Kavita Birjuka Sharma (KBS)

Inspirational Romance Tragedy


Kavita Birjuka Sharma (KBS)

Inspirational Romance Tragedy



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Sheila went to the balcony. She had kept the clothes to dry on the thin polyester rope. She removed all the clothes and folded them. She kept the black trouser and cream colored shirt aside and kept the rest of the clothes in the cupboard.

She took the shirt and trouser to the living room and opened the ironing table. She pressed them to perfection, erasing each and every crease of the clothes. She then went to the bed room and kept the pressed clothes on the bed. She ran an eye on the entire room, satisfied that everything was in its perfect place, she went to the kitchen.

Satish ran his hand on his freshly shaved cheeks and smudged it generously with Gillette aftershave. He leaned a little towards the mirror and looked at himself intensely. He was going to be forty five the coming month, yet people who have haven't met him, could easily mistake him for a thirty five year old. The credit went to his controlled diet, early morning walks and late night at gym. This had been his routine for almost twenty years now.

He could see the trace of fine lines near his eyes. He gently ran his fingers on those lines. He then took a deep breath and went for a shower.

Shiela took out the onions and tomatoes and chopped them finely and as evenly as possible. She chopped two green chillies and grated some ginger. She chopped fresh coriander leaves. She went to the refrigerator and brought two eggs. She gently broke them and prepared a batter for omelette. She switched on the gas and placed a nonstick tawa. She made the omelette and added black pepper and salt to it. She then placed the omelette on the fine la opala plate. She took curd from the refrigerator and whisked it into fine creamy lassi, and added salt and roasted cumin seeds powder to it. She than cleaned the kitchen slab sparkling clean and went and kept the omelette and lassi on the dinning table.

Satish wiped his wet hair and and came out of the bathroom, towel tied around his slim waist. He picked up the ironed clothes and checked them. It was ironed exactly as he liked. He wore them quickly. He was getting late. He wore his socks, shoes, put the wrist watch on his right hand as he always had and combed his hair. He thrust the wallet into his back pocket and his phone in his side pocket. He took on last look at himself in the mirror. He wanted to look really good today. He had made every conscious effort to look good today. He walked out of the room.

He walked past the dinning table that had his breakfast on it, without even a glance at it. He opened the main door, took his car keys and was out and he slammed the door shut behind him.

Sheila startled at the noise and came to the living room. She realized THE HOME WAS EMPTY AND THE BREAKFAST UNTOUCHED.

Satish had wanted to be out of the house early today. It was "ROSE DAY". A Sensation that had hit the country in the last decade. Today he wanted to give Rashida roses. He could not get her out of his head and heart. He went to the local florist. The shop was flooded with youngsters, mainly college going youth. He parked his car and got down. He hesitated a little to among the youngster but Rashida's face crossed his conscious and he walked inside. He saw there were thousand of roses stacked inside the hardly hundred square feet shop. There were red, yellow, white roses. There were other flowers today but today roses dominated the shop. He gently made way and leaned to have a closer look at the roses. They seemed fresh yet there was something missing. He wanted the imported big roses , where each rose stood out and had a personality of its own. He knew he won't get into the local market here. He moved out of the crowded shop. He took out his phone and searched the internet. He smiled as he saw the shop name. The description read that it had imported flowers, but it was a good one and a half hours away. He did not think twice, he knew he would go.

He called up at his office and informed his secretary that he would be late. He asked to postpone all his meetings.

"But sir, the owners of Vaisnavi construction are coming today. We got an appointment with difficulty," his secretary spoke.

"I said cancel all the appointments Nancy. I am sure, I am clear."

Nancy got the authoritative tone. She immediately said- "Yes sir! Ok."

Satish disconnected the phone and went to his car and started his black skoda octavia. He covered the fifty kilometers in one and half hours. Finally he reached the shop and a smile passed over his face. He loved the roses there. Exactly as he had wanted. He looked at the dark red coloured roses and then the white ones. He knew not which to take. He knew white meant friendship and red indicated love. Which one should he give Rashida. He stood there baffled and confused.

"Sir are you looking for something," a young boy in his teens spoke.

Satish looked at the boy and hesitated but spoke-" Ah ...I...I want roses."

The boy gave him a cheeky smile and winked at him and said-"Oh! Uncle want to celebrate Rose day. "

Satish looked at him angry and said- "Will you please mind your own business. Give a bunch of white roses and another bunch of red roses."

The boy got a little scared by the look and went and readied two bunches of roses. Satish payed for the roses. He kept the two bunch of roses, carefully on his front seat and started his car. He took another one and half of journey. And all he had in mind was Rashida.

Rashida sat in her office trying to balance out the account. Her head drowned in the files. She was tall, fair and very beautiful. She had blue eyes and her eyes sparkled when she smiled. She had waist long hair and she had kept it open today. Her cell phone continuously beeped with whatsApp and messenger messages. Some known and some unknown boys and men and few friends wishing her a happy rose day. She was bugged with the continuous beep beep. She silenced her phone.

She wanted roses but from only one man. She wished he remembered and he would bring her flowers. Though she knew she was not the romantic girl, who could be floored with flowers and chocolates and dinner dates, yet somewhere she wanted it from him. She had known him for six months now and he had swept her off her feet. He smiled as his face crossed her eyes.

She saw her phone beeped with a message. She immediately opened it as the contact read "JAANU" . She smiled again as she read the message- "White or red. What do you prefer baby."

Rashida smiled naughtily and reverted with a winking emoji and wrote- "Are you talking of wine handsome?"

Immediately the reply came- "No, I meant ROSES. I had an intuition that someone was craving for roses today as it is rose day. "

"Bullshit. I don't believe in these days and I wasn't having any such fancies," she lied.

"Ah oh, then you gotta bear with the roses sexy, cause I already got it," he spoke.

"What if someone at your home comes to know that you are gifting flowers to a girl," she teased him.

"Ah baby. I don't care. Someday it is going to happen. We have to face. Anyways I will be in your office at fifteen minutes."

Rashida looked at her wrist watch. It read one thirty. She smiled and replied-"Waiting handsome."

And they hung up.

She suddenly felt so happy and excited. This man had in six months brought her out of the grief of her mother's death. She did not care about anything. She knew he made her happy and whenever she was with him, she was not living in the past. He was the only one who made her forget her mother though temporarily.

Satish looked at his watch. Another ten minutes and he would be with his Rashu, his Rashida. He liked to call her Rashu more than Rashida. He looked at the roses and smiled yet again.

He reached Infinity towers and gave his car for valet parking. He decided to take both the bunches of flowers.

He held the two bunches of flowers and pressed the elevator button. The elevator took another three minutes to come. He pressed the eleventh floor button. As each floor slowly passed, his desire to have a look at Rashida multiplied.

The elevator stopped at eleventh floor and he came out and walked straight in Cogentech office, that is where Rashida worked. He walked passed the long row of little cubicles that had a laptop each and was kind of a work station for each employee. The office was buzzing with energy.

Finally his eyes fell on Rashida.

Dressed in dark blue jeans and a white shirt tucked in firmly, she looked so professional. Her open hair enhanced her beauty. He could not take his eyes off her. She truly was stunning. He noticed she was working on some files.

He saw a girl came to her desk to speak to her. She raised her face and smiled and spoke with the girl. Satish heart skipped a beat at the blue eyes and the mesmerizing smile.

He looked at the roses, pulled up all the courage and went to her.

" Hi! Rashu," he spoke.

Rashida turned her face to see who mentioned her name and was initially shocked to watch him here at her office. She had least expected him here, actually she hadn't expected him at all. Infact SHE HATED SEEING HIS FACE ALSO.

Satish looked at her intensely and then looked at the roses in his hand. He stretched his hand towards her and said- "HAPPY ROSE DAY!"

She could not believe this. She slammed the table with both hands, and stood and glared at him.


She screamed at him-"What the hell are you doing over here. I don't even want to see your face."

Satish had expected this, still hoped for a change. He spoke gently- "I brought these roses for you Rashu. I know, you love flowers, specially Roses."

She clenched her fists at her sides, in a bid to bring down the tsunami of anger that she was feeling. She looked at him and shouted- "I don't love flowers anymore. I used to, but I don't, and coming from you, it's just a BUNCH OF THORNS."

"Please Rashu, can't you forgive me for once. I know I'm guilty of many things. But please forgive me. I beg you Rashu. Please," he pleaded.

"Don't you dare call me Rashu. My name is Rashida for acquaintances," she shouted.

"I am just an acquaintance for you," he spoke, hurt evident in his voice.

"I wish you weren't that even. I HATE YOU," she spoke brutally.

Satish hung his head as her words hit him hard. He looked at her again and whispered more to himself than to her- "I am sorry."

Rashida could not bear having him stand in his office. Her colleague have already gathered around them. She felt sick.

She snatched the roses from his hand and threw them down on the floor and crushed them numerous times with her heeled sandals. She then looked at him and shouted- "Get the hell out of here."

Before Satish could respond, Vivaan had entered the scene. He kept the red roses that he had brought on the table and went near Rashida. He looked at Satish standing there. He understood everything. He went to Rashida and held her arm to pull her in a hug. Rashida who haven't seen him arrive, turned to look as to who held her arm . As soon as she saw the face of Vivaan, she hugged him intuitively and Vivaan pulled her securely against him.

Vivaan looked at Satish and saw him avoid eye contact with him. He felt nothing but pity for this man.

"Please tell him to go Vivaan. I don't want to see his face," Rashida spoke as she looked at Vivaan.

Vivaan looked at her and saw tears drop from her eyes. He wiped them with his left hand and held her securely against him with the other hand.

Satish looked at them both and a wave of jealousy ran through him along with helplessness. He looked down at the crushed roses. He bend to pick it up, but after picking one or two broken ones he gave up. He dared not look at Rashida as tears dropped from his eyes too. He wiped his tears and stood.

Rashida smiled sarcastically as she looked at Satish trying to pick up the roses. She looked at Vivaan and faked her voice to a Happy tone and said- "Hey my love, you didn't get me roses. I was so looking forward to it."

She looked at Satish and then at Vivaan and said- "Though I hate roses but I would have loved it, had you brought me some."

Vivaan picked up the red roses bunch from the table that he had brought for her and gave her. She smiled as tears fell and smelled the roses and kissed them. She looked at Vivaan and siad- "Thank you so much. I love them and I love you."

That she was alongside CRUSHING THE ALREADY CRUSHED ROSES on the floor, did not go unnoticed. Both Vivaan and Satish saw along with the entire office.


He looked at her and said- "I am going Rashu, I mean Rashida. But I hope someday you will forgive me for the mistakes I made. I hope someday you will forgive me with all your heart. That day maybe I will die in peace."

Rashida pushed herself away from Vivaan and looked at Satish with fire burning in her eyes and she shouted - "I will never forgive you Mr Satish Mehra, because you don't deserve forgiveness. Seeing you in pain, makes my heart happy. I am happy, I can be the reason of your pain. And now you better get lost from here."

The words pierced his soul and with lifeless legs he walked out of the office. He could not stop his tears as much as he tried to. He knew people in the elevator were staring at him but he was helpless. The tears just would not stop. He somehow made way to his car. He sat and closed the door and broke down completely. Resting his head on the steering wheel HE CRIED. Lonely and hurting he sat there.

The parking guy urged him to move the car. He started the car and took the route that led to the five bhk flat that he always thought was HOME, but now he did not. It was just a place to sleep now. He dreaded going back but had no option.

Vivaan requested the manager to give the day off to Rashida. The manager agreed readily as he saw the chaos that had been created in the office. Had it been any other employee he would have thrown them out but this was Rashida. He did not have the guts to do so. He knew he would be fired. He knew Satish was a very good friend of the owner of the company. He had been well instructed, that Rashida should have no problems at the work place and neither should she come to know that this had been mentioned.

Vivaan looked at Rashida, who was sitting and her head resting on the desk. He gently rubbed her back and spoke softly- "Hey baby. Let's go out for coffee. You need a break."

Rashida wiped her tears and looked at him and said- "It's only 3:30 pm Vivs. I can't leave office."

"I have already taken permission from the manager sweetheart. Let's just get out of here. We both need some fresh air," Vivaan said.

She looked at him and realized, had he not been with her, what would she had done. She would never be able to handle the circumstances alone. She picked up her bag, stuffed her phone inside and wiped her face with a tissue. She started tying her hair with a rubber band when Vivaan stopped her and said- "Leave it open please."

She looked at Vivaan and kept the rubber band back in her bag. She picked up the roses that Vivaan had given her and looked at the crushed ones, that was being picked up by the cleaner now.

"Stop thinking. Come let's go," Vivaan spoke.

"Hmm," she murmured and left with Vivaan.

She sat pillion on his bike. She held him tightly not just for PHYSICAL SAFETY but for her EMOTIONAL SAFETY too. She felt secured with him.

Vivaan sensed the extra tightness in her hold. He knew she needed him today.

"Hey sweetheart, let's go to your favorite coffee joint Barista," Vivaan said.

Rashida who was resting her head on his back spoke softly- "But you hate coffee, I always have to blackmail you to take me there, suddenly so generous of you."

He smiled as he maneuvered his way between two buses and spoke-"I wanna please you today."

Rashida smiled after a long time, she looked at the red roses in her hand and said- "So you decided Red."

"Yes always, red is the color of the day cause I LOVE U infinite," he replied.

She pulled the roses close to her heart but her mind travelled once again to the sight of crushed roses and she closed her eyes in pain.

Satish reached home. He did not bother to ring the bell. He knew it would be empty at this time. He pulled out the extra key that he had and he unlocked the main door. He opened his shoes and went straight to his room. He pushed the door open and went straight and crashed into the bed.

He saw the time, it was just five forty five in the evening. His stomach grumbled for food as he had been empty stomach since morning and TEARS DROPPED at the realization.

Vivaan placed his hand over hers and looked into the sad eyes of Rashida and said- "FORGIVE HIM RASHU. Not for him but for yourself. You need to be at peace with yourself. Please forgive him."

Rashida looked at him and anger returned- "Vivs can we talk of something else please."

"Baby, AT TIMES WE HAVE TO LET GO OF PAST , FOR OWN SELF PEACE. SOMETHING FORGIVENESS GIVES MORE CALMNESS . HOLDING ON TO ANGER IS ALWAYS GONNA DO US MORE HARM. When we forgive, we not only release the other, we release our self. Please forgive. You will realize how easy life becomes after that. It's true we don't deserve this kind of pain but baby, LIFE IS NOT FAIR, not with anyone. Everyone have their share of struggles in life. And nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. But if we are sorry about it, we should be forgiven. Forgive him Rashu."

Rashu looked at Vivaan with disgust and spoke sharply- "Like really. Forgive him. He ruined everything. He deserves this pain and humiliation. He might be living in the illusion that I will forgive him but I won't Vivs."

Vivaan pulled his chair close to her and pulled her in half hug as he saw tears form in her eyes.

The tears had dried but Satish lay on his bed for a long time staring at the ceiling. He turned and his eyes fell on the photo on the side table. His eyes softened at the sight of Amreen. He recalled, he had first met Amreen when they were in college. He had fallen head over heels in love with her. He did not deny, that her physical beauty had been the first to draw him to her. She was milky white and had blue eyes. She used to come to college in a burka and only her face would be visible. Her deep blue eyes mesmerized him. She had been very shy and very reserved. It had taken two long years to woo her and convince her that they were made for each other. And another year to convince her that running away from their families was the only way that could be together for ever. They both knew their families would never agree due to the religion diversity between them. The idea of a Hindu marrying a Muslim was unacceptable.

They had finally eloped from the small district of Sangrur and started their lives in Delhi.

Satish who had always been a topper in studies all his life got a job easily. They got married and life was good the initial few years.

He sat and took the photo in his hand. He smiled and realized, Rashida had the same eyes, the same flawless skin, the same beautiful long hair. HIS DAUGHTER WAS STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE HIS WIFE AMREEN.

As Vivaan wiped her tears, Rashida looked at him and spoke- "HE MIGHT BE MY FATHER BIOLOGICALLY BUT THE PAIN HE GAVE US CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN VIVS."

Vivaan knew not what to say at present. He wanted her to forgive her father because he knew that after the death of her mother six months back, both needed each other desperately. But the mistakes of her father had made her so bitter she refused to forgive. He knew, if she forgives her father, she would simply blossom into a completely different person. The burden, the grudge was holding her back.

Rashida looked at Vivaan and said- "My mother was a very simple person, Vivs. She did not have high dreams or fancies. She was not a materialistic person at all. I have seen woman crave over new designer clothes and fancy homes and latest car. She was different. All she wanted was love and time from my dad. But all she got was clothes and latest gadgets. SHE WAS AN ETERNAL ROMANTIC.

I remember so vividly she used to get flowers for dad, specially ROSES just like that without any occasion. But he used to throw them away in anger at times. He used to shout at her to be mature and to come of the teenage romance and stop wasting time on these stupid things.


Vivaan listened as Rashida spoke. He had heard the story before but he never stopped her from saying. He knew after she had spoken, she used to relax.

Rashida continued- "She used to take care of her little little things Vivs. From the morning routine of giving him lemon water, to making his breakfast, to getting his clothes ready, his lunch, dinner, medicine every damn thing. And can you imagine he even found that irritating. He used to shout at her, that she had the mentality of a servant. Why can't she just sit back and relax.

Rashida stopped for a few seconds and spoke again- "But she knew no other way. HER WORLD WAS MY DAD. She literally breathed him. And he used to be so rude with her. I wish I had the guts to stop him that time. But I did not. Once I tried and my mom stopped me. She had tears in her eyes as she scolded me. She could not bear me speaking against him even behind his back.

But I could see the sadness in her eyes Vivaan. My mom lived her entire life for my dad. She thought of nothing else but him. I could see the craving in her eyes, for his one appreciative glance, for his approval on the things she did for his little love, for his little time. But she did not get it Vivaan.

My dad was so busy making money and status that he overlooked all the little beautiful moments that my mom put efforts to create. He never acknowledged anything instead he rediculed them, stating them teenage fancies.

Vivaan sensed her pain and said - "Baby try and forget all this. It only brings you pain."

Rashida smiled sadly and said- "I wish I had the guts to fight for her when she was alive. Why did it take her death to give me the courage to speak against my father. HE WAS HER SILENT KILLER Vivs. He killed my mom.

And she broke down again. Vivaan held her and spoke softly- "No Rashu, she died of a heart attack. It was destiny."

Rashida pushed Vivaan away and freed herself from his hold and said- "Heart attack, at the age of 44. She was fit Vivs. It's the stress and pain of unworthiness and unwantedness that killed her. Can I ever forget that ominous day."

Six months back

It was a Saturday. A normal day in their lives. Satish had gone for his regular morning walk. Amreen was cooking breakfast. Rashida walked in the kitchen, the kitchen smelt heavenly.

"Wow mom, what are you cooking. Such amazing smell," Rashida tried to see.

" Yes Aalu paratha. Your dad's favorite," Amreen replied as she smiled.

" And you think Dad is gonna eat this. He is a fitness freak mom. I don't want him to yell at you again. Please give him oats of brown bread sandwich," Rashida suggested.

"No Rashu, he won't be angry. He got a promotion. Now he is next to the CEO. He deserves a treat." Amreen said.

Rashida tried to argue-"Mom please mom he will be angry. I know him. Why do you want to please him all the time. Leave him as he is. He will not see your happiness or reason behind your efforts, he will just see the calories in the breakfast."

Amreen replied calmly as she always did- "Beta, he works so hard all the time. We need to be happy for him. One day a different breakfast will not harm any one of us. Everyday he has the same things. "

"But Maa, he does not like changes," Rashida still tried to convince her mom.

Amreen looked at her and said- "It's Ok if he does not like it. We always have brown bread as the back up. But I'm sure he won't mind Rashu, he has been promoted. You know success in business makes him so happy."

Rashida did not argue further but she somehow knew what's gonna happen at the breakfast.

Her dad came and wished her a good morning. He sat for breakfast and her mom placed the Aalu paratha.

And the reaction of her father was exactly as she had expected.

"What is this? Where is my breakfast ?" he asked his wife.

"Satish you got promoted. Everyday you eat the same stuff. You remember how you used to love Aalu paratha made by me. I used...."

Satish interrupted her by shouting- "For God sake stop living in the past. It's been ages, you very well know what I eat. What do you want to prove by all this."

Her mother replied meekly- "Satish, you have been promoted. I wanted to celebrate. I am sorry if...."

She was interrupted again by her husband as he shouted for the servant- "Sheila..Sheila"

The servant came running to him -"Yes sir!"

"I am paying you to laze around in the house. You are supposed to cook diet food for me. I want food only cooked by you," he shouted.

"Sir ... ma'am does not allow," she replied scared.

He turned towards a teary Amreen and shouted- "And you better stay out of the kitchen "

He left the breakfast table. Rashida saw his mother pleading forgiveness and requesting him to have breakfast but he left without a word.

Rashida hugged her mom and said- "Mom, why don't u give up on him. I have hardly seen him talk to you properly. Why do you always want to make him happy. Does he even notice the efforts you put for him. He is a mean man mom."

Her mother looked at her in shock- "He is your father Rashu. Is this the way you talk about your father. I am very disappointed."

"And you are my mom, I hate when I see this sadness in your eyes. You are a beautiful soul but that man fails to recognize the love that you have for him. And it HURTS ME TO SEE U HURT."

"I am not hurt. He is right. I should understand that he does not like high calorie food. It was my mistake. I have to make things right,"her mother spoke.

"What will you do mom. Whatever you do. He will criticise," Rashida said.

Her mother just walked away. A little while later she saw her mom leave the house.

She came back a couple of hours later, Rashida had presumed that she must have gone to her best friend house where she normally used to go.

She saw her mom had packets in her hand. She saw the packets were full of orchids.

"Why have you brought so many Orchids." Rashida asked.

"These are for your dad," she said.

Rashida looked at her in horror-" Mom what's wrong with you. Don't u remember how he reacted when u last gave him flowers. He had shouted at you for being childish and immature. "

"Rashu that's why I did not get ROSES this time." She said softly.

"Oh mom, he does not hate roses. He hates this gesture of gifting flowers n all," Rashida said exasperated.


To Kya hua usse ab mehsoos nai hota

Par Mera pyar to Sacha hai.. to kya hua woh keh nai pata, par uska saath bahut acha hai. Woh hase mere saath ya Rahe naraaz... Par woh Mera tha or Mera hai, is baat ka hai mujhe naaz

Rashida did not say a word more. She knew this was a different kind of love. A LOVE SO DEEP THAT NOTHING COULD DERAIL IT.

That night the same thing happened. Satish abused Amreen with hard hitting words. For the first time he said that she was his life's biggest mistake. That he wished he had married somebody more educated, somebody more ambitious, somebody more career oriented. He had slammed the door that night and went out.

Rashida did not had the heart to go inside the room. The orchids still lay all the way to the living room that had been thrown by her father. She just went inside her room and slept.

Early morning she woke up to the news of her mother's death. She had passed away in sleep. It was a HEART ATTACK.

Satish ran over his hand on the image of Amreen as tears dropped from eyes. He whispered -" I am sorry Amreen. I did not realize your worth when you were alive. I have always taken your presence in my life for granted. I miss you. I miss every little thing that you did for me. I miss your presence in this house. I have been a ruthless bastard. But after you left, I realized what i had. Every corner, every little thing reminds me of you Amreen. Rashu also left me and went away. I had never seen a more hostile Rashu. Along with you I lost my daughter too. She hates me Amreen, she hates me. I am paying for my own deeds.

Tears continued to drop as the empty house haunted him.

"Hello," a voice spoke.

"Yes," Rashida replied.

"Do you know Satish Mehra," the voice inquired.

"Ah yes, he is my father," she replied, though she wanted to refuse.

"Ma'am, I am calling from City light area main crossing. Your father met with an accident. His cellphone had your number as last dialed." The voice spoke.

She panicked and sat on the bed - " What...why...who..who are you?"

"Ma'am please can yoh come soon. Nobody is wanting to take him to the hospital."

" No...no..I don't believe you. How did you get my number?

"Ma'am I am not lying. I tried calling from his cell phone, but I m not getting through. Please ma'am come. He had come to shop. He was crossing the road to go to his car when a truck hit him."

Rashida went blank, she sat there numb. Post the day at her office, her dad had tried to talk to her and meet her. He used to send flowers and forgiveness cards but she payed heed to none. He saw there were three missed calls from him, this morning too.

She had to go, she knew she had to go. She dialled Vivaan and told him about the phone. Vivaan told her to reach and he would be reaching soon.

She took her scooty and hurried as fast as she could. She just knew it was a minor accident. For the first time she prayed that her father had no major injuries.

She reached the spot in ten minutes and saw there was a crowd. She pushed the crowd and went. And she stood there shocked.

Her father laid on the ground. His face covered in blood. His white shirt soaked in blood. She felt nauseated. Her eyes went to the ROSES that lay scattered on the road.

Her legs went numb and she just sat on her knees. Vivaan reached almost at the same time. He could not believe the sight that he saw. He did not waste time. With the help of a friend he lifted Rashida's father and took him to the hospital.

He stood outside the ICU with a stoic Rashida beside him. He had this Ominous feeling the moment he had lifted Rashida's father that he was no more but he did not give up on hope.

He suddenly remembered the the envelope that was lying on the ground. He pulled it out from his pocket. He gave it to Rashida.

"Rashu I found this near him."

Rashu looked at the envelope and then at Vivaan. She took the envelope and opened it and read.

My Dear Rashu,

I know you are very angry with me and I know I deserve the anger. I am paying for my own deeds. I wasn't a good husband to Amreen and I wasn't a good father to you. But after your mother left me, I realized her true worth. And I realized your true worth too. I have realized, money, success, accomplishment hold no value you don't have love in your life.

I have no one to share my happiness and sadness. I know I gave only unhappiness to Amreen. But I repent it with all my heart.

I am a beggar Rashu, please give your love to me. Amreen used to say...LOVE MIGHT GIVE UP ON US BUT WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP ON LOVE. Now I understand that I was her true love and she never gave up on me. Rashu I am not giving up on you. I will keep begging for forgiveness till you forgive me. I will keep trying...

Yours Dad.

And Rashida screamed, Vivaan took her in his arms and she burried her face in his chest and sobbed. Vivaan could not stop his tears as her pain.

She looked at Vivaan and cried and spoke-" Vivaan I want my father. Nothing should happen to him. I want him back. The letter that I read, I felt as if my mom was talking to me . These words were exactly like she used to speak. Vivaan I want my dad back Vivaan. Please do something."

Before Vivaan could say anything the doctor came out from the ICU and before any one could stop Rashida she went straight in the ICU.

The doctor looked at Vivaan and said-" I am sorry. He won't survive. His brain is damaged, his lungs are ruptured and his kidneys are not working. He is breathing but it's a matter of few hours now. I am sorry."

Saying this the doctor went away. Vivaan opened the door and went inside.

She saw Rashida sitting near her father , holding his hand and talking to him in sobs- " Dad, just get well soon dad. We will forget the past, whatever happened. Now I am there with you, you are there for me and I know mom is watching over us both. I want to come back home dad. I want to come back to my own room. I want to come back to you. We will have loads of fun dad. We will go on trips, have adventures, take loads of photos, we will make amazing memories. I will cook for you dad, just like mom would. You just get well soon dad. Remember mom used to say ..LOVE MIGHT GIVE UP ON US BUT WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP ON LOVE. I am not giving up on you.

Vivaan's eyes went on the monitor and HE SAW THE LINE GO STRAIGHT. Vivaan not take it anymore and he rushed out of the room as his eyes filled with tears. He went to the nearby window on the floor and looked out. He looked at the sky and said - Amreen Aunty and Satish uncle. I will take care of your Rashida. Do not worry about her. She will always be my first priority. I might not be able to stop her from crying but she will always have my shoulder to cry on. She is my TODAY AND MY FOREVER. I read your letter uncle. And I promise.


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