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She Greets Gaurav

She Greets Gaurav

3 mins 196 3 mins 196

Actually Gaurav was in a fix at what to do: Whether to carry tiffin to the den or not, but he was helpless. He had to do all he was said. It was very early of their company so there be no better any ado. Though Gaurav knew that carrying tiffin to the den was beyond his dignity and beyond the reverence of a teacher. Yet, it is helpful for a developed personality to remain cool even in rough conditions. He knew that Varieya was making him addicted to doing those things to which he was not.

He knew that village-dwellers do not easily accept abjection. They minutely think over the differences between the kinds of act and so are always objective to the nature of work. They do not get easily ready for any work

So Varieya was bluffingly going to addict him for the duty of a menial beside that he was also interested in getting knowledge of their use from Gaurav. Gaurav knew that animal cannot be converted into men, yet he believed that it was possible to similarize them by making pet.

Well, Gauravji again started & cooked. It was 6th day of their meet. First was the day when they met first and Varieya promised to help. The second was the day when he demanded and gave 30,000.

Third day allowed the start of their journey and one day he had passed in that journey. On the fifth day, they arrived the jungle. Now it was the day he started to fulfill his duties towards his boss Varieya or say his friend. Because They call Varieya a disciple of Gaurav according to Varieya's promise, it is quite uncomprising to stand by the different roles by Varieya. But it was just because of Varieya's changes in his characters. Varieya was a dramatist and they were characters of the play.

 In the Den, Varieya was sitting since a long before, though Gaurav had not taken satisfactory interval of time to come that Varieya could have gone anywhere. Gaurav just knew that Varieya cleverly burdened him with tiffin as he himself had so much time to convey The lunchbox. Let It drain. After a short while, they had their lunch and over the time Varieya went to the jungle-market for his own business.

Foxxa had little courtesy words with Gaurav, talked some later and went parted. Den ( his office ) was shuttered down. At 5 o'clock Gaurav left the Den and gingling the handle of lunch box he walked along the road.

So what? Varieya met midst the road and offered him Boughi to sit in as he were pre-planned to do it.

Varieya thought it would not better carry Gaurav from the office daily.  Varieya was so intentionally evaluating him a menial. Varieya wanted to draw the furcative line between an Honour and attendant.

They sat side by side and began to talk trifles. After a few minutes of travel they reached home.

As Varieya had phoned to Varieyani that Gauravji was to come just few minutes later, Varieyani earlier stood at the gate to greet Gaurav ji. Varieyani adding hands said, "Afternoon, you are welcome at this gate." Gauravji also replied but he could not understand how it happened, because Varieya was just having him as an office-boy, then how his wife should greet an office-boy an honorable guest. Gaurav ji also knew that standard people always heed the ranks and for acts make ranks, Gauravji had been lowered.

Though, with Gaurav ji, had not been any extraordinary. Till this point extract was positive but all could be taken negatively.

The same piece of behaviour is taken once positive and at the other negative, according to the culture, familiarity and time based situations. Situations were going negative, so Gauravji eventually thought that it might be Varieya's bait and factor to impress Gauravji by dint of lady. People are generally impressed by it, but he could not digest it.


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