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Drama Comedy Children Stories



Drama Comedy Children Stories

School Hostel Of Benipur

School Hostel Of Benipur

17 mins 434 17 mins 434 sticks were raining in Torrents. a weeping sound just gushed into the ears of Masterji. He rose up and sat in the bed as fast as a cobra lifts his hood to feel a stake of being killed or to ear to a rattling noise outside.

Master Lhotanji had to remain always conscious for he himself did not know what happened when in the hostel. So he turned his neck from left to right as an hour hand of watch. Blinking his eyes as a doll and rubbing them very slowly he speaks, " who is weeping ?"

"How will You come to know what it happens", Pathakji roared like a lion in high pitch.

Poor Lhotanji shrank as a Mimosa plant. He thought how smoothly was he sleeping, but this giant is, god knows, wherefrom standing so dawn. Yet, showing an artificial activity, HE SAID "yes sir, all the students were studying late night, so I could get up a little later. "

No, they were not studying. You yourself were studying how they would give you dates. (Looking at that side and this) A master like him have I not ever seen before. Aalways attempt to cheat something from someone..." sir...dodon't lie, sir.. I had not seen his dates anyway. what happened, sir? (in a mimicking mood)

What happened ? Lhotan Ji, ...O My God...You yourself are, it is unbearable now. I do not need a teacher like you. I pay your arrears just today... enjoy home. You are not to serve here. You will demoralise me in the market. Murmuring Pathak ji started away with sober paces in kurta and pajama.

Now this side, then that side looking at the students' beds and grabbling the lumpish shawls with sticks Pathakji kept pacing forward.

After 20 minutes of commotion in the room Pathakji had left it. Today, since the morning, all the students and the teachers were frightened. Hearts were throbbing like the leaves of tree. Everyone was to prepare in time. ONE was pressing up and the other was brushing up. Someone was bathing and the other was coughing but no one was laughing since when Roshan had got beaten by Pathakji himself. Whole the body was shining strips with red and blue of sticks.

Hardly had the 12 year old boy stood at the gate of the bathroom having finished his bath, when the boy Abhishek said, " foam of the soap is twinkling on your temple."

My god... db...dbb...boxing started. Boiling and raging at Abhishek, Roshan came shouting and jumped over him like a lion. You Donk ! You.. you will complain of me.... I will not leave you.. why did you tell me so... I will do whatever I like."

A noise in the room is spread out. Laalanji came running, "sir, sir, Roshan killed Abhishek."

"Why?", asked Lhotanji.

"Dates were stolen from Roshan's box, he was already sad and then Pathak ji beat Roshan himself", Laalanji said.

Yes, yes, I know but what were you doing?" Lhotan Ji concealed a pinch of tobacco between the lips making a fine grimace and said again, "Pathakba (a word of disrespect when he was angry with Pathakji) is to fold up his bag and baggage. Now a days he always remains full of Fury. His days has gone short now."

Lhotanji ran to the room from the campus. Laalanji was also following him. They were just making a race, as though, they were preparing for the police race 2003. Meanwhile, a Pebble inserted into Laalanji's naked foot and fell down to the earth. " Oh..Ooo....which naughty boy..put this on the" yet, within a trice, he controlled himself and went running again.

A two room hostel was so spacy that even a family of 4 members could not adjust themselves. Then, Pathakji had started the school when he got incoming of his rent closed and he began to starve. Pathakji had taken a loan of 100000 from PMRY, having done left and right and paid 20000 as bribe to the officers. After a deligent effort he had made three thatches of straw and the furcation was making a room for the day school teaching. Such was the school.

Around hundred students, two boarding teachers, four school teachers and a school director Sir Bhagwan Prasad Pathak was constituting an ideal school of Benipur. everywhere Pathakji was mentioned : whether in an office or before a guardian ;.whether overseer of the block or daroga (officer in charge) of a police station, all respected Pathak ji because he was the only Guruji of that area who was assumed an abler teacher and.. of government teachers ! talk not of them.. they were known as idle for all and good for nothing.

In such a soft breeze of education Lhotanji, too, sometimes got invitations from the guardians for only he was the actual teacher of their issues. Before this invitation Lhotanji did not forget invitors to indicate them arrange some natural plates of Lotus_ leaves. He was a very influential teacher in that school. No one missed to bay him Bye- phrases.

Before reaching the gate of the first room of Hostel Lhotanji spit in the corner as if he were a thief shaking his head from this side to that and uproared, "who beat whom?"

With a stick in his hand, dh.. dh...a..yn.. Lhotanji whipped in a queue. Roshan ran to the corner, Bilta hid in the urinal, Nathey fled upstairs... again there it rained the lightning in the room. Students of the second room were sneaking making different excuses.

Laalanji bubbled, "Sir, now..leave them, Pathakji himself beat everyone today.

"Shut up ! you do not know the wickedness of these students.... why are you speaking tit-bits."

But, at this Lhotanji took a reck as if he were not knowing anything before. AGAIN Lhotanji ordered all the boys, " Listen, listen please, start your study.. if I find any complaint from Pathakji and my job will fall at stake, I will not leave any one of you. we are coming just a little later."and they started.

Lhotanji looked a little tense when he had to see home and was not getting permission from Pathakji. He was getting more tense when he did not get his Pay-money on his demand.

Pathakji who was a man of parts, maintaining a number of professions at one time, used to say, "you always put demand of the same thing...., sir. children.... means a student... here are not a bittt.. satisfied with you, I suppose; and so.oo....the guardians do not pay and you always have a need of money ; sir... at least pay some heed to the school and the students,"

As a teacher demanded money or leave Pathak ji was sketched a looking object of the circus. He said, " you, all the day, are here... tell me who gave the payment.... if any guardian? Suman papa is already ill, U Know; Rattan is already not in the hostel... let it go.. I will arrange, I will tell Nandan's father. So saying Pathakji jumped in the chair and began to gaze in firmanent. His hands were lying on the head and elbows on the maze. It was the story..teacher will demand money and Pathakji will make excuses.

Seven o'clock it is. Tution started. About 12 students say all, are ready to get tuition. Lhotanji and Laalanji two scholars are ready to spread the light of education. all the students welcomed their Guruji, "goo... d morr....ning...siiii....r, in a very lengthy and melodious strain of voice, but Roshan could hardly stand up. his bums were inflamed and so sat on the Bench, having made a hissing sound... but Lhotan ji again caught him as a criminal, " you rough boy, why don't you stand up if the teacher comes ? Do you know you are a Gunda? I am an aggressive Gunda if you completely compare. stand up."

Poor Roshan again tried to stand up but he could not. He tried since Lhotanji had seldom if ever ended his questions, but he failed.

Dhha....yn...dha...yn.. again the sticks showered onto his body. His body had become so pulpy, as though, it were a ripe mango, but now! who will hear from him...

" Suman and Nandu! grip him in his armpits and make him stand. Very imitating he is!" Nandu grasped him in his armpits while a smile burst onto his lips. Raushan was not able to move a bit. They tried their best but they could not lift him up. Dhh...yn.... dhh..ayn.. then again Lhotanji showered sticks on Nandu.

"Why did you smile? indisciplined boy...", Lhotanji screamed.

Sir, he (Roshan) is not able to stand. he is fully injured. His skin is black like berries.

Dhh...ayn.. Lhotanji's every sentence was emitting with a stick. Do I ask you how his skin is? whether red or white. I see what the problem is. you, stupidity!

Laalanji was a very meek boy who had just entered into I.Sc. Being a poor student he promised to do such kind of job, so that he might support his further study. He even being a teacher was always frightened with the deeds of Lhotanji. He ( Lhotanji) was a virtual psychophant of the director. Moreover, Lalanji had to face money problem in course of study, suppose, he left the job. Therefore, he did not resist him anyway. He was gazing silently at all.

After that Lhotan ji taught the lessons of discipline for half an hour, He commenced the actual course of teaching.

"Bilta, have you learnt the Meanings ?"

"No, sir."

"Then learn.... parrot.. the words."

"Nathey, which chapter of maths are you solving ?"

"Sir, 3rd chapter. "

In a fall of curtain, 20 minutes passed over. After all episodes, a piece of alphabet was not downloaded to their mind. THE next hour an order came from Lhotanji that every student should make a reading loudly.

Every student was too anxious as to stop his breath in cramming the words and formulae. Once a student stopped his mouth, he was made whipped in such a way that he began to run as it were a voracious blind horse running on the race - road. All the nerves and capillaries of their throats could have been seen apparently and counted without a chartered mechanism of the science. So was the session. Every student was diligent at the water battle.

Thank god... the time was over and the morning tuition was ended otherwise the nerves should drain into dust.

Every now and then Lalanji and Lhotanji alternatively sat in the class. Now one drinks water now the other makes it ; and thus the classes went over.

Siren rang for lunch, every student picked his plate and Sat in a que, but arrangement was such that the que was looked from the outer track nearby the school. Outlookers were glad to see the discipline. The moment....

"Madam! a cake.." Nathey squeaked.

"Yes, a minute." the lady waiter vowed.

"What's? you Nathey... do you not have any mind ? Again you will take to your fill and Will doze in the class. 100 sticks will be your award if you couldn't control dozing and yawning. You... eat... I will not obstruct you", saying so Lhotanji dwindled his voice into void.

Poor Nathey will be seeing stars in the day. He stood and drank a glass of water in his empty stomach. He drank one more glass of water to fill his thirst but he also took the third glass of water to quench his fears. He was swallowing more and more glasses of water but his mouth was dry. He was dry enough.

Suman was a bit obstinent he said, "madam, a dip of pulse...please."

Till then Ranjan had told that he was not taking pulse because it was a little salty.

No, no.. it is enough... it is enough...I will do with.. I will pulse ma'am, not any pulse....(buzzing) I need not anymore...

All stood.Lunch was over. But Suman could not understand the maths of pulse being saline.

Murmoo said, "Do you not know all these are different. Sweet for teachers....saline for us. Suman surprised, " No, I did not know ever."


It is 11 O'Clock. Everyone is sitting in the class. Accidentally Laalanji opened his eyes with a flounce in the chair, he saw that a guardian was standing in his front. Pale... fully pale.... seemed that sweet was dribbling from his body. He stood up in guardian's welcome.

"kham...kham... walkham...iff (come, come, welcome ! if any service... ) " in a very phonetic tone Laalanji dragged his(new Comer's) attention from the students' study.

Happy.... happy abundant... guardian told... no, no sir, sorry to disturb you, I had come to see your director; I am actually from a small publication, so I had come to know your class strength."

Then at last heart of Laalanji beat a bit normal. He thanked god much for a chance. He thought if Pathakji had seen him so taking Joy of sleep, his job would today have gone bags, but scarcely had their chat ended before Lhotanji chased him and voiced, " come this side, sir, Pathakji is waiting for you." They had together.

Laalanji just a few minute later was again ghast to see Lhotanji was running to him but this time his two cutting teeth were cutting his lips and so soon coming he uttered, " Hello, Pathakji is very pleased with you. The publicationer was appreciating your English and phone. well done, sir." Lalan ji consoled his way and making a chuckle he toned, "do I have English ?, no...I don't have.. I know some words only. "

To this, Lhotanji said, " say, sir, who knows English here ? We are able if not abler, but you know English is formal ; if a guardian comes, mind it and talk in a way so that he may know the school is better and we are superb ", they giggled.

Now Laalanji sat in the same chair but what he will do. He had no intention to teach a bit. He felt a lot of difficulties to teach in as much as a class had boys of different standards. Laalanji was manyhow better than all other teachers in the school but pride of Pathakji did not let him go his own way. Pathakji said, " Sir, I am sure you may teach the students of different standards making them sit together because you are intelligent yourself; and notwithstanding, the students are less in number ; you would handle them best I hope."

Lalan ji so thinking ordered to take out the copies of English writing. He began to make writing on their copies one by one. First in Hind, then in English, but when it came the turn of other subjects, the office ordered to give some tasks from exercises in the book and if a student had no book of Mathematics to be marked with questions, he should be punished to give the same learnt questions by hand to work out."

It was a mandate of Pathakji that had the power of ordinance and no one could dare to unfollow it. As it came to the ears it was 3 o'clock. Every teacher bewared, fast finished the class and exit from the room. Leaving back the rush Masterji came out the room but the students ! no god.... some were in the heap and some were in the weep ! All were in a ship of mustard. Fortunately, all were well and Lalanji hastily paced toward assembly.

"Bilta and Mannu ! where are you? come out... read tables..."

Bilta was very tired of rutting at the same tables everyday. He was bored to shout the same Rhymes but alas! he had no excuses to get relief; for no other students were knowing tables and rhymes, too.

Bilta was a little old in the hostel. He was a son of a poor father. So he had to do all according to the teacher's orders. He was an honorary servant of Pathakji. His father was fully wordless. Bilta remained very miserable.

But Pathakji knew an old stdent is an Adage for the hostel. He exampled to the other guardians, " See Bilta...a student of very poor family... but expert in all....he knows all the tables, fractions, algebra and everything..., Maths is not in his question...., as for English.., if you do not believe, you yourself ask.... questions...., question please!! Audience became happy to see him. Thus, Bilta was a chutney (sauce)for every guardian. Rhymes and tables were edibles soups sans salt.

The lining ended. All the students departed, but Bilta stood at the same place. He aspired if he had gone home! if he went home he would Express everything to his parents. He will make his parents familiar with Pathakji's lies. Though Pathakji's sweet Tongue was a candy to his guardian, he will surely succeed to make his parents accept realities of the Hostel. Bilta had thought a good plan for it.

With a chilled face Bilta turned towards the field. it was 5 o'clock.

After a boring play in the ground Bilta returns to his hostel together with all his mates. As soon as he entered into the compass, he saw a man sitting astride on the bench. He knew it was his father. He paid an obeisance to him and sat beside. A sweet smile crept over the lips of Bilta.

But Pathak ji wished no boys to sit beside their guardians. He knew if they sat they would disclose the lie box of the Hostel. As soon as Pathakji saw that a guardian was just sitting in the campus and Bilta was talking to him, he came running and puffing.

Evening, Sir."

"How are you, Are you fine?", Pathakji asked. He sat beside in a chair.

After some chitchats, Bilta's father asked, " how is my student, sir? "

Fine, very fine... in progress... just finished Percentage (a chapter ) in Maths... very intelligent he is. Now grown to understand the basics of grammar.

Sir, do you ever teach conversation or not? It is very important in English.

Well...very fine now, now gets others... but speaking will take time. Nevertheless, some questions you may ask, .... ask..., common questions are answered with the tip of tongue. Ask, ask....", Pathakji said with a confidence.

Lalan ji and Lhotanji thought no better stand there in front of guardians and Pathakji. Interview already frightens the little students. Therefore, both of them got off anyway from that place.

Here Bilta had decided to crash down the cunningness of Pathakji. He had promised to close his mouth that day.

Pathakji: What is your name ?

Bilta :......(silent )

Pathakji: I am asking your name, tell me.

Bilta :......(wordless)

Pathakji : let leave the questions, ... are you happy?

Bilta :......(again silent )

Many questions were asked but Bilta had taken an oath to not give answer any of them. Pathakji was inly very serious at this attitude of Bilta. He was knowing that Bilta was prejudiced. The moment he had first closed his mouth, his heart throbbed, but it was clear now that there was something fishy. yet Pathakji amalgamated sweet to the sour and said, " Bilta, don't fear, have I ever touched you?.....what a love I give are my dearest student. At least satisfy your father. My love, how many chapters have you finished in science?

But, Bilta stood as a statue, his eyes were still. His limbs were constant. Bilta was in a good role of a dramat. AGAIN Pathakji, with swollen limbs, stood to go the way of coaxing and asked, " Are you ill? Do you have any physical problem? Did anyone harm you in the playground that You are pulled, my Dear ?

But Bilta answered neither 'yes' nor 'no'. He went on sitting beside his parents but gave no answers. Pathakji felt like hammering his head into pieces, so angry was he by the mind; but today he was learning a lesson from his student. He had no alternate.So he went sipping the soup of anger. Bilta had become a bull without yoke in the plough. At last, with a long face, his guardian said, "sir, leave him now; he may be afraid or pulled out."

Pathakji was dumbly seeing their steps and Bilta as well as his guardian was heading towards the Hostel. Bilta was thinking he had effortfully released that ado. Pathakji had lost his Willy words.

It is evening. Every student is sitting serially for the night tuition. Pathakji entered the room - students, sit down!

Laalanji and Lhotanji became frightened but remained busy as regular. The session started. Bilta's guardian was also sitting behind. Pathakji continued his speech on different subjects and topics to show that even being a director of the institution he himself was taking interest in teaching and he was bound to mould the future of students. It was the trick of Pathakji to be used to entice guardians but today Bilta's father was very sad that his son had forgot even what he had learnt.

Though it was not true, it was Bilta's trick to go home. yet it was true that if this time Bilta had gone home he would not have come back ever. So did it happen.

The next morning Bilta began to weep for home. His father then requested for his soul. They settled. Pathakji, warning his father for his soon return to the hostel, permitted to go from. He said, "being aloof from hostel for a long time will affect study and merit. Though he knew Bilta would seldom if ever return now.

Thinking, "What a merit he (Bilta) has... you have eaten all his merit ", Father and Bilta lifted his bags.

Pathakji's ebullition beggared description. "Where are you Lalanji, Lhotanji, YOU all have destroyed the hostel. You all only gossip. You don't teach. Today Bilta has gone. Someday Nathey will go. " He chid them many ways and poured out his anger.

Lalanji and Lhotanji had been addicted to enjoying this drama. They were smiling about themselves, "go and volley sticks... then students stay", but they were sad that their payment of that month will again be delayed.

Come what may, they had to stay. Students were whispering amongst themselves, "I also have to complain to My guardian, next month I will finish."


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