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Safety And Security Measures

Safety And Security Measures

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1)   Domestic Security

We should conduct our daily affairs carefully

We must be very attentive while using sharp objects like a knife, needle etc.

We must read the instructions before using electric appliances like hot iron, heaters etc.

We should not quarrel with the members of our family and must patch up our differences after we quarrel

2)   Outdoor Security

We must observe traffic rules and regulations and help the victims of the accidents if it takes place.

We should walk from left hand side of the road.

We should look at both the sides of the road while crossing it.

We should follow our movements by looking at the signals wherever necessary.

We should follow rules and regulations of road while using it.

3)   Precaution in Public Places

We should never accompany or accept any gifts and chocolates from unknown people.

We should not pick up unclaimed objects lying on the roads, boxes, or in the vehicles.

We should call the police or elderly person if see any suspicious objects on the roads.

We should help the police or elder persons to ensure our safety.

We should not overlook security while bursting crackers or lighting lamps during any jubilation or during festivals.

We must help the police to maintain discipline during fairs, and processions.

4)   Disaster management

We must get briefed about the course of action and must not panic during the times of any natural disasters like, floods, earthquake, famine or anything.

We should acquire information about disaster management and help the victims.

It is our duty of every citizen to think of safety of self and others, devise measures of security and remain alert and vigilant about overall security.

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