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Tall Fantasy 4

Tall Fantasy 4

21 mins

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We were back on that lonely stretch soon. We had gone half way, when we saw another scooter parked on the side of this narrow stretch of road. Two guys looking like ruffians were standing beside the scooter and smoking. They saw us approaching. Seeing us, they moved fast and laid two big bamboos across the narrow road. There was no way for us to cross; Aunty had to stop. Those two guys came and stood on either side of our scooter. One of them had a knife in his hands. The other guy had an iron rod in his hand. Both the guys looked strong and rough, wearing jeans and tee-shirt. One was around 5'8" and the other 5'10" tall. The guy with the knife in hand held the knife at my neck and asked us both to remove our helmets and get off the scooter. 

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Tall Fantasy - 4

I got down and I saw Aunty get down too and put the scooter on the stand. We both removed our helmets. I held my helmet in my hand, while I saw Aunty hang her helmet on the scooter handle bar. The guys looked at us and laughed. They spoke in Hindi mixed with the local dialect. The taller guy with the iron rod was near Aunty. He spoke with a mischievous laugh, "Hey see, this old woman is taking her son home from his coaching class. Come on Aunty, hand us whatever you have, your purse, mobile, your gold bangles and ring."

They obviously judged our relationship by our age and size. Aunty being 53 years and I being 28 years old, the difference of 25 years does definitely justify Aunty looking like my mother's age. But my height of 5'3" height against Aunty's 5'9" height; and my 62 kgs weight against 93 kgs of Aunty, made them think that I'm a school going boy. This obviously was insulting for me.

The other guy spoke to me rudely with his knife still pointed at my neck, "Hey, what's in your bag ? Laptop ? Give me the bag and your mobile. Take out your purse from your pocket." He tugged at my bag. 

Aunty had by this time moved away from the other guy and came and stood beside me. Both the guys also came closer to us and were standing right in front of us. Our scooter was parked towards the side of the canal. The guys' scooter was parked on the side of the factory wall. All four of us were in the center of the narrow road. I tried to look for any people or vehicles. Nobody was in sight.

At this point Aunty spoke up for the first time, "Listen guys, we'll give you whatever you want, just don't touch my son." 

The taller guy with the iron rode shouted at Aunty, "Hey you fat old hag ! Don't waste time. Take out your gold bangles and hand over your bag. Otherwise I'll snatch it away and you'll get hurt."

The other guy with the knife caught hold of my collar and brought the knife dangerously close to my neck. He uttered some filthy abusive words and shouted, "Handover the laptop and your phone Immediately. Otherwise in front of you we'll rape your mother."

Aunty pushed me a little back and moved in between me and the guy who was holding the knife in front of me. She said, "Hold on, hold on. Let me open the bangles. They are stuck. I have grown fat." 

Then she made it as if she was trying to remove her bangles from her hand. She suddenly moved forward, closed in on the guy who was holding the knife and lifted her heavy knee right into the crotch of the guy with full force. The guy gave a sharp yell and fell to the ground clutching his groin. His knife fell off his hand. 

The other guy immediately reacted. He lifted his iron rod to hit Aunty. But by the time his hand was up in the air, Aunty had bent down and dashed at his mid-ribs with her right shoulder. The force and the momentum of the 93 kg, 5'11" woman was so hard that the fellow was taken unawares and fell backwards. The iron rod also fell off from his hand. He tried to get up, but Aunty had reached him by this time. She gave a full blooded kick with her hard sneakers to his genitals. He doubled over holding his groin and yelling in pain.

When Aunty was attacking the second guy, I hurriedly picked up the knife which fell out of the first guy's hand when Auntie kicked his genitals. I threw the knife with full force into the canal. I turned back to see that the first guy who had pointed the knife at me, was trying to get up, still having a hand on his crotch. I panicked and shouted, "Auntieee !!"

Auntie heard me and turned around after having kicked the second guy on his groin. The first man was trying to get up. As Aunty approached him, he swung his fist at her. But since he was holding his groin with one hand, he was disbalanced, Aunty could just back out. Then Aunty rushed at him and grabbed his outstretched hand. And twisted it. One twist and then another. Hard. I heard a loud "Krackk !!" sound. And then a loud cry of pain. Aunty had broken his hand at the elbow. The guy twisted and turned and fell to the ground, writhing in pain. 

Aunty left him and turned back on the second guy. He was holding his groin in one hand and was trying to move towards the iron rod which fell nearby. I saw that and ran to get the rod before him. I kicked at the rod to move it out of his reach. Meanwhile Aunty pounced on the man from behind and caught his leg. She started pulling the guy by his leg. She was pulling him towards the factory wall. Aunty twisted his ankle, so that his body turned straight. Then immediately twisted the ankle the other way. The man's body was getting twisted and turned. He shouted out in pain. He couldn't get leverage to get up. Aunty closed in and gave another hard kick with her sneakers right on his genitals. The guy just folded up in pain holding his groin. Aunty seized the opportunity and started to drag him by his legs. When she reached near the factory wall, she pushed him hard and rolled him into the narrow drain running by the wall. I noticed that there was a drain running by the wall, possibly meant for the factory waste. It was around 2.5 feet wide and about 5 feet deep. It was filled with water, oil, filth, and factory liquid disposals. 

I had in the meantime picked up the iron rod in my hand. I saw the first guy get up, holding his broken hand. He was planning to run. I shouted, "Auntieee !!" 

Aunty turned after throwing the bigger guy in the drain. She saw that the first guy was almost up on his feet, holding his broken hand in his good hand, his face twisted in pain. She reached him in two long steps. Auntie grabbed him from the back holding him around his waist. She bent down and hoisted the guy upwards. As it is, Auntie was around 3 inches taller than the guy. His feet went up from the ground. She carried him to the side and just dropped him inside the drain, beside the first guy. 

The earlier guy was trying to stand in the drain with all filth covering him up as he had fallen flat inside the drain. He saw the other guy now joining him inside the drain, screaming because of his broken arm. He extended a hand to this broken arm guy to help him stand on his feet. Both the guys were struggling to stand inside the drain because of the slippery fluid and filth inside.

Aunty and I now came to the side of the drain. The actions happened so fast, one after the other that I did not get time to look at Aunty all this time. When I looked up at her face, it seemed I was seeing a different person. Her expression was fiery. Her eyes were steely. Her nostrils were inflated, breathing heavily, and felt like puffing smoke. Her jaws seemed to have swelled up. 

I had the iron rod now in my hand. Both the guys were now standing somewhat bent inside the drain, their head just out of the level of the drain. We could now see the filth level was covering them up to just under their chest level. Aunty told me to take out my mobile phone and start the video recorder. As soon as my camera was on, Aunty started asking questions. At first they didn't want to reply. They were trying to get out, but they couldn't as the drain was quite deep and they were all slippery with the filth and oil. Also one of them had his hand broken and the other might have had a sprained ankle because of Aunty's twisting it badly. 

Aunty told me, "If any one of them tries to climb outside the drain, just hit them with the iron rod."

Aunty turned to them and said, "One solid hit by the rod will either break your head or your shoulders or your hand. I told you not to touch my son and yet you poked the knife at his neck. That is why I broke your hand. I will not mind breaking both your heads too. Then you will have to die inside the drain, with nobody to save you. So don't try any antics and stay right inside the drain and answer my questions truthfully."

The guys stopped their efforts in trying to climb out, but was not opening their mouth. Aunty went over to their scooter which was parked nearby. She ordered, "Either you answer my questions or this scooter will go inside the canal." 

The guys started pleading not to throw the scooter in the flowing canal. All these scenes were getting recorded. Aunty then started asking her questions individually and they reluctantly started answering. They gave their names, their father's names, their detailed addresses. They said that they worked in this factory as laborers. She specifically asked which political party they worked for and the name of their direct leader. They gave the names. Aunty then told them to narrate what exactly happened just now. To confess that they had tried to rob us with a knife and iron rod. They were unwilling. So aunty took their scooter right to the edge of the canal. She threatened that either they would make a detailed confession or she would just push the scooter in the flowing water of the canal. They preferred making a detailed confession.

Once the recording was over to Aunty's satisfaction, she told them that this recording will go to the Police. Also a copy will be given to the leader of their political party ; and a copy to the rival party leader. She said that she will inform the police that if any attempt is made on the two of us anytime in future, even by somebody else, to pick them up wherever they are and put them behind bars. Aunty very cleverly informed them that she knew the Police Commissioner personally and will ensure that they will get the strictest of punishment, if they try any trick in future.

Both the guys were literally crying and begging Aunty not to inform the police. They promised that they will not try to take any revenge and pleaded that she should not give the recordings to the police or to the political party leaders. Aunty said she will think about it.

Then she asked for their mobile phones. They took out their phones from their pockets. The mobiles were already soggy from getting drenched in the drain water. She asked them to keep the phones on the ground. As soon as they kept the phones on the ground, aunty just tapped the phones with her shoe inside the drain. They immediately bent down to search the phones inside the filthy drain water. As they were bending down searching for their phones, Aunty just wheeled their scooter near the drain and pushed the scooter inside the drain.

The two guys turned around at the noise, just in time to see their scooter getting stuck awkwardly inside the narrow drain, half submerged in the filthy water and oil mixture. 

Aunty said, "Now this will be your story. You will say that you were both heavily drunk and fell in the drain with the scooter. That is how one of you broke his hand. If you try any trick or try to take revenge on us, police will take action on this video recording, which I will be sending them immediately through email and whatsapp. All this recording will also be shown in the local TV channels and reported in the local newspapers. People would love to see how an old woman beat you two tough goons up and threw you in the drain. Think of what will happen to your prestige in front of your gang members and political leaders. Now Good Bye !"

Aunty turned towards me, bent down and just picked me up in a front straddle carry. She kissed me on my cheek and started walking towards her scooter. I put my arms around her neck and wrapped my legs around her thick waist and kissed her on her cheek. As she carried me to her scooter, I looked over her shoulder to the two goons looking at us with their mouths open. I smiled at them and waved goodbye. 

Aunty started her scooter. We carefully crossed the two bamboos lying on the road and off we went. This time I did not mind holding Aunty around her waist while riding behind her back on her scooter.

Aunty was driving fast. I was looking at her big handsome face sitting behind her back, thinking of the way this tall, big woman single handedly saved me, an adult man, from two notorious goons who attacked us with knife and iron rod. Then finally when she threw them into the drain and lifted me up in her arms, I felt like I was in fact the 'damsel in distress' whom my tall, big wife was carrying away in her strong arms to safety. 

I hugged her tightly from the back with my arms wrapped around her stomach. I rested my head on her strong shoulder burying my face on the side of her thick neck. Her long hair was flowing in the wind all over my face. She was sweating profusely after her fight. The drops of sweat were streaming from her neck and hair and wetting my face. The combined smell of her feminine body odour coupled with the smell of her sweat was so intoxicating that it was difficult to keep my sensual arousal in control. In effect, I hugged her more tightly and kissed her sweaty neck. I kept my lips pressed to her thick sweaty neck all along the ride back. Aunty just turned her head once and said, "Kya kar rahey ho ? Pagal ho gaye ho kya ? What are you doing ? Have you gone mad or what ?"

Once reaching her flat, she said that she's going to take a bath. She asked Aaliya to show me my room. She said to me, "Go and freshen up and change. Then let's have our dinner, it's already late."

There was a change in Aunty's behavior after that fight. She had suddenly become very serious. Aaliya showed me my room. It was just beside Aunty's room. A medium sized room, decently furnished along with an attached bath. Aaliya had already kept the room ready for me. I told Aaliya in brief what had happened. She was shocked. Also gave her my phone to see the video recording, while I went to take my bath. 

When I came to the dining table, I saw Aunty already there discussing the incident with Aaliya. I asked her if she was going to send the recording to the police and the political party. She said, "No, not right now. I don't think these guys will do anything. That is why I made that video recording. If we go to the police, then unnecessarily your name and my name will be dragged in. We will also have to attend courts regularly till this case is solved. This might also come into the papers and tv. You have recently joined this company. All that might affect your career. And with all this negative publicity, the political party, since it is in power, may then start harassing us as a matter of revenge. I know one of the best criminal lawyers in the city, Mr Manoj Sharma, my father's very good friend. I have just talked to him on this when you were having your bath. He gave me the same advice. He asked for the video recording. He said, if required he will show the recording in private to his contacts in the Police and this political party. That I think will be a good enough action to take these two ruffians to task. I was a little upset about this incident. Especially thinking what would have happened to you the way that guy held the knife at your neck. But I'm relieved now after talking to Uncle Sharma. Let's finish our dinner. Then we'll retire early today. Tomorrow morning all three of us will go and get your things from your flat."

While having dinner, I said, "Aunty, you were a different person while fighting those two goons. Your eyes were all glowing; your facial expression was fierce and your body language was totally charged up. You looked like Devi Durga single handedly demolishing the Ashuras."

Aunty laughed, "Hey naughty boy ! Stop flattering me. Come, if you are through, get up. You send me the video recording. I'll have to forward it to Uncle Sharma."

Once all these were done, Aunty said, "It's been an eventful day today. Already it's quite late. You go to your room. Aaliya has kept water on your bedside table. I think we'll finish shifting your belongings first thing tomorrow morning. I'll call up a known private taxi which I use. We'll start early by 8 am and will have our breakfast after we return. So wake up early tomorrow and get ready accordingly."

On Sundays, I generally like to wake up late. I laze around in bed for some time. But I knew that Aunty still had today's incident in mind. Since this happened quite close to my existing flat, she wants to move out fast from that area with all my belongings. 

I was lying in bed; had fiddled with my mobile for some minutes, then decided to actually go to sleep. Only a few minutes had passed, my eyes were closed; when I felt a heavy hand on my arm. I opened my eyes to see Aunty sitting on my bed beside me, her heavy hand resting on my arm. I sat up on bed alarmed. Sitting on the bed, I was face to face with Aunty. Or should I say, face to neck. My face was in front of Aunty's neck; she was so much taller than me even while sitting. 

I was alarmed, "What's the matter Aunty ? Everything ok ? And how did you come in ? I think I had locked the door, or didn't I ?"

Aunty smiled, "Relax dear, nothing serious. I just came to talk to you; Can't sleep. And yes, you closed the door alright. There's a central door between your room and mine, I came by that."

I turned to look. Yes, there was another door I didn't notice earlier. That door was open now, and Aunty's room can be seen partly through the door. 

She continued, "That Advocate Mr Sharma called up. He said that the video is perfect. He can implicate those two guys by this video, if at all required. He still suggested that we need not take any immediate action, if we want to keep ourselves out of the limelight. He will however show this video unofficially to the local police chief and the ruling party leader. He says that hopefully that will be enough action for now."

Aunty hugged me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. She said, "I am much relieved now."

I said, "So, everything is fine now, go and get some sleep."

Aunty still kept her arms around me, "That's why I came to you. I've got my boy after so many years, I want to sleep with him."

I laughed, "What ? But I've already slept with you. Oh sorry, rather I should say I slept on you. On your lap."

She said, "Yes, that's what I'm missing. I want you to sleep again on me. Come."

Saying this, Aunty stood up from my bed. She put one hand under my knees and the other behind my back and easily scooped me up from the bed, as if I'm just a small child. She started walking with me holding me tightly cradled on her breasts. The way she picks me up, it doesn't seem that she's picking up a full grown adult male. It's as if she is picking up a baby. She doesn't seem to feel my weight at all. She just whisked me away to her room cradled in her big fat arms and hugged tightly on her full breasts.

Her room was a little bigger than the one given to me. Moderately furnished with the essential furniture. Aunty carried me to the switch board. Holding me in just one hand, she switched off the light, and said, "Let's not waste any more time. We have to get up early tomorrow morning." 

The room went dark, except for a faint green night lamp.

Aunty brought me to her bed. There was only one pillow placed at the center of the bed. I said, "Aunty, shall I get a pillow from my room?"

She said, "Don't worry dear, I'll organize your pillow."

She laid me down on her bed. Then she came and laid down beside me. She turned towards me on her side and pulled me towards her facing her. She then pushed me down, so that my head was just below her shoulder level. She extended her hand towards the side and raised my head and put it over her thick upper arm. She bent her hand a little, so that my face just rested on her big breast. She put her free hand around my back to hold me close to her. Just the weight of her hand on my back was enough to pin me to her body. She looked down at me and smiled, "Is my baby comfortable ?" 

I said, "What is this Aunty ? You are lying with me like this as if you are about to breastfeed me again ?"

She smiled, "Ohh I thought you liked to suck my breasts... ok then, I'll change your position.."

She held on to my body and straightened herself on the bed, pulling me up on her huge body. I felt as if I was lying on an extra thick, extra soft mattress, while I was lying on her body, face down, with my face resting in the valley between her big breasts. With my face on her boobs, my full body was resting on hers, with enough space on both my side to move about. She looked down at me with a smiling face, like a mother enjoys looking at her baby playing on her body. She had placed one hand on my back, loosely holding me, so that I would not roll over from her huge body onto the bed. I was lying more than one and half feet over the bed level, she was so thick. I was looking at her face, lying on this giant of an Amazon, feeling so little, but also so safe and protected, now all the more confident that nobody on earth could harm me in presence of my loving huge bodyguard. 

Aunty was wearing a sleeveless nighty with front buttons like the ones mothers wear for feeding their babies. She now unbuttoned the nighty so as to expose her two full big round breasts.

She smiled sweetly, "Now you go to sleep, my dear. Rest your head on one of my boobs, and make them your pillow. I'm just loving it, having your cute little body on me like this, I'm feeling so contented."

Aunty wrapped her big, fat arms around my back. I was lying face down on her, my face on one of her big boobs. She guided my lips to one of her tight but soft nipples. My lips closed around it. She guided my other hand on her other breast and directed my fingers over her nipple. She pressed on my fingers, hinting to me to squeeze them softly.

She hugged me into her big, soft body..very lightly, but ensuring I didn't roll off her. She totally engulfed me inside her. She closed her eyes, and softly patted on my back, like a mother does to her child putting him to sleep. But I wasn't able to sleep like this, lying face down on her breasts sucking on her juicy nipples. The position in which I was lying was so awkward and so sensual, I was getting all excited and tensed up lower down. After a short time, I could feel that she herself had fallen asleep, snoring very softly. 

It was a strange feeling. I am a young adult man of 28 years, lying face down on a big, tall 53 year old woman; trapped by her heavy arms; lying with my face buried on her big soft boobs, sucking on one and cupping the other. I was not able to move, totally captured by the sheer weight of her big, fat arms. And the tall big woman, totally oblivious of the fact that she is holding a fully grown up adult man helplessly trapped on her body, has fallen off to a deep sleep. She was holding me on her breasts like her small child, so happy and contented. I lay there not trying to move, lest I wake her up. I looked up at her face, so handsome, yet so sweet and so loving. I gave myself up totally to this gorgeous giant of a woman.

I knew then that I belonged. I belonged to her totally…….

(To be continued...)

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