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Tall Fantasy 5

Tall Fantasy 5

23 mins

( Dear Reader, I would request you to read the first 4 chapters of this series "Tall Fantasy", to better comprehend the continuity of the story so far…

Tall Fantasy 5

The car arrived in time. All three of us were also ready. Aunty was dressed in a lemon yellow coloured loose fitting kurti and black leggings looking handsomely beautiful with her tall and stout stature of 5'11" and 93 kgs.

I was especially struck by Aaliya. Last night I saw her in a full sleeve kurta and salwar in the kitchen. This morning she was wearing a light grey jogging suit and sneakers. She looked so attractive with her hair tightly clipped. In fact her dusky complexion and shiny skin accentuated the athletic beauty in her figure. It was a perfect combination of a toned athletic body with a soft feminine layer. Her tall 5'9" height and 82 kgs of weight with no extra fat in her body, gave a perfect proportionate feminine figure even at her 40 years of age. Her face was not beautiful in the strictest sense, but had an odd attraction. Possibly the high cheekbones or slightly squarish jaw line, I couldn't point out what. I was left gaping at her figure as she came down last from the building, after locking everything up, and walked over to the car.

When I was sitting between these two gorgeous amazon beauties in the back seat of the car, even at 28 years of age, I really felt that I looked like a school boy with my 5'3" height and 62 kgs of adult male body. 

On reaching my flat, Aunty said, "Let Aaliya start packing your things. In the meantime let's go and meet your landlord and explain why you are moving out without notice."

Since all the furniture, electrical equipment and bed with mattress were provided by the landlord, my possessions were my clothes, some woollens, shoes, bedsheets, blankets, towels, some books, personal documents, toiletries and some utensils. I had two big suitcases of my own. Plus Aunty had brought another big empty bag if required. I showed everything to Aaliya. Then Aunty and I went down to meet my landlord or house owner, the way you want to use the word. 

They lived on the ground floor, with a lawn and a kitchen garden. This was an old house with high ceilings and thick walls. My flat was on the 1st floor of the two-storey house. 

The landlord and his wife were very cordial to us. Aunty already had her story ready. She introduced herself as my mother's old friend who had lost touch after college. Recently she got my mother's contact number through a common friend. On contacting my mother, she told her that I'm posted here in the same city as hers. That is how she contacted me. She said that she lived alone after her husband's and then her parents' demise. So she wanted me to stay with her as she had ample spare rooms and also wanted company. That is why she is taking me with her immediately. Aunty also said that we will honour all terms of the agreement regarding notice period and adjustment of two month's advance security deposit. 

The landlord, though surprised, agreed to everything, as Aunty assured that we will honour all the terms of the agreement. The meeting ended very amicably with tea and snacks.

When we came up to my flat, we found that Aaliya's work was complete. She had packed everything in my two suitcases and the big bag which Aunty had brought. Aunty asked me, "Just check if you are leaving something behind."

I said, "No, it seems everything has been taken. But these three big bags, will all these go in the car ?" 

Aunty said, "I think we can adjust. We can keep a suitcase on the front seat too. And what about the fans and bulbs ?"

I said, "No, the fans along with the fridge and TV set and Air cooler, were provided by the landlord. The bulbs can remain here. Ohh I forgot, this one over here is a Smart light. You know, the bulb which has many features and you can operate through your mobile. This smart light is costly, so we must take it back."

Aunty said, "Oh no ! So high ? How did you put it up there ? And why so high up on the wall?"

I said, "Actually the bulb holder was there from earlier on. So when the electrician was working, he put the smart bulb up there using his ladder."

Aunty said, "So now how do you propose to get it down ? Does your landlord have a ladder ?" 

I said, "No, they don't. Their ladder is broken. He was telling me that the other day."

Aaliya spoke up, "Bua wait. We can do it." Aaliya addressed Aunty as Bua. (Bua means Father's sister in Hindi / Punjabi.) Aaliya continued, "I think if you or I lift Sumit up, he will be able to reach the bulb." 

Aunty laughed, "Have you seen the height ? I don't think that will help. Anyways you can try."

Aaliya beckoned me to go to her. I went and stood in front of the tall 5'9" Aaliya, looking high up at the 6 inches taller woman. She bent down and easily picked me up straight, holding me as low as my thighs. The 40 year old woman  was easily lifting me, a 28 year old adult male. She carried me to the wall under the bulb. I raised my right hand up nervously with my left hand holding on to her shoulder for support. But the bulb was still much higher up. 

I heard Aunty laugh. Then I saw her approach us. She came near Aaliya and extended her hand towards her. She smiled and said, "Terey se nahi hoga Aaliya. You won't be able to do it. Give my baby to me."

Aunty took me from Aaliya's arms just like a mother takes her child from the nanny's arms. She lifted me up holding me the same way around my thighs, so that she can raise me the maximum. But still I couldn't reach the bulb. 

Aunty brought me down a little, but did not put me down on the floor. Instead she carried me to my bed and let me down on it. Then she sat down on the bed and asked me to sit on her shoulders. I was worried about this. But she said, "Don't worry dear. I might be an old woman, 25 years older than you, but you are just like a little boy compared to my size. You are only 62 kgs dear and I'm 1.5 times your weight at 93 kgs. I will keep a good hold on my small boy. I'll not let you fall."

So I tentatively went and stood behind her back on the bed. I put one leg over her right shoulder first. I caught hold of her head for support and slowly lifted my other leg on her left shoulder. She extended her hands up towards me. I put my hands in hers. My palms vanished in her huge palms. She stood up with me on her shoulders. Aunty walked normally, it didn't seem as if she was carrying a full grown adult man on her shoulders. Under the bulb I raised my hands, but still couldn't reach the bulb. It was still higher up the wall.

I said, "Forget it Aunty, let it remain here. Let's go."

Aunty carried me to the bed and sat down, so that I could climb down from her shoulders. Then she walked up to Aaliya, bent down, put her arms around Aaliya's thighs and stood up. Aaliya wasn't prepared for this. She got startled and put her arms around Aunty's neck in surprise. Then she burst out laughing. "Arrey, what are you doing Bua ? Put me down." 

Aunty was laughing too. "Why ? Are you feeling embarrassed that an old woman has easily lifted the strong woman ? Arrey, you might be fitter than me my dear girl, but even at this age I'm stronger than you." 

I was watching with my mouth open. Aunty at her age of 53 years has easily picked up the 5'9" tall and 82 kgs athletic figure of Aaliya. Aunty carried Aaliya just under the bulb. Aaliya put her hand up, but alas, she could also not reach. Aunty put Aaliya down with a sigh.

What Aaliya did next was unexpected to all of us. She bent down, wrapped her arms around Aunty's fat thighs and stood up with Aunty going up straight in the air. This time Aunty got alarmed. She gave out a little shriek and wrapped her arms around Aaliya's neck. She started laughing. She said, "Hey what are you doing Aaliya. You'll get hurt. Put me down."

Aaliya was also laughing, holding Aunty straight up in her arms. She said, "Fast Bua, try to reach the bulb. You are heavy, I'll not be able to hold you as long as you keep me lifted."

Aunty held Aaliya's head in one hand for support and reached up with the other. What a sight ! The 5'9"; 82 kg; 40 year old Aaliya lifting up the bigger and taller 53 year old Aunty of 5'11" and 93 kgs weight. I missed it, I should have taken a photograph.

But still Aunty's hand didn't reach the bulb. Aaliya had to put Aunty down. I was exasperated. I said, "Aunty, let's not waste time. I'll tell the landlord, if he calls the electrician, let him get the ladder and open the bulb. I'll collect it later on."

Aunty said, "Just one last try. This time we'll definitely reach it. Aaliya, take Sumit on your shoulders."

Aaliya replied, "Aarey Bua, you took him on your shoulders already. Even then …"

Aunty did not let her finish the sentence. She just came across to me and picked me up effortlessly in her cradle. Just like that. As if I was just a little boy. She carried me to the bed and asked Aaliya to come and sit on the bed. Once Aaliya sat, Aunty just put me up on her shoulders. She asked Aaliya to stand, with me sitting on her shoulders. She stood up. Aunty then asked Aaliya to hold my thighs tightly. She asked her, "Are you comfortable having him on your shoulders ?" 

Aaliya smiled, "I'm perfectly fine Bua. Your son weighs nothing. I can keep him all day sitting on my shoulders." 

Aunty said, "Now come and stand under the bulb." Aaliya, a 40 year old middle aged woman started walking with me, a 28 year old full grown adult male sitting on her strong shoulders. As I sat on her shoulders, I could realise that her shoulders were pretty wide and well formed. I held on to Aaliya's head for support. 

Once Aaliya stood under the bulb, Aunty bent down and wrapped her long fat arms around Aaliya's thighs. Then she slowly stood up. Oh my God ! I was astonished and so was Aaliya. The 53 year old 5'11" Aunty was standing straight holding the 40 year old 5'9" Aaliya wrapped in her big arms, who in turn had the 28 year old me sitting on her shoulders. 

Aaliya patted on my thigh, "Come on fast, just reach up and get the bulb. Bua is carrying both of us together."

I was initially dazed. I didn't even believe what was happening. Although it was I who had gone so high up that I could touch the ceiling. I wasn't just able to comprehend the fact that the old Aunty was carrying both Aaliya and me together in her arms. I felt like I was performing in a circus. I knew I had to act fast, since Aunty was carrying the combined load of both our weights in her arms. I held Aaliya's head with my left hand for support and raised my right hand up. Yes I could reach the bulb this time. But then I realised that I cannot turn the bulb in the holder with one hand. Aunty was looking from below holding Aaliya tightly against her stomach. She spoke to me, "Come on beta, release Aaliya's head. You'll need both your hands to open the bulb from the holder. Don't be scared. Aaliya is holding you very securely."

I slowly took my left hand also up. Using both my hands I could unscrew the bulb from the holder. Aunty was watching me from below, holding up Aaliya in her arms and with me sitting on Aaliya's shoulders. Aunty slowly lowered Aaliya down to the floor and straightened. Aaliya immediately hugged Aunty with her arms around her back. Aunty hugged her in return. Imagine what was happening to me. The two giant women were hugging each other, while I was sitting on the shoulders of one of the big women and watching.

Aunty looked at me and gave a big smile. She extended both her hands towards me and held me under my armpits. Aaliya bent her head down and simultaneously Aunty lifted me bodily up from Aaliya's shoulders. Aaliya ducked and backed out and Aunty pulled me on her body. She held me against her breasts and put one hand under my bottom. With the other hand she lifted one of my thighs and placed it around her well rounded waist. Naturally I had to wrap my other leg around her waist too. I was fully on her breasts now, with her holding me up with one hand under my buttocks and the other pressing me on my back. Automatically my arms went around her neck and shoulders. Aunty gave me a kiss on my cheek and had a victory smile on her face.

I laughed and said, "Aunty I'm always amazed at your strength. At the cost of repeating again and again, I have to say that I just can't believe that a 53 year old woman of 93 kgs has just now lifted an 82 kg woman with a 62 kg man sitting on her. That is a total of 144 kgs. And immediately after that you just picked me up from Aaliya Didi's shoulders as if you were plucking a flower from a tree. At 53, you are just playing with my body, a 28 year old man, like I'm a little child in your arms."

Aunty laughed again, "You are obsessed with your old aunty my little hero. And from the time when you were in college, 8 years ago. You are so obsessed with me, that you are overlooking that another 40 year old woman has also kept you lifted on her shoulders and in her arms for such a long time. You keep saying that you are a 28 year old full grown adult male, but to us, the 53 years and 40 year tall, big old women, you are just a small and weak little man. In our small family now, we, the older women are the stronger sex and although you are a young adult man, you are the weaker sex. As long as you are with us, we'll protect and take care of our weak little man." She kissed me again on my other cheek. Then continued, "Now enough of flirting with your tall aunty. Come Aaliya, pick up the bags and let us take our little man back home."

There were three big bags. Aaliya picked up two of them in her two hands. Aunty picked up one bag and had me on her hip holding me with her other hand. They started to carry the bags and me out of the room. 

I said, "Aunty, put me down now. Are you going to carry me down the stairs in front of my landlord and his wife and daughter? Let me lock up the room and hand over the keys to them."

It was strange, but it was happening. The man was locking up the flat and the two older women were carrying the heavy bags down the stairs. 

I told them, "Give me one, I am carrying one bag."

Aunty jokingly said, "These heavy lifting jobs are better left to the old women of the house who are much bigger and taller and stronger than you, dear. You go and complete the formalities with the landlord and his family, while we load the bags in the car."

When I came to the car, I found that the bags had already been put inside the car trunk or dickey, as we call it colloquially. But since the bags were quite big, only two could go in the dickey. One big suitcase had to be kept on the back seat of the car. I saw that aunty was sitting on the front passenger seat and Aaliya was sitting just behind her on the back seat. With the big suitcase on the back seat, there was no place for me to sit. 

I saw that the driver was not there in the car. In fact I saw him walking away from the car, where there was an open field with trees and all. I understood that he was going to relieve himself in the natural urinal. The car was parked a little ahead of the house. So I had to approach the car from the back. When I came near the back door of the car, I heard Aunty and Aaliya talking. It seemed that they were discussing me, since I heard my name being uttered. I stood still, without making any noise. They didn't see me as I came from the back of the car, so they continued chatting.

Aaliya - "Bua, why do you always say like that to him ? He will feel bad."

Aunty - "What do you mean, what do I say ?"

Aaliya - "Why do you always say such things to him that he is small and weak and we are taller and bigger and stronger than him ? Also that although he is a 28 years young adult man, he is weaker than you, a 53 year old woman? And you also said that we, the women of the house are the stronger sex and he is the weaker sex. Won't his ego be hurt ? Especially when you are saying that in front of me ?"

Aunty - "Aarey, nahi rey. He in fact enjoys all that. I know that very well that he gets excited when he hears this, especially when I'm carrying him in my arms or holding him on my lap. I told you na, ki he likes me just because I'm so much taller and bigger and stronger than him. He loves it when I carry him in my arms or hold him on my lap like a baby. He himself told me that this has been his fantasy from his adolescence. He likes tall, strong women to dominate him physically. Since he cannot experience that in real life, he fantasises and daydreams about tall girls."

Aaliya - "I can't understand how is this possible? How can a guy like a girl to be taller and stronger than him ? How can a man get excited if a tall woman lifts and carries him and physically dominates him ?"

Aunty - "I also thought that way. He told me that there is some fantasy called 'Tall women fetish' and 'Lift and Carry fetish'. Then I searched on the internet. It seems in the whole world there are many men and boys like this, having this fantasy or fetish as they call it. In India also there are many men like this. These guys have their own communities on the internet reading such fantasy stories and watching such lift and carry videos. They are very secretive about this fetish and generally do not share this fantasy with others for fear of being ridiculed."

Aaliya - "You mean they are Gay or Lesbian types ??"

Aunty - "Arey No no, not gay. They are perfectly straight. They are very normal. They prefer women only. They just like their women to be taller than them; and they love to be lifted by their girlfriends or wives. Not only this simple loving 'lift and carry fetish', there are variations of this fantasy. Some like their women to be violent on them and beat them. Or some prefer smaller girls to lift taller men or even dwarfs. There are other crazy variations of this 'lift and carry' fetish. Search on the internet and you'll get to know."

Aaliya - "But you said that you know very well that he gets excited at these words. How do you know this ?"

Aunty - "You have seen na, that I lift him up or hold him on my lap at the slightest opportunity. I know he likes that. Of course I also love to have him in my arms and in my lap. And when I hold him like that, my hands are generally round his middle portion over his lower belly. So when I am lifting him in my arms like that or holding him on my lap with my hands lying over his pants zip area, I can feel that he is getting excited. And holding him like that when I say that he is small and weak in my arms or that I'm taller and stronger than him, my hands can feel that he cannot control his ecstasy and excitement. You understand what I mean na ? You know na, what happens to a man when he is sensually ecstatic ? Even though I'm an old woman of 53 years lifting up a young man of 28, he still gets excited on my lap. My palm actually feels his excitement."

I saw the driver returning. I couldn't and shouldn't stand there eavesdropping on the two tall women discussing my fantasy. So I coughed loudly to warn them that I'm coming. Then I appeared by the car window. 

I said, "Aarey Aunty, there's no space in the car. Where will I sit ?"

Aunty laughed, "What can we do dear ? You had three bags full of luggage. Now you choose your seat, whichever lap you prefer, Aaliya's or mine?"

I said in a complaining tone, "What Aunty? You'll make me sit on one of your laps even in the car?"

Aunty laughed, "There's no option. I think it is wiser that you sit on Aaliya's lap only, because I'm sitting on the front seat. If you sit on my lap, the whole locality will be able to see you on my lap as we drive back home."

So, showing my reluctance outwardly, I went and sat on the lap of Aaliya on the back seat. Aaliya gave me a big smile and pulled me inside on her lap. She reached out and spread my legs so that my knees went over her big thighs on either side. This made my feet rise more than 6 inches above the car floor. Also she spread her thighs a little at an angle for her own sitting comfort. This made my legs go wider apart creating a big angle at my crotch portion. 

The driver came and the car started. I was thinking to myself about what I just overheard between Aunty and Aaliya. I was impressed with Aunty. At this age she was quite smart to Google search for my "Lift and Carry" and "Tall women fetish". And it was quite a clear gist of the main points as she explained to Aaliya.

I was initially sitting straight. Aalia put her hand on my chest and pressed me backwards, so that I fell back on her body with my back resting on her two big firm breasts. She wrapped both her arms over my belly tightly, so that I was not able to move. My head was resting on one of her shoulders, with my top of the head reaching up to her lips level even though I was sitting on her big fat thighs. 

Aaliya bent her head down to look at my face and smiled. She shifted her hands down a little on my belly and pulled me further in. But she let her hands remain there. From the time I sat on her lap, she hadn't spoken a word to me, except for the initial "Come" which she said when I sat on her lap. Now, she brought her lips very near my ear and whispered, "You are so small and light. I'm not even feeling that I'm holding a full grown man on my lap."

Imagine my condition. I'm sitting on the lap of a very fit 40 year old woman, whose body is well toned and tight. She has the right curves at the right places and in the right measures. So it was quite sensual sitting on her wide, thick lap with her taut arms holding me tightly hugged to her firm body. That itself has made me quite excited since the time I sat on her lap. And now she is whispering those tantalising words in my ears. I could feel my manhood getting tense. Not only that, her right palm was now lightly placed over the zip area on my pants. That was accentuating my ecstasy. I placed my hand on the back of her palm to remove it. But that had the opposite effect. She rather pressed her hand harder on my pants, in effect almost cupping my private parts. She whispered in my ears, "See your hand is looking so small on the back of my hand. Just compare the size, your hand looks like a small boy's hand on his mother's." 

I understood that Aaliya was trying out what she had just learnt from Aunty about me and my fantasy. I whispered back, "Remove your hand no, please."

She smiled, brought her face so close to mine that her soft cheek touched my cheek. It ran a sensation through my veins. She whispered, "Why do you want me to remove my hand?"

I whispered back, "It's making me uneasy."

I heard her give a low chuckle. But she did not lift her palm from my crotch. Instead she started slowly moving her fingers in small circular motions over the area. This was just driving me crazy. I could feel my underwear had formed a small tent inside. I started to squirm slowly on Aaliya's lap. I tugged at Aaliya's wrist to move her hand. Ohh what a broad wrist she had; not fat, just strong bones. What she did was, she temporarily moved her hand from my pant front. Then with both her hands she secured both my wrists together in the namastey fashion. Then with her right hand she held both my wrists together and moved my hands and held them forcefully and securely on her right thigh. I just couldn't free my hands, her grip was so strong. Then she again placed her big palm on my crotch and continued tickling and lightly scratching with her fingers on my hardened manhood from over my pants. With all this silent domination and capturing of both my hands within her one big palm, my ecstasy was heightened and was reaching almost at the peak level. And now with her rhythmatic massaging of my member with her long fingers, it was becoming extremely difficult to control myself not to burst out.

All this forcible domination and arousal was going on silently in the back seat, with me captured helplessly by Aaliya on her lap. But the scene happening on her lap got completely hidden behind the tall back of the front seat. So neither the driver nor Aunty could see how Aaliya was silently arousing me sensually, holding me forcefully captive on her lap.

Luckily for me, we had reached Aunty's house. Aunty spoke up, "Aaliya, give him the door keys. And my dear son, you run up and open the door for us. We will bring up the bags."

I heaved a sigh of relief. I was saved in the nick of time. It was getting very difficult for me to restrain myself the way Aaliya  was titillating me. I was almost reaching the bursting point. Although I was obviously enjoying her sensual torture, it would have been embarrassing if I lost control of myself, and created a mess sitting on Aaliya's lap in a moving car.

(To be continued……)

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