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Fate: The Story

Fate: The Story

4 mins

‘’What’s meant to be, will always find a way.’’ – Trisha Yearwood


‘’ This is your destiny. Embrace it.’’ Hahahahaha hahahahaha. The sound of the aberrant laughter of the man was shattering the nocturnal silence of this small village, Shantipur, engrossed in deep slumber.

~ 7 months back

‘’Hey you come here’’ accounted the Motel Owner, Lakhan Singh, 50 plus heavily built stout man.

‘’ I have been noticing you for the last few days, loitering in this market. Who are you? What are you looking for?’’- The Motel owner asked the shabbily dressed, sweat-drenched hapless tramp.

‘’ Babu, I am Ramesh. My father, to my village, Shantipur, is very sick. I am looking for work. For the last two days, haven’t taken any food even’’- the battered man, was sobbing.

~ 4 months back

Trinng, trinng- the mobile was ringing spontaneously.

‘’Hello, Lakhan speaking’’- answered the receiver.

‘’ Babu, Ramesh here. I am calling from the nearby PCO’’-replied the caller.

‘’ Yeah Ramesh, any issue?’’- Lakhan was anxious.

‘’ Few policemen raided our Motel a couple of hours back. They were looking for you. I was trying your no. I have already shifted your valuable items to another undisclosed place. Don’t worry about that.’’- Ramesh comforted Lakhan.

‘’ Thanks, Ramesh. My phone got out of charge. But how do you know about those articles?’’- exclaimed Lakhan.

‘’ Babu, I am aware of such dealings of yours. Be rest assured, these things won’t be shared with anyone.’’- Ramesh.

~ 2 months back

‘’ Babu, move aside. Ahhhhh ahhhhhh’’- Ramesh uttered in excruciating pain as a fresh bullet hit his right hand & warm blood spilled.

A few days later, at a nearby hospital

‘’Ramesh, why you grabbed that bullet which was destined for me?’’

Ramesh found Lakhan was trying hard to hide his tears.

‘’ Babu, you have fed me, gave me a respectable job. This is the least I can do for you.’’- Ramesh.

‘’ That day, I followed you to the dock. Somehow I sensed that your rivals would try to harm you. Often, I used to visit that dock area & tried to gather information about smuggled consignments so that I can save you from those predators.’’- Ramesh paused for a while.

‘’ Ramesh, I am indebted to you. It's because of you I am alive today. Would like to do something in return’’. Ramesh found a sense of gratitude was oozing through Lakhan’s eyes.

A couple of days back, at Railway Station

‘’ Ramesh, you know I have an old connection with your village Shantipur. I had been there once. That is the reason why I extended food & shelter to you & became ready to help you to get rid of that unscrupulous money-lender who had snatched away your land & belongings from your family.’’- Lakhan.

‘’ Babu, my whole family will remain obligated for this benevolent gesture of yours. My father had tried to commit suicide a couple of times because of the relentless atrocities of that land-shark. We have been harassed & embarrassed by the local police & govt. bodies also. The land-shark had bribed each & everybody. We are leading a dreadful life.’’- Ramesh.

Present Night, at Shantipur Village

‘’ Babu, the land-shark will be available tomorrow in the village. We will have to do the needful then. I have brought good liquor from the market & told my mother to cook chicken for today’s dinner.’’- Ramesh.

‘’ Ok, Bhai. Your job will be done tomorrow. Today we will be relishing on sultry chicken & enjoy country booze. By the way, I have met your father but not your mother.’’- Lakhan.

‘’ Babu, my mother is a village woman, you can understand they are a bit conservative. Before leaving I will make it sure that she meets you.’’- Ramesh asserted.

Current Situation, behind the hut of Ramesh, Shantipur Village

Lakhan Singh was heavily injured. He was fatally pounded on the head with a blunt heavy rod. He was really baffled. ‘’ Ramesh, why are you hurting me? I was here to kill that land-shark’’- Lakhan was anxious to know the reason.

‘’ Lakhan, you leech, you remember Reena, wife of a local farmer in Shantipur village. You had raped her more than 2 decades back along with your band of hoodlums in Shantipur!! You were on a pleasure trip. This is Reena, my mother. You wanted to meet her. She became numb & lost her sanity because of the inhuman torture inflicted by you & your friends.

 I am the result of that unnatural/undesirable/unwanted union!!

 My poor father Dashrath tried hard to get justice for my bereaved mother but failed.’’- Ramesh paused for breath.

‘’ Ramesh, Ramesh pleased forgive me, son.’’- Lakhan was entreating, covered in a pool of blood.

‘’Its payback time, Lakhan.’’ Ramesh hit Lakhan with the metal rod.

His body laid there on the ground, unnerved, unmoved.

‘’ Maa, justice has been served. Come, father, let's leave the village as soon as possible before the day dawns.’’

Suddenly, Reena started crying incessantly!!

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