was holding me pressed to her big breasts, it felt like a big soft cushion rising and falling. She looked up a few minutes later. Removed her hair from my face and smiled sweetly at me, "Why didn't you come into my life earlier, my dear? I had been so lonely. I just needed somebody like you who would appreciate me for what I am and not judge me by my height and weight. Now that you have come into my life, it will be very difficult to live without you." 

I kept the palm of my right on her left open palm. She immediately closed her palm, literally gobbling up my palm inside her huge hand. I said, "I'll be in touch with you over phone Simran, we are good friends now."

She moved her head from side to side, "No that won't be enough for me. I want you for myself…. I want you with me here on my lap, always."

I was still bending my face high up to look at her face, "But how's that possible Simran ? I have my work in Chandigarh. I have my parents back in my hometown. If I come to live here, how will I earn a living for my family back home ?"

She held me tightly in her arms. "No, I won't let you go. Why can't you come and live with me? I earn enough over here. You need not earn. I can feed you and your parents too. You bring your parents here also. You have seen my house. I've got lots of rooms. I'll give them a separate area for themselves. I will take responsibility for all of you. Everything will be on me."

I said, "What are you saying, Simran ? How can I live here with my parents ? On what authority ? And what will I do the whole day ?"

She asked, "Didn't you understand what authority you will have ? You will be my boss, my husband. Everything I have will be yours, even me. And regarding what you will do ? You will help me manage my farm better. You have such great qualifications and experience of handling people. You will take charge of my business and guide me so that we both can run it much better. You don't know, dear, how much more can be done over here. I just don't have the professional acumen to expand my business. With you by my side, we can even export my products. I have family contacts in Canada, we can increase our business manifold. You will be the owner of your own business then. Why would you need a petty job ?"

Before I could say anything, Manjeet reacted. He parked the vehicle to one side of the road. Then turned to face Simran and said, "Bua, I can't take this anymore. I had brought my boss here on a sightseeing trip. He is being very gentlemanly to you and is tolerating all your tantrums since morning. Do you know of his position in the company ? How many people does he control ? How much revenue our Branch business generates, which he manages. It is in the hundreds of crores. It is just because you are his host and my aunt, he is talking so sweetly with you. Just because he is a thorough gentleman, he is still showing respect to you. But you have not shown any respect to him by holding him on your lap. And on top of that, you are now proposing to him to marry you and bring his parents to live with you in this village. Do you know how big a house he has in his hometown ? Why will he leave a responsible position in a large company, to just become a farmer ?....." 

He was going to continue more, but I stopped him. I had turned round on Simran's lap and sat straight on her lap, so that I could see Manjeet in the driver's seat. I said, "Enough Manjeet, is this the way to talk to your aunt ? Stop this now. She's talking to me, why do you have to interfere ? You keep quiet."

Manjeet said, "See Bua, Boss is such a gentleman, that even now he is taking your side. But I'll not have any of this anymore. I cannot go to Amritsar with you now. I know you will not stop your nonsense. I don't know what has become of you since you met Boss. I'm taking a bus and going back to the village. You take Boss to Amritsar and show him around. I'm leaving."

 Looking at me, he said, "Sir, please do not mind my insolent behaviour. I just cannot take this anymore. If I knew this, I would have taken you straight to Amritsar and stayed in a hotel. Don't worry, Bua is a very good driver, better than me. And she knows Amritsar very well. I'll meet you once you return to the village. If there's any problem or you need me, give me a call on my mobile and I'll come and meet you." Saying this, he took his bag from the back seat, got out from the driver's side, leaving the car keys in the ignition. 

We sat there in silence. I was still sitting on Simran's lap. She was totally silent, looking out of the window… Not crying now. I saw Manjeet cross over to the other side of the road. There was a bus coming from the opposite direction. He halted it by showing his hand. Then got on the bus and left for the village. 

I turned towards Simran, the way I was sitting earlier, sideways on her lap. She was holding me loosely now, not tightly as earlier. There was enough space in the seat now that Manjeet had left. But still I did not sit on the seat, but kept on sitting on Simran's lap, lest she thinks that that is because of what Manjeet said a few minutes back. 

I did not say anything. I did not know what to say. Manjeet had spoken a lot. All those words must be going on in Simran's mind. I do not know how she behaves when she gets angry or sad. I just put my hand in hers like earlier. She did not clasp my hand. Instead slowly turned her face to look at me. She was not crying, but her face was very serious. She looked down at my face and asked in a serious voice, "Do you want to say anything to me in addition to what your subordinate has said ?"

 I nodded and said " Yes." 

She said, "Then speak out. You do not have to be a gentleman to me. I can take anything now. Say, what do you have to say ?"

I smiled at her and said, "Bhook laga hai. I'm hungry."

She didn't expect this reply from me. There was a hint of a smile on her face, "What ?", she said.

I was still smiling, "You heard it right, I'm hungry. You said that we'll be having Amritsari Kulcha. I've heard about it a lot. How far is Amritsar from here ?"

Simran smiled, "About 10 - 15 minutes." She pulled out her mobile. Then dialled a number. While the phone was ringing, she put her right arm around my back and pulled me towards her, adjusting me properly on her lap. She kept her right hand on my lap. I took her hand on my left hand and put my right hand over the back of her palm, cupping her big palm in my two hands. While she was talking on the phone to somebody, I played with her long fingers, like a child plays with his mother's fingers, when she holds him on her lap. I tried to hold her wrist between my thumb and other fingers, but her wrist was so thick, I could just cover half of her wrist. Simran was speaking to somebody in Punjabi on her mobile, asking him or her to arrange food for us. She was speaking and smiling looking at me playing with her hand. After she was through with the call, she looked at me and said, "Yeh kya ho raha hai ? What are you doing ? Why are you playing with my wrist and fingers, sitting on my lap ?"

I said, "Why is your wrist so thick and your fingers so long? I just couldn't resist myself."

She hugged me tightly to her breast, "Why Sumit why ? Why are you being so sweet to me ? I am not used to this sort of appreciation. That is why I'm getting so emotional about you." 

She picked me up from her lap and put me on the seat. Then she opened the door and got out of the car. She came from the other side and got into the driver's seat. She put the car into gear and we started for Amritsar. 

Her face became serious again. That long lecture of Manjeet had really hurt her. I was feeling bad for her. She must have felt miserable in her growing up years, when people made fun of her huge size and laughed at her. Her parents and relatives must have constantly advised her to reduce her weight. She was a good woman at heart. What she was seeking was somebody to love her as she actually was, even with her unusual height and massive size. That is why she got carried away by my words of appreciation. It wasn't her fault. I really felt bad for her, now that she had become so serious. 

Simran kept on driving, her eyes on the road, not talking to me. I was looking at her face. I placed my hand on her left thigh.. I loved the feel of her big thigh under her was so wide and so soft. She looked at me sideways once and then back to the road. She said, "Sumit, would you mind if we did not go to Wagah border today for the Army show ? I'm not in the mood right now. We have time, we can do that tomorrow evening. Today I want to talk to you about what Mannu said."


I said, "No issues Simran, we needn't go today. You tell me what you want to say."

She replied, "Not now, let me reach my house. I've ordered your Amritsari kulcha. Let us sit down peacefully, then we'll talk."

The car sped on…. My mind was also racing….I knew what she would want to discuss... I needed to have my thoughts ready and put them into words, so as not to hurt her any further. 

( To be continued………)

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