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Soham Paul



Soham Paul


“Riddle’’ Untangled?

“Riddle’’ Untangled?

2 mins 246 2 mins 246

You never know, when your shadow will eclipse you!!  Soham Paul

“Speak up, speak up, you crook!! It’s only because of you our mission has to be aborted & we have to suffer casualties.” ------ Brigadier was shouting.

Agent-Ranjit (code named-Tango) was sitting tied in the secret torture chamber of Intelligence Corp. (Covert Ops). His face was battered with swollen flesh developed from the inflicted wounds, blood was also spilling out.

“Tango, you sold us, you have ruined our plan.” – Ranjit could see blood in Brigadier’s eyes.

“Sir, I have done no wrong. I have always remained true to my organization.” – Ranjit.

“Tango, you have to take the charge of this covert operation. Four of the team are already in the job. You have gone through the details. Any confusion? – suddenly the Brigadier’s words at the onset of the mission played in his ears.

“Sir, I was about to execute the ultimate move. Suddenly I became blank & then I found myself here.” – Ranjit was trying hard to plead for his innocence.

“You planted everything to dupe us. Money got transferred to an account from Dubai, the whole money was cashed within 5/6 hours & the account was discarded. These are the account details, opened in the name of your daughter. This is sufficient to convict you. Officers, take this con away.’’ Brigadier was fuming.

“Sir, I am swearing, don’t have any inkling about this development. I have been framed.” – Ranjit was clamoring while being pushed by the other officers.

“Who has played the game of deceit?” – Ranjit was trying to figure out in the solitary cell.

“Ranjit, we will celebrate today. I have gotten a new job. Meera was gushing in delight. They were enjoying single malt whiskey. The next day, there was a conspicuous hang-over quite uncanny with the branded single malt.

Ranjit was trying to remember & inspect each & every facet!!

“Brigadier Sir, sad news. Ranjit’s wife found hanging today morning. Note citing “SORRY’’ was noted''- Brigadier was on the call.

In the cell, Ranjit was trying hard to fix some dark slopes of the jigsaw, he was engaged till yesterday.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

The sight of him tying the sacred thread round Meera’s neck at the time of wedding abruptly flashed before his eyes & he could clearly hear the priest was chanting:

   Maangalyam tantunaanena mama jeevana hetunaa

(This is a sacred thread. This is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck)

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