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How was the Day?

How was the Day?

3 mins

Trrrrrrrnnggg……Trrrrrrrrnngggggg-------the landline was abuzz.

‘’ Hello, SI Rahul here”. – Rahul Banerjee picked up the phone. 

“Rahul, Commissioner Verma here. Plz come to my Chamber.” – The phone on the other side was stomped on the cradle with a thud!

“Rahul, the Neemtala 18/4, couple disappearance case is giving me nightmares. It’s really ignominious that even after a fortnight, we aren’t even able to hunt a single clue. The media is haunting us, political pressures are surmounting.” – Verma was extremely anxious and annoyed.

Rahul was going through the details of the case, late at night, at home. He had joined Ramkrishnapur P.S. 4 days back. He found very nominal account was written about that particular case. Nearly half of the single storied building got devastated because of deadly fire. The couple residing there: Alok Dasgupta and his wife Nalini just disappeared. Only charred body of their son was found.

Next morning, he visited the crime spot with a constable.

‘’ Rahul Sir, I was with the erstwhile officer: Mr. Choubey who was initially investigating the case. We didn’t find anything. Almost everything got destroyed. Whatever we got was mentioned in the case file.”- Constable Jadav.

“Ok. Let me just recheck once more.” – Rahul.

He was gazing through the whole apartment. It was a single BHK one, pretty ordinary. He tried to find out something while interacting with the nearby people but that was of no avail. As he was loitering, a partially burnt tape caught his attention. 

At his residence, Rahul was trying to fix the tape. He brought an old cassette player from one of his friends. Somehow, he played the cassette.

zzzz……zzzzzz…. zzzzzz… (the tape was live)

” How was the day? You are looking tired.”– Female.

“Nothing so great Nalini. Trying to arrange money to support the business.”

zzzz…. zzzzz

 “Nalini, all my hopes dashed. Now, there is only one way. You’ll have to do it. Do it for me, for you and for our family.” “No, Alok I won’t, plz plz…….” “Nalini, you’ll have to.”- The male voice unexpectedly became very stern and cold.

Suddenly the mobile rang. “Hello, Rahul here.”

 “Sir, this is Jadav, want to tell you something.”

“Go on “- Rahul.

 “Sir, Chaubey ji, ran away from this post after he started investigating the case, which you are currently working.”

“What? Why?”-Rahul.

“Just before leaving, he called me. He was shouting and crying. It was raining heavily that night. The call was getting disrupted. He told that he had heard some conversation and was continuously hearing the same words. It was a conversation between a couple. They were discussing something related to business, money matters. After that, his phone stopped. Next day, I came to know that Chaubeyji had resigned citing personal reasons and left.

Trrrrrrrnnggg……Trrrrrrrrnngggggg-------the landline was humming.

‘’ Hello, SI Akash here”. – Akash Roy picked up the phone. 

“Commissioner Verma here. Plz come to my Chamber.” – The voice on the other side was pensive, concerned.

‘’ Akash, you are the new in-charge of the Neemtala, 18/4 case. It’s really sad what has happened to Rahul. Have you visited his residence?’’- Verma.

‘’ Yes Sir. Though we didn’t find any suicide note, we have recovered the revolver which he used to blow his head. I have instructed my team to look into the phone calls and other associated stuffs. Will give you report shortly.” accounted Akash.

‘’ Ok. Rahul was a sincere officer. Don’t know why he took such drastic step. Have instructed constable Jadav to help you in the Neemtala case. He was previously assisting Rahul in that matter.’’ – Commissioner.

‘’ Thanks Sir. Have got the case file. Hoping to visit the site today in the second half. Will be taking Jadav with me.’’- Rahul signed off.

That night at Akash’s residence, he was trying to play a battered cassette.

zzzzzz….zzzzzz…..zzzzzzzz (The tape started playing)

‘’ How was the day?” …………….

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