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Tall Fantasy 3

Tall Fantasy 3

20 mins

( Dear Reader, I would request you to read the first two chapters of this series "Tall Fantasy", to better comprehend the continuity of the story so far…)

Tall Fantasy 3

I don't know how long I lay on Aunty's lap, sucking her breasts. I had actually fallen asleep. Yes, strange though it might seem, a 5'3" adult man of 28 years, fell asleep lying on a 5'11" tall 53 year old lady's lap with her nipple in his mouth.

When I woke up, I found myself lying sideways on Aunty's lap. My head was already raised with a pillow kept under her knee. My face was turned towards Aunty's body. I had her nipple in my lips with her big breast pressing on my face. My face was covered under her sari pallu. My hand was just lightly cupping her other breast. 

I had woken up from my sleep, but did not open my eyes. My brain wasn't clear yet. Where am I ? I had a strange feeling I was lying on my mother's lap sucking her breasts. My brain was starting to clear. I remembered that I was lying on my new found big, tall Aunty's lap. But still I didn't open my eyes. I did not want to let her know that I had woken up. I just wanted to lie on her big, soft lap, sucking her breast and enjoy the luxury as long as I can.

My mind went back to my childhood days. I heard this story about my childhood from my mother. She had told me that when I was quite small, even after my teeth came out, from my birth till even 3 to 4 years of age, I used to pester my mother for breast milk. I used to refuse milk-bottles or when she tried to feed me through a cup and spoon. So my parents started giving me soothers or pacifiers from very early on. Those rubber nipples or teats given to babies to suck to keep them quiet. I got so addicted to those, that it became difficult for them to withdraw that habit. 

And now lying on this 53 year old, tall aunty's lap and sucking her nipples at 28 years of age, I felt I was a 3 year old child again sucking my mother's breasts lying on her lap. This made me laugh. A faint chuckle came out of my mouth.

Aunty now realized that I have woken up. She removed her pallu which was covering my face on her breasts. I saw her smiling down at me. Her one hand was still on my head, with her fingers inserted in my hair lightly scratching my head. That had actually put me to sleep along with her nipple in my mouth and the wide, fat, soft cushioned lap of Aunty.

Aunty was now wearing round framed spectacles. She had her mobile in her hand. Ohh! That means, while I was sleeping on her lap, Aunty was scratching my head and reading on her smartphone. 

Aunty was smiling sweetly at me, "How was your nap, beta ? You were looking so small and cute sleeping on my lap and feeding on my breasts, that I did not wake you up."

I smiled at her too and said, "Aunty, I'm really amazed at your magnificent height. You, being a 53 year old woman, are holding a 28 year old full grown adult man on your lap like a baby and breastfeeding him to sleep, while coolly reading on your phone. I really feel like a child on your lap."

Aunty laughed, "You are a small child to me dear, both in age and in size. I am 25 years older than you; you only said that I'm as old as your mother. And physically I'm so much bigger and taller than you. I'm 5'11" tall against your 5'3". I weigh 93 kgs against your 62 kgs. So obviously you are looking like a 4 year old school boy lying on his tall mother's lap."

I was somehow enjoying lying on her lap. Without even trying to get up, I asked, "What's the time aunty, I need to go home."

Aunty said, "It's 8.00 pm. You were sleeping on my lap for around 45 minutes now. But what do you mean, you have to go home ? I told you na ki from now on you will be living with me."

It was funny how I was having a conversation with Aunty lying on her lap. She was rubbing her big fat palm on my chest and stomach lightly. Her other hand was still on my head, scratching inside my head and pressing my temples lightly. These massages felt so good and relaxing.

I laughed, "Yes, you told me. But we didn't discuss that point further. You said that we'll shift my things tomorrow being a Sunday. But how can I stay here from today? I'm still in my office dress."

Aunty said, "So what ? It's just one night. We'll get you something to wear. And besides, a special dinner is being cooked for you."

I was surprised, "Dinner? Being cooked? You were holding me sleeping on your lap all this time. How did you get up for cooking ?"

Aunty laughed, "Haha, I don't do the cooking dear. I told you na, that I have an assistant, a domestic help. She has come back from her work. She's cooking now. She's a marvelous cook, you know."

"WHAT !! She saw me on your lap??" I exclaimed, and sat up on Aunty's lap. I tried to get off her lap, but Aunty caught me by wrapping her fat arms around me. I was now sitting at the center of her lap, on the intersection of her two feet. Aunty just caught hold of me with her one arm under my thighs and her other hand supporting my back. Then she just bodily lifted me off her lap about a foot, and stretched her legs forward on the bed. Then she again put me back on her lap, this time sitting on her one big, fat thigh. She set me up sideways like earlier, wrapping her big fat long arms around my back and stomach. My cheek was in front of her face, a little down, even though I was sitting on her big fat thigh. She gave me a light peck on my cheek and said, "Arrey I'm growing old now; can't sit so long with my legs crossed; need to stretch my legs now."

I said, "Aunty, did your assistant see me lying on your lap and you breastfeeding me ?"

Aunty was unfazed, "Yes ! So what ? She is more of a friend to me than just my assistant and help. I have known her for many years now. Since she doesn't have anybody now, she lives with me here. I'm her guardian and she is my trusted companion. She knows everything about me."

Sitting on her big fat thighs, with her arms wrapped around me, my arms around her neck, I meekly said, "But what did she think ? A grown up adult man lying on the lap of an old lady and sucking her breasts like a baby! That's so embarrassing for me."

Aunty squeezed me a little inside her big breasts. She kissed my forehead and bent her head way down to look into my eyes, "Don't fret so much dear. She knows everything about you too. I told her."

I was surprised, "But when? I only met you this afternoon. Then, the fact that I had a crush on you when I was in College, I told you just a couple of hours back this evening only. How could you tell her about me ?"

Aunty said, "Wait I'll tell you. Let me stand up now. I've been sitting in one position for a long time now, my legs are getting cramped."

I proceeded to get up from aunty's lap so that she could stand up. But she held me from the back, with her big arms around my stomach. "Where are you going, little fellow ? I didn't ask you to get up." Aunty laughed.

Aunty got off the bed with me held tightly on her lap. Her big fat arms were wrapped around me from behind. She stood up and I went up with her too. She was holding me from the back, so my body was hanging in the air, with my legs dangling some 8 inches above the ground. Without putting me down on the floor, she turned my body in mid-air, so as to hold me from the front. Then she just lifted me on her left hip and put her left hand under my bottom. My legs had to go around her wide hips and my hands went around her neck and shoulders. She just jerked me up once, adjusting my body properly on her hips. I was just amazed. 

I said, "What is this aunty ? You didn't even put me down. You just stood up with me from the bed and then rotated my body in the air and you are now holding me on your hip like I weigh nothing !! And to top it all, you are a 53 year old lady and I'm an adult young man."

Aunty laughed, "What is so great about it dear ? You forgot to mention that I'm a big woman of 5'11" and you are a small man of 5'3", so I'm a head taller than you. Also I'm 93 kgs whereas you are 62 kgs only. So in effect in the arms of this old aunty cum girlfriend of yours, you are a weak and helpless little man."

Aunty squeezed my cheeks in her fingers as she carried me on her hip. She said, "So, as I was telling you, this Aaliya lives in my house only. When I brought you home this afternoon, she was inside her room. She was not well and so was taking rest. I told her not to bother and I made the coffee for you. After you left, I told her all about how you could recognise me after 8 years. Also how I brought you home under my umbrella."

Aunty was standing by the bed with me on her hips. She was rocking me slowly from side to side while talking to me. I was just amazed at this old woman's size and strength. I was feeling weightless as she held me effortlessly on her hip, with only one hand under my butt. My arms were around her neck and shoulders; and my legs were wrapped around her hips. She continued talking, "In the evening, she goes to a neighbor's flat to cook their dinner. That is when you had come and I had put you up on top of the almirah, since you were not telling me your secret affair with me." Aunty winked at me. She had a good laugh poking fun at me and again squeezed my cheeks. She continued, "Then when you were sleeping on my lap and I was breastfeeding you, Aaliya came back. She has her own duplicate key to this flat. I whispered to her in her ear to make biryani for you. When she was in the kitchen and you were fast asleep on my lap with my nipple in your lips, I sent her text messages about your crush on me and how you fell in love with me because of my height and size. I told her also about the year when you were born, when I lost my unborn baby. So, that's how she knows about your secret love affair with your old Aunty and also my finding my unborn child in you."

Aunty pulled me up again to adjust me on her hip and gave me a kiss on my cheek. "Come let me take you to Aaliya now and introduce you to her". Aunty started walking out of the room carrying me in her hips.

I protested, "Aunty, at least put me down now when I'm meeting her for the first time."

Aunty just said, "Come on dear. She has already seen you lying on my lap, sucking on my breasts with your head covered under my Pallu or Anchal, whatever you call it. So you need not feel embarrassed in front of her." 

I said, "No, but I was asleep then. Please put me down now, Aunty. Let me get introduced first normally."

Aunty said, "Ok my little Deputy Manager." Aunty put me down on the floor. But she wrapped her long, thick arm over my shoulder, such that the top of my head automatically came just under the level of her own shoulder. My face was at the level of her breasts. It seemed as if Aunty had tucked me under her armpit. This was also not much of an honorable position for me, as I still looked like a schoolboy of class 5 beside his very tall aunty of 5'11" height. But what can I do ? This was at least better than being carried in her arms at the time of our first introduction. Aunty escorted me that way to the kitchen.

I saw a tall middle-aged lady with her back to us washing some utensils in the kitchen sink. She heard us and turned around. Oh wow! This was also one tall woman. For me she was quite tall, my head seemed to be at her lips level. (Later, Aunty had told me that this lady was 5'9" tall and 40 years old). Aaliya wiped her hands and came forward to meet us. She was tall and had a very proportionate figure; not thin, not fat. Well toned body; wiry; slight muscular. She had a dusky complexion, but her skin was quite glowing even at her age. She was not good looking as such but her face was quite sweet. A handsome tribal sort of a face.

Aunty said, "Aaliya, this is my long lost boy I was telling you about. He saw me way back in his College days in my previous city and immediately recognised me when he saw me today at the Mall, eight years later. And mind you, we did not even know each other back then, until we formally met today."

And bending her head way down to look at my eyes, Aunty said to me, "And this is Aaliya, my companion. She has been with me for quite some years."

Aaliya came forward and bent her head down to the level of my head to look at my face. She touched my chin with her long fingers and said, "Oh my!! Such a cute little boy he is !"

Aunty immediately intervened, "Hey Aaliya ! Don't call him a little boy, he'll get angry. He is a young man of 28 years and is a Deputy Manager of a big Company. You are much older than him, so you can call him by his name if you want. But never call him a little boy." Aunty was laughing and so was Aaliya. I didn't take it as a compliment. I knew Aunty was making fun of me.

I looked up at Aunty. Up meaning really high up. She was standing behind my back now, with both her arms draped over my shoulders and onto my chest. The sheer weight of her heavy hands had pinned my body to hers. My head was literally resting between the crevices of her big breasts over her sari. So I had to crane my neck up and look really up to meet her eyes. But I looked at her quite sternly, showing that I was not happy with her joke.

She looked down at me grinning from ear to ear. Then she bent down, placed her left hand under the bend of both my knees and her right hand behind my back and straightened up. And up I went in her arms. She stood there cradling me high up in her arms like a baby, smiling down at me. The suddenness with which I went from standing vertically to lying horizontally in her arms, startled me. On an impulse, my arms went around her neck, lest I fall down. Seeing my nervous reaction, Aunty started laughing. "Don't worry Deputy Manager Sa'ab, I'll not let you fall. You are so light and small. Look, you are just like a baby in the arms of this old woman. I can carry you all day like this. So just relax." She continued laughing.

I stole a quick look at Aaliya. She had put her hands over her mouth and was trying to stifle a laughter, but was not able to do so. She was actually bending over laughing.

What could I do ? I could be really angry at Aunty for ridiculing me, especially in front of Aaliya, whom I've just met; and also that she was basically Aunty's maid. But frankly speaking I was actually enjoying it. A tall and big, old woman was actually toying with me, a fully grown up adult male, lifting me about 5 feet off the ground. She was just carrying me effortlessly in her arms like a baby. I felt so weak and helpless being hopelessly bullied by an old woman. I was physically lifted and captured by an old lady, who at 53 years, is actually 25 years older than me.

And to top it all, her 40 year old maid, who herself was 6 inches taller than me at 5'9", was laughing uncontrollably, seeing a fully grown-up adult man, totally weak and helpless being lifted and carried around easily by an old woman. But strangely enough, I myself was not feeling embarrassed that an old woman had captured me in her arms and was lifting and carrying me around at her own free will, that too in front of her domestic help whom I've just met.

I said, "Aunty, aunty it's already 8.30pm. I'm telling you, I definitely need some casual wear for the night. You cannot give me anything to wear as both of you are so much taller and bigger than me. Your smallest clothes will also not fit me. I definitely need to go home and fetch some clothes. Please put me down."

Aunty said, "Ok fine, if you definitely have to go, I'll take you on my scooter. You won't get any auto at this hour to your house and back. You wait then, let me change my sari into a churidar / kurta. It will be easier for me to drive my scooter."

Saying this, she walked over to Aaliya, and said, "Here Aaliya, just hold my baby for sometime till I change." Saying this, she just passed me on to Aaliya, who willingly extended her arms and took me very easily in her arms. Aaliya was grinning from ear to ear.

I just felt like a baby being passed on by his mother to his aunt. Aaliya took me in her arms without flinching, with me straddling her from the front. She put her two hands under my buttocks and held me strongly on her tight breasts. I had to wrap my legs around her waist and my arms went around her neck to help her carry me with ease. My face was right in front of hers. Aaliya was smiling sweetly at me. 

I had to say something to her, "Wow Aaliya didi, you are also so strong. You are holding me in your arms quite effortlessly."

Aaliya laughed, "Please don't mind my saying that Sir, but I'm really feeling like I'm holding a school boy of 10 years in my arms, you are so small and light. I actually can carry you around all day, Sir."

I said, "Aaliya didi, you atleast put me down."

Aaliya said, "No baba, Bua will be very angry at me if I put you down. She has personally handed over her property for my safe keeping. I can only hand you back to her arms. Please don't get me wrong Sir," she smiled apologetically.

Aunty came back quite fast. She had changed over from her sari to a half sleeve loose fitting cream colored Kurti and navy blue leggings. She was also wearing a pair of sneakers in place of her slippers. She was looking quite smart and fit with her big arms exposed. 

She just came and literally picked me up from Aaliya's arms. She held me by my armpits and just placed me on her left hip. It was as if she was taking her baby from the maid's arms. Holding me with one hand under my bottom, she picked up her small sling bag holding her mobile phone and a small purse and crossed the sling bag over her neck and shoulder. My legs were wrapped around her full hips and my arms went around her neck. She was giving instructions to Aaliya while I sat on her hips like her little boy. Then she started walking out of the kitchen, through the living room towards the main door. She picked up two helmets and opened the door. 

I said, "Wait, Aunty wait ! Let me wear my shoes. And will you carry me down the stairs to the ground floor car parking area or what ?"

Aunty stopped. She smiled and said, "Sorry, sorry. I have got so used to carrying you all this time that I forgot."

In the car parking, Aunty again gave me the bigger helmet and she wore the small cap type one. Aunty started the scooter and was out of the gate. Like earlier, I put my hand on her shoulder to keep my balance, sitting behind her. She said that there's a shortcut route which will be faster to my house. Otherwise, to take the main road, she would have to make a long detour. 

This shortcut road went through some hutment dwellings first; a slum sort of an area inhabited by local laborers. Then it cleared into a dark long narrow road. There were not many street lights on this stretch. It seemed to be behind a big factory premises or warehouse. High walls of the backside of the factory was on one side of the road and a long stretch of canal on the other. There were no residential houses; not even small shops in this area. I was feeling quite excited on this scooter ride through a lonely road riding behind this tall big woman, as if she was actually carrying me on her back. Her long hair was flowing in the evening wind and falling all over my face. The aroma from the hair filling my nostrils; her shampoo mixed with her body odour and sweat was just intoxicating. 

However, this stretch was just ten minutes or so. We soon came on to the main road which led to my flat. Back in my room, while I packed my essentials for the night and the next morning in a spare laptop bag, Aunty moved around surveying my small rented flat. 

Once done, we started back on our return scooter ride. With the laptop bag on my back, I really felt like a school boy sitting behind his mother on the pillion of her scooter.

We were back on that lonely stretch soon. We had gone half way, when we saw another scooter parked on the side of this narrow stretch of road. Two guys looking like ruffians were standing beside the scooter and smoking. They saw us approaching. Seeing us, they moved fast and laid two big bamboos across the narrow road. There was no way for us to cross; Aunty had to stop. Those two guys came and stood on either side of our scooter. One of them had a knife in his hands. The other guy had an iron rod in his hand. Both the guys looked strong and rough, wearing jeans and tee shirt. One was around 5'8" and the other 5'10" tall. The guy with the knife in hand held the knife at my neck and asked us both to remove our helmets and get off the scooter. 

(Continued in the next episode…)

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