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Reality of the Real

Reality of the Real

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On 10th November 2019, at the platform of Pratilipi, the Discussion Forum picked up a topic 'worst story or poem you could think of'.

This came to my cognition when I first opened my mobile and rent over the APP with the forum of discussion. I found that the two main personalities Tomar Singh "Real" and Spoorthy Kandivanam had achieved 3 likes and 4 likes respectively. Tomar Singh 'Real' was a student and was very interested in writing and at the same time, a mature writer Spoorthy Kandivanam was in full swing.

When I penetrated the lists of their Likers, I found that amongst the three likes for Tomar, a Liker was Tomar himself, while, Spoorthy had not liked her own comment. Thus a real difference between the Votes or Likers was 2 in number. Both their comments were on a serial display.

I read both the comments and found that the comment from Spoorthy was better than that of Tomar, yet I prima facie hesitated to give my like to those comments for the reason that I always think thrice before I do. I began to distinguish the qualities betwixt. My mind moved. He thought that she is a well-known face and now he will not fling her high. He will fling Tomar today's winner and soon I put on the like-icon for Tomar. Now he was equal to Spoorthy in this race.

Yet my evil intention was not fulfilled and Tomar was not to win even then. I was, again and again, watching the comment written by Spoorthy. It was the best to my view because it was discharging some norms of the forum question. I could not help giving her a like. But, sorry that my evil intention to make him winner was knocking at my door and I used my Missile which was my second profile Shailendra Mishra Shashwat. With that Missile, I marked at the goal. I again thumbed on the like-icon and Tomar overtook Spoorthy.

This all happened within some 40 seconds or less than that a breath could complete. Yet I pardon for this injustice.

To be true I had to click the like icon for Spoorthy but there had been only too late, or in other words, I took the next 30 seconds to click for Spoorthy. It was enough to move the readers' mood.

 I knew the move of Readers. I knew that the maximum of them have no eyes. They are flying bees. I took use of this experience, so I delayed giving her like. The net was okay running. Data speed was satisfactory. After that 30 seconds when I liked her comment I found that Tomar had a Like still greater because somebody had thumbed on like-icon within that 30 seconds. I had just moved the readers and Tomar began to get more and more Likes which Spoorthy could not compensate ever again. On the roll of time, Tomar was the winner with 24 Likes or more. As the question looked hard, only a few comments were to come. Around forty were they.

Meanwhile, as this all was done to survey the mood of readers, to challenge my mind and to measure the platform, I also put my comment on the desk. I found that I did not get a single Like. At the end of the day, two Likes came in my bag, from which one was again withdrawn and the next morning I found that only one like was satisfying my comment and the star liker was Tomar. But he, too, had thumbed on only when he found that I could not be able to vie with him. His Like also had no importance as he was a person who always gave Like to all. So, that Like was meaningless.

Now for the clarification of the matter, I touch that any short or long-expression to be a story worst or best is to deserve the criteria: 1. at least one character 2. expansion and 3. An ending. I think very few comments were fulfilling the criteria and the same state was holding for the poem comments, too.

Moreover, some comments were surely good and worth getting Likes but I could give to only few of them, there after I became busy.

I found that my profile 'Shailendra Mishra Shashwat' had not Gained familiarity and so no one read the comment and had they read, they had not given likes due to less familiarity either. Or the 3rd reason may The readers themselves search for. Here's the question and are the respective comments.

Question: write your worst story or worst poem you could think of?


Tomar the Winner- I Am Not Writing Worst Story Or Poem

And I Don't Think So Any Body Can Write.

I think Your Question Is Worst.

Spoorthy the competent- I think this question may be inspired by poets like William McGonagall. he is known as the worst poet in the history of the English language. Am I right Pratilipi? And here is my worst poem. Just a try

Worst is worsted

Worst is worsts

Worst is worsting

Worst is worsted

Enjoy guys please don't scold me after reading it.

Shashwat the defeat- Worst Story:

There were a worst world and Shailendra was the Monarch of that world. He did and continued his evils under his Dominion. At last, His sin began to ruin that world and the fire of this ruin prevailed behind him. He escaped and escaped but couldn't escape and at last, he died the worst death. you know Shailendra was his Speech and Space was the World he was living in.

I was happy that I had got Tomar won. I was satisfied that I turned up the readers. I was sad that Spoorthy had got behind. But the most I was that it was funny I for my research what blind and sub-standard readers are there these days. Though all the readers are not such, yet, it is true that readers follow 'give and take' as the maximum of them are writers, too. They want to be writers first but I think he should be the readers first. Sentimental reviews are given on shares and reads are also not complete. I never recommend such types of shares, reviews, and Likes.

It was the sad end of this competition that a little trick had decided their Fates. I have noted that there are most competitions in India which have the same story: one is conspiror like me, one is a winner like Tomar Singh 'Real' and one is defeated like Spoorthy. I ask who is the Winner- Spoorthy or Real or Me?

N.B.1. please comment, review and share if liked.

N.B.2. A special permission is mercifully given to use the names of real identities and the ones who have not given the special permission for their names have been changed for copyright purposes.

N.B.3. My intention is not to to distress anyone or his/her cast, locality, gender, cadre, stature, influence or any reverence of his/her own.

N.B.4. some of the induced lines are the views of the Author himself. It has no concern with the others.

N.B.5. Even being based on the true story The readers are always considered to take the deduction for their good Wills and a common conception about the readers writers and generally for the competitions and biased interview patterns in India. It is a criticism and a true example to be shown in which Author has minutely endeavoured to show how trickily Cricket, Awards,

Elections, and other relevant sectors play the games of win and loss and how corruption is invisible to many.

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